Parallel universe – Rikara fantasy – In his arms (Part-5)

Parallel Universe

In his arms

Gauri enters the kitchen. She had forgotten to feed the little mouse, which she thinks as Gannuji’s Vahan (Lord Ganesh’s vehicle). After she has fed the mouse she turns. The anonymous person just grabs her by the waist.

Gauri just thinks deeply, takes a deep breath.

Gauri (mindvoice): Kaali never gets out of his deeds! This is just getting out of control. I really need to do something with Kaali. What does he think of women? First my mom…. And God knows how many other ‘womaniya’ has suffered with him. I really need to show him the SALMAN KHAN version of this GauriKumariSarma.

Gauri: “EK JHAANP MEIN DEEWAR PE SATA DHENGE” Kaali, you have just crossed your limits. Look what I’ll do. I know I’m a school dropout, but that does not mean I do not know any self-defense.

I do watch Salman Khan and what is that…. Chan? I watch those movies, and I know how to deal with you folks. Just wait Kaali, let me go, and I’ll show you.

The Unknown person: Oho! Don’t you remember me? And, ab bhi kitni bolti ho yaar? Matlab had hoti hai.

An awkward silence.

Gauri gasped while trying to free herself from the stranger. That stranger’s voice seemed

familiar, but definitely not Kaali Thakur. Who was it then? Gauri was terrified. The stranger smiled and let her go, but made her turn towards him.

Oberoi Mansion

Saumya is battling with her laptop, as it had some technical issues. Earlier the other day, RUMYA had recorded Shivika moments, but Rudra, as usual, messed up. He forgot to save the recording. How bad can it get?

Saumya: Rudra….Ek number ki duffer hai! (rolls her eyes). Who am I kidding? When has he ever done a task on point? Now, how do I retrieve this recording? Duffer….

Rudra: Sumo! Sumo! Kahan ho tum yaar?

Saumya: Duffer Singh Oberoi! Argh….. How many times do I have to tell you? My name is Sau…

Rudra places his hand on Saumya’s shoulder. Saumya is kind of startled as Rudra forgot their fight with regard to Oberoi family’s confusion. (His marriage with Saumya, Tej getting annoyed with Om, Om’s decision to marry Svety, and Shivaay Tia wedding etc).

Saumya: Duffer… I mean, Rudra, tum mujse…

Saumya has an eyelock with Rudra. (mana ke hum yaar nahiin music plays)

Rudra: (snaps fingers at Saumya) Su…Mo…  Oi sumo. Kahan koii hui ho? I know I am looking dashing, you don’t have to keep staring at me like this. I feel a little bit shy, yaar.

Saumya: Rudra… vo baat nahi. Tum mere true….LOVE

Rudra: Haan Sumo! I totally forgot to tell you. Laptop karaab ho gaya hai naa. Chalo, I have made arrangements for your “ LOVE ANGEL” radio programme. You could start it off.

Saumya: Mmm

Back at the Haveli

Om hurriedly rushes to the Haveli. Approaches the mysterious room.

The lady: Nahi Thakur saheb. Please forgive me I will not let Chutki go. She is the only person who is close to me.

Om: Maa ji! Aap ko kya hua? I’m Om, Omkara Singh Oberoi.

The lady is none other than Janvi Thakuraiyin, Kaali Thakur’s wife and Chutki’s mother. Well, Chutki’s (Gauri’s) foster mother. Janvi thakuraiyin starts crying and faints.

Om holding her and trying to wake her up places her head gently on his lap and then moves her down to the ground. He notices that she has been severely beaten up and bruises all over hands and face. Om starts reciting his Shayari with welled up eyes.

Om: “ Not all wounds are visible” Maa ji, I don’t know what made you to be in this condition. Why do people hurt others, what joy do they get out of it? But, I promise you I will take care of you. I will never let go of your CHUTKI!

Om continues his Shayari: “ It is better to be alone than be with someone who will make you feel alone.”

Back in the Kitchen,

Gauri: Aap? Slok ji? Iss vakt?

Slok (is no more the unknown stranger): Haan main! Tumhari SLOK Ji

Om approaches towards the kitchen to get some food and water for Maa Ji. Slok (Shlok) still holding Gauri in his arms.


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