Paramavatar Shri Krishna 12th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Paras and kanha eat kheer.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 12th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with mayasura coming to kanha and paras. Mayasura says paras I met your mother sunidhi and she gave me this kheer for you, she wants you to eat it. Paras takes the bowl and says mother gave it? Mayasura smiles and says yes. Mayasura goes. Kanha says to paras mata sunidhi has given the kheer then I will have it too. Paras says but I don’t believe mayasura, he is not trustworthy. Kanha says I know but nothing will happen to both of us, you don’t worry. Mayasura comes and says come on eat it. Kanha says I will feed you paras and he takes the kheer and gives one bite to paras, paras says its nice. Kanha eats too. Mayasura thinks now both of them will die.
There radha is running in the forest as her friends go behind her. Friend say radha wait, doctor is doing

what he can. Radha says no friends, kaki yashoda is not well and if anything happens to her then I will never forgive myself, I will find the medicine here in the forest and make her fine, she will be fine and I am sure even kanha is fine, he will come out of the river alright. Radha says kanha is intelligent and nothing will happen to my gora! Radha goes ahead finding the medicine.
There kaalindi is swimming in the Yamuna river and she reaches the banks of gokul. Kaalindi comes out of the river and says I have to be quick and gives this ring to kaki yashoda and everyone and tell them that kanha is fine.
In gokul, kirti says to nand, don’t worry nand baba! Yashoda will be fine as I trust in mata laxmi and she will do something, prabhu Vishnu and mata laxmi will save yashoda. Nand is worried.
Devrishi narad says to lord Vishnu, I am worried for mata yashoda prabhu and now I think it is my part to go to gokul and do my work. Lord Vishnu smiles. Narad muni goes to gokul as a disguised rishi with his veena.
Kanha and paras eat the kheer. Mayasura sees them and thinks how didn’t kalya naag’s poison still affect them both? They should have been dead by now, this is ridiculous! Mayasura thinks this kanha is not a regular kid, he is someone else.
There kaalindi meets radha. Radha says jamuna you here? Kaalindi says yes radha see I met kanha. Radha is surprised and says jamuna I am so happy you came, how is kanha? Jamuna says he is fine, nothing has happened to him but he gave this ring to be given to mata yashoda so that everyone knows he is alright. Radha says i will give this ring to nand baba and tell them your message from kanha. They run to gokul at nand’s house.
In nand’s house, narad muni comes as the rishi and radha comes with the ring, she says I got this from jamuna, she brought this message from kanha that he is alright and nothing happened to him. Nand sees and is happy, he says this is kanha’s ring, I am happy that he is fine. Radha sings a lovely song to wake up yashoda as narad muni plays the veena. Yashoda finally wakes up and doctor says radha did what even the medicine couldn’t. it’s a miracle, yashoda has been saved. Everyone rejoice and nand is happy. Radha says I did not do anything, it was kanha’s ring that did everthing, he saved his mother’s life. Narad muni smiles.

Precap: kanha fights a soldier in mayasura’s lok and defeats him as mayasura watched. Kansa says he knows where his enemy is.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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