Papa… Chup Raho! (Dhaage) (Episode 7)


Episode 7:
The episode starts with Ishaan angrily glaring at that person.

“What the hell is your problem?!” Ishaan angrily sighs as he stands up on his feet.

“You’re my problem! Aren’t you ashamed of doing all of this again?!” That person shouts as he angrily throws the bucket.

“Oh please Mr Sanskaar Maheshwari, keep your teachings to your self! Don’t need to act Mahan!” Ishaan angrily says as he slams his hands together in front of him.

The person who threw water on Ishaan was Sanskaar.

“You’re selfish, did you see who Papa had to take money from?! Because of you we had to take favour from Gopal and Ram Maheshwari!” Sanskaar angrily says as he puts his hands on his waist and turns.

“So? Did I ask anyone? And yes I’m selfish but I’m real! Not fake like you!” Ishaan insults and walks up to the wardrobe.

“Really?” Sanskaar chuckles.

Ishaan looks at him.

“Then why play this act?! I know you lost money in gambling, as soon as Papa came to the office asking for 4 Lakhs, I knew you did something wrong and guess what… after inquiring, I was right!” Sanskaar sighs as he looks at Ishaan.

“Ohhh… you got me confused for a second, I thought you came here for me… meaning telling me that I did wrong but you came here for yourself and your so called image!” Ishaan mocks and places his clothes on the table near him.

Sanskaar looks at him.

“Yeah, you had to bend down in front of Gopal and Ram… that’s what hurt you the most, no wonder you’re here with your lame Bashan’s” Ishaan sighs and shows that he doesn’t care.

“It’s useless speaking to you, now good luck paying them off.” Sanskaar says and turns to leave.

“Yeah, look who’s talking, what you did a year ago to me, I swear to god I will always hate you for that!” Ishaan says as Sanskaar stops.

Sanskaar shakes his head in disbelief and exits the room. Ishaan looks on angrily.

Scene shifts to DP, he walks out of his bathroom and gets surprised to see his favourite black suit lying on the bed in front of him for him to wear.

He smiles as he caresses it.

“Who put this here?” DP asks himself and looks around but doesn’t see anyone.

He looks back down at the suit with a faint smile, Sanskaar who was walking past stops and sees DP with the suit. He lets out a faint smile and walks away as Sanskaar had gotten Ramu to place it there for DP.

Parineeta, Swara, Ragini, Ishita and Nisha were sitting in a room thinking, soon the orphanage’s landline gets a call, Nisha rushes there and picks it up.

“Hello?” Nisha answers.

Ishita, Swara and Parineeta stand besides her.

Nisha is shocked.

“But why? And how can you do this?!” Nisha worriedly says.

Parineeta holds Nisha’s shoulder.

“Please… don’t send it on the orphanages email… please send it on private… we will do your work.” Nisha says as her eyes moist.

Nisha then tells Swara’s email address and cuts the phone.

She turns to them and they look at her, hoping an answer.

“They said that Ma’am is under their captive and they want us to do something for them, they’ll send the details through email so I gave them Swara’s email address.” Nisha worriedly tells.

They look on, just then Swara feels a buzz on her phone and opens it hurriedly.

“They’ve sent me an email.” Swara says and looks at them worriedly.

“What does it say?” Ragini worriedly asks.

“It says… wait.” Swara says and takes the laptop out and logs on.

Parineeta, Ragini and Nisha worry.

Swara manages to open up her email ID.

“It s…says that they want us to… to ruin the Maheshwari’s meaning con them.” Swara reads out and looks at them.

All of them are shocked.

“Maheshwari’s? We have a catering order from them.” Nisha reveals in shock.

Ragini looks at Parineeta who gets teary eyed.

“They even sent their pictures with their details.” Swara says as she scrolls down.

She gets surprised seeing Adarsh’s picture.

“Look Ragu… that badtameez ghamandi brat.” Swara says as she points at Adarsh.

Parineeta and Ragini see, Parineeta is stunned.

Swara shows Adarsh’s pic to Nisha and Ishita too.

“He’s the eldest son of Durga Prasad Maheshwari… Adarsh Maheshwari… ek dam ghamandi… thinks he’s the richest, runs the business with his brother Sanskaar.” Swara reads out and then scrolls.

Sanskaar’ picture comes up.

“This is Durga Prasad Maheshwari’s 2nd son, Sanskaar Maheshwari, rude but has soft heart… hard to trap… runs the business with Adarsh.” Swara reads and scrolls down.

