Papa… Chup Raho! (Dhaage) Episode 1


Episode 1:
The episode starts with a big mansion shown, then a board stuck outside the gates on the wall. It says ‘Maheshwari Mansion’

A black Mercedes is shown arriving. The gate opens and the Mercedes enters. A man steps out wearing a black blazer with white shirt and black pants. He is also wearing black socks with black shoes. He is talking on the phone and he starts walking.

“Yes Mr Khanna… The meeting is today in the evening… We will see you there.” The man says and disconnects the call.

Another man is shown in a dhoti and vest cleaning the sofas.

“Today there’s a meeting, should I ask what it’s about?” The man says to himself.

The other man enters and his face is shown. He is revealed to be our Sanskaar. The man turns looks up and sees Sanskaar and he is revealed to be our DP.

“Send water to my room!” Sanskaar tells and goes upstairs.

“Ramu!” DP shouts nicely.

“Ji Bade Malik?” Ramu says and comes out.

“Send water for Sanskaar.” DP says and continues cleaning.

Ramu looks at him sadly, DP notices.

“What happened Ramu?” DP asks.

“Nothing Malik.” Ramu says and turns around.

“Don’t worry about me Ramu…” DP says.

Ramu then sadly leaves. DP then fixes the cushions and goes to the kitchen.

“Mahraj Ji, cook Laksh’s favourite, Aloo sabzi with 2 gobi paratha’s and then cook pasta and all for the rest.” DP tells.

Maharaj nods okay and looks at DP sadly too.

“What happened Mahraj Ji?” DP asks.

“Nothing Bade Malik…” Mahraj says.

(Note: They call the cook Mahraj Ji)

“Tell the truth Mahraj Ji, if you don’t want to cook all this then tell me, I’ll do it.” DP says with a faint smile.

“No, what are you saying Malik? I’ll cook it.” Mahraj says.

DP nods and then leaves, the Mahraj looks on.

“There was once a time where he was Mahraja and now…” Mahraj says and looks down.

DP is then seen taking a basket of clothes. He means the Dhobi (washer).

“Chintu, wash this suit very carefully, make sure that nothing happens to it. This is Adarsh’s favourite suit and that’s what he’s going to wear to the meeting.” DP says.

Chintu nods okay and sadly looks at DP.

“Chintu? What happened?” DP asks.

“Nothing Bade Malik, you go without worrying, I’ll do it.” Chintu says.

DP nods and leaves while Chintu looks on but faintly smiles.

(Note: They have a laundry room and have a laundry man for that, sometimes it’s a woman too.)

DP then goes to the driver who is shown spraying cologne.

“Driver…?” DP says.

The driver looks at him.

“Where’s Ishaan?” DP asks.

“Malik, he’s gone to college.” The driver says and slides his cologne in his pockets.

“Achcha, but wasn’t there a holiday from college? For 6 weeks?” DP confusingly asks.

The driver looks on and struggles to get his words out “Vo… Mal… T… Wherever he went, he went with his choice!” The driver says.

“Driver!” Ramu’s voice is heard.

Ramu comes and stands near DP.

“He has rights to know where his son went and don’t talk to him like that!” Ramu angrily says.

“No Ramu… It’s okay, don’t worry.” DP says.

“No Malik, they’re going to use this as an advantage against you!” Ramu says upsettingly.

Ramu then looks at the driver, “Don’t forget he’s your Malik too! Now go or I’m telling Sanskaar Baba!”

The driver looks down and says “I’m sorry.”

The driver then leaves and DP looks at Ramu.

“You didn’t have to do this Ramu… Anyways, have you gave Sanskaar the charger?” DP says.

“Yes, I have Bade Malik and what are you saying? I couldn’t let the driver insult you.” Ramu says.

“But I’m worried about Ishaan, where could this Ladka be?!” DP says and looks on worried.

The scene shifts to an unknown place. Two cars are shown, one is red while the other one is black.

“Welcome to the dange care zone, today we will have two car races between Shashank Sengupta and Ishaan Maheshwari!” A girl announces.

Ishaan is shown in the black car with sunglasses, he is wearing a racing jacket with gloves around his hands. He gets the gear ready and looks at the competitor and smiles. His face is revealed. He gives flying kisses to announcer and the girl next to the competitor.

A song plays…

Yeah! Baby When U See Me
Comming Yeah!

The competitor Shashank glares at Ishaan while he smiles at him.

Yeah U Better Run For Cover

Next to Ishaan, a guy is sitting and folding his hands.

“Oh god, save us… I don’t want to die at a young age.” The man says.

“Chill bro, I’m not going to let myself die that easily!” Ishaan says.

The man turns to him and is revealed to be our Laksh.

Cos U Know When I Find U
Yeah Im Gonna Be Your Lover
Yeah! Baby When U See Me
Comming Yeah!

“I only agreed because we were going to get 4 Lakhs and I really need 1 Lakh.” Laksh says and looks forward.

Yeah U Better Run For Cover

“So do I.” Ishaan says.

Cos U Know When I Find U
Yeah Im Gonna Be Your Lover

“On your marks!” The girl announce.

Both Ishaan and Shashank get ready.

“Get set!” The girl shouts.

