Papa… Chup Raho! (Dhaage) Promo+Intro


New story… ‘Papa… Chup Raho! (Dhaage)’

Adarsh, Sanskaar, Yash, Laksh, Ishaan.

The story will revolve around these 5 brothers. In some stories, brothers are brothers and are loving, caring and live as a family… And some don’t but these Maheshwari brothers…
Well see yourself… I mean read.


A man is shown coming out of the car.

“Some people say that Blood is Blood.” The voice of the man says.

The man walks forward.

“They think Durga Prasad Maheshwari has maintained his sons…” The voice of the man utters.

The man is revealed to be DP, he opens the door.

“Lekin no one knows how they are! Loving! Caring! Playful! They behave like Brothers?!” The voice of DP says and chuckles.

Then the 5 brothers are shown sitting on the sofa, chatting, laughing, doing masti and Adarsh is explaining something to them.

Then a glass is heard being broken. The whole scene disappears.

A man comes down in a suit.

“Sir, we will meet today and that’s final!” The man says and is revealed to be Sanskaar.

Another man in a black suit comes down, he walks past Sanskaar and sits down on the sofa, he takes out his phone and calls someone.

“Meeting is not going to be held today!” The man says and is revealed to be Adarsh.

DP walks inside.

Another man walks in drunk and nudges DP.

“S… Sorry.” The man says and is revealed to be Ishaan.

Sanskaar and Adarsh ignore each other and him.

Another man comes out with a plate of food and sits down on the table, he starts eating.

“Wah, what a food.” The man says and is revealed to be Laksh.

Another man is shown walking inside, he walks past DP, Sanskaar and Ishaan. He then stands in front of Adarsh.

“I want my money!” The man says and is revealed to be Yash.

Adarsh ignores him. Sanskaar is texting on his phone, Ishaan struggles to walk up the stairs, Laksh is eating and is minding his own business and Yash is standing in front of Adarsh and huffs.

DP looks around.

“Where blood don’t treat each other like Kins… Then where will the happiness come from?” DP’s voice tells.

Then the 6, including DP are shown in their positions and in the middle it says ‘Bharosa’

What will happen to these brothers? Will someone come and make them one?

To find out do read ‘Bharosa’
This is Halima, back with a new FF idea… Do comment and tell me how it is… If it’s not worth it then tell… I won’t write it…

Now Characters:

Adarsh Maheshwari – He is the oldest son of Durga Prasad Maheshwari… He is honest, capable and loyal… He does Business with mind… He doesn’t listen to his heart… Sanskaar and Yash are his real brothers and Laksh and Ishaan are his half brothers… but they don’t get along due to something that happened in past…

Sanskaar Maheshwari – He is the second oldest son of Durga Prasad Maheshwari… He is rude… Strict and only cares about business… Doesn’t use his heart at all… He doesn’t let anyone in his personal life… He is Adarsh and Yash’s real brother and Laksh and Ishaan’s half brother… He doesn’t care and something happened in past which disturbs him…

Yash Maheshwari – He is Durga Prasad Maheshwari’s 3rd son… He minds his own business… He is carefree and cool guy… He is not much into business and doesn’t do it… He respects his Dad, DP… He doesn’t get along with his brothers… He is Adarsh and Sanskaar’s real and Laksh and Ishaan’s half brother… He does care about Ishaan but doesn’t show it… But shows the love towards DP… He doesn’t care and is disturbed by the past…

Laksh Maheshwari – He is Durga Prasad Maheshwari’s 4th son… He is a food blogger… He is carefree, bold and doesn’t care… He sometimes flirts… Not into business and doesn’t like staying with his family… He always declares himself as an orphan… Doesn’t get along with his brothers… He is Adarsh, Sanskaar and Yash’s half brother… He cares about his real and younger brother Ishaan but doesn’t show it… The past got to him…

Ishaan Maheshwari – He is the youngest and 5th son of Durga Prasad Maheshwari… He is bold, carefree and a flirt… Doesn’t care about anyone or anything… He is spoilt and likes partying and going to the gym… Doesn’t get along with his brothers… Loves his dad, no, sorry, loves his Dad’s credit card… He is Laksh’s real brother and is Adarsh, Sanskaar and Yash’s half brother… He doesn’t differentiate because he doesn’t care if they’re his brothers or not. Hates Sanskaar… Something happened in the past which disturbed him…

DP/Durga Prasad Maheshwari – The father of all 5 sons… He is kind at heart but doesn’t show it… He loves all his sons but only shows it for Yash and lshaan… He is strict but doesn’t show much… The past ruined relationships…

All 5 brothers dislike each other.
DP’s character would be introduced in the FF differently…
YASH – Kushal Tandon

ISHAAN – Rajat Tokas.

Do tell if this is worth it… I would write the first episode after I finish SwaSan FF…

My cousin and sister gave me the idea of the title… I hope it’s promising because I was going to name it Dhaage….

Please do leave a comment of your opinions…

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  1. Awesome..interesting yaar..continue

    1. Thank you Mahjabeen… Keep supporting…

  2. Awesome plz continue ur ff

    1. Thanks Sanchami… Keep supporting…

  3. Varsha

    Its supr dear, intro is jus amazin 5 bros hope all start to love each othr

    1. Thank you Varsha… Keep supporting…

  4. Jiya_Ani

    Hey Halima..You know what I am new to Swaragini TU page..and Darlo..I just love your Title… PAPA CHUP RAHO!!…hehe..awesome too appealing.. It just like the title is asking me ‘..Hey Shreya (my real name)..come and read this FF…”..hmm…so will you be my friend??..
    Loved the post and I feel you are an Armaan malik fan…Just like me..

    1. Thank you Lovely… Was that for me or the title…?? Joking, sure, I would love to be your friend Shreya… Yes, I am an Armaanian?❤️
      Keep supporting…

      1. Jiya_Ani

        Aww..thanks sunushazurah…it’s like a tounge twister..hehe.. Sorry for replying late..exams are dancing on my Lil head

  5. Anjaly

    nice plot. pls continue dear

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  6. AMkideewani

    Very interesting will definetly read your story, cause you are awesome

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  7. Mindblowing 🙂

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  8. Megha123

    Interesting yaar plzz continue

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  9. Ingesting yaar…..plz continue

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  10. Interesting dear and plz plz plz continue

    1. Thank you Ammu… Keep supporting…

  11. love it but wat about the ladies
    i love kushal but not rajat
    love rags tooo she’s in ur ff

    1. Thanks Lisa… Yes, Ragini is in this FF along with Swara and Parineeta… Keep supporting…

  12. It’s awesome love the 5 brothers different personality and style can’t wait till then next part ?

    Till then
    Take care
    Keep smiling
    Love u

    1. Thanks Angel… Love you too and keep supporting…

  13. Akshata

    interesting concept, update soon.

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  14. Khushiii

    Interesting continue soon

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  15. I can imagine them all falling for the same girl or falling for 5 sisters(cousins….)

    1. Hmm… Good idea Teja… Thank you… Keep supporting…

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