Papa… Chup Raho! (Dhaage) Promo 2 and 3


Papa… Chup Raho! (Dhaage) Promo 2:
“Ab miliye inse…” A voice says.

The scene shifts to a girl running.

“Stop!” The men shout.

She smiles and turns in the other direction, the men follow but lose track.

The girl is then running while their backs are turned, she stops and then gives a lady her purse.

“Here you go Aunty…” The girl says.

“Thank you beta…” The Aunty says and blesses her.

Th girl is revealed to be Swara.

“Yeh hai Swara… She is honest and loyal… What will happen when she meets the Maheshwari’s?! Will she be DP’s last hope?!” A voice manly voice narrates.

Then it shifts to another girl, she is drying the clothes on the balcony.

“Offo! They made me do this!” The girl huffs.

Her face is revealed and she is Ishita.

“Can’t wait till a rich and handsome prince comes and takes me away from this torture.” Ishita says and walks away.

“Who doesn’t like working… Doesn’t know how to cook and doesn’t like wearing traditional dresses… Meet Ishita… She is unique… Which Maheshwari brother will fall for her?! Will she even be DP’s last hope?” A voice manly voice says.

“But Phel Gaya raita!” The manly voice adds in a sad voice.

Scene shifts to a girl, she is sitting in her room and is thinking about something…

She touches a photo.

“Nothing will happen to you Di… I will tell Swara and Ishita…” The girl says.

Someone knocks on the door and she looks that way.

“Ragini!” Ishita’s voice says.

The girl is revealed to be Ragini… She looks on worried.

Then Ragini bumping into Laksh flashes.

Then Ragini falling in Ishaan’s arms flashes.

Ragini meeting Sanskaar in a dark room while he twists her arm flashes.

Ragini slipping but getting hold on time by Yash flashes.

Ragini then talking to… Well getting scolded by Adarsh flashes.

Ragini stands up and puts the photo frame on the bed and opens the door, she gets dragged out.

The picture is revealed to be Parineeta’s.

“Kya hogaya un Sab ko Ragini se lagaav?!” A manly voice says.

“Well let’s see what happens… What will Ragini do and which Maheshwari brother is destined for her?!” A manly voice adds.

Swara, Ragini and Ishita are shown along with Parineeta’s photo.

Do read ‘Papa… Chup Raho! (Dhaage)’
Promo 3:

There’s a party in MM… Sanskaar and Adarsh dress in a suit and attend the guests… They ignore each other…

Ishaan comes in angrily and looks on… He then sees the waiter approaching him and takes a glass and smashes it on the floor… All look there and Sanskaar is angry…
Adarsh glares at him…

“Keep your fake drama to yourself! You selfish brats!” Ishaan says and runs ups.

DP, Sanskaar and Adarsh look on,
Adarsh and Sanskaar are fuming while DP feels sad, the guest start talking.

A tune starts playing… (Any dramatic tune…)

Laksh is seen on the beach at night drinking a bottle of liquor.

“Everyone are fake… They care about themselves! Why can’t I also?! Who needs enemies when you’re so called brothers are worser?!” Laksh angrily says and throws the bottle.

“This is my life…” Laksh says and lies back.

A tune plays… (Any depressing tune plays…)

Then Yash is shown coming out of the airport. He takes his sun glasses off.

“I can’t believe I’m back here! But I’m only here for you Dad! I don’t want to live with these fake people! ” Yash says and walks forward.

A tune plays… (Any attitude and don’t care tune plays…)

“Itni Nafrat? Then Ho do they liv together…? How will they be one? Where they don’t care… How will SwaRaginIshita be DP’s last hope?” A manly voice says.

To find out more… Do read “Papa… Chup Raho! (Dhaage)’
Female characters:

Pari/Parineeta – Is a well mannered and bold girl… She is the older sister of Ishita, Ragini and Swara… But not real… Swaragini are biological sisters… Pari believes money can’t buy happiness… Gets treated like an older sister… She is an orphan living in the orphanage with Swara, Ragini and Ishita… She follows the truth… But mainly her heart…

Swara – Is also an orphan living in a orphanage… 1 year older than Ragini… She follows her heart and does justice… She is always smiling and is bold and carefree nature girl… She never lets wrong happen to anyone… She give teer ka Javab Pathar se… She is good at heart… She is fearless… She is cute… Childish, but a little and bubbly…

Ragini – Ragini is Swara’s sister… She is also an orphan living in the orphanage… She is loved by everyone because of her nice nature… She follows her heart and is nice and innocent… She doesn’t keep quiet when something bad and injustice is happening and doesn’t like doing wrong and bad things… She is cute and mature…

Ishita – She is also an orphan living in the orphanage… She is Carefree, bold and good at nature… She doesn’t like doing any work… No one goes against her… She is good at heart but a little rude… She is fun, loving and outgoing… She is Tara’s sister… She wears and does what she wants… She is pampered by the maiden cause she is fearless… She is a loud person and gives teer ka Javab Pathar and talvaar se… She is childish, bubbly and cute…

Tara – will be introduced later… She is Ishita’s younger biological sister… She stays in the orphanage too but is out… Childish and not much to say about her…

Annapurna/ AP – Is the owner of the orphanage… She is loved by all and is a little strict.. She pampers Tara the most… She is a wonderful lady… All call her Maa… She is fun sometimes but a lot caring…
ISHITA – Aneri Vajani

TARA – Shivangi Joshi

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