Parallel universe – Rikara fantasy – Reflection (Part-2)

Parallel universe


Kaali takur: O ho Gauri! you are going to become my wife soon. You don’t need to give me respect, respect should be in your heart.

Gauri rapidly pulls her ghoonghat, and mimics to herself, makes naughty faces.

Gauri (mind voice): Ajeeb aadmi hai yeh! Can’t this Kaali see I’m just picking up the beads of my anklets? patah nahi….. kab iss booda aadmi se chutkara milega humko?

Kaali holds her arms and tries to take her veil (ghoonghat).

Kaali: Now, stop it Gauri! Gauri kumari sarma…. Sarma gayi kya!

Gauri is annoyed of Kaali but tries to get rid of Kaali trapping her. She escapes from him saying she has to perform puja at the temple.

Back in Oberoi mansion

Anika: Patidev, Dadi said I should do your puja before you go anywhere.

Shivaay grins and turns towards Anika with a smile.

Shivaay: Anika, what is this? Why are you behaving like this? I know you have lost your memory from that incident. You don’t have to act as my wife if you don’t wish to. (smiles and winks at Anika)

Anika: Ho! Shivaay….. I’m feeling Michmichi. Don’t do that.

Anika goes close to Shivaay and whispers in his ears.

Anika: You and I know it is a drama. What will Tia think? You aren’t smart like me. You should start going to school with Saahil and get some….

Shivaay: Brains… Anika, it’s brain.

Anika is about to shout at Shivaay but notices someone crossing their room

Anika: Patidev, Aarti tho utarne dijiye!

Shivaay: Anika no…no and exits the room.

Rumya had crossed the room, as they were recording Shivika romance at #Shitia wedding to use the video later on.

Pinki: I am so happys Tia beta.

Tia rolls her eyes and fakes a smile.

At Bareily

Gauri stops before the temple. Removes her veil

Gauri: Dham guttha hai…. Patah nahi chiraiya hi kyun ghoonghat mein rahna padtha hai.

Raju (one of Gauri’s friends): Gauri didi…. Aren’t you a bit off the limit. You were the one who chose to be in veil/ghoonghat in front of Kaali.

Gauri thinks deeply. Om near the pond, throwing pebbles.

Gauri: Ae chotu, mere chirota. (pinches his cheeks).

At the temple. The priest gives a staring look at Gauri.

Gauri bows her head in shame. People nearby whisper.

Person 1: Arrey Shristi! Gauri’s going through a bad phase in her life. Look at her…. She has to hide from Kaali Thakur sahab. What will she do…..poor little orphan

Person 2 (Shristi): Kaki! Pls, haan….stop it. When Gauri has helped the entire village from Kaali, stop repeating the same. Try to support her and treat her like everyone else, rather than feeling sorry for her.

Gauri in a melancholic mood sits by the pond. Om stands at a far away distance.

Om: “Life is a series of disappointments followed by a dark spell of depression. Happiness….

Gauri screams as her dupatta falls into the flowing water. Turns around.

Gauri sees Kaali in the reflection, and so does Om. But Om sees Gauri’s reflection and slightly smiles.

Gauri: Ae Paglait chiraiya! Didn’t you promise yourself that you wouldn’t show your face to this Kaali? Before that booda, Kaali Thakur comes, run for your life.

Om waves his hand and takes back as Gauri does not even notice.

Gauri comes back, her dupatta softly dabs Om.

Gauri: Mere chirota, Raju. Sankarji ke liye aa jao na!

Raju: Gauri didi… wait let me at least.

Om to himself: Gauri.

Gauri escapes again before Kaali spotting her. Om who was about to leave decides to sit back at the pond.

Om starts to sculpt Gauri’s face from the clay laying beside the pond. Kaali and his men approach Om.

Ramsevak (Kaali’s servant): Thakur, lagta hai Shaheri babu gaye nahin abhi tak.

Kaali: Shaheri babu, looks like you have pretty good art skills.

Om: Only time can decide Kaali sir. Do you need something from me or did you want to inform me about the papers?

Kaali: I just wanted you to stay at my house, Shaheri babu. You have touched my heart by saying ‘I’m a good man’ who respects my wife etc. Socha tha….

Om: I don’t want to be a bother.

Kaali: What are you speaking! You are never a bother. Just come and see my Haveli at the least.

Om agrees and also takes the sculpture with him.

PS: Sorry! Was not able to include the precap from the last chapter. Will try to include it in the upcoming chapter, as this chapter became too lengthy! 🙂


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