Papa… Chup Raho! (Dhaage) Episode 2


Episode 2:
The episode starts in MM. It’s 6:00pm in the evening and DP is waiting, he then sees Adarsh dressed and ready.

“Beta Adarsh…” DP says but gets blanked.

“Ramu!” Adarsh shouts.

“Ji Baba.” Ramu says.

“How many times do I have to tell you?! Call me Malik not Baba!” Adarsh says.

“Sorry Malik” Ramu says and looks at DP.

Adarsh notices Ramu looking at DP and says “Ask Sanskaar to meet me straight there, I don’t have time for him!” Adarsh says.

“But he already left.” Ramu says.

“What?! He left?” Adarsh asks.

Ramu and DP nod yes.

“He left a while back and…” DP says but stops.

“Papa… Chup Raho! Now let me leave.” Adarsh harshly says and heads out.

DP feels hurt from the inside but smiles and walks inside.

“Hey Bhagwan… What bad did Malik ever do to you that this happened to him?” Ramu says while looking up.

Scene shifts to an orphanage, it says ‘Saraswati trust’ on the board that is stuck on top.

A girl comes out and smiles seeing the weather.

“Arey Wah… Today is a perfect time to have ice cream.” The girl says.

She is wearing a orange jumpsuit with white polka dots.

Another girl in a purple suit comes out, “Swara, don’t get too happy… Ma’am is gone out for few days and will be back.”

Th girl I orange jumpsuit is revealed to be Swara, she smiles and says “Pari Di, what is this? Ma’am is gone and still you’re scaring me?”

The girl I’m purple suit is revealed to be Parineeta, she also smiles.

Laksh is walking down the road, he is looking grumpy.

“Stupid, idiot Ishaan! Saala, he wasted my time for no reason! He should realise his mistakes!” Laksh says and continues walking.

Laksh looks around and relaxed. “Arey… How far did I come?” Laksh adds.

He then sees Adarsh’s car go pass and he looks on.

“I can’t believe I’m related to them! I don’t want to be! I don’t want their surname and never will! They’re selfish, I’m here walking on the road without a car or a bike while they’re travelling in first class cars?!” Laksh huffs.

Swara then holds Pari’s shoulder, Pari gets confused.

“Di, I feel like singing!” Swara says.

“Singing?” Pari asks.

Swara innocently nods yes.

“Then sing.” Pari says.

“Haa?” Swara asks.

Pari blinks and nods yes, Swara is happy.

Swara thinks of a song, Pari smiles.

Pari: Itti si hansi
Itti si khushi
Itta sa tukda chand ka
Khwabon ke tinkon se
Chal banayeinn aashiyaan

Swara: Itti si hansi
Itti si khushi
Itta sa tukda chand ka
Pari: Khwabon ke tinkon se
Chal banayeinn aashiyaan

Laksh hears and all the children and girls run out.

Dabe dabe paaon se
Aaye haule haule zindagi

Two new girls come out.

Hothon pe kundi chadha ke
Hum taale laga ke chal
Gumsum tarane chupke chupke gaayein
Aadhi aadhi baant le

Swara asks them to join, one nods no but other runs there.

Aaja dil ki ye zameen
Thoda sa tera sa hoga

Swara walks up to her and drags her to Pari and the other girl.

Thoda mera bhi hoga apna ye aashiyan

All hold a hand and make a circle, some kids come in between.

Swara: Itti si hansi
Itti si khushi
Itta sa tukda chand ka
Khwabon ke tinkon se
Chal banayeinn aashiyan

The girl who nods no and then smiles and is revealed to be Ragini in a pink suit.

The girl who’s dancing with the children is revealed to be Ishita.

Laksh follows the sound and reaches there and sees them.

Ishita: Naa ho chaar deewarein
Phir bhi jharokhe khule
Baadalon ke ho parde

Ishita dances with Ragini while Ragini shakes her head.

Shaakhi hari pankha jhale

Ragini: Naa ho koi takraarein
Are masti thahaake chale
Pyaar ke sikkon se mahine ka kharcha chale

All smile at Ragini and all start dancing, a small smile appears in Lakshs face while looking at them.

Dabe dabe paaon se
Aaye haule haule zindagi

“I should be grateful for what I have.” Laksh says to himself.

Hothon pe kundi chadha ke
Hum taale laga ke chal

All, every the teacher and children start dancing.

Gumsum tarane chupke chupke gaayein
Aadhi aadhi baant le

Ragini starts walking away, she looks behind while looking behind, she bumps into Laksh.

Aaja dil ki ye zameen 
Thoda sa tera sa hoga

“Sorry.” Ragini says and leaves. Laksh looks on.

Thoda mera bhi hoga apna ye Aashiyan

Swara pecks a little girls cheeks.

Swara:Itti si hansi
Pari: Itti si khushi
Ishita: Itta sa tukda chand ka
Ragini: Khwabon ke tinkon se
All 4:Chal banayeinn Aashiyan (x2)

Swara walks up to Laksh and says “be charming, be loved, be chaalu, be crazy, be happy, be in love be barfi!”

She laughs and leaves, a smile appears on Laksh’s face.

Ishaan is shown driving the car really fast and is drinking.

“Useless! Always after the money!” Adarsh’s words echo.

“I’m busy!” Sanskaar’s words echo

“No one has time for me!” Ishaan says and drinks.

“Stop being selfish and leave me alone! I don’t know you!” Laksh’s words echo.

