Parallel universe – Rikara fantasy – Anklets scatter (Part-1)

Parallel universe

Anklets scatter to the ground…..

Location: At Kaali Takur’s Haveli

Kaali: Welcome! Shaheri babu…. kya haal hai?

OM: Look Mr. Kaali, please sign the papers, so that I could resume my other work. I don’t have time.

Kaali: Dekhiye, Shaheri babu…. how much time should I explain, it’s not that easy!

OM unlike OSO(Shivaay version 2.0) is calm even though Kaali takur does not respond that well.

OM: Teek hai Phir, Mr. Kaali….. aap

A loud sound of someone falling to the ground. And also the sound of anklets scattering.

A voice from behind screaming…. nahiiii.

OM startled!

Back in Oberoi mansion.

Tej: Svety! Ready or not…. here I come

Tej: Svety…. come out.

Svety: Sasurji….. be a little responsible. I’m your daughter in law! Don’t call me by names.

Jhanvi: Omg! Mummyji phirse drama shuru!

Tej is irritated.

Gauri is screaming. Children surround her.

Children: Didi…. what is this? Why do you scream for petty things?

Children: It’s just a mud pot. you are learning pottery. It happens…..HOTA HAI HOTA HAI.

Gauri: I broke the 5th pot! Sankarji (not Shankarji) naaraz ho kya aap hamse?

Kaali: Ae Gauri…. you are staying in my house, it doesn’t mean you can shout like this? You know what I will take care of you in the evening. (smiles cunningly)

OM to self: Whew! (sighs) Why would someone shout like this? I am already fed up with Mr. Oberoi and his deeds. Mom….

OM: mom… I need to ask if she is feeling better from the fire incident.

Kaali: Kya hua Shaheri babu…..are you lost in thoughts? DDid my Gauri steal your heart with her voice. It is hoe she stole mine too. (smiles and looks down to the ground like a shy girl would do :D)

OM: Glad you respect your wife…. unlike few people. Anyway… I’m taking your leave. Please try to finish the legal work as soon as possible, it’s a request.

OM leaves.

Kaali: Kya baat hai…. if everyone is thinking of my Gauri (daughter-like) as my wife, why should I resist. let me think about marrying.

Kaali calls out Raamsevak…. and asks did Gauri accept.

Ramsevak nods, as a sign of negativity.

Kaali slams Ramsevak’s head into the decor nearby.

Gauri has never shown her face to Kaali, always is in her ghoonghat. Gauri is picking up her scattered anklets, accidentally touches Kaali’s feet.

PRECAP: Gauri sees her face sculpted in mud, Gauri is about to break it. OM holds her hand.



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  1. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice one dear

    1. Ksuji


    Dear ksuji
    It’s interesting part??????
    T C A S S ?

    1. Ksuji

      Thanks! Glad you are liking the story. Just my try, as it is the first time writing stories based off of a show!

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