Papa… Chup Raho! (Dhaage) Episode 4


Episode 4:
The episode starts with Ragini and Swara walking.

Laksh is coming from the opposite direction is drinking, he struggles to walk and seems drunk and not in his senses.

Ragini and Laksh bump into each other, Ragini manages to save the ice cream while Laksh falls on the floor and the bottle cracks which shocks Ragini and Swara.

Both move the boxes to the side and look down, they see Laksh lying on the floor and is struggling to get up.

“Oh god! What do we expect from drunkards?!” Swara sighs.

“S…sorry.” Laksh says and tries standing.

“Bechara can’t even stand up.” Ragini says.

“Haa, it’s his fault for drinking. He said sorry too so it’s okay.” Swara says.

“Do you need any help?” Ragini asks Laksh.

“N…no, thank you f…for asking.” Laksh says.

Swara and Ragini put the boxes on the floor and help Laksh up.

Adarsh’s car goes by and Adarsh sees Laksh through the mirror and asks the driver to stop. The driver stops.

“Reverse karna.” Adarsh says.

The driver reverses and stops as Adarsh tells him. Adarsh opens the door and comes out. He then glares at Laksh and Swaragini.

“Laksh? What is this?” Adarsh angrily asks.

Laksh looks up and glares at Adarsh. Adarsh pulls Laksh towards him.

“I can go home by myself!” Laksh says and jerks Adarsh off.

“Don’t create any drama here.” Adarsh whispers in a strict tone.

“Why? Is this your road? Do you own it?!” Laksh shouts.

Swara and Ragini look on.

“Laksh, you too innocent, you don’t get how people use you for their needs.” Adarsh says but aims it at Swaragini, they understand.

“They were only helping me okay! They’re not like you all, who leave me even when I’m dying!” Laksh says.

Adarsh gets annoyed and pushes Laksh in the car. He glances at Swara and Ragini and sits and the driver drives the car off while Swara and Ragini look on.

DP is shown sitting down outside the ICU on the chairs. He is thinking while a sad tune plays.

DP was walking towards MM, he then bumped into a man and looks on.

“If I’m not wrong, you’re Durga Prasad Maheshwari right?!” The man asks.

DP looks away.

“Oh, so it is.” The man says in a laughing tone.

“I don’t have time for all this.” DP says and walks forward.

“Durga, what’s the hurry? You used to live like a king but now… Now you’re condition is worser than a beggar.” The man says which stops DP.

“Listen Gopal, my son needs me and I don’t have time for this faltu talk.” DP says and turns to him.

The man is revealed to be Gopal.

“Son? Which son? As far as I know, no ones even ready to accept you as their father.” Gopal says.

DP looks on.

“Ishaan.” DP utters after hearing that insult.

“Oh, Ishaan? That big spoilt brat? Arey, he doesn’t even stay in sense most of the time! blo*dy druggie and drunkard!” Gopal insults.

“Bas Gopal!” DP shouts after he had enough.

“Keeping our enmity aside, as a father, I am saying to you that don’t you dare speak anything ill about my son! Or even my family!” DP warns in a strict tone.

Gopal starts clapping while making fake surprised reaction.

“This is the truth Durga! You have admit it. Have you forgotten what happened last year? Your so called son ‘Ishaan’ was in jail for selling drugs, no one came to help him. Not even his brothers. It was you who had sold your wife’s bracelet to bail him out and what did he return you with? As far as I know, nothing! Now I bet he must’ve gambled and lost the money to someone!” Gopal says and sighs.

DP angrily looks at Gopal.

“Today he has an accident. I need money for his operation! Not for his gambling! I made a promise to someone that I won’t repeat what I did last year.” DP says.

“Are you sure he’s actually had an accident? As far as I know your son, he’s ek number ka fake brat! He wouldn’t even value your feelings!” Gopal says.

“Bas!” DP says.

Gopal and DP have an angry looking eye-lock.

“I warned you once, not again. Don’t say anything about my son!” DP angrily says and leaves.

After a while, DP looks at his wife’s gold necklace that he had kept safe. Suddenly, he gets a phone call and he picks it up.

“Hello, thank you for submitting 4 Lakhs for the operation.” The Doctor says.

DP is surprised.

“4 Lakh?” DP asks.