“The third son of Durga Prasad Maheshwari… Yash Maheshwari… not interested in the family business… often comes from abroad to meet his father..” Swara reads and scrolls down.

“The fourth son of Durga Prasad Maheshwari… Lakshya Maheshwari… lives in his own world… half brother of Adarsh, Sanskaar and Yash…” Swara reads.

Both Swara and Ragini look at each other as they remember meeting him.

“Last but not least, Ishaan Maheshwari… spoilt and a brat… easy to trap… a flirt… got arrested last year… loves everyone’s credit cards… half brother of Adarsh, Sanskaar and Yash” Swara reads as she scrolls.

All see Ishaan and Ishita starts thinking.

“I’ve seen him somewhere.” Ishita says while trying to think.

“You have to con them and get them on the roads and you’ll get your Ma’am back safe and secure.” Swara reads the last part and turns to the others.

They look on worriedly.

“But why did that kidnapper kidnap Ma’am for that?” Nisha asks worriedly.

“Pata nahi… maybe he has an enmity with the Maheshwari’s.” Ishita says while looking at Nisha.

“But why us?” Swara asks.

“I don’t know but I don’t want anything to happen to Ma’am.” Parineeta says worriedly.

“What do we have to do?” Ragini worriedly asks.

“You and Nisha are going there for catering right? Just check out how it is like there, until then me, Swara and Di will think of something.” Ishita says while looking at Swara.

“I’ll do one thing, make a video and then after watching we will take action.” Nisha says.

All agree while Parineeta and Ragini worry.

Scene shifts to Maheshwari Mansion, it has been decorated fully. Adarsh and Sanskaar are ready to welcome the guests.

“I don’t want any drama.” Adarsh warns with a fake smile.

“You cause Drama, so it’s better explain this to yourself.” Sanskaar says and fixes his blazer.

Soon guests start walking in and both plaster fake smile across their faces.

DP also walks down in a black suit (like he did in the show) Adarsh and Sanskaar see him.

All the guests smile at him, Adarsh fakes a smile.

“Meet my father, Mr Durga Prasad Maheshwari.” Adarsh introduces as DP approaches them.

“Hey DP.” One of DP’s old friend says as he walks up to him.

DP smiles while Adarsh and Sanskaar get a little confused.

“How have you been? Forgot us huh?” His friend asks.

“No, there’s nothing like that.” DP says.

“Achcha then, ek gana ho jaye…” His friend asks.

“No, I’m gone old… kaha raha vahi gane ka junoon?” DP ask with a faint smile.

While glancing around at the decorations, Adarsh’s eyes fall on Ishaan who is standing there and looking down.

Adarsh looks on, he moves a little back and stands near Sanskaar.

“How did he turn alive?” Adarsh whispers and doesn’t make it obvious as he’s looking at Ishaan.

“Who?” Sanskaar whispers back.

Adarsh looks around with a fake smile making sure no ones looking.

“Look up.” Adarsh whispers back.

Sanskaar looks up and sees Ishaan, he sighs.

“Mara kab tha? He faked it.” Sanskaar whispers back and glances around.

Ishaan notices Adarsh looking… well glaring at him. Ishaan fakes a smile.

“If he comes down then bezati kar dega.” Adarsh whispers and fakes a smile while looking around.

Ishaan then smirks, he starts doing random dance moves.

Adarsh and Sanskaar see and get angry.

Ishaan then does the Egyptian dance moves. Adarsh angrily sighs.

“What happened?” One of the guest/client asks Adarsh.

“Nothing.” Adarsh says with a fake smile.

“Why don’t you take some snacks.” Sanskaar asks while pointing at the food area above where Ishaan is standing.

Sanskaar glares at Ishaan, Ishaan gives him a fake smile.

Ishaan rests his hands on the railings, Ragini and Nisha reach there and enter the back way, Ragini is nervous while Nisha is looking around surprisingly.

“Wow.” Nisha says.

Then Nisha and Ragini then go to the kitchen and Ragini starts sorting the food while Nisha starts making a video.

Soon, the guest were busy talking to each other, Sanskaar and Adarsh have their eyes secretly on Ishaan.

Ishaan tilts his head side ways with a fake smile, he then makes it straight and spits down, Adarsh and Sanskaar look on and look to see if anyone saw. But his spit misses the food and lands on the floor.

“Mar kyu nahi gaya!” Adarsh angrily says in a low tone which only reaches Sanskaar’s ears.

