Papa… Chup Raho! (Dhaage) Episode 3


Episode 3:
DP is thinking what to do, tears develop in his eyes, but he never let and never will let them flow.

“I’m a bad father, I couldn’t protect my children.” DP thinks and glances at the ICU door.

The inspector walks inside and looks at DP.

“Hey! Where’s the patients parents?” The inspector asks DP.

“I’m Ishaan’s father.” DP says.

The inspector looks at him and looks on.

“Please, we’re not here to play hide n seek or crack any jokes.” The inspector says in a strict tone.

“I’m serious Inspector Saab…” DP says.

Inspector looks on suspiciously and takes his phone out. He then dials a number and calls someone.

“Hello sir, may we know what your fathers name is…” The inspector says.

After a pause the inspector said okay and disconnected the call.

“What is your name?” The inspector asks DP.

“Durga Prasad Maheshwari.” DP says.

“Hmm, your son has been drinking and driving which is against the law, so we have to take action after his recovery.” The inspector says.

DP is shocked, the doctor then comes out.

“Where are the money? The patients parents? If they don’t make it quick then he could die.” The doctor says.

DP is dazed.

“He is the father of Ishaan.” The inspector says.

The doctor is stunned.

“I need to arrange money… Or else Ishaan… No!” DP thinks.

“I’ll go and get the money for the operation, how much?” DP asks.

“4 Lakhs.” Doctor says.

DP is shocked.

“4 Lakhs?” DP shockingly asks.

The thundering and lighting is striking in the background, only for DP.

“Where am I meant to get 4 Lakhs from?” DP thinks and a sad tune plays.

Scene shifts to the meeting room, Sanskaar and Adarsh are sitting opposite each other. The presentation starts as the other opponent starts theirs.

“We have to win this deal, I didn’t really need his help.” Sanskaar thinks.

“Sanskaar is just going to show off, like he always does. I just hope I crack the deal.” Adarsh thinks.

Sanskaar and Adarsh then look at the screen.

Ragini is sitting down in her room thinking. Swara walks inside.

“Ragini, Ishita isn’t agreeing to come with me, neither is Pari Di, can you come?” Swara says and sits besides her.

“Where?” Ragini asks.

“To get Ice cream for this Ashram.” Swara says.

“Ice cream? But we had it last week and if Ma’am finds out then…” Ragini says but stops.

“How will she? Ma’am’s gone out for few days and to be honest, she’s not that strict or freaky.” Swara says.

Parineeta walks inside and smiles.

“Haa, but who will clean the laundry today?” Pari asks.

Swara remembers it’s her turn and bites her tongue, she turns around and looks at Parineeta sadly.

“Hmm, Ishita is already in the room and is waiting for you, you can get the ice cream later on.” Pari says and hands the basket to Swara.

“Pari Di, aaj…” Swara says but gets interrupted.

“Aaj is your day, we know.” Pari says and nods.

Ragini smiles and Parineeta faint smiles.

“I’ll do it right now…” Swara says and stands up while holding the basket.

She walks forward.

“Ek minuet.” Pari says.

Swara stops and turns to her.

“I forgot to tell you that the machine is broken, so you and Ishita have to do it with your hands.” Pari says in a teasing tone.

Swara drops her mouth and looks on irritatedly.

“Toh mere se Nahi Ho ga.” Swara says.

“Then Ma’am should deal with you because the report is going to her anyways.” Pari says.

Swara makes a helpless face.

“Haa, you can’t do it tomorrow because Sarah isn’t willing to do it today.” Pari adds.

Swara unwillingly walks out with the basket, Pari smile and Ragini starts folding the clothes.

DP is shown entering the office and walking down, all look at h and start talking about him, but he ignores them. He remembers the times when he had been walking down these corridors with his held high with proudness. After a while, DP reaches the meeting room and kicks the door opened. All look there, including Adarsh and Sanskaar. DP enters and all are stunned.

DP is shown standing in a vest with dirty dhoti.

“Adarsh, Sanskaar.” DP worriedly utters.

“Isn’t that Durga Prasad Maheshwari?” One of the client says.

Adarsh and Sanskaar look on.

“Please excuse us.” Sanskaar says and stands up.

Adarsh also stands up. They glare and DP and walk up to him. Adarsh grabs DPs hand and pulls him out. Sanskaar also comes out and shuts the door from behind.

“What the hell?! Why are you here? And couldn’t you see? We were busy with the meeting!” Adarsh angrily says.

“Vo… I..” DP says but stops as Sanskaar interrupts.

“What happened?” Sanskaar asks.

“Ishaan… He… Well, I need money.” DP says.

“Offo!” Adarsh says in a frustrated tone and palms his forehead.

“Ishaan! Ishaan and Ishaan! It’s always about him, he’s the only son you have Na? Why does he need the money this time?” Adarsh adds and asks in a whispery voice.

