Papa… Chup Raho! (Dhaage) Episode 5


Episode 5:
Ragini consoles Parineeta.

“Di, what happened? Is Nisha okay?” Ragini asks sounding worried.

Pari nods no which worries Ragini even more.

“Di, tell me. What happened?” Ragini asks.

Pari wipes her tears and looks at Ragini.

“I received a… A call, I went to attend it… And…” Pari starts telling.

Parineeta went out and answered the call.

“Hello?” Parineeta says.

“Hello? Parineeta Shergil?” A man asks.

“Yes…” Pari says.

“Hmm, beta.” The man says.

“Di! Help! Di! This man is bad..” A girl shouts.

Parineeta is stunned and shocked.

“Hahahaha.” The man is heard laughing.

“If you want your sister Nisha’s life then don’t act smart and do what I want!” The man says.

“W…what do you want?” Parineeta worriedly says.

“I want Chocolate brownie with 2 cups of vanilla milkshake.” The man says and disconnects the call.

End of Flashback.

Ragini looks on shocked. Parineeta wipes her tears.

“What?” Ragini shockingly says.

Parineeta looks at her and then starts laughing. Ragini gets confused.

“Surprise!” Ragini could hear Ishita and Swara shout.

Ragini is confused while the part whistles play and the door opens.
Parineeta and Ragini stand up.

Ishita and Swara walk inside with party hats on and a Swara is holding a cake. Pari smiles and stands besides Swara and Ishita.

“What’s happening?” Ragini confusingly asks.

“This was a trick to fool you, it didn’t work properly but Happy Birthday!” Ishita says.

The trio start singing Happy Birthday and Ragini confusingly smiles.

“But the aim was to keep you awake at 12” A new voice is heard.

Ragini looks around, Ishita and Swara move and a girl is shown standing there with her head down.
A big smile appears on Ragini’s face.

Swara puts the cake down and picks the guitar up. Ishita starts playing the flute while Swara starts playing the guitar.

“Happy Birthday to you… Happy birthday to you…” The girl starts singing.

“Ragini… You’re the world’s best sister that anyone could ever have, you take our trouble on yourself. What else can this sister give?” The girl says.

“But Pari Di is an amazing Di, even if she’s in trouble, she would never tell us to get us in trouble which is wrong, because we’re meant to be one.” The girl adds.

“Aaj, on this occasion, I want to sing a song.” The girl says and looks up.

Her face is revealed and she is smiling.

“Hmm” The girl starts singing.

“Tujhse hi to mili hai rahat
Tu hi to meri hai chahat
Tujhse hi to judi zindagi” The girl sings and Ragini smiles.

”Teri yaadein hain kuch adhoori
Saans aadhi hai kuch hai poori
Aankhon mein hai kaisi ye nami” a The girl walks around Ragini while singing and Ragini looks at her.

”Mera mann, kehne laga
Paas aake na tu door jaa
Chhoone de, honth tere” She starts dancing while singing.

”Zara saanson mein apni basa aa…” Parineeta joins her. Ragini smiles.

“Hmmm..” She sings

”Tujhe apna bana loon
Tujhe tujh se chura loon
Tujhe khud mein chhupa loon, Sahiba!” She sings and hugs Ragini.

”Ik mujh pe karam ho
Tu hi mera sanam ho
Teri mujh pe nazar ho, Sahiba!” She sings and aims at Parineeta.

”Hmmm… aa aa…” all hum expect Ragini.

“Mar main jaaunga, reh na paaun
Gham judai ka seh na paaun” She sings and stops as Ishita and Swara stop.

Ragini smiles and claps. Then they cut and feed each other along with doing Masti. The girl throws the cake at Ragini.

“Nisha!” Ragini shouts playfully.

The girl laughs and is revealed to be Nisha.

After a while, Ishita is lying on the bed and Swara is on the other side while Nisha is sleeping in the middle on her stomach. Ragini and Parineeta are cleaning and smile looking at them.

After a while, Ragini and Parineeta fall asleep on the next bed.


Laksh wakes up and touches his head.

“Aah, did I over drink? And how did I reach here?” Lakshya asks himself while touching his head.

He stands up and gets changed.

After a while, Laksh heads down and Sanskaar comes down from the opposite direction.

“Ji, and do you know where Papa is?” Adarsh says to Ramu in a nice tone.

Ramu nods yes confusingly says, Laksh looks on surprised while Sanskaar ignores them.

DP and the doctor are talking, a man dressed in a green surgeon coat walks inside the room, he sees Ishaan lying down with closed eyes. The man closes the door and walks up to him.

“Upen!” The man says and takes his surgeon mask off.

The man looks down and sees a black bag, he picks it up and opens it and smiles evilly.

“It’s full 4 Lakhs!” A voice is heard.

Ishaan is shown pointing down and slowly opens his eyes. He smiles at the man while the man smiles at him.

“I don’t know you and you don’t know me.” Ishaan says.

The man nods and leaves with the money bag, Ishaan smirks and stubs plays in the background.

Ishaan is shown in a bar gambling, he won 2 times and now was the final time, he’s showing a proud smile.

“How much?” The man asks.

“Let’s change it to 4 Lakhs.” Ishaan says proudly.

The man nods okay and begins the third round. Ishaan throws his cards and proudly moves back. The man throws his and signals Ishaan to see. Ishaan looks down and gets stunned. He had lost the bet, the game.

“What?!” Ishaan shockingly says and stands up.

“This is cheating!” Ishaan shouts.

“Rules are rules!” The man says and stands up.

Ishaan looks at him and gulps. He then imagines him from t-shirts, jeans and all to a beggar.

The man snaps him out and Ishaan tells him that he will pay him in 3 days. Therefore Ishaan tried for racing but lost instead.

He then had an accident and ended up in the hospital. He opened his eyes and saw the doctor and thought of a plan.
He tells the doctor and the doctor doesn’t agree.

“Doctor, if you don’t do my work then I’ll meet you in court!” Ishaan threatens.

“I’m sure you’ll find another job and house for your Biwi Bachche?” Ishaan adds and makes a thinking face.

The Doctor then agrees to his plan and lies that Ishaan slipped into coma.

Ishaan knew that DP would go at any extent just to save his child so he made the doctor ask money from DP.

End of Flashback.

“Plan successful.” Ishaan says with a devilish smirk.

Episode ends on Ishaan smirking.

Precap: Not Sure.
(NOTE – Ishaan has been replaced)

ISHAAN – Siddharth Gupta

YASH – Kushal Tandon.

ISHITA – Aneri Vajani.
(Haven’t proof read, sorry for any mistakes ?)

First of all, a big wala sorry from me. I was not in town and came back yesterday.

Second of all, I didn’t expect to see a lot of comments wanting me to continue… Meine saucha tha Ki I will get less comments or no comments at all and it will be easier for me to leave this FF. But I guess I have to continue ?

Finally, thank you for reading and commenting. Continue supporting and liking.

Do comment and tell me how the story is going so far…

I was thinking to stop writing this… I have thought of a new storyline/plot which I wish to share.

So do you all want me to continue this or start my new one?

Stay blessed ?

Love you all ?

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