Papa chup Raho (episode 8)


Episode 8:
The episode starts with all in their respective rooms thinking.

Flashes flash in their minds, they try avoiding it.

On the other hand, DP is shown taking a photo from the cupboard, he emotionally looks at the picture and caresses it.

The picture has 5 boys and a girl in it, 3 boys standing in the back with the girl in front of them on a chair and other 2 on each side of the girl bending down with a smile.

“Whatever happened was the past, honi ko kaun taal sakhta hai?” DP says as he hugs the photo.

Ishaan, Lakshya, Adarsh, Sanskaar and Yash are shown.

10 years ago:

Children are shown playing, DP decides to take the family on a trip, so they go on a trip to Shimla. While playing hide and seek, DP’s only daughter, Ananya hides outside the hotel, Ishaan and Lakshya also follow her.

“Bhai? Where should I hide?” A 8 year Ananya asks Ishaan.

“Wherever you want!” Ishaan says and hides behind the tree.

Lakshya hides behind the bushes, Ananya looks around and hides under the table.

They wait for a while and Adarsh walks out with Sanskaar and Yash.

Adarsh finds Ananya, then Lakshya but thy couldn’t find Ishaan. Soon Ishaan is found by Yash.

“Bhai, this time I will count.” Ananya says.

The brothers look at each other and agree.

Ananya closes her eyes and starts counting. All hide.

“Ready or not, here I come.” Ananya says and opens her eyes, she glances around.

Before Ananya could move, bullet sounds were heard. All the brothers come out of their hiding spots, Ananya cries in the middle. Before Yash could rush to her, a bomb explodes and Yash flies back.

All are shocked.

“Ananya!!!” Lakshya, Ishaan, Sanskaar and Adarsh shout.

They then help Yash and run from there, the police comes and saves them.

The family was upset as they lost Ananya, DP’s wife Saraswati couldn’t take the shock and dies leaving DP to take care of his sons and asking him to promise her that he’ll take care of them with kindness.

As Saraswati and Ananya died, the family scattered, brothers separated and valued each other less and by pampering them, DP spoilt them.

End of Flashback.

In the orphanage:

All finish watching the video.

“So these brothers aren’t close enough?” Ishita asks.

“It doesn’t seem like it.” Nisha tells.

Swara start thinking.

“Instead of ruining their relationship, we have to help them fix it.” Parineeta speaks as she stands up.

“But what about Ma’am?” Swara asks.

“By doing this, we will be disrespecting Ma’am’s values.” Parineeta tells.

Swara and Ishita look at each other. Parineeta leaves and Ragini stands up.

“Swara… he’s the same Father I told you about, I’ve seen him struggle for his children. Think of something less hurtful.” Ragini tells with a faint smile and walks away.

Swara looks at Ishita and Nisha.

“So the only way we have left is enter their office, steal their files and make them suffer from a loss.” Swara says and sits down.

“Actually, that isn’t a bad idea, how about you enter Maheshwari Office and do what you say. If they get defamed then no contract dealers will approach them and automatic loss hi loss.” Nisha tells with a smile.

“But how?” Ishita asks.

“Swara will go to their office to work as an employee, simple.” Nisha tells and stands up.

Swara looks at her.

“Why me? I’m not going.” Swara says and stands up.

“You have to Swara, if we send Ishita, then she will do some gadbad and if we send Ragini Di, then she won’t be able to stay there without telling the truth and Pari Di… there’s not a chance, so Bacha kaun? You.” Nisha explains.

Ishita glares at her.

“But why not you?” Swara asks.

“Do you think they’ll give me the job? I might say ulta seede things and then fire kar denge mujhe.” Nisha says while holding Swara’s hand.

Swara looks at both and then nods okay, Nisha smiles.

After a while, Parineeta and Ragini are shown in a room.

“Di, calm down…” Ragini says to Parineeta who is crying.

“How can I Ragini? I hate the Maheshwari’s and will always hate them, because of them I’m an orphan. They killed my parents.” Parineeta cries.

Ragini’s eyes moist and she hugs Parineeta.


Swara is ready for the job and enters the office nervously. Swara walks to the receptionists. The receptionist guides her to sit down.

After a while Swara is called in, she enters with a smile on her face. After interviewing her, they ask her to wait outside.

“Oh god, I don’t think I’ll get the job, there’s too many good people here.” Swara says while glancing around.

She sees people sitting and waiting, soon a man walks out.

“Thank you for coming, our company has selected 3 people to work here which are, Ridhima Parihaar, Varun Singhal and Swara Gadodia.” The man reveals.

