Papa Chup Raho (Episode 12)


Episode 12:

The episode starts with Tanvi turning and finding AP and Swara standing and looking at her, she looks on.

Swara and AP look at each other and then back at Tanvi.

“We’re with you beta.” AP smiles at her as she understands what she’s doing.

“And whatever you do is not wrong because you’re uniting the brothers and Papa.” Swara says as she gives a faint smile to Tanvi.

Tanvi gives a smile back, glad to know that her future Mother-in-law and future sister-in-law are with her.
On the other hand, inside the room, Lakshya turns around and looks at DP, Adarsh, Sanskaar and Yash.

“Lakshya, Ishaan… I’m sorry, I failed to become a good brother.” Adarsh apologises as he looks down, feeling guilty and not being able to make eye contact with the two.

Ishaan folds his arm, looking the other way and Lakshya gazes at Ishaan.

“I know I valued money over my brothers but I made a mistake, today… I’m here to apologise for my mistakes. I realised that money never remains, but brothers will always remain.” Adarsh utters again.

“He’s not only sorry, I am too, I’m sorry Ishaan, I’m sorry that I failed as a brother, I’m sorry Lakshya.” Sanskaar utters as he looks at the two.

“I know I don’t deserve your apology but I’m… sorry.” Yash utters as he looks down.

DP looks at the two and seeing them avoiding him. DP gets teary eyes.

“Most importantly, I failed as a father.” DP utters in a cracky voice.

Lakshya tries his best not to get emotional. DP falls on his knees.

The 5 look at him, including Lakshya and Ishaan.

“I’m a bad father, I shouldn’t be deserved to be called a father.” DP utters as tears roll down his cheeks.

Lakshya feels bad as he sees DP cry, Yash, Adarsh and Sanskaar get teary eyed. Ishaan tries his best to control his emotions.

“Please forgive me.” DP says as he folds his hands in front of everyone and cries.

Ishaan and Lakshya couldn’t take it anymore, they melted down with his tears and both walked up to him and bent down, holding his folded hand and pushing them down.

DP looks up at at the two with tears dripping down.

Without uttering anything, Lakshya and Ishaan hug DP.

Adarsh, Yash and Sanskaar give a faint smile through their tears.

DP hugs the two back. Ishaan breaks the hug and looks at DP.

“I’m sorry for all the rudeness I gave you.” Ishaan apologises as he feels bad and looks down, guilty and ashamed.

DP forgives him and then the brothers reconcile with each other and happily talk with each other.

Soon Tanvi unlocks the door and walks away before they could scold and shout at her.

Ragini walks up to AP and Swara, as they hear sounds, they turn, including, Ishita, Tanvi and Parineeta.

They get glad seeing the brothers and DP smiling and talking while walking out. A faint smile appears on AP, Ragini, Ishita, Parineeta, Tanvi and Swara’s face.
After a while, Parish, SwaSan, TanIsh and IshYa were dancing on the floor on the song called Soch na Sake.

Ragini was standing besides AP whereas Lakshya was on the other side, standing besides DP as DP and AP we’re stood, in the middle of the two.

AP and DP were soon called by Sujata and RP so they move from there. Leaving RagLak on their own.

Lakshya notices Ragini and decides to approach her.

“Hey.” Lakshya says as he looks at a Ragini.

Ragini turns and looks at Lakshya, his face seems familiar to her.

“Hi.” Ragini responds back and the two start talking.
6 Days Later:


“It’s him, I know it’s him but you’re not admitting it.” Swara says as she enters Ragini’s room and keeps the tray of food besides her as she sees Ragini in a big thought.

“It…” Ragini trials off and looks at Swara, she then sighs and looks down.

“It’s him.” Ragini adds as she plays with her dupatta.

“Yes, see, I knew it!” Swara smiles as she sits besides Ragini.

Ragini gets flashes of her dream man and it’s none other than Lakshya (lol, cliché).

“You know Devar Ji likes you so if you want then I’ll take the proposal for you.” Swara says as she teasingly smiles at Ragini.

Ragini looks at her with seriousness.

“Have your dinner, I’ll go and talk to Devar Ji.” Swara says and stands.

“Nooo.” Ragini worriedly says as she stands up.

Swara walks out with a smile and Ragini nervously worries.

As Swara walks down, she enters her room and as she enters, she feels two hands wrap around her waist and a chin rest on her shoulder. Swara smiles, she knew who it was, it was none other than her Sanskaar in who’s embrace she feels relaxed in.

“Someone might come.” Swara softly says.

“And?” Sanskaar whispers as he closes his eyes.

Swara shyly smiles, Sanskaar then releases her and makes her turn. Both look at each other and he cups her face, smiling at her.

“My wife looks cute blushing.” Sanskaar teasingly says.

Swara looks down and turns while trying to keep a straight face.

“Who said I’m blushing?” Swara in a serious tone says as she walks forward but Sanskaar holds her hand, stopping her.

“Achcha Ji, you’re not blushing?” Sanskaar asks and pulls her towards him, resulting her chest to hit his.

She looks at him and he looks at her and both drown into each other’s eyes.

Sanskaar leans forward while placing his other hand on her cheek and pecking her forehead.

Swara closes her eyes, Sanskaar moves forward.

“When will I be seeing Chhoti Swara?” Sanskaar whispers, making Swara open her eyes, feeling shy.

“I want to see Chhotu Sanskaar first.” Swara utters and shyly hugs Sanskaar.

He hugs her back, Sanskaar breaks the hug and both SwaSan look at each other, he smiles and picks her up in his arm. She looks at him and he walks towards the bed, placing her down, he leans in.

