Papa Chup Raho (Episode 10)


Episode 10:
The episode starts in MM, in the main hall, AP is shown talking to DP.

“What is this? Why did you name this whole property on my name?” AP asks sounding a little worried.

“Because this was the only way to reform them…” DP says.

AP looks at him, soon claps are heard. All look up and see Adarsh walking down the stairs.

“You finally got what you wanted, the property… so now what? Going to kick us out or keep us and in fact, you can’t kick us out! This is my house!” Adarsh rudely says as he walks down and in front of her.

By hearing his voice, the girls and SanYas (Sanskaar and Yash) come out.

“Why are you back and here? Now what’s left to do? You left us here and now you’re back? Why? When we needed you the most, you were gone but luckily, we found another mother, she did a better job than you did!” Adarsh says as he feels disappointed as he looks at AP.

AP gets teary eyed.

“She brought us up when you left us, she accepted us when you disowned us and they say… Maa is not only person that gave birth to you but that gave you upbringing and… a mother that brought you up is way better than the mother that gave birth to you!” Sanskaar says and stands behind Adarsh while looking at AP.

Tears roll down AP’s eyes, the girls feel a little bad.

“San…” DP utters but gets interrupted.

“Enough! You will obviously support her! I’m sorry but I can’t call her my Mother, she wasn’t there when we needed her and now she’s back after we became rich and well maintained? Where was she in all those years and why is she only back after our company reached 2nd position in the marketing and stocking? Isn’t it surprising and look… she got what she wanted!” Adarsh says as he points out some facts.

AP looks on.

“What are you trying to say?” Yash asks as he walks up to him.

“You clearly know what I mean” Adarsh says.

“You don’t know this, how can you say it with confidence?” Yash asks.

“It’s there Yash, can’t you see it? After so many years suddenly she came back in this house and within few hours, she got the property.” Adarsh says as he gives the dirty looks to AP.

Yash and Sanskaar start thinking.

“Sometimes I even doubt that this woman is our Mother… This woman is too greedy, selfish, home wrecker and…” Adarsh insults but before he could complete his words, a tight slap is felt by him on his cheeks.

All get shocked and look at the person that slapped him, Adarsh could feel his cheek sting and burn, he holds his hand in a fist and angrily looks up, he angrily looks at Parineeta. The person that slapped him was Parineeta.

“How dare you?!” Adarsh shouts.

“How dare you?!” Pari shouts back.

Adarsh and all look at her, Ragini and Swara walk up to Pari to support her.

Adarsh was about to say something when Parineeta interrupts.

“Before being your mother, she’s a woman and as a woman, I can’t stand another woman’s insult!” Pari warns as she points her index finger at Adarsh.

Adarsh fumes.

“Who said she’s my mother?!” Adarsh angrily asks.

“I can’t believe that there’s people like you in this world, you two disgust me!” Swara says as she feels disgusted.

“If you can’t respect her then you have no rights to insult her!” Ragini says.

Adarsh angrily looks at the three.

“And you tell me one thing… you don’t know who she is, how she is and what she is then with what basis are you judging her and saying all of this?!” Parineeta angrily asks.

“And who gave you rights to talk to him like that?! Stay in your limits… we know girls like you! Who trap rich men for money and I must say, your partner did it very well!” Sanskaar says as he looks at Parineeta and refers to AP.

DP, AP and Adarsh look on.

“He’s your older brother right? If you don’t respect him then why did you take a stand for him right now? Just to insult us? Learn to respect your elders and then come talk to my Di!” Swara insults as well as warns.

Sanskaar looks on.

“Enough! Stay in your limits! Just because you’re standing here, in our house… don’t assume you’re rich and all! Remember your aukaad before talking to us like that!” Adarsh angrily says to Swara.

“And remember your manners before talking!” Ragini says as she had enough of Adarsh blabbers.

“Don’t worry Ragini… inki adaat hi hogi ladkiyon se aise baat karne ki, agar yeh apni Maa ka Samaan nahi kar sake toh hamara kya karenge? Aur inki choro, yeh toh apni sauteli maa ka bhi Samaan nahi kar sake so aise logon se manners ki umeed rakhna hi bekaar hai!” Pari says as she walks up to AP and holds her by the shoulders while looking at the boys.