Swara gets shocked as well as happy. Swara stands up and walks up to them.

“Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity, which area will I work in?” Swara asks.

“As SM sirs Secretary, you fit that role perfectly.” The man tells with a fake smile.

“Okay, thank you and when shall I join?” Swara asks.

“Today would be great, but if tomorrow is better option then you can come tomorrow.” The man says.

Swara starts thinking.

“The earlier the easier.” Swara says as she fakes a smile.

“That’s good, Ramesh!!” The man says and calls out for a worker.

The worker comes.

“Meet SM Sir’s new secretary, take her to her department.” The man tells.

The worker, Ramesh nods and starts walking with Swara.

“I can’t believe you actually signed up for SM Sir’s Secretary.” Ramesh says.

Swara looks at him confusingly.

“Why?” Swara asks confusingly.

“I feel sorry for you, I wonder how you will survive and I bet today will be your last day, either you will quit or he’ll fire you.” Ramesh tells.

Swara looks at him.

“He’s very rude, serious and strict.” Ramesh explains further.

Swara looks on, soon they stop.

“Here’s your department and that’s your workplace.” Ramesh tells and leaves.

Swara enters the cabin but doesn’t see anyone in it. Just then she gets a phone call and answers it.

“Hello, what happened?” Nisha asks.

“I’ve got the job and now just waiting in the office to start it.” Swara in a bored tone tells.

“That’s great news, what job did you get?” Nisha asks.

“As SM’s secretary.” Swara remembers while telling.

“Ooo, so are you in the cabin alone?” Nisha asks.

“Yup.” Swara replies.

“Then what are you doing standing? This is the best opportunity, go hunting!” Nisha tells.

Swara understands and Nisha disconnects the room, Swara then glances around.

On the other hand, in Maheshwari Mansion, Adarsh and Sanskaar walk down to go to office but the police come in. Yash is shown reading newspaper on the couch.

Lakshya is eating breakfast and Ishaan walks down half asleep.

“Can we meet Mr Adarsh Maheshwari?” The inspector asks.

Ishaan walks right past without caring.

“Yes, it’s me.” Adarsh says.

“I’m sorry sir but we’ve got a complaint against you so therefore we have to take action and arrest you.” The inspector says.

Adarsh is shocked, Sanskaar looks on. Yash did hear but doesn’t bother.

“What? Why?” Adarsh shockingly asks.

“It’s better for you to cooperate with us.” The inspector says.

“Sir, the company is on Mr Durga Prasad Maheshwari’s name and is run by Mr Adarsh and Sanskaar Maheshwari.” The constable tells.

“So in that case we should arrest Mr Sanskaar Maheshwari too. Even tho the company is on Mr Durga Prasad’s name, it isn’t run by him so he has no hand in all he matters.” The inspector tells and signals the constables.

They nod and handcuff Adarsh and Sanskaar. Sanskaar gets shocked.

Sanskaar and Adarsh look down and see Ishaan stretching with his back faced to them, Yash reading the newspaper and ignoring them and Lakshya finished eating and now on his phone.

Sanskaar and Adarsh shake their head in a disbelief and are taken by the police.


Ishita is moving here n there tensed bitting her nails.

“She got the job. And the plan proceeds” Nisha says coming towards her.

“Thank God. ” ishita tells n takes a sighs of relief.

“Who got the job.” They heard a voice.

Both turns n worriedly looks on.


Swara is glancing around the cabin when her gaze fall on a file on nearby desk she goes towards the file n pick it up, “Tender Project” she reads out n looks on

On the other hand, police  arrives maheshwari office Sanskar and Adarsh are shown sitting in jeep with handcuffs.

“These files can destroy the whole future of maheshwari” swara says reading out a 3 file she was holding. Suddenly her eyes caught something in a packet but before she could touch it police Constable comes and starts searching in the office.

Swara worriedly looks at them while the files she was holding falls on ground. Police inspector comes, and picks up the file n looks on.

“Sir we got drugs here. ” says one of police constable.

All including swara become shocked.

“Arrest her. ” tells the police inspector pointing at swara.Swara shockingly look at him.

“But. ” before swara can say anything lady constable comes, and put handcuffs in her hand. And take her with them.

All looks on.

On the other side on road, a women is shown running and some people are running after her. Her face is covered with pallu, she runs and goes inside a mansion to hide.

The lady hides behind a pillar. She glances around the masion it is big as villa, She heard some footsteps n hide.


“I m asking something, who got job” said Ragini folding her arms.

“Vo… Vo. ” Stammers Nisha.

“Tell us clearly, whats going on in ur heads. And where is swara”asked pari looking doubtly at ishita and nisha.

