papa!i love u ( ragsan os) by priya


hi …priya is back with second os…i m so overwhelmed by seeing ur love and support towards me…tq so much guys…it means alot to me…80+ cmnts that too for my first os …i m really thankful to u people…tqs alot…pls support me like this in this os too…sorry guys many of u asked me to write ff..but thats not possible for me as i was n 11 i should concentrate on studies…i have a big study load i m free today as tomorrow no exams so writing this os…hope u l like it….pls cmnt guys..bcoz thats my strength….

note : guys its not a love story …its a pov of a girl and boy towards there father…i thought to give a tribute to fathers on fathers day…but i know fathers day is gone..but everyday is fathers day only na??so this the belated wishes for every fathers..i choosed ragsan as the girl and boy so it can be posted here …u l come to know everthing while reading it…
A big gate is shown where the name board is written as FRIENDS FOREVER…if we go inside of that we can see two mansions which is built so near is written as GADODIA MANSION and the other MAHESWARI MANSION…

At night:
Maheshwari mansion:
One girl of 27 years is sitting in a room …she is rotating her pen which is in her right hand and having a paper..she is seeing the moon through the window its clearly shown that she is thinking something..her hair is blowing bcoz of wind…suddenly she can feel a pair of hands on her neck …it is a guy who will be of 27 years…he asks “RAGINI, u didn’t sleep till now?” (the girl was ragini )”no SANSKAR,i was writing a letter to papa” (the guy was sanskar)(ragsan are married they r friends and their parents too)..sanskar rolled his eyes and doubtfully asked”ragini, tum teek toh ho na?” ..”ha sanskar mei teek hun”ragini said…”then y r u writing a letter to papa who is next to us”sanskar asked confusingly..ragini smiled a little and said”sanskar u r buddu” by pulling his cheek..sanskar gives her shocking look…ragini laughed and said “tomorrow is fathers day sanky that only i m gng to gift him this” sanky thought and said “okay! Good nyt sweetheart!!” and gave her a peck on forehead and went to sleep…ragini said “u r not going to give gift to papaji??” sanky nods is head in no…ragini nodded and gone to thought again..

Ragini started to write:
Ragini’s letter:
Hi papa!!before saying the reason for this letter i want to describe something abt u !!!….i still remember what dadi said when i was 8…she said when i was born u got a happy tears on your eyes as u got a princess …in that time nobody will be happy for giving birth to a girl but u r different u gave sweets to whole city and celebrated it all asked u y r u wasting money by giving sweets as ur wife have given birth to a girl but at that time what u said??did u remember???i l say u dadi said to me what u said … u said “my wife didn’t gave birth to a girl she had given birth to a princess daughter is my princess”..really papa…i know u r unique so that only u thought in that way..i still remember the time when u come from office to home with that much stress but u l play with me just for my sake…do u remember what u said to me when i was 5..u said “ whatever stress i have but when u call me papa i feel like all my stress has gone…that happiness that cant be given by any property or money…eventhough i was upset when i hear papa from ur mouth i l feel happy i l forgot all the things” that time i didn’t value the meaning papa but now i can…and i remember when i was going to my first day of school …when i was hugging u and said i wont go ..but u said papa l wait for u n gate till u come..yes papa that day u did , u didn’t go back to home u stand there and took me once school ended for that day…and i even remember the first day i went to school through cycle…u came back of me with ur bike …for seeing i m safe or not…u always thought for my safety only papa…whenever i fall weak …whenever i get fever…whole night u l not sleep ..u l take care of me…u l be near me…always papa…when i got first mark n 10th std…i saw the proudness in ur eyes…i felt happy papa..and same hpnd at 12th also…but when the time came i want to go delhi for my studies..u bid me bye without willing just for my happiness…i wanted to become an IAS officer papa..u sent me their just for my happiness….when i returned back with success..u hugged me and said “I M PROUD OF YOU”i felt happy papa…each and every girl will think that she should get a husband like her gave me that too papa…sanskar ur frnd dp uncles son..he is like u papa…bilkul aapki tarah…but he is my prince but ur my KING…and u l always be…i remember when u did my kanyadan by handovering my hands to sanky u had tears i had too by seeing ur tears…i remember my bidaai day …i came out of mandap and asked mama “where is papa?” she said me that u r inside and not willing to come out…and i came in i saw u crying papa…i always saw happy tears in ur eyes…but first time i saw u crying vigourously like a kid…i came near u and asked”y r u crying papa??if u cry then i l not go…and papa i m not going away from u..i m just next to our house…i l come to our house whenever i want and u can come there too like u do daily…” that time u said” nahi beta…u r going away..if u come back also u l come as a daughter in law of that house not as my daughter” i said u “ no papa wherever i go i l always be SHEKAR GADODIA’S DAUGHTER RAGINI GADODIA” u smiled just for me ( a tear came from her eyes and a unknown smile too) …as i know papa u l come first to me when u return from office just to see i m fine or not… but see now also i m RAGINI GADODIA only…sanky said me not to change name as relation should be built by heart not by changing names….so that neither he forced me nor the other family members forced me to change the name to RAGINI SANSKAR MAHESHWARI…hmm i m always RAGINI GADODIA only papa…ur daughter…papa u r the best…u r the first love of me..u r my hero… u r my king…u r everything for me…i will always take care of u..u r my world papa…”PAPA!I LOVE U “ ur the worlds best dad ever…and cmng to the end HAPPY FATHERS DAY PAPA!!!
By urs ,
Daughter ragini….
Letter ends…
She closes the letter and went to sleep…

