Papa By Chance 7th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Yuvaan and Amrit at loggerheads

Papa By Chance 7th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mohini making Rohan and his family out, and says we will have engagement later. She goes to hear Yuvaan. Yuvaan says this is my house, I have the papers. She scolds Amrit. Bela asks him how can he make her out of the house. Yuvaan asks her not to talk in between. Amrit says don’t believe them. Yuvaan says you have seized my house and insulting my family. Amrit says its my dad’s earned money. He says my dad did this favor and gave house to you people to leave.

Suchi and Harman are in a party. Harman acts good to impress Suchi. Amrit says we are staying in our house. He asks her to see papers. She says even I have papers. He asks what papers are there. Amrit tells him that she has repaired everything in the house, she has bills too, I have spent more. He says take

your things, I will make this house as per my class. Bela says I know you got annoyed with Suchi and came here, we will stay together. Amrit says Harman has kicked him out of home. Yuvaan says don’t take his name, I will bring him on road. Mohini thinks it will be fun, Yuvaan will be my friend as he is Harman’s enemy. She smiles.

Harman says I m going to start a new business on Suchi and my name, Suman, Samraj has this dream of Shehnai, I m just a worker in Shehnai, I wanted to make something of my own. Khanna says its good you got sense, else you would have spent life as servant. Harman says yes, I don’t want Suchi to get ashamed of me, I can’t see Suchi upset. Suchi hears people’s good opinions about Harman. Mohini says we have spent a lot in this house, but its Yuvaan’s house, Bela is right. Bela takes Amrit with her to set Yuvaan’s room. Suchi thanks Mr. Khanna. She asks Harman to talk to her, where is he doing. Harman says I have to go for the sake of your happiness. Aashvi asks kids not to have snacks on road. The kids insists. Aashvi lets them eat. Rohan and his parents are at home. Rohan says function date got postponed, Yuvaan came there, what can we do. Aashvi hears them. Rohan apologizes to them. Gungun asks what did Yuvaan do now.

Ullu says he can’t do anything well. Aashvi says Yuvaan will handle it, come with me. The kids run. Aashvi worries and asks them to stop. Amrit says this house belongs to us, I have childhood memories here, did Yuvaan and his family come to keep friendship when dad was ill, when dad left us, no one came to shed fake tears. Bela reminds Baldev’s words. Amrit says its not friendship which doesn’t work in problems. Bela says I m happy that Yuvaan has come, my prayer is answered. Amrit asks what rubbish, my engagement stopped because of Yuvaan. Mohini asks Yuvaan to have kachoris. She sympathizes with him. She asks why did Suchi marry Harman.

Yuvaan says you don’t have to talk this way about my mum, don’t interfere in my matters. She says fine, we will stay together here. Amrit comes and says even if this is your house, you can’t stay here. She scolds Yuvaan. The man asks her to clear bill. Yuvaan laughs. She asks him to pay rent, else she will tell judge. He says fine, you won’t get friends or any girl here, you can’t party here. He says its my house, my GF or kids, anyone can come. She asks whose kids. Ullu comes there and asks does anyone leave kid alone. Yuvaan worries. Dhoni and Gungun also come. Amrit and Bela get shocked. Amrit says kids can’t stay here.

Amrit asks do you plan to stay here with kids. Yuvaan asks how can I keep you there. Gungun says simple, hide us and take us. Yuvaan hides kids. Bela and Amrit look on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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