Papa By Chance 5th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Yuvaan is getting married

Papa By Chance 5th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with aunt threatening Gungun about Ullu. She goes. Gungun worries. Dhoni asks her to call Yuvaan and ask for help. Genie says why do kids call Yuvaan. She lies to Yuvaan about the call. He says I felt it would be kids’ call. She says why will they call, they would be happy in their new life. Yuvaan says I will go home now. Genie switches off his phone and says maybe its battery is dead, take care. He goes. Aunt comes to scare them. Amrit worries for kids.

Yuvaan gets hurt. He misses the kids. He switches on his phone and calls Bhalla to ask about kids. The call disconnects. He calls again and gets number switched off. Amrit comes. He says I feel something is wrong. Amrit says yes, I got list outside, I went to give this and learnt that no one lives there. He says Gungun’s

phone is also off, we have to help them. Mohini and Bela hear Yuvaan. Amrit and Yuvaan tell the kids’ matter, that they are in trouble. Bela prays for kids. Yuvaan gets a clue and goes. Bhalla and aunt scare Ullu and threaten him about Gungun. Gungun says Ullu would be getting suffocated. Dhoni says don’t beat him. Aunt asks Gungun to speak against Yuvaan.

Yuvaan looks for kids. Gungun speaks against Yuvaan in fear. Dhoni refuses to say anything. Aunt beats them. Yuvaan and Amrit reach there and save kids. Yuvaan beats Bhalla. Dhoni faints. Yuvaan worries for him. Amrit goes to save Ullu. Aunt goes. Yuvaan says where did they go. Dhoni says aunt is very bad, I won’t stay with them. Ullu says bhalla is also evil, aunt wanted us to give statement that you don’t keep us well. Yuvaan apologizes to them.

Amrit stops him. Genie looks on. He goes to talk to judge. Yuvaan meets the judge and complains about bhalla. Judge asks him to marry someone so that he can have a family. He says you and your wife can raise the kids together, that’s the only option. Genie comes and asks Yuvaan to tell judge that they are going to marry. Judge asks him to apply for custody then. Yuvaan and Genie leave. He comes home. Amrit asks him what did judge say. He asks her to leave him alone. She thinks what happened to him now. Genie comes smiling and gives the marriage news. Amrit says I will see how Yuvaan agrees. She gets sad and cries.

kids look for job. Genie makes the video and thinks to use this against Yuvaan. Inspector scolds Yuvaan. Yuvaan says I really have to marry Genie.

Update Credit to: Amena

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