“Even Laksh!” Ishaan says and increases his speed.

“Beta, always remember, your Mamma loves you.” Ishaan’s mothers voice echoes and he starts loosing focus.

Ishaan doesn’t see the Lorry coming.

“Your Papa will always be there for you.” His Mothers voice echoes.

Ishaan doesn’t hear the horns, the light flashes and he looks but it’s too late as the Lorry hits his car and his car flips and turns over. Ishaan is lying down and blood is dropping down his head, he chuckles.

Flashbacks are appearing in front of his eyes.

Young/childhood time:
Adarsh – 15 years old
Sanskaar – 13 years old
Yash – 11 years old
Laksh – 10 years old
Ishaan – 8 years old

Adarsh: Ishaan, we will always be there for you… Don’t worry… I’m your older brother, I will always protect you!

Sanskaar: Haa Ishaan, you’re our brother. We will never let anything happen to you!

Yash: When you didn’t do anything wrong then you shouldn’t be scared. We’re always there for you!

Laksh: Ishaan, you will always be our brother! No strength or anything can separate us!

Flashback of dialogues ends.

Ishaan: Those promises were fake like them!

Everything goes blank and eventually black.

Laksh feels something, he then ignores it and starts walking away. He gets a phone call and attends it.

“Hello!” Laksh says.

“Beta, where are you?” DP’s voice is heard.

“I’m coming and I might not so don’t worry and feed your loving sons!” Laksh says and disconnects the call.

He then looks on.

DP is shown sitting down sadly, Ramu walks past and notices him.

“What happened Malik?” Ramu asks.

“Nothing, have you cleaned Ishaan’s room?” DP asks.

“Yes Malik.” Ramu says.

“Thank you… I would’ve but…” DP manages to says.

“Kya keh rahe Ho aap? Malik, it was my duty.” Ramu says.

DP looks at Ramu and gives a small faint smile, “I don’t know what would’ve happened if you didn’t come back Ramu…”.

“Don’t worry Malik, I didn’t get offended that time.” Ramu says.

“Anyways, I’ll be back, I need to clean the dishes and arrange food for Laksh.” DP says and walks away.

Ramu looks on and says “Where are you Yash Baba? Only you treat him with respect and like a father while the rest got used to him being the servant!”

DP is seen cleaning the dishes, a sad tune plays. Voices echo in his head.

DP is wearing suit and is coming inside the mansion.

“Ramu!” DP shouts.

Ramu comes out slowly.

“Why are you walking slowly?! Are there anklets on your foot?!” DP shouts.

“No Malik I…” Ramu says but gets stopped.

“Enough! Now make sure this house is cleaned!” DP says strictly.

Ramu nods yes.

“Why are you nodding?! Get some work done!” A frustrated DP shouts.

Ramu gets sad and struggles to walk.

End of flashback.

“I can’t believe I was arrogant at that time! What went around came around!” DP says and cleans the dishes.

Sad tune plays…

DP then gets a call on his Nokia brick, the old fashioned one. He picks it up and is shocked, he drops the plate and the plate breaks in slow motion.

Ramu and Mahraj enter, DP drops his phone on the floor due to the shock.

“Kya hua Bade Malik?” Mahraj asks.

“Tell Malik, what happened?!” Ramu asks worriedly.

“I…Ishaan had an ac…accident!” DP says.

“What?!” Both Mahraj and Rami say stunned.

DP then rushes out, Ramu and Mahraj fold their hands and pray with closed eyes.

After a while, DP reaches the hospital in a auto rickshaw, he pays the guy and rushes in.

DP enters the hospital.

“Sister! Doctor!” DP shouts.

A nurse approaches him.

“Yes sir?” The sister/nurse asks.

“M…my son is admitted here… He, he had an accident.” DP manages to say worriedly.

“Your son? May I know his surname?” The sister/nurse asks him.

“M…Maheshwari.” DP says.

One of the Doctor hears and goes up to him.

“You must be here for Ishaan Maheshwari?” The Doctkr asks?

DP nods yes.

“Where’s his Father?” The Doctor asks.

“I am his father.” DP says.

“Why kind of joke is this? We asked for his father not his servant!” The Doctor says.

DP is shocked.

“Sir, what is he actually is his father..?” The sister/nurse says.

“Shut up sister! He is a Maheshwari, not a servants son!” The Doctor explain.

A sad tune and voice plays in the BG, DP looks on stunned.

“Doctor Saab, I… I am his father.” DP says while controlling his emotions.

“Listen… This is no time to joke, the patients condition is critical and he needs his family member here with him!” The Doctor says out of frustration.

DP looks at himself, he sees himself in dhoti and a vest which have a little bit of rips. He sees everyone looking at him and are talking quietly.
The nurse/sister feels bad.

“Doctor…” The nurse uttered but got interrupted.

“Sister, call his family members soon! It might be hard to save him!” The Doctor says.

The nurse nods yes and goes, the Doctor also leaves and DP is left there stunned, shocked and in tears which he never let flow out before.

“Ishaan?” DP worries.

The episode ends on DP’s worried and shocked face.

Precap: DP to enter the meeting room… Adarsh and Sanskaar look on.
ISHAAN – Rajat Tokas

YASH – Kushal Tandon
I hope you enjoyed the 2nd episode… Sorry for any mistakes… Do leave out your opinions…

If you think it’s not good then do tell, I will stop writing it…

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