Papa… Chup Raho! (Dhaage) Episode 6


Episode 6:
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The episode starts with Ishaan smirking, his smirk disappeared as he had heard footsteps which made him close his eyes immediately.

DP had entered the room to meet his son, he had a faint smile.

“Shukar hai that Ishaan survived.” DP says with tears of happiness yet didn’t let them flow out.

He slowly approaches Ishaan and touches his forehead.

“Forgive me my son, I couldn’t become a great father, I couldn’t give you what you needed not wanted, when I heard about your accident, I was unable to think properly, your mother, Saraswati’s words came into my mind and I…” DP says but stops as the tears finally made their way out.

DP starts sniffing as he holds Ishaan’s hand.

Ishaan, who was hearing this as he fakes to be unconscious feels a little bad.

“Why can’t Papa stay silent, his demotion all talk will make me wake up and the whole plan would be flop.” Ishaan says in his mind while trying not to move.

DP then wipes his tears and places Ishaan’s hand on the bed besides him, he turns and walks away.

Ishaan opened his eyes and sees him leaving, he sighs a breath of relief. DP turns around but finds Ishaan still unconscious and walks out.

On the other hand, in Maheshwari Mansion, Lakshya was surprised behind Adarsh’s changed behaviour.

“Where’s Papa?” Adarsh asks Ramu, the servant.

“Malik….” Ramu says but gets interrupted by Adarsh.

“Malik? Ramu kaka, call me Baba.” Adarsh says with a fake smile.

Ramu and Lakshya look on and this time Sanskaar is also surprised.

“What’s happened that his behaviour suddenly jumped from a mannerless one to a Nicely one?” Lakshya says in his mind as he starts thinking.

“Why is his behaviour changing?” Sanskaar says in his mind.

“Ramu Kaka, could you please go and fix Papa’s room? I mean clean it and make it the way he would like it?” Adarsh asks nicely which widens Lakshya and Sanskaar’s eyes.

“Ji Baba.” Ramu says and walks upstairs.

Adarsh turns and sees Lakshya and Sanskaar looking at him, he fakes a smile.

“What? Don’t you all have any work to do rather than just staring?!” Adarsh rudely asks.

“What’s happening?” Lakshya asks Adarsh.

“None of your business.” Adarsh says and sighs.

“Oh really? From Ramu to Ramu Kaka? Don’t tell me Yash is coming!” Sanskaar says as he raises one of his eyebrow up.

Adarsh looks at him.

Lakshya starts laughing, both Adarsh and Sanskaar stare at him as if he’s gone mad.

“Yash is coming… from a lion to a chuha? Not bad!” Lakshya taunts and then walks up.

Adarsh gets angry but then didn’t want to spoil his mood.

“At least I stay in the house, unlike you who made his home on the roads and dustbins with the help of alcohol!” Adarsh insults without getting much angry.

Lakshya stops and turns to Adarsh, both glare at each other, Sanskaar gets a call and walks away from there.

“Anyways why am I wasting my time in talking to you? You don’t understand!” Adarsh sighs and walks away from there.

Lakshya angrily walks up.

Scene shifts to the hospital, DP is shown talking to the Doctor.

“Please Doctor, can I take my son home?” DP requests again.

“It isn’t possible.” The Doctor says.

“I promise I will take good care of him, you won’t have any complaints.” DP requests while looking at the doctor.

The doctor agrees for Ishaan’s home-care suggestion.

“A nurse from our hospital will join you tomorrow to help in taking care of him.” The Doctor says.

DP agrees and then the doctor makes arrangements.

Soon DP signs the discharge papers and leaves in the ambulance with Ishaan.

Scene shifts to the airport, a man comes out of the airport in a beige leather bomber jacket with black shirt and jeans with Nike air max.

“Kolkata.” The man sighs as he pulls his luggage with him.

The man stops and then takes his phone out.

“If it was to me then I would’ve never stepped here but I’m back for you Papa because I don’t trust them.” The man says and then makes a call.

His face is revealed and he is revealed to be Yash.

Scene then shifts to the Ashram, Ragini and Parineeta are cooking in the kitchen along with Nisha.

“Di, where are our two drama queens?” Nisha asks while washing the dishes.

“You’re the youngest still you have brain but them two… uff! Nothing can happen.” Parineeta sighs.

Just then Swara and Ishita rush inside the kitchen worriedly. Swara shuts the door while Ishita shuts the windows.

Ragini, Nisha and Parineeta get confused.

“What’s happening?” Ragini asked while putting the knife down.

“We don’t know if it’s true or what but see.” Ishita worriedly says as Swara plays a video on her phone and shows it to them.

