Papa Chup Raho (Episode 9)


Episode 9:
The episode starts in MM, Ishaan and Lakshya r shown walking down the stairs with their suitcases. DP and AP, who were standing down the stairs near the sofas look up and are surprised as their eyes fall on the suitcases in the hands of Ishaan and Lakshya.

As they turn to walk down they stop as they see Adarsh and Sanskaar walking up the stairs with Yash.

Yash, Adarsh and Sanskaar see Lakshya and Ishaan and the suitcases and look on.

Scene shifts on the roads, Parineeta, Ragini, Nisha and Ishita are shown walking.

“What did the caller say Di? Tell us na.” Ishita requests.

“Continue walking, you’ll know.” Parineeta says and soon her phone starts ringing.

“Swara.” Parineeta says instantly picks it up while stopping.

Nisha, Ishita and Ragini stop and turn to Parineeta.

“Swara, where are you? We got so worried, you know, we are near the police station.” Parineeta worriedly asks Swara all in one go.

Swara stops walking as she sees them opposite her.

“Di…” Swara says and disconnects the call.

Parineeta gets confused.

“What did she say?” Ragini worriedly asks.

“She disconnected the phone.” Parineeta confusingly says.

Just then Swara reaches there, Ragini turns and all get happy seeing her.

Ragini hugs Swara and all have a group hug, soon they break the hug.

“Ma’am had called earlier, she told us to instantly come Maheshwari Mansion.” Parineeta reveals.

All look on.

“She said she will tell us everything once we reach there, come, let’s go and waste no more time.” Parineeta says.

All nod and they leave from the place.


DP comes forward.

“Why have you two brought the suitcases down?” DP asks.

AP slowly comes forward.

Ishaan sighs and looks at Yash.

“Can you please move out of the way so we can leave.” Ishaan says, looking annoyed.

Yash slightly moves to the side, moving away from the exit.

Ishaan was about to go when he stops hearing DP’s question.

“Where are you going?” DP asks sounding a little worried.

Ishaan, in frustration drops his suitcase and turns to him.

“Oh please! At least let me leave in peace! What is your problem?!” Ishaan bursts out surprising everyone expect Lakshya.

“Ishaan, no need to waste your time on fake people.” Lakshya says and moves forward.

Ishaan gives DP the disgusted look and turns while picking his suitcase up.

Ishaan and Lakshya exit from the door, DP, AP, Yash, Adarsh and Sanskaar look on.

DP walks up.

“No need to go behind them, they left with their own choice so don’t force them to come back!” Adarsh says and walks away without noticing AP.

Sanskaar sighs while looking at DP and also leaves without noticing AP.

Yash and DP look at each other.

On the other hand, Lakshya and Ishaan exit the gates of Maheshwari Mansion in anger and from behind them, the girls come and see them leave.

“Where are they going?” Swara asks while seeing them walk off.

Parineeta enters from the main gate.

“Ma’am must be waiting.” Parineeta says and starts walking.

They follow her.

As they enter, they look around nervously and then at AP, who is talking to DP.

“Where did you go Anu? We thought you died…” DP sadly expresses as he holds APs hand.

Tears form up in AP’s eyes.

“I didn’t want to be called a second woman and a home wrecker…” AP softly utters as tears fall down her eyes.

DP and AP then share a hug which shocks the girls.

“So Ma’am is their Mom.” Swara shockingly whispers.

“She’s the elder threes one, because in that video, the other two said your mum left you and our Mum took care of you.” Ishita says as she looks at the girls.

DP and AP break the hug, AP wipes her tears. AP turns to the side and sees the girls, DP also turns and sees.

He sees Ragini and remembers meeting her at the temple.

“These girls will help us, I have called them here to help me bring Adarsh, Yash, Sanskaar, Lakshya and Ishaan together and as one.” AP tells as she looks at DP.

The girls are stunned.

“There was a time where we had to break this family and now fix it? How would we help?” Nisha whispers.

“Where could Lakshya and Ishaan go?” DP worriedly asks.

“Don’t worry, I’m sure they will come back here.” AP assures.

DP looks at AP with a faint smile.

“Now you’re back… I feel like I have the biggest support.” DP tells.

AP faints a smile.

“I’ll leave straight after.” AP tells.

DP looks on.

“But Anu…” DP says but AP interrupts.

“Please… they won’t accept me as their mother and if I stay here, it would be mortally wrong because… we’re not married.” AP says and turns before DP could utter anything.