“Yes, your cousin Gopal Prasad Maheshwari had paid 2 Lakhs while your brother Ram Prasad Maheshwari paid 2 Lakhs.” The Doctor tells.

DP is stunned and Bachpan Kahan tune plays.

“Anyways, meet you here.” The Doctor says and disconnects the call.

“Ram and Gopal?” DP says.

After a while, DP places the necklace back in his hiding spot and sees a picture of young him, Ram and Gopal. DPs eyes moist as he remembers some of their times in their childhood.

End of Flashback.

DP takes his glasses off and brings his thumb and index finger to his eyes and rests on it. Just then the doctor comes out.

“Mr Maheshwari…” The doctor says.

DP looks up and puts his glasses back on, he also stands up.

“Ji…” DP says.

“Well…” The doctors struggles to say.

“Is Ishaan okay?” DP says in a soft and worried tone.

“Yes, well, there is a good news and a bad news.” The doctor says.

DP looks on.

“The good news is that he survived and is still breathing.” The doctor says.

DP let’s out a faint smile.

“The bad news is that… He has slipped into coma.” The doctor says.

DP is stunned and looks on. The doctor leaves while DP drops down on the chairs and looks on.

Swara and share the Ice cream with everyone. Ishita, Pari, Swara and Ragini take their ice creams and walk into a room.

“I’m surprised that the ice cream shops were opened.” Pari says.

“We went to a stall, shops are always closed.” Swara says and complains at the same time.

“Chalo, it’s okay. At least we got the ice cream.” Ishita says and enjoys it.

“But we met arrogant man, who spoiled my mood.” Ragini says as she thinks.

“Ohh, who spoiled Ragini Rani’s mood? I need to give him a round of applauds.” Ishita says.

Ragini looks at her.

“He ruined my mood too.” Swara says.

“Arey Wah, then he deserves a treat.” Ishita jokes.

“Ishu, at least get serious today.” Swara says.

“Oh, look who’s talking. Tu toh kabhi jokey mood mein hoti hi Nahi Na?” Ishita says in a serious tone.

“Itna seriousness?” Swara asks.

“Haa, if you tell me to be serious then what do you expect me to do?” Ishita asks while showing the expressions.

“Ishita… Calm down.” Ishita says while giving the carefree attitude.

“This girl is unpredictable, sometimes she’s angry, sometimes she’s joking, sometimes she’s serious and sometimes she doesn’t care.” Pari says.

Ishita continues eating her ice cream.

“Anyways, you tell me, what happened?” Pari asks Swara and Ragini.

“Nothing, it’s not that important.” Swara says.

Parineeta sighs. She also receives a call.

“Excuse me.” Pari says and walks out leaving her ice cream plate on the table.

After a while, they finish eating their ice cream and Pari walks in.

“Swara… if you don’t mind then can I sleep with Ragini today?” Pari asks with a smile.

Ragini looks on confusingly.

“Yeah, I don’t mind at all.” Swara says.

“So Swara will be sharing a room with me today?” Ishita asks.

Swara and Ragini nod yes.

“Finally, for the first time in a month.” Ishita happily expresses.

“Hmm, now let’s leave and let them sleep.” Swara says.

“And do our Masti.” Ishita says.

Swara and Ishita get excited and walk out while talking.
Parineeta closes the door and turns to Ragini.

“What happened Di? Is everything okay?” Ragini says.

Parineeta looks at Ragini with tears in her eyes. Ragini walks up to her worriedly. Pari breaks down and starts crying. Ragini sits besides her and gets worried.

“Di, what happened? Tell me.” Ragini asks in a worried tone.

“Nisha…” Parineeta cries.

Ragini looks on.

The driver brings Laksh inside while Adarsh goes to his room. Laksh is dropped inside his room by the driver. Laksh walks towards his bed and falls on it and closes his eyes.

Sanskaar and Adarsh fall asleep.

Episode ends.

Precap: Yash makes an entry n the doctor gives permission to DP to take Ishaan home and have home care.
(NOTE – Ishaan has been replaced)

ISHAAN – Siddharth Gupta

YASH – Kushal Tandon.

ISHITA – Aneri Vajani.
(Haven’t proof read, sorry for any mistakes ?)

First of all, a big wala sorry from me.

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Finally, thank you for reading and commenting. Continue supporting and liking.

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