Parallel universe – Rikara fantasy – Empty Vessels (Part-4)

Parallel Universe

Empty vessels

Gauri is on the verge of sleeping, just then the noise of empty vessels wake her up. Gauri falls down to the ground.

Gauri: Haiy Sankarji. Ye aap Kaa kiya. My poor little hands. Wait….. Thankoo Sankarji.


A tall shadow is cast on the walls of Kaali’s Haveli. An anonymous person enters the Haveli, into the Kitchen.

Gauri: Now, I have an excuse to not cook for Kaali. Haan, Abhi abhi hamme yaad aayi…. Ki hum tho… Gannuji (Lord Ganesh). O ho….

(rushes to the kitchen).

Back at Oberoi mansion

Dadi: Haiy, main mar jawan. Koi hai….arrey koi hai.

Pinki: O ho Mummyji! You are Oberoi mansion’s only alarms. (laughs to self) What happened Mummiji? Why are you standingss with such a face?

Dadi: Pinki

Pinki looks down at Janvi and shouts in a high pitched voice.

Pinki: Oh my Mata! Jetani jis… why do you do like this? Phir se you got drunks haan?

Janvi gets up with Dadi and Pinki’s support. Janvi holds her head.

Janvi: This will be the last time I drink, Pinki.

Pinki: you have said this over a hundred and thousand times.

Pinki and Dadi are upset and go away from Janvi, leaving Janvi alone.

Janvi: Om, Rudra, and Prinku have always been my support, now it’s time that I turn their support system.

Janvi wipes her tears and heads to Svetlana’s room.

Back at Bareily

Om had slept listening to Gauri’s melodious singing but wakes as his head droops out of support. He hears someone banging against the door. Om hurriedly rushes to the Haveli. Wanders in search of the mysterious sound.

Is Gauri in danger? Will Om find the origin of the mysterious sounds?

Stay tuned! :relaxed:


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