Adarsh and Sanskaar look at her angrily.

“You’re right Di… Inke liye toh paisa hi sab Kuch hai! Agar yeh kehte hai Ki Ma’am unki Maa nahi hai toh phir bhi unko tameez se pesh ana chahiye tha, unko neecha dikha ke kya sabit karna chahte the? Ki vo kitne mahan hai aur Ma’am kitni selfish?! Agar yeh Ek aurat ka samaan nahi kar sake toh dunya inka kya samaan karegi? Chalo aurat ko choro, yeh toh apne pitah ka bhi Samaan na kar sake, aur in jaise logon se koi zindagi Ki bhi umeed nahi rakh sakta!” Swara insults as she agrees with Pari.

“Maa aur Pitah Zindagi mein Ek hi baar milte hai lekin unka apmaan kar ke aap dono ko samaan kaise milega? Aap dono ne yeh dikhaa diya ke chahe jo bhi ho, aap sahi ho aur Baki Sab galat, chahe vo aapke Bhai kyu na ho, aaj aap Ki isi zid aur isi badtameezi ne aap ko khushiyon aur apne bhaiyon se door rakha hai, aapke pitah achche hai, phir bhi aap unka apmaan kar ke aapne aap ko neecha girate ho, kyu? Agar koi Ek aurat aur apne Maa Baap ka samaan na kar sake toh vo Sab Ki nazron Mein gir jaate hai! Aur phir umeed karta hai samaan ki… Aap humse puchiye ki Maa aur Pitah na hona kya hota hai… aapke paas phir bhi aapke bhai hai lekin kehte ki bhai Behen Sirf khoon se nahi bante balke pyaar, vishwaas, wafadaari aur imaandari se bante hai. Zindagi Mein itne andhe mat ho jaye ki Ek din Sab khone pe pachtawa ho aapko.” Ragini says with teary eyes.

All get teary eyed expect Yash, Sanskaar and Adarsh.

“Sab Ki life perfect nahi hoti hai, we all have our times but your right, I already lost my sister and now I can’t lose my brothers…” Yash says as he looks at DP.

Adarsh and Sanskaar leave from there, they see them leave.

Adarsh room:

Adarsh is shown in a dark room with closed doors but the windows opened, allowing the moon lights to shine on his face. Tears start developing in his eyes and he sits on the floor, leaning on his bed crying and sobbing.

He brings his hands to his face, covering his face and continues crying along with sobbing.

“The whole property is gone…” Adarsh sobs.

On the other hand, Sanskaar is in his room, Pari, Swara and Ragini’s words go through his mind, he gets angry as well as upset.

All the childhood moments are remembered by Sanskaar.

“Bhai, promise me that you will never leave my side?” A young Ishaan’s words reach his ears.

Then the accident of their sister dying in the blast is shown.

“I failed to be a brother… I couldn’t save my sister…” Sanskaar regrets as he closes his eyes in pain.

Bachpan Kahan tune plays.

“Ishaan will never forgive me…” Sanskaar utters as he opens his eyes with tears.

1 Year Ago:

Ishaan is shown running inside MM in late night, Sanskaar, who was coming out of the kitchen sees him.

As Ishaan runs up, the police soon enter and Sanskaar looks on. The police look around and see Sanskaar.

“Did you see anyone in grey hoodie enter here?” The police asks Sanskaar.

“Why? What happened? Is everything alright?” Sanskaar asks as he realises that Ishaan was in a grey hoodie.

“A guy was running with drugs and he entered here.” The inspector reveals.

Sanskaar gets stunned.

“This means Ishaan…” Sanskaar says to himself and sighs in disbelief.

“He’s upstairs on the right in room 3” Sanskaar reveals as he looks at the inspector.

The inspector signs the Constables and they rush up. Soon they bring Ishaan down with the drugs. The inspector sees and looks on.

“Thank you for telling us Mr Maheshwari…” The inspector thanks Sanskaar.

Ishaan looks on and glares at Sanskaar while leaving, Sanskaar looks away.

Then by seeing the amount of drugs quantity and the crime he had done as he lied he had brought them and some of his friends supported him, the court declares 6 months imprisonment for Ishaan.