Sanskaar shakes his head in a disbelief while looking at Ishaan.

Nisha secretly starts recording in the hall.

Just then Yash walks up and looks on seeing the arrangements.

Adarsh looks on seeing Yash, he gets his fake smile ready. Ishaan and Sanskaar roll their eyes, DP turns and a bright smile appears on his face.

“Yash.” DP says to himself and approaches there.

“Ramu… go take Yash’s luggage to his room.” Adarsh says.

Ramu nods and walks up, he takes Yash’s luggage and walks up.

Yash walks down and smiles seeing DP, both hug each other.

Adarsh, Sanskaar and Ishaan sigh as well as roll their eyes.

“Unka so called pyaara beta.” Adarsh whispers.

“The Mahan Yash is back.” Ishaan says in his mind as he looks away.

DP takes Yash to his friends and makes them meet him.

“It’s like he’s his only son here.” Sanskaar sighs as he looks at Yash and DP which is only audible to Adarsh.

“Only if it wasn’t for the property.” Adarsh says.

He then plasters a fake smile on his face and walks up to Yash.

“Yash? What a pleasant surprise…” Adarsh fakes being happy.

“I bet you weren’t happy seeing me.” Yash says with a fake smile.

Adarsh looks at him.

“Of course I wasn’t… I mean was.” Adarsh chuckles as he acts to fake make a mistake.

Yash knew how happy Adarsh actually was.

Both glare at each through fake smile.

“Any ways enjoy the party.” Adarsh says and turns.

Yash and Adarsh make their fake smiles disappear.

Both silently sigh and Adarsh moves back to his earlier position.

Nisha continues recording around the house but her main focus was the brothers. She didn’t make it obvious.

Ragini comes out and asks the Chief to fill in the utensils with dishes.

Adarsh looks up to see if Ishaan left but he was still there, Ishaan’s smirk was worrying Adarsh.

“Why do I feel like he’s going to do something.” Adarsh says in his mind.

Soon Lakshya walks in, he gets surprised seeing the decoration, Adarsh, Sanskaar, Yash and DP look at him along with Ishaan and the guests.

Adarsh gets stunned.

“Why did he come home early?” Adarsh whispers to Sanskaar.

Sanskaar shakes his head to show he doesn’t know.

“Hello everybody, welcome to Maheshwari Mansion, where the members are fake.” Lakshya greets as he folds his hands.

Adarsh and Sanskaar look on.

Adarsh and Sanskaar glance around and find the guest talking about it. Adarsh immediately looks at DP, DP understands and walks up besides Lakshya.

“Lakshya… beta take rest.” DP kindly says as he touches Lakshya’s shoulder.

Lakshya smashes the alcohol bottle that was in his hand on the floor, all look on.

“Oops.” He fakes being guilty.

Ragini turns around and looks at him, Nisha zooms the camera a little.

Adarsh makes a fist and controls his anger.

Ishaan smirks.

“Dono bhai ek jaise!” Sanskaar angrily says in his mind.

“What is this tamasha you’re doing?” Lakshya asks DP and then glances around.

Just then the lights turn off, all get surprised.

Music starts playing and the lights shine in the middle, a girl is shown standing on red short thigh length skirt with golden red blouse and golden straps.

Tu Isaq Mera starts playing from Hate Story 3.

The girl dances sensually, the lights fully turn on. Adarsh, Sanskaar, DP and Yash look on while Ishaan smirks.

Give me give me love n give me more
Thoda sa mujhse love le bhi aao
My lover gave you dounce and I feelin’ low
Again and again and again

The girl dances, the guest look on and start making talks about it.

What’s danger, what danger, what danger
Take me down, down, down
What danger, what danger, what danger
Take me down, down, down

Ishaan dances from the top.

Take me down, down, down
Take me down, down, down

Aaj dikhade mujhe love karke
Oh baby baahon mein bharke
Oh jo bhi sohca sapnon mein
Woh aaj dikhade mujhe sab karke (x2)

The girl does sensual dance moves which shocks everyone expect Ishaan and Lakshya.

Tu isaq mera, tu isaq mera
Tu hi meri raaton ka nasha

The girl takes her straps off and her red blouse falls off, all look on.

Tu isaq mera, tu isaq mera

They see a golden one under her red one.

Soya huaa jisam jagaa (x2)

That reason that I can not love no other
Tera pyaar

She walks up to some guests.

