Parallel universe – Rikara fantasy – Reflection (Part-3)

Parallel universe


Om agrees and also takes the sculpture with him. (Though Om is not willing to go to Kaali Thakur’s Haveli, but has a strong feeling to go). Or maybe it’s the destiny 😉

Gauri (mind voice): Why did I choose to end up at Kaali Thakur’s Haveli. More than a haveli it feels like hell. Meri maa bhi naa, isi aadmi se pyaar hona tha, kya? Sankarji, kuch madad kijiye. And prays with folded hands.

Raju: Today is Raksha bandhan! What will I gift my Gauri didi? (thinks deeply humming ‘Phoolon ka taaron ka…..saari umar…’)

Kaali and Om enter, Om holding the statue to his heart.

As Om was holding the statue near to his heart, his white shirt gets dirty due to the wet clay.

Kaali: (Sighs with a big smile). Shaheri babu, I feel like you are in a hurry to get the papers signed by me? I guess more than your respect do you value the land. What’s wrong?

Om: Kaali ji, I didn’t get what you said. What do you mean. (Om, as usual starts to say a quote/shayari) “ It’s hard to answer the question ‘what’s wrong’ when nothing is right”

Kaali: Bas, bas Shaheri babu, apka geheri baatein mujhe samaj nahi aata. I just said, look at your shirt, you have so much affection with that ‘moorti’ (Gauri’s statue) or is it this land that you want? By the way, who’s is this moorti, looks like. Hold on…..

Kaali fumes in anger. Ae Ramsevak, kahin ye moorti… uski toh nahin hai na?

Om notices the dirt marks and walks rapidly towards the backyard, near the well. Places the statue on the grass and splashes water on his face as well as shirt.

Raju: Arrey wah! This clay statue is the perfect gift for Gauri didi. Let me just bring her blindfolded.

Kaali is practising with Ramsevak, as he wants to ask Gauri to take her out (kinda like a date). Not knowing this, Gauri who is blindfolded by Raju hears Kaali’s conversation.

Kaali: Gauri, jab se maine tumko dekha na! Hum tumari tarah sarma gaye. ( laughs) But you are too shy to come out of that ghoonghat only. Oh I get it, you want me to give you a surprise. I will definitely. Let me blindfold you…..blah blah blah.

Gauri (mind voice): Kitna gandha aadmi hai yeh! I bet this ‘booda aadmi’ must have put a drama similar to this to take my mother away from me. Let me just see his surprise. Hum iss Kaali ko dikhayenge ki hum ka cheez hain.

Gauri is apalled to see her statue and before Raju could give an explanation, she tries to break it. Screams again, as she did when Om had heard it the first time.

Om is kind of surprised to hear the same shrill voice and lip synchs to self, GAURI. Turns back and opens his eyes wide, as Gauri is about to break it. Om holds her hand.

Gauri: Ek jaanp mein deewar pe…. (pauses)…..(slows down and continues) deewar pe (signs Om to leave her hand)

Om leaves her hand, but holds Gauri’s other hand holding the statue. Also signs to leave the statue.

Gauri: deewar pe sat jayeebe! Himmath kaise hui, Gauri kumari sarma ka haath pakadne ka?

Om starts laughing: It’s SHARMA and not sarma. I can’t help it, but just laugh at your innocence.

Gauri starts laughing too and keeps hitting Raju out of control: Hum par hasne ka tume koi hak nahin, samjha? Pehle khud ko toh dekho. But, need to appreciate your sense of clothing, hai na Raju? Matbhal, which man would wear women’s patiala in this century, right? And look at his shiny hair.

Om starts to laugh as well.


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