Papa By Chance 21st September 2018 Written Episode Update: Yuvaan sees Rohan’s lover

Papa By Chance 21st September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mohini scolding Ullu. Amrit keeps her rules. Yuvaan agrees to everything. He says I will go and give her rent. Ullu bites his hand. Yuvaan scolds him. Amrit gets blank calls. Yuvaan jokes on Rohan. Amrit asks whom will you get, Rohan is independent, he is owner of three salons, you should learn from him. He holds her close. He asks did you lose in his eyes, as you are lost in my eyes, we met after so many years, your love is hidden behind anger, right. She looks at him. He reminds her old days and asks her to return bhature to him. The kids say we also want snacks. Amrit asks him to have mud laddoos. Kids laugh. Yuvaan says I will make food today. Gungun asks will you cook. Yuvaan says yes, I m very talented. He welcomes kids to his kitchen. He praises himself. He looks

for egg breaker. Gungun teaches him and breaks eggs. He says I know, I was taking your test. He asks where are tomatoes. He takes ketchup. He struggles to cook. Kids look on.

Yuvaan’s finger gets cut. He shouts and makes things fall. Amrit comes and looks on. Kids scold him. Amrit asks him to clean the mess. Yuvaan says your heart has become stone hearted. Rohan comes to meet Amrit. Bela asks what happened. Rohan hugs her and asks her not to believe anyone, he just loves her. She says I didn’t believe Yuvaan, how do you know. He thinks she didn’t get any call. He gets relieved. Harman compliments Suchi. He says we will go for dinner, so that I can spend time with you. She agrees and asks him to decide place. He thinks where will Mohini call him. Rohan says I know Yuvaan always flirts. He asks about kids. Bela says I went to jail because of them. He tells them that he will take them for dinner. They all get ready. Mohini messages Harman. Rohan asks Yuvaan and kids to come for dinner. Kids feel hungry. They go out. Yuvaan asks for spare keys. Amrit argues. Rohan asks her to give keys to Yuvaan. Amrit gives keys. Yuvaan says I forgot wallet. Rohan says we shall leave, he will come after us.

Kids ask Yuvaan to hurry. Yuvaan says we are not going, we have no rent for money, we can’t go out for dinner, I will get food for you, come. He gives food made by Bela. A guy comes home and asks is this Amrit’s house. Yuvaan says yes, its my house. The guy beats him. Yuvaan asks are you mad. The guy says I m Monu, I m calling since morning. Yuvaan says you were calling Amrit since morning, Amrit is a girl. Monu asks what, Amrit is a girl. He cries and says I had a doubt, I didn’t know I will get cheated. Yuvaan asks what’s the matter. Monu hugs him and cries. Yuvaan goes to get water for him. Kids hide and look on. Rohan says my truth would have come out. He sees door open and goes to see. He sees Monu crying. Yuvaan says that guy is strange, he was crying so much. Rohan says Monu…. Monu throws pillows at him. Rohan stops him. Yuvaan says guys cry after girls. They look out and try to see. Rohan gives a heart balloon to Monu. Yuvaan gets shocked. He makes kids shut eyes.

Gungun says what was Rohan saying, why was that guy calling Rohan cheater. Yuvaan laughs and says I will tell this good news to Amrit myself.

Update Credit to: Amena

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