This life I’m gonna live it longer
Tera pyaar

She walks up to Sanskaar and dances, he makes a fist. 
I made a spell girl, I’m down under
Tera pyaar

She walks up to Adarsh and touches him sensually, he jerks her off.
I keep coming for more n more n more (x2)

Kaali raaton mein
Crazy aankhon ne chuaa

She goes to Mr Khanna and dances around him.

(Note – Mr Khanna is who the Maheshwari’s won the contract from)

Kuch mujhko kuch meri saanson ko huaa
Kaali raaton mein

The girl goes back on the dance floor and dances.

Crazy aankhon ne chuaa
Kuch tezz asar lazy saanson ko huaa

She then walks up to Lakshya and pulls him down.

Tu ishq mera, tu ishq mera
Tu hi meri raaton ka nasha

Adarsh and Sanskaar angrily look up and see Ishaan smirking and dancing.

He then stops.

Tu isaq mera, tu isaq mera

He signals them to see.

Soya huaa jism jagaa (x2)

Sardi mein garmi hai
Poori besharmi hai

Lakshya moves to the side, all look on whilst Adarsh and Sanskaar are too busy glaring at Ishaan.

Jaanam jaayaz jo
Humne woh

Ishaan does the rest in peace gesture and they understood as Ishaan meant their respect rest in peace.

Ghalati ki hai (x2)

Please dikhade tu gazab karke
Labon ke paas lab karke

The girl pulls DP down, DP hesitates to even stand there.

Socha hai jo bhi sapno mein
Woh aaj dikhade mujhe sab karke

Lakshya starts laughing while the girl dances around DP.

Tu isaq mera, tu isaq mera
Tuhi meri raaton ka nasha

Ishaan enjoys the beats.

Tu isaq mera, tu isaq mera
Soya hua jisam jaga (x2)

Tu hi meri raaton ka nasha
Soya huaa jisam jagaa..

The girl twirls and finishes.

Ishaan claps and whistles, all look up, DP gets shocked.

Only DP knew Ishaan was in coma, no one else.

“Wow Adarsh and Sanskaar, you should’ve told me this was happening, I would’ve joined.” Ishaan says acting like he doesn’t know anything.

Adarsh had enough, he lost his patience and cool.

“What was that?” Lakshya asks with a faint smirk.

Sanskaar sighs.

“Enough! This is all done by you isn’t it?!” Adarsh angrily shouts.

“Nope.” Ishaan lies.

“Stop lying! I know this cheap act was done by you!” Adarsh shouts as he points his index finger at Ishaan.

“Keep your finger to yourself, you don’t want it to be chopped!” Ishaan shouts back.

“Really? You’re going to chop it? Tumhari aukaad hi kya hai?!” Adarsh shouts.

“Woah..” Ishaan chuckles.

“It doesn’t suite from your mouth!” Ishaan shouts.

Both glare at each other.

“Enough!” Sanskaar shouts.

Lakshya starts clapping, all look at him.

“This is real… not reel.” Lakshya says and stops clapping.

“It’s better for you to keep your mouth shut!” Adarsh angrily sighs.

The guests gasp and make talks about it.

“You and your brother! Who do you get this off?! It can’t be papa, let me guess… you’re mother!” Adarsh in anger blurbs out.

Both Lakshya and Ishaan get angry.

“It’s better for you to not even talk about our Mother!” Ishaan warns as he walks down.

“Oh really? Why? Let them know how selfish and…” Adarsh says but gets interrupted.

“You’re crossing your limits Mr Adarsh Maheshwari!” Lakshya shouts.

“What are you on? My mom was selfish?! It’s better to reflect on your Mother first! She was a characterless woman who had no shame and threw you three here!” Ishaan shouts.

“Ishaan!” Yash shouts.

All look on, including Ragini and Nisha, Nisha was still recording.

“By shouting my name, I’m not gunna keep quiet!” Ishaan sighs.

“Listen…” DP says but gets interrupted.

“No Papa, you don’t speak… aap toh unki side lenge!” Sanskaar angrily sighs and he gives the dirty look to Ishaan and Lakshya.

“Oh come on, by looking at me like that, the fact of your mom being a worst one won’t change!” Ishaan sighs.

“Our Maa was worst? You’re mother was worser, she was selfish and cunning, she was a gold digger!” Adarsh shouts.

“Enough! You’ve crossed your limits!” Lakshya shouts.

“Will you just say limits limits or say something as well?!” Ishaan asks.