(Bas Bas, Taaking Jaaking is be bad manners, chalo, let’s allow SwaSan to romance in peace and without any distraction and see what the others are up to ??)

In the hall:

DP, Adarsh, Ishaan and Yash were sitting on the table with AP while Parineeta was serving and Ishita was helping her.

“Why so late?” Adarsh asks while taking a bite from his plate.

“3 years isn’t that far, it’s good for me and her.” Ishaan says as he takes a sip from a glass of juice.

“If they want to get married in 3 years time then let it be, we will have more time to arrange.” DP says as he looks down, at his plate.

“But forget me, my number comes last, worry about Yash and Lucky.” Ishaan says as he faints a smirk and Lakshya.

Lakshya narrows his eyes as he looks at Ishaan.

“I think Yash and Lucky found the perfect girls for themselves.” Ishaan smirks as he looks at the two.

Yash looks at Ishaan and signs him no, Lakshya glares at him.

“What? Who?” Adarsh asks as he turns to Yash and Lakshya.

“No one.” Lakshya says as he looks at Adarsh with a faint smile.

“I’ll marry who my Papa chooses for me.” Lakshya says as he smiles at DP.

“Really Devar Ji?” Parineeta asks as she looks at Lakshya.

“Yes Bhabhi.” Lakshya says.

AP tries controlling her smile as she knows Lakshya likes Ragini.

“I have got a girl in mind for you Lakshya, don’t worry.” DP says as he looks at Lakshya.

Lakshya fakes a smile and nods, AP, Parineeta and Ishita control their smile, Ishaan looks at DP and then smiles as he knows DP also knows who Lakshya likes. Everyone know as they can see it.
It was night, everyone were asleep in their rooms except RagLak and IshYa. Ishita and Yash were talking and gone out to eat ice cream.

Ragini was trying to sleep in her room, she closes her eyes but soon hears the door open and opens her eyes. She turns but couldn’t see anyone and sits up, before she could turn the light someone holds her hand and before Ragini could react, the person covers her mouth with his other hand. Ragini shockingly looks forward and can only see the person’s eyes sparkling. Ragini recognised that instant if who it is.

As Ragini is much calmer, the person removes his hand from her mouth.

“Lakshya.” Ragini softly utters as she blinks and stares into the eyes of the person who is none other than Lakshya.

Lakshya makes Ragini lay down and leans in, he then pecks her forehead which makes her close her eyes.

As Ragini opens her eyes, she finds Lakshya gone and sits back up, glancing around and in order to make her view better, she turned the lights on and then her eyes fell on a note and a rose on the table besides her.

Ragini picks it up and is now sure that Lakshya had come. She starts reading the note and a faint smile appears on her face. She then picks the rose up and hugs it.

(Naiii, I’m not telling what Lakshya had written in the note, taakna jaakna is bad manners, let Ragini dream of what Lakshya had written and let’s wait till morning ??)
4 weeks later:


“Quick sevakram! Do the arrangements.” Shouts AP as the Maheshwari Mansion was getting decorated.

“Maa…” Swara says as she walks there with a basket of flower.

“This flowers should be adorned on the mandap are.” AP says as she looks at the flower basket.

Swara nods and turns around, facing the workers.

Parineeta comes out while talking to a servant.

Ishaan walks down, glancing around.

“Ishaan…” AP says as she looks at him but Ishaan interrupts.

“I know I know, fine, I’ll just go to the parlour.” Ishaan says with a smile.

“Why parlour?” Lakshya asks as he comes down from the other side.

“See, Maa is forcing me to go to the parlour to look more handsome in the wedding, I know she wants me to look smart and handsome.” Ishaan smiles as he looks at AP.

AP smiles and Pari and Swara chuckle, Lakshya shakes his head in a disbelief.

“I’ll just go to the parlour and be back.” Ishaan says and walks out.

Ragini is shown walking down with a platter and Lakshya smiles as he sees her walk past him.

Ragini hands the platter to AP and AP directs her another work, she nods and walks away.

As she’s walking she feels a hand grab her and pull her close to him, it’s none other than Lakshya (lol, cliché again).

“Lakshya, what are you doing? Someone might come.” Ragini nervously says as she glances around and is glad the hallway is empty but worried that anyone could walk down.

“Let them come.” Lakshya smiles as he pulls Ragini closer.

Ragini looks at him.

“I’m glad you responded to my note.” Lakshya smiles as he leans forward.

Ragini moves back.

“I had no other choice.” Ragini says as she looks at him.

“Had no choice, what do you mean?” Lakshya asks.

“If I said no then it wouldn’t have made a difference to you…” Ragini trials off and turns her face to the side with a smile.

“But you said yes and that’s enough.” Lakshya smirks and then pecks her cheeks.

Ragini smiles.
After few hours, Ishita and Yash are shown getting married. Ishaan is talking to Tanvi over face time and is showing her the wedding. SwaSan are standing together smiling at Yash and Ishita as they stand up for the rounds. RagLak are standing besides each other but Lakshya is behind her and AP. ParIsh are on the other side of DP.

Everyone were happy and smiling.

After the wedding finished, everyone took a family photo and that was it, it is the end of story.

The End.
That was it everyone, end of story but don’t worry, I’ll be back with an epilogue, lol, do wait for it.

Thank you for supporting me everyone, love you all ❤️

Do comment your opinions regarding this last episode.

Haven’t proof read, sorry for any mistakes

Thank you once again, gosh, it took me forever to write it which means I’m a lazy writer, uh oh ?

Take care and keep shining ✨

PS – I’ll try my best giving the epilogue asap, wait for it till Friday, you’ll get it by Friday or maybe sooner but not later, promise.

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