Panika,Will you be Mine (Shivika OS)

Hi Guys.. This is Archiya here… I so love shivika and am completely mesmerized by Them.,
Wanted to have my own version of proposal for them.. Hence giving an shot at OS.Here it goes

Shivay was going to cook Anika her favorite bf today.He was done preparing the aloo puri which smelled delicious.Now he just had to make her eat an take compliments from her.
Everyone come at the dining table for BF.Even Anika comes and blushes seeing Shivay prepared aloo puri for her, as she expected some Hollywood bf.When he is just about to serve her he gets an call and goes in the hall. He was standing just below the Chandelier

Anika was seeing an admiring Shivay from where she was sitting. Just then Shivay turns and they both have an eyelock

Anika (in her mind): How deep are Shivay ganji eyes, I get drowned in them every time

Shivay (in his mind) : how lovely is anika.. She is becoming my habit

Just then anika hears a creek sound, and she suddenly sees the chandelier coming down.. She runs an screams SHIVAAAY

She pushes Shivay aside and she falls too.. But her head hit the edge of a sharp object an blood starts oozing out. An she gets unconscious.. Shivay who had fallen some distance away, comes out quickly from his shock an so do others an come near anika.

Shivay tries to wake up anika, but he does not see any movement in her .He starts panicking, he rememberes the last time he almost lost her, he says in his mind this can’t happen again.. I can’t afford to lose her

He picks her up and takes her to the room, and asks others to call the doc.

The next day morning:
Anika wakes up and sees Shivay sitting in front of her an staring at her, she gets uncomfortable and blushes slightly. She coughs a little an Shivay comes out of his trance.

He comes near her, and sits beside her and keeps staring at her. He cups her face in his palms sees deep In her eyes and kisses her forehead where she got hurt, anika was totally shocked by this gesture but her heart starts beating badly and she feels like some current is passing through her.

Shivay: why do u always put your life in danger for me?
Anika (just stares at him for a sec before replying): I always want to see u happy
Shivay: Will u give your life to see me happy? Why??
Now Shivay eyes get teary, I have always hurt you, insulted you, still u care so much for me.
Why anika why? I want to know the answer today
Anika : I truly don’t know billuji, but I can’t see u in pain

They share an eyelock.

Bhabhi how r u now??? Omru asks entering the room
Om : Today you saved Shivay again.. Thanks bhabhi
Ru: I had said na.. bhabhi is bhai angel.. who always safegaurds him, an goes to anika and starts his chit chat

Just then Om sees Shivay somewhat teary eyed.. Goes near him an asks

Om : shivay,whts the matter

Shivay just looks at om and walks out to the pool area.

Om sees anika and rudy busy in their chit chat so walks out to shivay, comes behind shivay holds his arm from behind an asks whats the matter.

Shivay unable to control anymore, just turns and hugs OM and starts crying bitterly.

Shivay: Om.i have hurted her so much, insulted her so much called her road ka garbage,sadakchap,low class ,accussed her called her characterless , a gal who spent a night for money, destroyed her when blackmailed her to marry me that too putting sahil at stake who can’t even walk properly. Daksh almost took her life knowing that she married me.
Even after all this she has always helped our family an did so much for us.An today she did not care for her own life saving me, she would have got killed if the chandelier had fallen on her.
And cries bitterly

Om just consoles him and asks him to calm down.

Om: shivay, do u still not realize what anika is for u

Shivay: Om,when she was almost dying the day daksh kidnapped her , I felt I will die if she does not get up. Today also I felt the same. What is this feeling, when she is happy I’m happy, when she is hurt I feel the pain, when she not does not wake up I feel like I will die.

Om: Shivay, cant u still figure out that you’re in love with anika.

Shivay just closes his eyes and remembers all the moments he spent with Anika, an finally realizes that he can’t live without her and that he loves her

He again hugs Om, and thanks him for making him realize his feelings towards anika.

Om(Giving his million dollar smile) : now don’t delay, go an propose bhabhi.

Night (10 PM)
Anika (wakes up, her forehead is hurting a little,, she sees its dark) :O bere ki.. Its night. I slept the whole day, where is Shivay

Just then she sees lots of light emitting from the pool area, she walks slowly to the pool area, the sight which greets her makes her mesmerized

Red balloon where placed everywhere.. And beautiful lanterns were hanging from the roof ..Diyas were light all around the pool, whose reflection in the pool, made the water look more beautiful….

Anika was adoring this wen Shivay dresses in complete white comes an hold her waist from behind .She suddenly blushes knowing whose hands they are. He slowly turns anika towards him

Shivay: anika, this gift is for you, I would like to see you in this.

Anika : what’s this?

Shivay: open it, and wear it and come

Anika goes in the room and opens the gift. It’s a beautiful white sari.. She smiles and gets ready

Shivay is not able to wait too long for her, and just keeps pacing.