End of Flashback.

Sanskaar turns and then takes his phone out from his pocket.

“Hello… I want all the information you can find about Annapurna Chauhan asap!” Sanskaar tells and disconnects the phone.

“I need to find out who that lady is!” Sanskaar says as he looks on with watery eyes.

On the other hand, Dp is shown in a room with AP and the girls.

AP is in tears while sitting on the bed, DP is sitting besides him.

“I’m sorry Ma’am…” AP apologises as she sighs.

Yash, who was walking past and stops.

“The reason why I left them was…” AP sadly says but stops as she’s in tears.

Yash in no time starts recording it from outside on his phone.

“Today they hate me but what else could’ve I done?” AP asks while facing DP.

“If I tell them the truth then I’m afraid that they might start…” AP worriedly asks but gets interrupted.

“Enough is enough Anu… they have to know what the truth is and I will tell them the truth.” DP says confidently.

“Nai…” AP says as she holds DPs hand and nods no.

“The truth is that this is all my fault…” DP says as he looks at the girls.

The girls and Yash get a little confused.

DP and AP were childhood friends, DP had a crush on AP, but AP never had any interest in anything else other than studies.

One day, after the exams, DP talks to AP, AP also starts talking to him and then gradually they become friends.

After finishing school, they became best friends and joined the same college, they fell in love with each other but never said it to each other.

Then one day, AP and DP were walking back home, but DP decides to eat ice-cream, so they go to a ice-cream parlour to eat ice cream.

After eating ice cream, they walk out but get stopped by a boy.

“Vikram?” DP and AP confusingly asks.

That boy is revealed to be Vikram, their classmate.

“Why did you do this to me?!” Vikram asks AP angrily yet upsettingly.

AP and DP get confused.

Vikram angrily holds AP by the shoulders, DP comes and frees AP from his grips.

“You stay out of this! It’s between me and her!” Vikram warns DP.

DP stands in front of AP confidently, Vikram gets angry.

Vikram punches DP and then both have a fight, AP drops her bag and books on the floor and tries stopping the two with tears.

DP punches Vikram and Vikram falls back, DP then turns to leave with AP.

Vikram sees the rod and smirks, he hurriedly picks it up and rushes to DP and within no time, hits it hard across his head which shocks AP.

DP touches his head and turns but before he could do anything, he slowly collapses on the floor.

“Durga!!” AP shouts in shock but soon is dragged by Vikram.

“Leave me!” AP cries as she tries jerking Vikram.

“You didn’t do the right thing by hurting me Anu, what did you see in him that you didn’t see in me?! I loved you and you betrayed me!” Vikram shouts as he tightens his grip while dragging AP.

AP looks at DP and cries, blood starts dribbling down from DP’s head.

“Vikram, leave me!” AP shouts as she faces Vikram.

Vikarm ignores her and walks up to his car.

“You don’t have humanity! He’s way better than you and I would chose him 1000 times over you!” AP insults and in no time feels a tight slap across his face.

AP touches her cheek and looks at Vikram with teary eyes.

“Shut up!” Vikram angrily shouts.

AP angrily glares at him.

“You slapped a woman and call yourself a man?! Today you killed all your manhood!” AP insults.

Vikram gets angry and forces AP inside the backseat and enters too.

Vikram comes close to her and AP gets scared.

“No… stay away from me!” AP screams but all went in vain.

Vikram forces himself on her, AP was screaming, crying and shouting for help but no one seemed to have heard and how would they? It’s late at night and it’s on a deserted area.

Soon AP is chucked out of the car and on to the floor only in a shirt which happens to be Vikram’s. He comes out after putting his jeans on and shuts the back door.

“You’ll never forget your punishment for my betrayal Anu!” Vikram shouts and then drives off after sitting in the drivers seat.

AP starts crying and screaming, feeling disgusted at her self and soon it starts raining.

Due to few rain drops, DP gets conscious but has a very bad head pain, he hears APs cries and sits up instantly while glancing around.

He sees a girl in a shirt sitting on the floor crying with her back faced towards him, DP figures out in no time that it was AP and rushes to her.

“Anu?” DP asks as he bends down and cups her face.