Sanskaar and Adarsh, who were standing on top of the stairs hear and look on, they get angry and storm off to their perspective rooms.

Lakshya and Ishaan are shown sitting by the sea shore in a corner, Ishaan is seeming angry and Lakshya is just looking at the water on the other end.

“What does he think of himself?! How dare he slap me?! Once was still alright but twice?!” Ishaan angrily says as he remembers DP’s slaps.

“He’s finally got his family, it’s better for them to forget we even exit!” Lakshya says as he’s lost in the sea water.

Bachpan Kahan tune plays.

“After Maa left, everything changed.” Ishaan says sadly.

“Haa, everything changed badly.” Lakshya says as he turns his head towards Ishaan.

Ishaan turns his head towards Lakshya and asks “Where are we going to stay?”

“Let’s go Goa, it’s more peaceful and quite there, plus our relatives live there.” Lakshya says.

“Relative? Do you think they’ll accept us?” Ishaan chuckles as he looks away.

“We didn’t do anything wrong to them, so why should they do wrong to us?” Lakshya asks and looks away too.

Ishaan starts thinking.


AP is shown in a room with the girls.

Ap tells about her escape, the girls look on.

“But Ma’am, who were they?” Ishita asks.

“I don’t know, I didn’t get to see their faces.” AP sadly says.

“But Ma’am, why have you called us here?” Pari asks.

“To help me, improve the bond of the brothers.” AP says with a faint smile.

“But Ma’am…” Swara says but gets interrupted.

“After they are back to normal, we will leave from here… I promise.” AP says and leaves from there.

They see her leave.

“But before the brothers, we have to unite Ma’am and Sir.” Swara says and turns to Ragini.

Ragini thinks and nods yes.

“We have to unite Ma’am and Sir and that would be our mission.” Ragini says and looks at Parineeta.

“You’re right, Ma’am had suffered enough, now we will return her the rights she deserves.” Parineeta says and looks at Ishita.

“And we will return her her children and the love she lasted for.” Ishita says and looks at Nisha.

“And we will end the pain she has suffered from and give her an opportunity to start her new life.” Nisha says and looks forward.

They look on with confidence and faint smile.

Scene shifts to Sanskaar, he is shown standing in front of the window, staring out, looking disturbed.

“Who is that woman? Why is she staying here until uniting us and marriage? What’s happening?! And those girls and mother and urghh!!!” Sanskaar thinks in his mind and bangs his hand on the wall in frustration.

A photo frame falls on the floor, Sanskaar sighs and looks down. His expressions change and calm as he bends down and picks the photo frame up.

Sanskaar hangs it back to where it was and walks from their.

The photo frame is revealed to be DP and Saraswati’s

Adarsh is shown walking down the stairs angrily.

“Papa! Papa!” He shouts as he comes down the stairs.

DP rushes out from the kitchen and looks at Adarsh who is approaching him.

AP comes out and so do the girls, Sanskaar and Yash walk down and stop at the stairs.

Adarsh starts clapping which surprises everyone.

“Wow! Your sons are gone and you’re here, enjoying with ur mehbooba?!” Adarsh angrily asks.

DP and everyone look on.

“Adarsh!” DP sternly says as he looks at Adarsh.

Adarsh angrily looks at him.

“Why? Who is she and what are they doing in our house?! How dare you allow them to stay here without asking me?!” Adarsh angrily asks while pointing at AP’s direction.

The girls are also standing there.

“He’s so rude!” Ishita whispers.

“Tell me about it.” Swara sighs with disbelief as she folds her arms.

“How can anyone talk to their father like that?” Nisha silently asks giving a surprised look.

“He should be lucky to have his father in front of him, it seems like he doesn’t respect the fact that he’s not an orphan!” Pari silently says while giving Adarsh the disgusted looks.

“Speak up! Why are you standing their silently?!” Adarsh asks DP.

“Adarsh! Is that a way to talk to your father?!” AP angrily asks as she comes forward.

Adarsh looks at her.

“And who are you to tell me this?!” Adarsh angrily asks.

Sanskaar folds his arms and Yash looks on.

“The new property owner of our house and business, Ms Annapurna Chauhan.” DP confidently reveals.

Adarsh gets shocked as he’s facing AP.

Sanskaar unfolds his arms in shock and stumbles a little back.

Yash looks at DP shockingly.