While watching the video, Nisha, Parineeta and Ragini are stunned whilst Swara and Ishita are worried.

“Someone kidnapped Ma’am?” Nisha shockingly gasps.

“But why?” Parineeta worriedly asks.

“Is this a prank?” Ragini asks as she looks at Ishita and Swara.

“No.” Both Ishita and Swara say in a union.

“Ma’am would never be part of their pranks.” Parineeta worriedly says as he looks at Ragini.

“Video kaha se mili?” Nisha asks.

“We had to clean the cabinet.” Ishita tells.

“Then while cleaning, a sound came from the computer.” Swara tells.

“We went to check and it said you’ve got one new mail.” Ishita tells.

“Cause Ms Sengupta was logged on, we opened it and saw this video.” Swara tells.

“Before anyone else could worry, we sent it on Swara’s email and deleted it from the staff’s.” Ishita worriedly says.

“It also says that if you want to save your head of the orphanage then do something for me.” Swara worriedly says.

Ragini, Parineeta and Nisha are stunned.

Scene shift to Maheshwari Mansion, Adarsh was making arrangements for the party tonight as they had won the contract.

DP then walks inside with the wardboys that are carrying Ishaan on the stretcher. Adarsh turns while talking and sees DP and Ishaan.

“Papa?” Adarsh fakes a concern.

“Vo… Ishaan had an accident.” DP tells before Adarsh exploded.

“What? Why didn’t you tell us? When did this happen?” Adarsh asks surprisingly.

“Yesterday.” DP tells.

“Ohh, that’s why you needed 4 Lakhs?” Adarsh asks sounding a little nice which shocks DP also.

“Yeh kab se samajhne laga?” Ishaan says in his head as he’s listening.

“Anyways, take him to his room and go to your room and get changed please.” Adarsh request.

DP gets stunned as Adarsh said please, Lakshya walks out before DP could say anything.

“Papa, let him go! You go and take rest for today’s party and look smart.” Adarsh says with a fake smile.

DP is surprised and Ishaan wanted to cough is shock so bad but controls himself

“Upstairs, right and the third room.” Adarsh directs the boys.

He didn’t bother asking much about him, DP walks upstairs.

“And Papa, keep a smile on your face.” Adarsh tells.

DP nods and walks up, Adarsh sighs and turns.

“Pata nahi kya kya karna parega!” Adarsh irritatedly says to himself and then starts ordering.

DP opens the door to his room and sees it the way he had left it, usually it was messy with cobwebs as no one had cleaned it but it seems like it had been re-decorated but DP couldn’t understand why.

He never got that respect in many years, as far as he knows it’s only when Yash is around, that rang a bell in his head.

“Is Yash coming?” DP questioned himself as he sat on his comfortable bed.

After a long he got the opportunity to relax on his bed comfortable because this used to be only a room, there was no mattress or bed, he had to sleep on the floor.

DP glanced around the room and sees a photo frame hanging.

It’s of him, young Adarsh, young Sanskaar, young Yash, Young Lakshya and Young Ishaan. DP’s eyes moist seeing the photo frame hung on the wall and clean.

“That was childhood, where is it now?” DP says as he had only taken a photo with them when they were younger.

Happiness flew away so quick.

Scene shifts to Ishaan’s room, he is shown lying down peacefully, he slowly opens his eyes and makes himself comfortable on his bed.

“Finally I’m home.” Ishaan says as he stretches.

He then starts sniffing and his mouth gets watery.

“Khana? Fish! I forgot about food.” Ishaan sighs as he sits up.

Just then he hears footsteps and hurriedly lies without doing much movements as the door opens.

Ishaan couldn’t figure out who it was. Ishaan could hear the door shut.

Suddenly, a bucket of water splashes on his face and he instantly sits up taking deep breaths.

“You cunt!” He swears angrily as he looks up.

Ishaan glares at that person while trying to catch his breath.

Episode Ends

Precap: Party in MM… Yash to enter… DP to sing… Lakshya comes home with a bottle of Alcohol… and SMASH!!
So. . . Question time!!!

Who was that person who splashed water on Ishaan?

Why did Adarsh’s behaviour change upon hearing about Yash’s arrival?

Who is the girls Ma’am and why is she kidnapped?

Any guesses on what will happen next?

To find out more, do read “Papa. . . Chup Raho!” Only on Telly Updates!
Yash – Kushal Tandon

Ishaan – Sidharth Gupta

Ishita – Aneri Vajani

Nisha – Ankitta Sharma

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    share of company may b under his control.. that only possible by if dp is happy here then yash live the mm.. about girls madam no idea…

  3. Haha halima u always make our wishes come true i loved ur ff
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