Paramavatar Shri Krishna 10th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Kansa sees all avatars of lord vishnu.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 10th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kansa praying, he focuses and finally reaches a place in the universe. Kansa gets up and looks around and says so Vishnu, the secret to your power is in this place, kansa laughs. kansa says now I will know where your powers are hidden. Suddenly a fish hits kansa and goes. Kansa says matsya? This is the matsya avatar. The fish goes. Kansa then sees a huge tortoise, kachap avatar coming towards him, he falls down as the tortoise goes away from kansa, which is the 2nd avatar of Vishnu.
Kansa gets up and suddenly a wild boar comes running, which is the varaha avatar which saved earth. Varaha runs and goes as kansa is scared. Kansa looks around and then sees narsimha, half man and half lion avatar of Vishnu. Kansa says what is this? Kansa closes his eyes and narsimha

goes. Kansa then says he got scared and laughs, he says anyone else? Suddenly the vaman avatar comes and kansa sees the huge vamana avatar of lord Vishnu. Kansa hides and then parshuram avatar of lord Vishnu appears and throws parshu axe. Kansa ducks and says who was that? then lord ram avatar of lord Vishnu appears with bow and arrow and shoots an arrow which hits kansa. Kansa is in pain and then he falls out of his meditation. Kansa is scared and bhadraksh comes and says bhagwan what happened?
Kansa says that Vishnu has 10 avatars, now I know that Vishnu is called dashavatar! In the universe he has had 10 avatars and this kanha is his purn avatar and that is why he is called paramavatar. Bhadraksh says what do you mean? Kansa says the 10 avatars live inside kanha and unless they are killed kanha cannot be killed. Kansa says which means I have to kill all those avatars and then I will be god!
There damodar and balram are on a hill rotating their sticks in the sky and saying come clouds come and rain over us such that we get abundant water. Damodar says balram don’t be stupid, use your stick with all your heart otherwise the clouds wont come. Balram says but damu kaka, see those clouds are stubborn and are not coming. Damodar says that is true but we have to work hard. Damodar says okay continue. Kanha comes and says what are you doing? Balram says take a stick and help us, damodar says we are rotating sticks and bringing the clouds so that they give us rain. Kanha says what? By rotating sticks you think it will rain? It doesn’t happen. balram says you don’t question, if you want to help then take a stick and help us. kanha laughs and says see a cloud behind you, balram says where? Kanha says oh it is a flock of crows, I thought it is a cloud. Balram says you are fooling us? wait! Kanha laughs and runs.
Bhadraksh goes to kansa and says bhagwan how will kanha be dealt with? kansa says bhadraksh kanha is the main power. Bhadraksh says I understood, kanha is a tree and all the 10 avatars are like branches, first they have to be cut. Kansa says yes, first those avatars have to be killed and then kanha will be killed, till now we were trying to uproot the tree directly but we will cut the branches first. Bhadraksh says but how will we do that bhagwan? Kansa says we will start first with matsya avatar, if there is a huge flood then the matsya avatar will come then we will kill it, we have to bring a huge flood. Bhadraksh says but it will be huge destruction and we will also drown. Kansa says no bhadraksh, not in the whole world but the flood will only be in vrindavan. Kansa says anyway they are doing yagya for water, so we will bring floods in vrindavan. Bhadraksh says that is good bhagwan. Kansa says that Vishnu wont be able to save his matsya avatar. Bhadraksh says okay bhagwan, but how will the huge flood come? Yamuna river can do nothing in it. kansa says the flood will come how it came when the world was made, the same demon will bring flood who brought it before. Bhadraksh says but who is this great demon bhagwan who will do this? Kansa says it is vishnu’s param enemy kalkey.
In vrindavan, the people say if another month there is no rain we wont have water to drink. Nand says that is true. Damodar says we even rotated sticks but nothing is happening. Nand says yes it is a problem but is varun dev sad on us? kanha says how can he be sad? We have created an imbalance in the world. Balram says but gods control the rain, then what can we do? Kanha says we have created pollution, we cut trees and even after removing the grains from fields, we burn the dried crops. Balram says wow that is smart. Kanha says yes, guru told me because of burning we create pollution and that creates smoke and fog, that is why clouds don’t come near and there is no rain. Damodar says then what to do now? nand says yes tell a solution kanha. Kanha says guru told by doing Havan yagya we can bring back the rains. Balram says but how? Gargacharya comes and says by doing a yagya, the good things in the yagya and its good burned smoke goes in the environment and it cleans the environment and then the clouds shall come back and give us rains. Nand says then the yagya shall be done tomorrow morning itself.
Kansa and bhadraksh are flying and come to find kalkey. Kansa says we have to go to sutal lok to bring kalkey back here, then he will bring a flood. Kansa opens a portal and flies in it and reaches sutal lok, he calls kalkey.

Precap: kalkey appears as a huge demon. Bhadraksh gets scared. Kansa and kalkey go to vrindavan and kalkey brings heavy rains in vrindavan, people dance.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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