Just then he hears payal sound from behind him, and he turns

There stood a fairy dressed in white, she looked as angelic as well as …

He just stared at her from head to toe.. Anika was blushing furiously.Shivay gaze was burning her from inside..

As he walked towards her, her heart started racing as if running in Olympics. She started moving backwards..

He walked to her an caught her hand just in moment when she about to fall in the pool, and pulled her toward him, which resulted in anika hugging him. He hugged her back and just closed his eyes.. Tis surely was love. It felt so complete in her arms and no other thought came in mind. His senses were completely ruled only by anika

Anika who was red by now, started moving away from him. Shivay held her hand and came infront of her

Shivay: Anika I want to share something important wit u today

Anika just stares at him

He takes her hand and brings her to stand in front the mirror. He hugs her from behind and they both see the lovely couple shivika in the mirror an smile

Shivay turns anika around, gets on his knees, holds her hand

Anika, from the time u came in my life, by breaking my car windscreen, the time u threw cow dung on me, the number of times u have thrown water on me.The times u have called me by various names.Your constant bakbak and your difficult words which I can’t even pronounce, For the numerous times you have cared and supported me.I want this to last forever in my life… YoU are already mine I know,But This time I am asking your permission, The permission of your heart..
Will you be mine Panika and love me as much as I LOVE YOU?

Anika was stunned to silence listening this an her heart beat more faster, now she knew that this heartbeat was for none other than Shivay, it always was an it always will be

Anika : Yes Shivay.. My heart will be yours, and u will be mine.. I LOVE YOU TOOO

With this she pulls Shivay up in a tight hug

I hope you liked it guys.. Please do leave your comments… positive negative all are welcome..

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  1. sweetest os ever

    1. Archiya

      Thanks Alok

  2. Mind-blowing!!! Loved ❤it….

    1. Archiya

      Thanks Hirah

  3. Samm

    i actually went all dreamy eyed while reading this! 😀 😀 😀

    1. Archiya

      Thanks Samm

    2. Archiya

      Tats a lovely compliment.. as i felt it happen infront of me while writin 🙂

  4. Shivika

    Beautiful………loved it…..the confession was osum….

    1. Archiya

      Thanks Shivika

    1. Archiya

      Thanks sso

  5. Its superbb…..

    1. Archiya

      Thanks Bhavana

  6. Akshaya

    Oh bête ki. Episode was khidkitod. Loved it

    1. Archiya

      Thanks Akshaya

  7. Mukta


  8. Mrunal

    ohh bete ki…
    tum to badi chupi rustam nikali yaar..
    what a adorable update..
    loved the way u showed shivaay realising his feelings for her…
    omru r there to help shivika as usual…
    and in last the way u described proposal..
    i was imagining that & it took me to the dreamy land…

    in short…
    ek ch no…??
    lay bhari….??

    1. Archiya

      Chupi rustam.. heee heee
      Thanks dear 🙂

    2. Archiya

      An I m so gald u went to dremaland.. as tat was the intention of my writing:)

  9. Sat_9492


    1. Archiya

      Thanks Sat

  10. crazy princess

    very sweet loved it❤❤❤

    1. Archiya

      Thanks Princess

  11. Ruksy

    Amazing loved it totally ????

    1. Archiya

      Thanks Ruksy

  12. So lovely;!??

    1. Archiya

      Thanks Kia

  13. Archu..!!
    U should ve been in the creative team of IB. Tho show mein bhi ye sab dekne Ko milthe. I liked it esp Shivays proposal. If I ve to point out something, it’s just that, the chandelier part sounded a little clichéd. But it’s ok Apne Shivika pe sab kuch acha lagta hain. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to more such OS from you.??

    P.S.- I ve always wanted/imagined Shivay to propose Annika, in Annika’s style, Tapori style, using the words she uses. Hope to see that style of Shivay in the show once.

    1. Archiya

      Lax dear..
      I was expectin fr ur comment… an review
      Thanks fr pointin out the glitch, truly speakin I felt tatt wen I was writing. . Bt I wanted to hve something diff than waht they r showin in the serial. . So.just went ahead wit it
      An shivay proposing in aniks style. Superb idea.. it wld b lovely to watch it.. if I can will surely try it out in my next OS

      1. Try that in your next OS dear..!! I think as fans we always want more of Shivika. Proposal n Shivkaras convo is the best in this OS I feel

    2. Archiya

      An ya I feel the creative team is dng a great job these fallin n all scenes.. diff scnes.. diff frm all other serials.. tats why I love IB

  14. Priyali

    Wow… this was the cutest and sweetest os ever!

    1. Archiya

      Thanks Priyali

  15. Anah

    sweetest one……

    1. Archiya

      Thanks Anah

  16. Vincy

    Awesome… Luved it yr
    Pta nhi serial Mai kab hoga

    1. Archiya

      Thanks Vincy,serial ka pata nahi isliye khud hi likh diya:)

  17. Awesome.

    1. Archiya

      Thanks Shalini:)

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