“My Maa wasn’t a gold digger! And what are you proud of?! Don’t forget you’re Najayaz Mr Adarsh Maheshwari! And not only you but your two brothers, Sanskaar and Yash!” Lakshya insults while feeling disgusted at them.

All are stunned, expect Ishaan.

“What happened? It hurt? It’s the truth! You’re a Najayaz and we’re Jayaz! At least our mother didn’t blacken her face before marriage like your mother did!” Ishaan insults.

“Ishaan!” Sanskaar and Yash shout in a union.

Just then he feels a tight slap across the face, all get shocked as DP had slapped him.

That’s the first time DP had ever raised his hand on one of his sons. Ragini sees DP and remembers him from the Mandir.

“You slapped him?! Are you serious?! What about your Najayaz sons who can’t keep their mouths shut?!” Lakshya angrily asks.

“Chup!” DP angrily shouts as he points at Lakshya.

The guests are stunned.

“You’re telling us to keep quite! By slapping me the truth won’t change! You’ve proved you never loved our mother! It was always their mother!” Ishaan angrily shouts as he points at Adarsh.

“They brought our mother into this!” Lakshya angrily says.

“Today you proved that we’re not your sons! Aren’t if you never loved our mom then why will you love us?! It’s all them na? Go! Shower all your love for them!” Ishaan angrily says and moves away from DP.

DP looks on.

“They’re forgetting that after their Mum threw them here, our Maa took care of them… she raised them like her own sons and is this what these… ungrateful people return us?!” Lakshya angrily tells.

“Wow, showing brother love?!” Adarsh angrily sighs.

“Today it came upon our mother and I’m not supporting him, I’m defending my Maa.” Lakshya sighs.

“We’re defending OUR Mum!” Ishaan boldly says with crossed arms and irritated face.

“At least our mom was real, unlike your mum… who threw you here and ran away with someone else.” Lakshya angrily tells.

“Lakshya!” Sanskaar warns.

DP then slaps Lakshya across the face too which shocks everyone.

“Enough!” DP shouts.

“I should’ve raised my hand that time when all of you were crossing your limits!” DP angrily shouts.

Lakshya touches his cheek and looks on.

Ishaan starts clapping, all look at him.

“Wow… dekh liya na aap sab ne? Ke Durga Prasad Maheshwari slapped his sons for speaking bad about his premika!” Ishaan angrily shouts and stops clapping as he glares at DP.

“Jayaz hone ki yeh saza and Najayaz hone pe unpe pyaar!” Ishaan sadly chuckles.

Lakshya gets angry.

“We might be Najayaz but we aren’t murderers like you!” Adarsh taunts.

“I didn’t kill her!” Ishaan shouts

All get shocked, Lakshya huffs.

“Mr Durga Prasad Maheshwari… from now and onwards, don’t expect anything from me!” Lakshya warns.

“And me too… now I even feel like it is a Kalank being called your Jayaz son!” Ishaan says.

Both Lakshya and Ishaan walk up but in the opposite direction.

A tune plays, DP turns and finds the guests talking about the whole scene.

“I’m sorry for this whole Drama.” DP apologises.

Sanskaar and Adarsh are fuming.

“But before you leave, I would like to sing a son.” DP says as he gets emotional.

Then Ramu brings the microphone, DP gives a faint smile.

“Sapno ka wo aangan kahaan
Darpan bata bachpan kahaan” DP sings.

“Sapno ka wo aangan kahan
Darpan bata bachpan kahan” DP sings as he refreshes old memories.

Lakshya is breaking everything in his room but stops hearing DP sing.

”Seedha saral tha jeevan jahan
Darpan bata bachpan kahan” DP sings and Ishaan is shown angrily kicking the wardrobe.

He sits down.

“Sapno ka wo aangan kahan
Darpan bata bachpan kahan (x2)” DP sings twice, Yash, Adarsh and Sanskaar look at each other.

All hear him, including Ishaan and Lakshya.

“Bhai se yaari
Behno se masti” DP sings.

They get flashes of when they were young.

”Udti patango jaisa tha mann
Jitne the rishte
Saare the mann ke” Memories flash as DP sings.

”Unme na uljhan
Na thi jalan
Hoti na thi anban jahan” DP sings and gets a little emotional.

”Darpan bata bachpan kahan
Seedha saral tha jeevan jahan” DP sings as the memorise of the 5 brothers playing flashes.

”Darpan bata bachpan kahan
Sapno ka woh aangan kahan
Darpan bata bachpan kahan (x2)” DP sings.

Ishaan takes a photo out from the cabinet and looks at it.