Ishaan smirks.

“Go!!” The girl says.

Both Ishaan and Shashank start driving.

Ishaan increases his speed while Laksh relaxes back.

“If anything happens to me then you’re dying too, so I’m happy with that because I won’t be going Up alone!” Laksh says and eats an apple.

“Hey! Where did you get that apple from?!” Ishaan asks while driving.

“Concentrate on the road and not the apple!” Laksh says.

“Chill!” Ishaan says and increases his speed.

Lakshs heart is sinking but he isn’t showing it.

“Only for 1 Lakh Laksh! 1 Lakh!” Laksh thinks and consoles himself.

“Otherwise who would’ve come with this idiot! It’s good he approached me that time because he’s lucky I was in need!” Laksh says to himself.

“Did you say anything?” Ishaan asks.

“No!” Laksh says.

Ishaan sighs and rolls his eyes, so far his car is in the lead. They already took two rounds and are near the finish line.

Laksh gets happy to see the finish line, Ishaan smiles at the girl standing there.

Th suddenly, their car goes bumpy, Laksh and Ishaan are shocked, the car slows down and stops 2 meters away from the finish line. Ishaan looks at Laksh shockingly.

“No, my 1 Lakh!” Laksh says shocked.

Ishaan tries starting the car but notices the Petrol.

“Shit!” Ishaan says and bangs the steering wheel.

“I shouldn’t have risked my life to see this day!” Laksh angrily says.

Ishaan sees Shashanks car approaching, the crowd look on worriedly.

“What the hell?! This can’t happen! If you want the money then push the car!” Ishaan angrily says.

“Are you mad?! I’m not pushing the car!” Laksh says and turns.

“Stop being stubborn and do it! Shashanks coming!” Ishaan says and looks back through the mirror.

Laksh thinks “I need 1 Lakh.”

Laksh runs out and stands behind the car and starts pushing it while Ishaan tries starting it.

A song starts playing, both Laksh and Ishaan’s heart starts beating fast.

Khol Aankhein, Bandh Feeta Hauli Hauli Sa

Laksh pushes the car with all his strength.

Saans Le Aur Chhoot Ja Tu Goli Goli Sa

Khol Aankhein, Bandh Feeta Hauli Hauli Sa

Ishaan is worried and panics with looking at the controls of the car.

Saans Le Aur Chhoot Ja Tu Goli Goli Sa
Ho Daud Laga Ke Bhaga
Aur Joke Ka Tu Fawwara

Laksh sweats and wipes it, he begins to push it again.

Ho Daud Laga Ke Bhaga
Aur Joke Ka Tu Fawwara
Dham, Dham, Dham

Shashanks car is closer to Laksh, Ishaan tries doing everything.

Bole Jahan Tu Rakhe Kadam Kadam
Dum, Da Dum, Da Dum

Laksh rushes it and says “Dam Laga ke Haisha!” To help him.

Dum Laga Ke Haisha
Dum, Da Dum, Da Dum

Shashanks car passes the finish line and Ishaan gets angry. Laksh continues pushing.

Dum Laga Ke Haisha

The song ends and Laksh stops pushing as he hears everyone clapping.

Ishaan angrily comes out of the car, Laksh realises Shashank won and looks at Ishaan angrily.

“Losers! They wanted to compete with Shashank!” Shashank says and takes the money.

Ishaan angrily kicks the car and it starts moving, Ishaan and Laksh are stunned. The car moves forward and hits Shashank.

“Stupid Ghadi! Did it have to start after everything is ruined!” Ishaan huffs.

“My 1 Lakh is gone! It’s all your fault! Stupid idiot! You gave me false hopes!” Laksh shouts and walks up to him.

“It’s not my fault! For god sake stop being one of them!” Ishaan says and angrily looks down.

“I’m being one of them?! You are! Showing too much pride and confident and then losing! If that isn’t one of them then what is?!” Laksh argues.

“Oh please! Galti Ho gayi mujhse that I brought you along! You never supported me and never will!” Ishaan angrily shouts.

“I didn’t force you to bring me!” Laksh says.

“Saghe Bhai Ho ke bhi?!” Ishaan dramatically asks.

“Oh please, do this drama somewhere else! So what if I’m your Sagha? You’re still one of the Maheshwari!” Laksh says.

Both glare at each other and separate their ways.

(A tune plays… Any tune you can think off)

Shashank is unconscious on the floor.

Precap: Accident… Helpless DP.
ISHAAN – Rajat Tokas

YASH – Kushal Tandon
I hope you enjoyed this first episode… Sorry for any mistakes… Do leave out your opinions…

If you think it’s not good then do tell, I will stop writing it…

Sorry for any mistakes…

I’ll upload the 2nd episode after the SwaSan FF…

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  1. Zuha Fatima

    Interesting FF Hal…Different concept…Eagerly waiting for the next part!
    Well I am back with the season 2 of my AsYa FF by the name is changing to, “Broken Relations Are Delicate (AsYa FF: Time to go back! )

    1. Thank you Zuha… I’ll upload soon…
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    Awsm loved it

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  5. Itz diff nd nice

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  8. Akshata

    i really want to know what happened between them and how will ragini help them.

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