After some time sanky waked up and saw whether she slept or not and went to the cupboard and took a paper and pen…and came to the place where ragini sit and he started to think …he started to write…

Sanky ‘ letter:
Hi papa!! Papa now i m gng to say our unshowed relationship which cant be said through words…but i m trying to..papa we l always be against each other i will not accept ur words easily..nor u will accept mine…but papa i will feel that , that is the way we both show love for each other…ha first day of my college i remember …i asked u pocket money but u just gave me 100rs…by saying SAVE MONEY SANSKAR…( he smiled remembering it)…the day when i got my lawyer course completing certificate…u said “I M PROUD OF U SANSKAR” i didn’t show how much happy i was infront of u…but coming into my room i was that much happy by remembering ur words…ha papa forgot to say…i scored first in 10 like ragini u said “good sanskar…but this is not enough u should do more” but what u did after going from home u give sweets to all ur frnds and said my marks very proudly…thats our relationship papa…and cmng to my mrg…i think that u l never do anything wrong for me…but i never showed it to u…but ragini..she is the best wife for me who can handle me very well…haha..ya thats obvious u l select a girl who is best for me only…papa now i m gng to say something to u which i had never said…said kya kabhi dikhaya bhi nahi hoga…”PAPA! I LOVE U” u r the best…i m proud to be said as SANSKAR DURGAPARASAD MAHESHWARI…
By urs…
Son sanskar….
He too slept after that..
Morning :
Dp and shekar came back after jogging..
They saw ragsan cmng towards them ..they gave the letter …dp and shekar got tears after reading it,,hugged their children and said “WE R PROUD OF U TOO”..

How is this guys… hope u like it…pls say through cmnts…

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  1. Awesum dr keep uploading ur is

    1. Priya15

      tq so much dear…n ya i will…

  2. Awesome

    1. Priya15

      tq dear…

    1. Priya15

      tq j dear…

  3. Joona

    It was really nice…
    A cute one…
    I am a papa’s girl…
    My father is my world…I love him like… I don’t know yaar…no words can explain a father- daughter heavenly connection.. I am really blessed to have him as my father.God I am really thankful to you..

    And thank u priya for giving such a wonderful moment…
    Thank u for the awesome one shot.

    1. Priya15

      ya u r ryt di that relation cant be expressed by words…as its not enough …and ya me too papa’s girl…tq joona di…support like this always…

  4. Akshata

    it is so sweet and heart touching os. you made me remember everything which were i share with my Baba (since my naming ceremony to till now). All the beautiful memories came into my mind. i had tears in my eyes while reading ur os. just outstanding.

    1. Priya15

      tq so much d…i m happy that i remembered ur lovable moments…even i had tears when i wrote this…i wrote those moments in ragini part which i had with my dad only..but the mrg part dont know how it came …but it l be a thought of every girl and dad at the time…thats y i wrote it…

  5. Awsm . Yup it’s true every girl may not be queen of some man but she is definitely princess of his father.

    1. Priya15

      ha i except ur words di….tq so much di…

  6. aww awesome

    1. Priya15

      tq lovely di…support like this always…

  7. Too good priya its awseome and sorry i didn’t told u don’t call me di becoz i am also at the same age as u r… i am also in 11th standard…And very nice os.. keep writing…

    1. Priya15

      tq eku dear….oh u r also of my age…thats great dear…r u from tn???ya i l…

  8. It was awesome
    i loved it
    a big big hug to u dear

    1. Priya15

      tq dear venni di…support like this always…a big big hugs to u too …

  9. superb loved it

    1. Priya15

      tq j dear…

  10. Abdul hafiz(uma).

    Awsm dear.Keep writing os.You are in 11,cool,same pinch.

    1. Priya15

      tq dear….ya i l dear…wow superb…same pinch dear…

  11. superbb…lovely

    1. Priya15

      tq cute di…support like this always…

  12. Awesome dear. It was very sweet. Sorry as I was not able to comment on your first of but I read it and it was great as well.