Nisha and ishita looks down and explains their paln. Ragini and parineeta looks at them shocked.

” r u mad. ” says ragini lill bit loudly.

“Do u ever thought after this happen in which situation they will go through. ” says ragini n passes them a glare.

“We need to stop swara. ” says parineeta with thinking face.

Ragini nods and dials her number.

“Damn. She is not picking up. ” said ragini after much trial, and look at Pari worriedly.

“Let’s go to office. ” says ishita lowering her head.

Pari nods looking at ragini, and four left.

On the other hand, in maheshwari mansion Dp is shown descending down the stairs, suddenly his faze fall on someone trying to run outside the mansion.

“Ruko. ” shouted Dp and the person stops hearing his voice. He looks on n finds a lady covering her face with pallu.

“Who r u?. ” asked Dp as he spot the lady figure trembling in her face. The lady removes her veil and reveals as Ap.

Janam janam songs plays in BG.

Dp and Ap look each other with mosity eyes, and their past life flashes infront of their lives.

Yash who just come out of his room sees Ap n Dp standing n staring each other.

“Who r u” asked Yash confused.

“Annu” Dp says with happy tears forming in his eyes, Ap looks at him with teary eyes.

Laksh n ishaan also walks down.

“Now what new tamasha he wants to do. ” thinks ishaan, making an irritated face

Ap looks at yash laksh and ishaan with teary eyes. Dp who could not take it more hugs Ap, Laksh Yash And ishaan is shocked.

“Papa” says yash and looked at Dp shockingly.

Dp breaks the hugs, Ap smiles at him.

“Wah wah Mr. Durga Parsad Maheshwari how shameless you are” says laksh n looks at dp with disgust.

“Lakshh” Dp roar.

“What?, u called urself our father who first stay with relation with someone then married our mom n now chiiii” says ishaan.

“Papa who is she. ” asked yash angrily

“Hogi his mashoqa” says laksh n looks away.

“Look now he has nothing to say what can u expect from him, n look at this women how cheap. ” but before ishaan completes his sentence Dp slaps him.

Ishaan, Laksh and yash looks on.

“Shut up” says Dp angrily.

“For this women u slap me” shouted ishaan angrily.

“Who the hell is she” shouted ishaan

“You really want to know who she is?! She is Annapurna Durga Prasad Maheshwari! My first wife and the mother of Yash, Sanskaar and Adarsh!!” DP yells in anger

Yash Laksh ishaan shockingly looks at him.

“Maa” whispers Yash while tears from in his eyes.Ap looks on with tears, Yash looks away.

“Yash” Ap says n about to touch Yash but he back off’s.

“Why r u back now, too see what that ur son is alive or dead” says Yash but something inside him burning, he looks away.

“Yash” Dp says but intrupted by yash.

“Why papa ask her why she is back to ruin our lives” says yash asking Dp while Ap cries.

“Wooow so she is  the mother who left his children’s on the doorstep of my mother!!. ” says ishaan mockingly, Dp is about to say but shut up by his sons.

“Shut up ishaan she is ur mother as well” says Dp angrily.

“No this women can never be our mother, she is mother of these 3. ” says lakshya

“The 3 are ur brothers. ” says Dp

“Brothers” says lakshya sarcastically. “They are worst then brothers, and u r worst then fathers.” Says lakshya.

“Lakshhhh” shouted Laksh and grab his collar.

“Don’t u dare to touch him” says ishaan n pushes yash, laksh look at him.

“You” says yash n about to hit them but stopped by Dp shout.

“Bsssssss bohot hogya is this u called brotherhood…. Don’t u remember ur values … Don’t u remember ur mother values….. These are your brothers, have you forgotten the last words Saraswati said? Brothers are meant to be there for each other no matter what situation you’re stuck in, they always have your back but you all disappoint me. Sometimes I wish I could see my sons be my sons and fulfil the duty of being a brother but I keep getting disappointed. Don’t you remember in childhood? How Adarsh room your half of punishment Yash and you, Lakshya, have you forgotten when you brought your marksheet home, in order to save you, Sanskaar replaced it with his so you don’t get punished and Ishaan… what can I say to you? Don’t you remember when you had a fight with a boy, the boy’s older brother hit you and Adarsh hit him and took all the blame on himself… and don’t you remember when Sanskaar stood in between when the teacher was about to hit you, do you remember what he said? He said, He’s my brother, my portion. Whenever you hit him, it pains me. If brothers don’t come in handy then why have brothers? Brother doesn’t only mean he’s there to teach you but it’s he’s there for you always and if my brother doesn’t trust me enough to save him then who will he trust? If brothers come no use then it’s useless. Remember? And that was right, brothers should be your first best friend to whom you share your secrets to but all of you just made a scene over that bond. I shouldn’t expect too high because I know these expectations will gradually fall. Brothers aren’t there for show but there to trust. I’m ashamed at myself, I failed as a father and I don’t want all of you to fail as brothers” says Dp with tears in his eyes in sits in floor with thudd, Ap also sats besides him holding him.

