Paramavatar Shri Krishna 10th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Kanha is sitting on kansa’s throne.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 10th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kanha brij bhanu and damodar coming in, soldiers stop them and bhadraksh appears and laughs. Brij and damodar are shocked. Bhadraksh says yes don’t look shocked, I am alive, bhadraksh laughs. Kanha smiles and comes and says congratulations bhadraksh kaka. Bhadraksh stops laughing and says for what? Kanha says because you are alive again. Brij bhanu brings kanha back. Bhadraksh says whose son is this? Brij says he is my friend nand’s son. Brij says lets u go now, we want to meet maharaj kansa. Kanha says yes we have to go to maharaj kansa. Bhadraksh says don’t call him maharaj, he is bhagwan, he is a god. Kansa says let us go. bhadraksh says no go back, you cannot meet anyone. Kanha says I have to meet maharaj kansa as I have to talk to him. bhadraksh laughs

and says okay soldiers now take them all with respect to nand, go. they all go. kanha says bhadraksh kaka even now you are serving under maharaj kansa, then what was the use of your death the 1st time? Kanha goes. Bhadraksh is angry.
Radha is hidden inside a box in a kitchen. Kansa’s 2 soldiers are guarding from upstairs. Radha sees from a hole and sees akrur making food with 3 more people. Radha says he is akrur kaka, I have to ask him where I am right now? As soldiers look away radha gets up but then sits back inside as soldiers guard. Akrur sees something in the box. A sound is heard, soldiers say what was that? Akrur says this is a kitchen with many utensils sound will obviously come. Soldiers go. akrur sends the people with some vegetables to be taken out. Then akrur comes and sees radha and takes her out, he says who are you? Radha smiles and says I am radha, my father has 1 lakh cows. Akrur says 1 lakh cows? In entire brij mandal only brij bhanu ji has 1 lakh cows, akrur says you are brij bhanu;s daughter? Radha says yes. Akrur smiles and says what are you doing here? Radha says kaka I know you and I have come here to save dau. Akrur says balram in Mathura?
There kansa says nand I am sorry for your loss, you now have to go and tell your younger brother upanad that his son has died because tomorrow I am going to kill balram. Kansa is about to go but kanha on the throne says wait kansa mama, are you sure about killing my brother? Kansa sees kanha and is shocked. Kanha smiles. Kansa says my dear nephew, I took your name and you came! So nice. Kansa says dear nephew tomorrow balram is going to die for sure. Kanha says think again kansa mama. Kansa says okay I will tell you this, I wont kill balram but I will give him a death sentence.
There soldiers are coming and radha hides behind the box. Soldiers say be quick akrur. Akrur says take the rice, it is done. Soldiers take it and go. radha says yes akrur kaka I have to save brother balram, radha gives the laddoos bag to akrur for balram. Akrur says only one person in this world can change the thoughts of kansa and make him change his decision but he lives very far away from here. Radha says kaka tell me who it is? I will go to him and bring him here before sunrise, I can do anything to save brother balram. Akrur says the name of the person in radha’s ears and tells her how to go. radha says kaka now I will go. radha goes.
There kansa says kanha I have never promised anyone anything other than killing them but to you I will promise this that I will kill balram at sunrise tomorrow. Kanha says kansa mama think again, because I can do anything to save my brother balram, it can also happen that the sun may not rise or the moon may never set, this night will stay long and long. Kansa is angry. Kanha says just think what will you do then? If the night never ends, do you have a plan for that? Think about that and rest as much as you want. Kanha laughs, kansa gets up and looks at the throne, kanha is gone. Kansa is angry.
Kanha runs from the palace. There radha is running to the place akrur told her to go.

Precap: kanha prays to Chandra dev and says please moon today don’t set and save my brother. Chandra dev does pranam to kanha and says narayana I will stay in the sky today as long as you want until you keep your eyes open and look at me. Kanha looks at moon. Radha reaches a cave and is tired, she leans on the wall with her hand, a snake is there.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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