    1. Priya15

      tq dc dear….dont be sorry di…but i m happy u loved it…tq so much…

  13. Snehahari

    good yaar

    1. Priya15

      tq sneha dear…

  14. Azure

    beautiful dear

    1. Priya15

      tq my dear di…di i m sorry i couldnt cmnt n ragsanlak ff…i read it but at that time i couldnt cmnt as i had reading work…but trust me it was great…i have a doubt…is it a love triangle story???ragini ki shaddi???sanskar se ho rahi hai ???suspense???di i dont like suspense u know na update it soon…plsss…love u di..

  15. I made me cry…awsme dea.I love my dad mre….Evn am also papas princes..

    1. Priya15

      sorry for making u cry dear…ya even i m a papa’s princess..tq di..

  16. Nami

    Awesome. Their letters were heartwealming. The way u described ragini n sanskar’s pov it was amazingly written. Simply loved it

    1. Priya15

      tq nami dear…tq so much…support like this always…

  17. surabhi Srivastava

    Amezing writing skilll

    1. Priya15

      tq di…it really means alot..

  18. so sweet story.well done.

    1. Priya15

      tq inu di

  19. Vanshika crazy fr skr

    Di ur writing style is impressive and gud…though the story dint hd gud structure jus two letters I luv d way u described it.. I’m speeeeeeeechlessssssssss ????..
    U md me cry ????
    Lol lol lol to u ❤❤❤❤❤ .., lots of love and hugs
    I’m nt my papa’s princess ?????..
    I used to b.. Mom tells that wen I ws born papa distributed sweets in whole factory ?,,.. And gt many gifts fr me.. My first bday party photos I’ve seen… Shows hw much hw used to luv me.. Bt now… (actually di is a secret n ur OS brought it out)))) my dad dnt liv wd us (my mom n me)) I’d sent a beautiful greeting card and pics on fathers day bt he dint even c it.. I’m sad ? bt this OS was gud… Heart warming tale… Awesome

    So v wnt to announce that Ms.priya hs gt best OS writer award fr ragsan OS in June 2016.. A huge round of applause ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
    Here’s ur trophy ?
    Gift ? hamper ???
    Voucher ?
    N 100 gold coins ‼‼????
    Love ❤

    1. Priya15

      oh vanshu start to speak dear..haha…oh dont worry darling…i m damn sure he l miss u alot…if he didnt show it and feel it also(sorry i dont know i can see this or not) he missed a great daughter and sweet girl like u..but ha u have a father dear…in ur ma…and i l not say i can feel ur pain as i got my dad…but ha i can understand how it feels as i have been with somebody who is in that situation…i mean u shouldnt show the worry infront of ur ma..u should always say her that u have a papa in she l be happy …accha tum mujhe chidana shuru kar diya…love u so much vanshu..

      1. Vanshika crazy fr skr

        Oo di I’m NT teasing you dear.. Aap ye saara samman deserve krti Ho.. U r d most talented writer.. Di me too luv u .. N tqs fr ur support.. Wen l u post pov on mythological character next part.. Pls tell na.. I’m waiting fr ur reply.. Love u alot..

      2. Vanshika crazy fr skr

        U cn write a whole book ?.. I’m impressed by your skills.. Superb.. I’m proud u r my sissie

      3. Priya15

        hmm…vanshu i replied to u n skr page see to it and reply me here…as it l notify me if u replied there i cant see…and tq my sissy…even i m proud of u…and ha its duty of a sis to support her lil sis …thats what i did..dont lose hope sisso..i l always be there for u…

  20. Beautiful 🙂

    1. Priya15

      tq emz di..

  21. Pavani

    Superrr superr superr really iam also a father girl he too loves me more than my bro u made me remember my dad love u dear nd love u dad

    1. Priya15

      tq so much di…its ur son in dp na???amazing di..actually i m a single daughter..but phir bhi i m close to dad more than ma…love u toooooooooo my sweet di…

      1. Pavani

        Ya he is my son only he too loves his dad more than me

      2. Priya15

        Haha di he looks lovely… Ur son is unique.. I always heard that son loves ma more but he loves his dad a lot.. Really he is so cute like my little brother (he is my cousin)..

      3. Pavani

        Hmm a big dramebazzz too

      4. Priya15

        Haha…. U l get a lot of fun na di??

  22. Padmaja

    Hi priya im not a viewer of any serial on star plus except skr but i loved ur os its just awesome dear and ur writing skills r just wowww… Wishes from ur dear sissy… Just loved it❤??

