Parallel universe – Rikara fantasy – Intro

Parallel Universe

A fantasy story of Ishqbaaz/Dil Boley Oberoi characters, with Gauri and Omkara in lead roles.

Imagine Dil Boley Oberoi’s introductory scene; Omkara, who was portrayed kind-hearted, honest with his signature long hair depicting his artistic character, suddenly has had an overnight character change, into SSO 2.0! Does not seem right, but this same storyline splits into TWO, one with OSO(Omkara Singh Oberoi/SSO 2.0) and the other with OM (artistic and calm)! Parallel Universe……

Intro: Omkara in his car, with his hair tied (similar to that of DBO’s first scene). Milestone at the side of the road, stating “Bareily 12km”.

OSO gets down of the car, a chiraiya is depicted on his sunglasses/flares. A bright yellow dupatta slightly dabs as Gauri passes by him.

Imagine REVERSING the whole scenario.

OM: Why does it always have to be me? I cannot even think Mr. Oberoi would fall for Svetlana! Mom has faced a lot of problems with Mr. Oberoi already. Not anymore. ( his fingers placed on his forehead, his open hair is shown flying in the wind, as the car passes the milestone “Bareily 12km”

What if OM (artistic) was in the car and the same milestone is showed? Would he misunderstand Gauri? Would they even meet?

Just my random thoughts! Let me know if I should continue or not!

I have never tried to write a story, this is my first time, so kindly bear with me! 🙂


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  1. Nikita_jai29

    It is interesting

    1. Ksuji

      Glad you found it interesting!

  2. Try it…nice plot…????

    1. Ksuji

      Thanks for the motivation! I’ll try to continue

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