Yash, Lakshya and ishaan closes their eyes painfully and their childhood flashes in front of them, some tears drop from their eyes.

Lakshya silently left to his room, followed by ishaan.yash goes out of mansion leaving Dp and Ap alone.

“I failed as a father annu I failed. ” says Dp n cries holding her.

At police station

“Sir you got some misunderstanding, we did not do anything wrong” says adarsh to inspector.

“Mr. Maheshwari, we have proof against u, we got drugs in ur office.. I can’t do anything” says inspector

“Can’t u understand we did not do anything got damn it,  its someone’s plan to trap us” says sanskar angrily holding the inspector collar.

“Sanskar, leave him. ” says adarsh n angrily holds sanskar n glares him.Sanskar jerked his hands n looks away.

“Try to understand sir, I don’t do anything” says swara coming towards the inspector

Sanskar and adarsh sees her, swara also looks at them n ignores.

“What is she doing here. ” thinks sanskar.

“Sir listen to me once, today is my first day at their office as SM sir secretary, I did not do anything. ” says swara pleading with mosity eyes.

“SM, but I don’t give her job means” thinks sanskar and, angrily holds swara from shoulders.

“How dare you to play such cheap trick with us, tell me who send you to do this. ” says sanskar holding swara tightly by shoulders.

“Aahhh r you mad idiot, leave me and what nonsense are u talking about. ” says swara and jerked sanskar

“Inspector she is girl who put drugs at our office bcz she is not my secretary she is lying arrest her and put her behind bars. ” says sanskar angrily looking at swara.

“His Secretary means SM is Sanskar Maheshwari” thinks swara n becomes nervous.

“Excuse me Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari just few hours ago I was appointed as ur secretary and ur office staff only sends me in your cabin, if ever I would have known that u do this kinds of works in name of business then never I would come here to job. ” says swara in angry tone n looks away.

“You” says sanskar angrily

“Put them behind bars. ” says inspector and about to take adrash sanskar but stops by a voice.

“They will not go anywhere. ” ,  All turns n sees yash standing with lawyers.

“You can’t put them behind bars because they got bailed and there are their bailed papers. ” says yash and sign lawyer to show.

Sanskar and Adarsh shockingly looks at yash.

“But” inspector says and intdupted by yash.

” I know its not easy to release them but they are my brothers, and I trust them I know they can’t do anything because of which our prestige will b effect. ” says yash looking at sanskar and adarsh.  Swara looks on

“Okay but I need guarantee that they will not leave this city or country, u have to sign here and leave.” Explains the inspector

” u can go sir. ” says the inspector looking at yash sanskar and adarsh.

“Thank u” says yash and leaves from their following by adarsh, sanskar is about to go but stops by seeing swara gazes towards him, he smirks.

“Inspector leave this girl and keep an eye on her, don’t knw what’s her next target” Sanskar says and leaves from their eyeing her.

On the other hand in Maheshwari office,

Ragini rushes inside, searching for Swara, a employer informs Ragini, what had happened.

Swara” says ragini and keep hand on her mouth in shock while tears starts flowing from her eyes.

“Di” says nisha holding her. Ragini jerk her hand.

“This is because of you both, if u both tell us early we can stop swara from coming here, now she is in jail, Is ur so called plan worked out now. ” says ragini angrily n looks away.

Tears form in nisha and ishita eyes.

“Ragini keep calm, come let’s release swara. ” says pari and four leaves from there.

As Nisha, Ishita, Parineeta and Ragini walk on the roads upset and sad, Pari’s phone starts ringing, Pari sees an unknown number and assumes it to be the kidnapper and hurriedly answers it.

“H…hello?” Parineeta stops and answers.

Ragini, Nisha and Ishita also stop and turn to her.

Parineeta is shocked and looks on.

Episode Ends.

Precap: Sanskaar and Adarsh back in MM with Yash, only to find the biggest shock of their lives… Adarsh to faint and the reason why Adarsh’s changed behaviour while Yashs around will also be revealed.

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A special and super duper wala thanks to Silent_Writer ??

Haven’t proof read, sorry for any mistakes.

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