AP sees him while crying and hugs him tightly, he hugs her back.

“He killed my respect!” AP says while crying.

DP understands and gets angry.

“He r…raped me.” AP angrily screeches and bursts out into more tears as she hugs DP tighter.

DP feels bad and hugs AP back and starts consoling her.

“Shhh, don’t worry Anu… I’m not going to spare him!” DP in an angry tone says as his eyes are red in anger.

“I’ve lost everything… my respect and dignity… now no one would want to marry me.” AP cries.

“Shhh…” DP consoles as he caresses APs hair.

He then breaks the hug and cups AP’s face.

“Main hoon na tumhare saath… I failed to save you but I won’t let anything happen to you again… I love you Anu…” DP confessed.

AP looks on with teary eyes.

“Are you…” AP utters but gets interrupted by DP.

“I’m not saying this out of sympathy… I loved you ever since you started our school but didn’t figure out how to say it to you but now I have… I love you Anu… I want to be part of your happiness and sadness… will you accept me?” DP confesses as well as asks.

AP hugs DP which indicates a yes, DP gives a faint smile and hugs her.

“Now Vikram Rathore is gone!” DP angrily says in his head.

After taking AP to his outhouse as she wasn’t in the state to go to her hostel, DP wastes no time and angrily enters Rathore mansion where he meets Vikram.

Soon both have a major physical fight and Vikram’s Dad called the police and got DP arrested.

AP, who was sitting in the outhouse, gets flashes of the incident and starts shivering, soon her phone starts ringing which makes her jump in fear. She picks it up.

“H…hello?” AP answers.

She hears a laugh and looks on frightened, she recognised the voice and her eyes moist.

“Utne mein man nahi bhara ke you sent your boyfriend?!” Vikram asks.

AP feels disgusted by his words.

“I guess your so called boyfriend ko marne ka shonk hai, that’s why he’s here… but don’t worry, I’ll make sure he gets jailed!” Vikram tells.

AP looks on.

“N…no, don’t do that!” AP worriedly tells.

“Bada shonk hai na use hero banne ka? Now I will take it all out!” Vikrsm angrily says.

“No Vik…Vikram p…please… please l..leave him!” AP tells with tears rolling down her eyes.

“Only on one condition…” Vikram tells.

“K…Kya?” AP asks.

“That you won’t tell anyone about what happened between you and me! Why tarnish your respect like this? You know how rich I am and what I can do na?!” Vikram warns.

AP cries silently.

“So I’ll take that as a yes right?” Vikram asks.

In order to save DP, AP agrees.

After getting beaten up in the police station, DP goes to the outhouse and sees AP crying in the room, she sees DP enter and rushes to hug him.

“Please Durga, promise me that you won’t do anything like this again and that you won’t mention about this matter.” AP says as she breaks the hug and looks at him.

“But Anu…” DP utters but gets interrupted.

“Tume Meri Kasam…” AP says as she makes DP place his hand on her head.

DP unwillingly agrees.

Then few months pass by, DP and AP seem to be happy, Vikram also left the city, AP lives in the outhouse from that day and one day, she faints.

DP rushes her to the hospital and there both find out that AP is pregnant. Both are shocked too, AP decides to abort the baby but changes her decision as DP tells her that he’s with her.

AP feels happy to have someone like DP with her. Then as 8 months pass, AP gives birth to a boy.

DP names him Adarsh, as 6 months pass by, DP and AP seem to have been attached to Adarsh and as it completes a year, DP and AP took their relationship to the next level and decide to get married, DP’s father comes back from a business trip with RP.

DP tells AP that he’s going to talk to their father and promises her that he would be back and that she should wait for him. DP then goes to the main city and hometown in Kolkata

As DP reaches there, he finds out that his younger brother RP has gotten married to Vikram’s younger sister and is stunned and before he could tell his father, in front of everyone, DPs father declares him to marry Saraswati, who turns out to be Vikram’s cousin.

Finally, on the marriage day, DP tells that he loves AP and wants to marry her but DP gets a slap and threat in return.

DP’s father says that if he married AP then DP would have to see his fathers dead face.

DP then marries Saraswati unwillingly. Months pass by and AP still waits for DP with Adarsh and the babies that she’s carrying in her womb.