Sanskaar looks at Adarsh and the DP.

DP was about to tell about the accident when Sanskaar speaks.

“How much?” Sanskaar asks.

“4 Lakhs.” DP tells.

Adarsh widens his eyes and Sanskaar is dazed.

“4 Lakh? Papa, we don’t grow money on trees, how are we meant to get that big amount?!” Adarsh says.

“We can’t give 4 Lakhs.” Sanskaar says.

Sanskaar then starts thinking.

“Please, I need it… He had an…” DP says but gets interrupted.

“We will see what we can do, but today is Sunday so bank will close in an hour. So we can’t right now.” Adarsh tells.

“Hmm, we need to attend this meeting, we will talk to you later and tell him to meet me if he wants the money.” Sanskaar says.

Adarsh changes his mood into a smily one and walks inside, Sanskaar also goes.

DP is left hopeless along with stunned and shocked.

A sad and dramatic tune plays.

Ragini and Swara are shown at the ice cream stall.

“Dada, can you give me 2 boxes of Vanilla and 2 boxes of chocolate and 1 box of mind please.” Swara requests.

The man nods okay.

“Swara…” Ragini says.

Swara looks at her and gestures what.

“Are there some fathers who can go to any extent for their children?” Ragini asks.

Swara looks at her and thinks.

“Achanak se aisa sawal?” Swara asks.

“Nahi, I actually met a father who is willing to do anything for their children, he’s ready to sacrifice himself.” Ragini tells in a soft tone while thinking.

“Haa, some of them do exist, there are some who love their children to extent, some are even ready to go through a lot, but not everyone’s lucky.” Swara sadly expresses.

Ragini then hugs Swara and Swara hugs her back.

“I know you miss him, so do I but we have to stay away from him.” Swara says and closes her eyes.

Raginis eyes moist and she sighs.

“I really do miss him, I wish that incident never happened.” Ragini says.

“But don’t worry Ragini, I’m here Na, Pari Di is here and so is Ishita. We got Ma’am and everyone.” Swara says and breaks the hug.

Ragini wipe the small tears from her eyes and nods yes with a faint smile.

“Anyways you were telling me about the father…?” Swara asks.

“Haa, I’ll tell you when we reach the Asharam.” Ragini says.

Swara nods okay.

“Ice cream is ready.” The man says.

Swara pays him and they leave with the ice cream boxes.

“Actually, shall I tell you while we’re walking.” Ragini says.

Swara nods yes.

“So I met a father… He…” Ragini starts telling.

Ragini is walking back from the Mandir, she sees DP walking down in a heart broken condition. He was about to fall due to the rock but Ragini saves him, he looks at her.

“Thank you beta, I’m sorry, I was too lost that I forgot where I was going and had to trouble you.” DP says in a nice tone.

“No uncle, it was my duty to help you. You don’t need to say thank you or sorry, I would take it as an insult.” Ragini says.

DP gives a faint smile to her.

“There are few people like you in this world, may God bless you.” DP says and blesses Ragini.

Ragini smiles.

“Uncle, if you don’t mind me asking, why are you upset?” Ragini asks.

DP chuckles and looks on “You don’t even realise when destiny plays its game. Yesterday I had everything I wanted but today I have nothing I need.” DP tells.

Ragini understands.

“Today I’m just a helpless father, my son had an accident and I…” DP says but stops as he gets emotional but doesn’t let the tears flow out.

Ragini’s eyes moist while sensing DP’s pain.

“Even if I have t…to fight the Yamraaj for m…my son, then I won’t step b…back. I would exchange my life for his.” DP tells.

Ragini looks on and tears fall out.

“I only get to see few and less fathers in this world like you, you’re indeed a great father if you’re ready to fight the Yamraaj for your son.” Ragini says and wipes her tears.

“Well, beta, I’ll see you later and if God destined me to meet you then I would but I need to arrange money.” DP says and slowly walks away.

Ragini looks on.

End of Flashback.

Swara looks at Ragini and Ragini looks away to stop the tears from flowing out.

Episode ends on Swara’s face.

Precap: The doctor tells DP that Ishaan survived… DP thanks god and gets relieved but the doctor says he has a bad news too.
What did DP do?
What’s the bad news?
What’s gunna happen next?

“To find out the answers or to know more, stay tuned for Papa… Chup Raho!”
(NOTE – Ishaan has been replaced)

ISHAAN – Siddharth Gupta
YASH – Kushal Tandon.
Well I think that this story is losing its interest, that was the reason why I didn’t continue, but Lisa, requested me to upload the next part so I did.
A big sorry from me to all the readers, I’m really sorry.

But do tell me if I should continue via comments and be honest, please.

Thank you for reading ?
Keep smiling and take care, love you all ?

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