Parallel universe – Rikara fantasy – Gauri/Chutki? (Part-4)

Parallel Universe


Anika: Pinki Aunty…. Dadi said I have to get aashirvaad from you and Shakti uncle. (Bows down to get aashirvaad)

Pinki: Anika! Are you really out of your mind? (turns away from her and grins) Patah nahi kab iss fatichar bahu se chutkara milega. Tia beta… come we will go shoppings.

Anika is sad and stands. Camera angle (rotates from all direction).

Shakti comes and touches Anika’s head from behind.

Shakti: Anika beta. Leave Pinki, she does not know that she is leaving a diamond like you and searching for fake diamonds. Don’t mind her, but she’s good, is just blindfolded.

Anika smiles and gets Shakti’s aashirvaad, leaves.

Svetlana’s room. Svetlana laying in her bed.

Svetlana: Om. I won’t leave you, my dear! My next trap to get closer to Oberoi’s destruction. Tej was of no use. Uh-huh… Sasurji, that sounds better.

Janvi is drinking an entire bottle of wine, Svetlana asks for a glass of wine. Janvi looks at her and laughs.

Janvi: Pinki says it right. My full ‘sautan’ ( laughs hysterically and starts crying)

Svetlana steps back as Janvi comes close to her and breaks the bottle of wine on the table. The bottle cracks and wine starts leaking out.

Janvi: Ha ha… look at my fate, Svetlana! It does not even break, and I can neither hurt you nor myself.

Svetlana (feels odd): Janvi, you don’t know your own potential. Don’t blame your fate. It’s up to you to make it your fate or destiny.

Svetlana leaves. Janvi falls down to the ground, too drunk to get up on her own feet.

Back at Bareilly

Om keeps laughing. On opening his eyes, he finds Kaali thakur, his smiles laughter fades away. Kaali smiles thinking that Om has lost his mind.

In reality, Gauri is a foster kid. Janvi thakuraiyin (Kaali’s wife) had brought her home when Gauri was a little girl (actual name of gauri was Chutki). Kaali never liked her being in the house, hence he abused Janvi thakuraiyin. He did not want Chutki and so ill-treated Janvi. Gauri/Chutki did not like janvi being treated like this. Hence, she had ran away from the Haveli. Then why is she here back in the Haveli?

Gauri: He Sankar Ji! All of a sudden, why did you make me save the villagers from this Kaali? Why do I feel like (janvi) Ma ji is not happy? I didn’t even see her, ever since I came here…

Kaali enters a room. Is so dark and so mystical.

Om is at the backyard, Gauri’s sculpture besides him.

Om looking at the sculpture: Kaash, maine tumhe pehle dekha hota tho. Kaash tum mere zindagi ki roshni ban gayi tho…

Gauri thinking deeply: What about the vows I gave to Slok ji (not Shlok, and yes Slok from IPPKNDEBP). I know that he was there for me during my hard times, but I wish he did not do that of love. I respect him and view him as my brother. Nothing more than that.

Gauri sets to sleep, just then she hears some noise nearby. An absurd sound of paper being crumpled and flying in the wind. The paper lands near her doorstep. She picks it.

The paper reads ‘Tujse Naraz nahin zindagi….’ Gauri starts humming a tune and sings a few lines. Om is mesmerized by the voice.

Was it Om, who had written the lyrics? Does destiny want Om to fall in love again? Or does it want to make Gauri fall in Om’s love.

Stay tuned!;)


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