Paramavatar Shri Krishna 11th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Kansa fights garud.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 11th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kanha and his friends putting water in the fields now. Everyone do their work using pots of water as balram ploughs the land. Kanha and jamuna are putting water together. Radha gets jealous, she then says everyone stop working and come here, now first have food then start again. Everyone go and sit as banana leaves are served. Radha and her friends start serving food. Kanha sees jamuna working and says jamuna you also come, stop working. Jamuna says okay kanha and she comes. Radha thinks this kanha is doing jamuna too much. Radha gives everyone food. Kanha eats and looks at jamuna, she is jealous. Kanha then says so friends now lets start working as we have finished eating. Friends say yes. Everyone start working again.
There pralapt and janur say bhagwan

there is a dense jungle ahead and there may be very dangerous animals and birds here, we have to be alert. Janur says yes there may be. Pralapt says I mean what if garud comes? If he comes then we are not safe. Kansa says don’t worry, I will call him here myself. Kansa gets down his horse and starts saying loudly, oh garud! Come fast, see bhagwan kansa is here waiting for you, where are you? Kalyanaag is hidden in his snake form on a huge cart. Kansa says garud where are you? Garud sees from his eyes and says I can sense kalyanaag there, kalya I am coming, this time I will not leave you. Garud flies. Kansa there laughs, suddenly they hear the sound of garud coming. Kansa says see that garud has come. Kalyanaag says he has come, garud will kill me. Kansa says dotn worry kalya, you are under my protection and no one under my protection gets hurt. Garud comes flying and all dust is blown. Garud attacks fire bolt. Kansa destroys the attack. Garud comes and says kalya I can sense you are here, I will kill you today. Kansa says garud, you cannot do that until I am here. Kansa says garud I am protecting kalya. Garud says kansa I am not your enemy, don’t come in between me and kalya otherwise I wont leave that person, kansa says garud I wont let you do anything. Garud says I will punish you too kansa as I serve only one person, it is prabhu Vishnu and you are my lord’s enemy. Garud attacks kansa, kansa makes a shield and destroys the attack. Keshari comes to kansa and says maharaj, this garud is also mayavi like that Vishnu, he will waste your time here and our plan will fail, just leave him as we have to go to Yamuna river with kalya. Kansa says don’t worry keshari, I will force garud to go by using his weakness. As garud attacks again, this time kansa throws garud’s fire attack on a village nearby, the houses start burning and people run helter skelter.
Lord Vishnu says garud is my disciple, he hates kalya naag because garud’s mother was held captive and killed by kalya’s mother. Garud wont forgive kalya naag for that but on one hand garud follows dharma too and hats kalya for being adharmi, garud is kind hearted and he will take the decision he feels is right.
There garud looks at the people and gets worried. Kansa laughs and says see keshari this is taking advantage of garud’s weakness. Garud stops and says kansa today you took advantage of my kindness in the wrong way, but now I will go as I first follow my prabhu’s path that is dharma, I can take my revenge some day again but I promise kalya, the next time I find you, I will not leave you whomsoever come in between. Garud goes. Kansa laughs and says garud came and went too. Kansa says now lets go.
There a friends says kanha see this, our field has green leaves now and some grapes have grown too. Kanha sees and everyone is happy. Friend says to balram, see brother this is sweet fruit of our hard work. Everyone say hathi ghod palki, jai kanhaiya lal ki.
Kanha goes to yashoda, nand and all people of gokul. Kanha says mother I have to show you something, you all have to come with me, everyone go behind kanha. Yashoda says what is it kanha? Kanha says mother I want you to see it, I wont say anything. Kanha takes all people to the farming fields. Kanha says see this everyone. Yashoda is very happy. Everyone say wow, kanha did what we did not even expect. Yashoda says kanha you and your friends have successfully grown crops and grains. Nand is happy and says this is the hard work of our kids. Kanha says mother, we just need to believe something can happen and work for it, our problems wont arise if we work hard. Everyone praise kanha and his friends.
There kansa comes to Yamuna river and tells kalya naag, I have fulfilled what I promised and now you put poison in this Yamuna river and do what you promised. Kansa says make this river so poisonous that gokul people will die as they rely on this river. Kalya naag says okay and jumps into the river and spreads poison.
There jamuna suddenly gets unconscious. Kanha radha and everyone are shocked. Kanha says we have to take her to the doctor. At the doctor, jamuna gains consciousness. Radha says jamuna, see even me and my friends worked so hard and look at me I am strong but you fainted after working so much. Kanha says yes radha, you are a wrestler and laughs, everyone laugh. Kanha says do you feel good jamuna? Jamuna says yes. Then she thinks what is happening to me?

Precap: Kalya naag spreads poison in Yamuna river. Jamuna doesn’t understand what is happening. Kanha faces kalya naag.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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