Lakshya’s eyes moist.

Sanskaar and Adarsh melt down.

Yash feels upset.

“Khaane ki chinta, sone ki fikrein
Hoti bhi thi toh hoti thi kamm” DP sings.

”Khushiyaan judi thi khilono se apni
Khabar hi na thi kya hota hai gham” DP sings as a girl flashes in their mind.

“Paavan thhe sab bandhan jahaan
Darpan bata bachpan kahan
Seedha saral tha jeevan jahan” DP sings, Yash gets teary eyed and walks up.

”Darpan bata bachpan kahan
Sapno ka wo aangan kahan” Sanskaar walks up, followed by Adarsh.

”Darpan bata bachpan kahan
Darpan bata bachpan kahan” DP sings and the guests clap and then leave.

DP could hear the glass breaking as Lakshya’s is breaking all the bottles/glass’s.

DP then hears loud music which Ishaan had turned on.

DP then slowly walks past and hears the sound of shower coming from Sanskaar’s room.

He then walks past and sees Adarsh watching a movie while bouncing the ball to forget what happened.

DP shakes his head in a disbelief and walks inside his room.

Ragini and Nisha finish wrapping everything up.

“Bhaiyya… make these utensil reach this address.” Ragini says as she hands a note with the address of the orphanage.

Ragini then walks out and sees Nisha missing.

“Where did this girl go? And how am I meant to get the payment? After this tamasha… all of them would be angry.” Ragini worriedly thinks to herself.

She then spots Ramu and calls him.

“Kaka.” Ragini says as he stops.

“Ji?” Ramu responds as he walks up to her.

“Kaka, payment…” Ragini says.

“Ji… wait here, I’ll go and get it for you.” Ramu says.

“Ji Kaka.” Ragini says and Ramu goes upstairs.

Ragini looks around for Nisha, she even turns, Ishaan walks down and in to the hall. Ragini slowly moves back and doesn’t see Ishaan, she bumps into Ishaan and while turning, her foot twists and she falls into his arms.

Both look at each other.

“S…sorry.” Ragini hurriedly says.

Ishaan makes her stand, without saying he heads towards the kitchen. Ragini releases a sigh of relief.

“Nisha kaha chali gayi?” Ragini asks her mind worriedly.

Ragini glances around, then the scenes that happened earlier flashes in her mind.

“They’re half brothers but how can they say rude stuff about each other’s mothers?” Ragini questions herself.

Ragini then remembers DP’s words.

“Their father can fight Yamraj for them but they don’t value him.” Ragini sadly sighs.

Ragini turns and sees Lakshya walking down, she nervously looks down. Lakshya walks past but stops as he sees her.

“You?” He confusingly asks.

“Vo…” Ragini says but stops as Ramu comes down with the money.

“Baba, she did the catering…” Ramu says as he hands the envelope to Ragini.

Lakshya nods and walks forward.

“Thank you Kaka…” Ragini thanks and walks upstairs.

Ramu disappears into the kitchen, while walking up, Ragini looks around for Nisha, Lakshya notices.

Ragini then decides to go upstairs to look for Nisha. Lakshya gets confused.

While walking, Ragini clashes into Yash, Yash looks at her and she looks at him.

“Sorry.” Both Ragini and Yash apologise.

Yash was about to say something when DP calls him, he leaves from there.

Ragini continues walking, she sees the room door open and sneaks in but finds the lights off, she turns to leave but feels someone grab her hand and twist it.

“Ahh.” Ragini shrieks.

“What are you doing in my room?!” That person angrily whispers in her ears and is revealed to be Sanskaar.

Ragini tries freeing herself from his grip.

Ragini manages to free her arm from his grip and runs from there as fast as she could, while running, she kept looking behind her to see if anyone chased her and bumps into Lakshya’s chest making him move back and her hiding her face in his chest.

Episode Ends

Precap: Swara and Nisha make a plan after watching the video… all shocked… police arrests Adarsh… Swara to go for a Job in Maheshwari Office…
So. . . Question time!!!

Why did the police arrest Adarsh?

What plan did Nisha and Swara make?

Who was that girl that flashed in their minds?

Who did Ishaan not kill?

What’s the matter between your mom and our mom?

Any guesses what’s going to happen next?
Yash – Kushal Tandon

Ishaan – Sidharth Gupta

Ishita – Aneri Vajani

Nisha – Ankitta Sharma

Sorry for any mistakes . . .

Comment your opinions right down below . . . ?

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