    1. Priya15

      tq so muchhhhh padma dear….love u dear…

  23. Thanmathi

    priya im angry on u .u made me cry y did u do this its so emotional dear both the letters i thought not to cmnt here when i opened this os but i cant stop myself from commenting after reading it just awesome i dont know what 2 say this is the first cmnt i post in a page other than skr and thank u sooo much 4 posting this ff u showed a fathers luv 4 his daughter so emotionslly every child who have a fatger has the most precious gift of god with him/her though most of them dont realise it when he was with them

    1. Priya15

      hey tanu…i wont ask sorry to u …and i m not feeling sad that i made u cry..bcoz even i cried while writing it…haha just kidding tanu..ya u r ryt sweetie nobody understand the fathers love and imp when he is with him..and who realises it they r so blessed…ya thats my and my dads relation except mrg and all…even yesterday it hpnd…i had a small bike hitted my cycle…ntng hpnd to me …but my cycle has small dad didnt sleep whole night …and he came with me to school in back of me by bike like i m a small kid..and asked me to call once i reached house..mujhse zyada toh vo dar gaye the…love u dear…

  24. dear u r… 1st os waterdrops TRYIED to escape from my eyes but here i cried vigorously……essply when i read san letter. ya i cried to rag letter bcos that is absolutely suits for all girls. as well as i too papa girl. but while reading san letter some personal problem came to my mind i started to cry vigorously…..i LOVE my DAD . he is the best. thnq for such os dear i love u

    1. Priya15

      Tq so much di…. Ha even in m a father’s girl…. Oh u cried again… Even I cried while writing it…. Love u too di…

  25. oh what a fabulous topic dear… rocked it dear… a tear escaped from my eye while reading it… great job dear… loads of love and would be looking forward for many more from you…. U are really talented… go on dear… tc… a tight hug 😉 … gn… sd

    1. Priya15

      Tq so much di…. Love u a lot too…. It means a lot to me di… U too take care di… A big big hugs to u…. Gud mrng… Wake up sissy… Have a nyc day…

  26. Lila

    That was mind blowing dear. I loved it. Great topic…u nailed and u rocked. A big hug to u? keep up the good work sis?

    1. Priya15

      tq tq so much di….love u so much …big big hugs to u too di….

  27. SPP

    Awesome Superb Fantastic Amazing Fabulous
    Sorry for commenting late
    Loved it and please continue giving OS
    Thanks for this OS ………?????

    1. Priya15

      tq tq so much di…it really means alot to me di…oh pls dont say sry to ur sister di…ya i l di…love u so much…

      1. SPP

        U r welcome dear and yeah what r u doing???

      2. Priya15

        Di I m studying n 11th…. Wt abt u???

  28. awesome Os di 🙂 I was crying while reading this Os 🙂 Love you priya di 🙂 love you papa 🙂 🙂 🙂

    (sorry for commenting late)

    1. Priya15

      Sweetie no sry forgot???… It’s not a big problem dear… Love u too…. Big hugs to u…

  29. Dafsi

    Awesome OS keep rocking Priya 😀 loved it… Cute as you

    1. Dafsi

      I read it twice Priya and I dont know what to say really I’m awestruck with the Os Im a papa’s girl too and your ff simply reminded me of my papa treating me it was awesome hatsoff

    2. Priya15

      Tq so much di… Love u so much… It means a lot di… I m a papa’s princess… That was my moments with my dad too di except that mrg and all.. That was own of mine… Hugs to u… Gn.. Have a nyc sleep

  30. Priya!!! It was really fantastic!!! How u hv described their emotions is just commendable!!!!! I had tears in my eyes!! Beautifully displayed!!!
    Loved it!! ???
    N yeah sorry for late reply ‘!!

    1. Priya15

      Tq so much Richa di.. Pls don’t say sry di….. Tq for loving it…

  31. Nusz Khan

    This was so damn cute!!! You’re such a lovely writer.

    You should really write a Fan-Fiction about Ragsan you have great writing skills Priya.

    Anyways Hun keep smiling like always aha.

    Also what grade are you in?? and how are you xx? If you don’t mind me asking because you might be older xx

    ~Nusz xx

    1. Nusz Khan

      How old are you* I meant.

      ~Nusz xx.

      1. Nusz Khan

        aha, I’m 16 years old xx
        I just finished grade 11 starting grade 12 in September xx
        I’m born in cad and raised in England aha

        How about you xx?

        ~Nusz xx

      2. Priya15

        Oh.. So u r elder to me only… I was born in a village near Villupram dist.. But I m n Chennai for my studies… I just stepped into 11std di….

      3. Priya15

        I mean I m from Tamil Nadu, India..

    2. Priya15

      tq tq so much di…l write ff after 2 years only…i m n 11th std di…no no u l be elder to me…clear me if u r elder to me???i m just 15 di

  32. Wow priya di, it is awesome??Seriously I the eldest 1 and closest to my Papa?? And you wrote it faboulously ??

    Zuha Fatima.(writer of “Objection my Lord! Ragsan)

    1. Priya15

      tq so much zuha dear….i m a single daughter for my parents dear…

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