AP and the girls look on. Adarsh slowly turns his head towards DP with a shocked expression.

DP walks up to AP and brings her forward by holding her hand.

“The company, our houses and the properties new Malkin.” DP reveals as he lets go of her hand.

AP looks at DP shockingly, Adarsh, Yash and Sanskaar look at AP shockingly.

Adarsh stumbles back and touches his head, he feels like everything is going around and finally collapses on the floor surprising everyone.


Adarsh is shown lying down on his bed in the blanket, he slowly opens his eyes and sits up with a jerk. The doctor stands up and all look at him. AP and the girls are outside the room whereas Yash, DP and Sanskaar are inside the room.

Sanskaar sighs, the doctor leaves after handing a prescription to Yash, as he leaves, Adarsh instantly fixes his angry gazes on DP.

“What the hell did you do?! You named our property on that woman!” Adarsh angrily shouts as he touches his heart.

DP looks at him.

“Because of that property, I had to be nice to you! This… your this son threatened me that if I don’t behave nicely with you then he will get the whole property named on charities with your signature!” Adarsh sighs as he speaks out while touching his chest where his heart resides.

He could feel his heart beats, Sanskaar and DP understood it was Yash and this was the reason why Adarsh behaved nicely with DP in front of Yash.

“And now… now you break out this news?! My heart is weakening! You did unfair with us! Kal ki aayi hui aurat ke liye aapne saari property daan kar di! Hum kya yaha kebab bechenge?!” Adarsh angrily says as he looks at DP while breathing heavily and finally sighs.

“Adarsh…” Yash utters but stops as Adarsh interrupts.

“You stay out of it and keep quite! What else is left to do? Laugh at me?! Go on, complete your wish!” Adarsh angrily warns and sighs as he looks down at his bedsheets angrily.

Yash gets a phone call and he answers it.

“What?” Yash shockingly says.

“Okay thank you.” Yash says and disconnects the call.

He turns to DP.

“Papa… It was the inspector, he said that Lakshya and Ishaan phoned them up and said that they left with their own will and that we shouldn’t search for them.” Yash tells DP.

DP gets shocked.

“They did the right thing by leaving the house! At least they didn’t see this!” Sanskaar, from behind irritatedly says as he irritatedly looks in space with folded arms.

Adarsh looks up.

“Shukr mana that they aren’t here! Or else this would’ve been Ishaan’s slap day! He’s already got enough slaps, here if he even uttered a word then this so called Mahan Purush would’ve slapped him!” Adarsh angrily says as he looks at DP.

“Today this man showed his true colours, Lakshya was right… he’s fake! For this woman, he’s even ready to sacrifice his sons!” Adarsh angrily adds and turns his head to AP, who is shown standing at the door with the girls behind him.

“This is enough, he’s crossing his limits.” Ragini silently says, she was about to go forward when Pari holds her hand to stop her.

“Enough! Just because Papa is silent, it doesn’t mean you have rights to insult him! You want to know who that woman is?! Ms Annapurna Chauhan!” Yash raises his voice as he had enough.

“I don’t care what her name is but why is she here?! Doesn’t she feel ashamed to break this house?! blo*dy gold digger!” Adarsh sighs as he looks down.

“Adarsh!” DP angrily shouts as he also had enough.

“This woman… who you’re calling a gold digger is your mother! She gave birth to you three and is your Maa!” DP angrily shouts answering Adarsh.

Adarsh and Sanskaar look on shockingly.

A tune plays.

Adarsh looks at Yash and so does Sanskaar, Yash shakes his head positively.

“What the hell?! Just because you gave her your property, you’re making her our mother now?!” Sanskaar asks as he looks on in disbelief.

“It’s not a lie, she is your mother, you can believe it or not but it won’t matter!” DP says and exits from the room.

AP, Ragini, Parineeta, Swara, Nisha and Ishita follow on.

Yash exits from Adarsh’s room, Adarsh looks at Sanskaar.

“I won’t let her take my years of hard work that easily! She left us and now is back for money? I shouldn’t be saying this but it looks like Lakshya and Ishaan were right!” Adarsh angrily says as he remembers Lakshya and Ishaan calling their mother a gold digger.

Sanskaar exits the room, Adarsh looks on.

Episode Ends.

Precap: Adarsh insults AP and feels a slap across the face, Ragini, Swara and Pari insult Adarsh and Sanskaar which angers them.
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