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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 10th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kansa attacking the spear and it hits just before devki’s legs. kansa comes near devki and takes the spear. Devki is angry and cries. Kansa says sister, why do you hate your beloved brother? Why did you try to kill me? Devki says kansa please, kill me, just kill me. Devki says I cannot live like this looking at my sons die from your evil hands, if you want to do 1 good thing then that is killing me. Devki says kansa I want to kill you but I cannot do anything. Kansa smiles and says I can kill you but I don’t want to kill you devki, I will let you live because you promised me that you would yourself giveme your 8th son and you still have to fulfill that promise. Devki cries. Kansa says bhagwan kansa ki. Everyone say jai!
In gokul, the 2 forms of rishis in

their boy forms are looking at radha and Krishna and say see how sad prabhu is looking, now that mata laxmi will be taken back to barsana, prabhu is sad. Kirti comes and picks radha but she cries and kirti keeps her back. Brij bhanu says what happened? Kirti says see she is sad, when I pick her she cries. Birj bhanu says I will pick her, birj bhanu tries but radha cries again. nand and yashoda laugh and nand says radha wants to live in gokul only brij bhanu. Everyone laugh.
In the jail, devki looks outside the open prison, she says I should have never given such a promise, all my children are killed and now my last child will also die if he gets in the hands of kansa, I should die myself. Devki looks down, she is in chains, she turns back to jump. There vasudev is breaking stones and he sees devki and says no devki! Don’t do this. He runs towards devki. Devki jumps down and the chains break and devki falls down. Vasudev screams and says no devki! You cannot give away your life, I will die with you. soldiers hold vasudev.
Five years later…
The demon putla finally comes to the outskirts of gokul. Putla says since 5 years I have been finding devki’s son, I hope that child will be here in gokul. In gokul, yashoda is searching for Krishna and says Krishna where are you? yashoda says now where do I find kanha? Yashoda searches in the house and comes out and says kanha! Kanha! Where are you? yashoda asks an old man did he see kanha? Old man says yashoda do not worry, gokul is kanha’s house only he must be running somewhere in gokul with his little feet. Yashoda smiles and walks ahead and asks a woman did she see kanha? The woman says yashoda kanha must be somewhere around, even I want to see him, since morning I did not see his cute smile. Yashoda smiles and goes ahead.
There Krishna is running and people look at him and smile. Krishna reaches a banyan tree, there his friends are waiting. All friends say kanha since when we are waiting here, where were you?
There yashoda asks an old woman and again goes walking ahead.
Krishna says friends, I started early from home, it was because of mother only that it took me late to come here. in heaven laxmi smiles and narad muni says see lord Vishnu, Krishna has become so mischievous. Lord Vishnu smiles.
There all friends says Krishna now come on, we brought butter, now distribute it between all of us. Krishna says where is brother balram? Balram says Krishna see I am here on the tree. Krishna sees up and says gau what are you doing there? Balram gets down and says I was checking if mother was here anywhere, if she would catch us red handed she will punish us. Krishna says now take your leaves and I will give you all your share of butter. Everyone take their leaves, Krishna gives everyone butter. Balram says now that pot, who will get the rest? Krishna says I will eat all this butter. Balram says that is not fair Krishna, you have to give us more. Krishna smiles and says gau I am the youngest here so I should get this, everyone eat their butter. Another friend dhama comes. Other friends say dhama you came late. Dhama says I was dreaming about butter yesterday night so I got up late today. Other friends say dhama now go home, come next time we don’t have butter. Krishna says no wait! We should always share and eat, dhama wait, Krishna says everyone give some butter to dhama from your share. Everyone eat their butter quickly and say see we don’t have any left. Krishna says dhama you go, come next time early for butter. Dhama goes. Suddenly all the friends go and hide, Krishna is eating butter, yashoda comes and says and where should I go? Krishna looks up and is caught, he says mother what are you doing here? yashoda says Krishna you are eating butter again? I have to punish you, I will lock you in the store room now. Krishna says no mother my friends only brought this butter, yashoda says where are they then? I don’t see them. Yashoda takes Krishna home.
In the jail, in Mathura, doctor tells kansa that devki has not eaten a single gram of food or drank a single drop of water since 5 years, I tried what I could through medicines now she wont live for much time, bhagwaan kansa. Kansa says why didn’t you tell me that before? I still wonder how my sister, devki was saved from such a huge fall, how didn’t she die? Kansa sits beside devki who is lying on the bed. In heaven, laxmi looks at Vishnu and smiles, in flashback they show when devki was falling down laxmi says prabhu you have to do something and save mata devki, lord Vishnu then made a bed of leaves and flowers which saved devki in mid-air and puts her safely on ground.
Kansa says I have to listen to your wish devki, the one you requested 5 years ago, I will kill you. vasudev says no kansa! You will not kill devki, she will stay alive to see you get killed.

Precap: putla comes in gokul and sends poisonous snakes into gokul to poison the water, putla says when the children will drink this water they will all die.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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