She tries contacting DP but couldn’t get through, in a drunken state, DP mistaken Saraswati to be AP and consummated with her.

Then AP finds out that DP got married and feels betrayed so she leaves for 2 years.

AP gives birth to Yash and then Sanskaar, by hearing the taunts of them being illegitimate, AP couldn’t tolerate it and decided to give her children a fathers name and that a child is much safer when they have their fathers name instead of their mothers and as she didn’t want to be a second woman, she gives Adarsh, Sanskaar and Yash to DP and Saraswati and leaves while keeping stone on her heart.

End of Flashback.

All are in tears, including Yash.

Yash stops recording and sends it to his brothers, including Lakshya and Ishaan.


Lakshya and Ishaan are shown in a taxi, soon Ishaan’s phone buzzes.

Lakshya looks at him and Ishaan looks at his phone.

“Did you forget to take your SIM card out?” Lakshya asks.

“Um… yeah…” Ishaan says.

Lakshya shakes his head in disbelief and looks away. Ishaan plays the audio that Yash had sent him.

Lakshya and Ishaan both hear DP.

As they hear the flashback, they’re stunned and the recording stops playing.

Even the taxi driver is in tears but Ishaan and Lakshya are in shock.

Ishaan switches his phone off instantly.

“Zabardasti ki Shadi… with our mum.” Ishaan chuckles as he looks at Lakshya.

Lakshya then realises and looks away.

“For him it’s always been his lover and his only sons! Well Adarsh isn’t even his son but uske liye he slapped his real son!” Ishaan upsettingly says as he looks away.

“It’s better for us to forget that we ever had a Dad!” Lakshya tells as he stares out of the window.

“Are you sure that they’re going to accept us?” Ishaan asks.

“They have no reasons at all not to.” Lakshya says.

Soon they reach their destination and pay the taxi driver after taking their luggage out. The enter the gates of a bungalow and ring the door bell.

“Coming!” A woman shouts.

Lakshya and Ishaan look at each other, Ishaan starts taking deep breaths and soon the door opens. Both look there and a woman in yellow Saree is shown standing their looking at them with a surprised expressions.

“Laks? Isaan?” The woman confusingly ask.

Lakshya bends down to take blessing, Ishaan fakes a smile and does the same.

The woman blesses the two and they stand straight.

“Who is it Sujata?” A man is heard as he shouts from inside, revealing the woman to be Sujata.

Lakshya gives her a faint smile.

“Uttra ke papa… it’s Laks and Isaan…” Sujata tells as she turns.

Upon hearing their names, RP and Uttra come forth and see the two.

Lakshya and Ishaan give them a fake smile.

Soon Ishaan and Lakshya are shown sitting down on the sofa, RP and Uttra are sitting opposite them.

Their suitcases are shown standing on the side.

“Achcha, so this is the matter?” RP asks as he nods in understanding way.

Lakshya and Ishaan shake their head positively as they had told RP, Uttra and Sujata everything that had happened.

“You did the right thing by coming here.” Sujata says with a smile as she comes out with a plate of snack.

“We’re sorry for…” Lakshya utters but gets interrupted.

“It wasn’t your fault at all Lakshya, you don’t need to apologise and forget the past and live the future.” RP assured with a smile.

Lakshya and Ishaan give a faint smile to Rp, Ishaan remembers insulting RP once.

“I’m sorry if I ever hurt you by my words.” Ishaan apologises.

“I said na ke it was the past, don’t dig up the past, focus on the future.” RP tells with a smile.

Lakshya and Ishaan feel much comfortable with no burden at all, living in Goa with their Chacha Chachi and sister is more than a what they needed.

“Ishaan, how’s your health now?” RP asks.

“Better…” Ishaan lies with a fake smile as he realises RP paid the cash too.

Episode Ends.

Precap: Bhool Gayi… Sayad 6 month ka leap… ?
Young DP – Aryan Khan
Young AP – Khushi Kapoor
Young Vikram – Anshuman Malhotra

Yash – Kushal Tandon

Ishaan – Sidharth Gupta

Ishita – Aneri Vajani

Nisha – Ankitta Sharma
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