PaNi – a story we wish were true(Season 2) – Chapter 2


Recap: Parth and Niti at their respective homes with their families after the end of season 1 of the show. They have too many differences among them and haven’t been in touch for a long time. Parth has quit the show and is not continuing with the second season.

Parth was enjoying another one of his late night parties with his friends coupled with a large quantity of alcohol. It was 2.00 am and everyone was completely drunk and out of their senses.

He had made such parties and alcohol his daily routine since the time he had had the fight with Niti. It was almost as if they had broken up and he could not take it, just like Niti.

Even Niti had been having sleepless nights and kept crying her heart out feeling helpless of the situation. She had finally fallen asleep while crying and again got disturbed because of her phone ringing. She could not open her eyes which were swollen because of the constant crying and therefore picked up the phone without checking the caller ID.

Niti: (on the phone) Hello!

Parth: (faint voice full of pain and longing) I Love You Niti.

That made her jump awake and her eyes went wide open in disbelief. Before she could understand what had just happened, the call got disconnected. All the past memories of her problems with Parth started revisiting her mind.


It was the last day of shoot for Parth as he had decided to quit the show and not be a part of it for the second season. Both Parth and Niti had been having problems since the day he had given his decision to quit. Niti had tried to convince him to stay back but instead of accepting her plea, he had gotten angry at her for not letting him do what he wished to.

It had been quit some time to all the fights and problems and now that it was Parth’s last day at shoot and he wasn’t going to be around in the future, Niti decided to make things right.

Since it was his last day, he had more scenes than the others and therefore a call time earlier than them all. However, Niti wanted to make things right and spend the last day with him happily and so she reached set earlier than her call time just at the same time as Parth to talk to him.

He was in his vanity getting his hair and makeup done when Niti entered. She wanted to talk to him in person but wasn’t lucky enough since there were a few other people around including the director.

Director: Hey Niti! How come you’re so early to shoot today?

Niti: Okay I know it’s his last day and there’s a lot of work to be done but I just need some time alone. With him. It’s important so if you could just…

All of them understood the situation and thought it wise to walk out. Once they were alone, Parth got up to face her and make her speak up.

Niti: Okay now this is just enough! Parth, I don’t want all of this with you! Why can’t we stop fighting?! Look, if you wanna quit, it’s alright. I support you with that. But can we please be good and happy again. I don’t want all of this.

Parth: (cupping her face in his hands) Oh dear, neither do I. But, are you really okay with my decision? Can you accept it?

Niti: (sighs) Yes! But you know let’s not end this the way we started it. I mean our first day of shoot and many more days after that were pretty unpleasant. We didn’t start off well but I don’t want it to end that way. I want to spend this last day of shoot with you, happily and enjoying our scenes together because they might probably be our last ones!

To that Parth answered with a kiss on her forehead and then taking her into a bear hug.

The last scene for season 1 was Manan consummation part and both of them were pretty nervous as well as excited about doing the part.

Since their first day of shoot together, every scene they shot had had a special place in their life. Every scene that brought Manan closer on screen did something similar off screen as well. They had had stories behind every scene which they used to recall at times and blush how had their story shaped up with the show progressing. Now with the last scene, they knew they were about to make another beautiful memory to look back at.

And, as expected, the scene turned out brilliantly well for the show as well as for Parth and Niti. The way he held her, caressed her, kissed her, made them realise what had been missing in their relationship. In all the fights and issues, they had almost forgotten to be happy and to express love towards one another. Of course, they did not shoot the actual consummation for the show but while shooting, they remembered times from their past when they would cuddle, hug and kiss and even make love to one another.

Later that day after pack up, all the others had planned a farewell party for Parth and Ayaz since they were not to be a part of the second season. They brought in cake and some gifts for the two of them. After the farewell celebration on set they were to head out to a restaurant for dinner. However, just when everyone was about to leave, Parth interrupted,

Parth: Hey guys! I love you all and would really wish to have this dinner together but it’s just that I want to spend some quality time with my sweetheart and so would request you all to please excuse us for dinner.

Ayaz: Oh of course Parth we understand. You would want to spend time with your “sweetheart”. So, sure! Go ahead and we would not disturb you.

All of them shout a “woo-hoo” to tease the couple and both of them quietly move out blushing.

They order dinner at Parth’s place and settle down to start. Niti served him the food and then took some for herself. She had been saving a conversation for after dinner but could not wait till then. Parth was to leave for Pune next day early morning and she had to have that conversation then.

Niti: So dear, how was your last day at kyy?

Parth: Oh it was great! And the best part we weren’t fighting. I just did not wish to leave making you upset. I’m glad you took the step forward and things got settled.

Niti: I’m glad too. So, did the scene today remind you of old times when, you know, such scenes actually kept getting us closer, be it us holding hands for the first time, or the first hug, or our first kiss? I mean I was totally lost in those old times today. Were you ?

Parth: Yes of course. I was thinking about those days as well.

Niti: So then, are you still going to quit the show?

Parth: What do you mean by that?

Niti: Parth don’t you think you’ll be missing out on something so beautiful if you leave? Our journey began with this show so then how can you just leave? Won’t you miss all of this?

Parth: Of course I will but that does not mean I have to stay back! And how did all of this come up suddenly? I thought you had agreed to my decision to quit.

Niti: Okay I agreed for the time being because I thought if we spend the last day of shoot happily and properly, you might realise what would you be missing out after you leave. I thought you would realise we can’t stay away from one another and therefore cannot just walk out!

Parth: Niti, I have tried to explain this to you a hundred times. I don’t understand why can’t you just be supporting me? I have got so many other offers and I need to take the next step for my career.

Niti: So there are others on the show? Don’t you think even they need to take the next step? Don’t you think I too should move on? Maybe yes, but we’re not going. We’re sticking to what we started. Why can’t you do that? This show has helped all of us grow as actors and now can’t we even support it for once?

Parth: So what do I do if you’ll don’t have such great offers to make you leave the show?!

Niti: (taken aback) Oh! Yes that’s right! It’s just you who is so famous and who has so many great offers. None of us are so talented or important.

Parth: Okay I didn’t mean that. You’re taking me in the wrong sense.

Niti: No! Now I’m taking you in exactly the right sense.

She got up from her chair and started moving towards the door to leave. Parth followed her trying to convince her of his innocence.

Parth: (while following her towards the main door) Niti in just saying…

Niti: (turning around to interrupt) just saying what? Just saying that we are all no good?! Just saying that you’ve reached great heights leaving us behind?! Just saying that none of us can get bigger offers than this show and that’s the only reason we’re sticking on to it?! Just saying that you don’t care about the show or your fans?! Just saying that our show, our scenes, you and me as Manan do not mean anything to you?!

She turned around again and started leaving but Parth stopped her by holding her hand from behind. She turned to face him and pulled away her hand with a jerk.

Parth: Niti please try and understand. This is not the way to behave in such a situation.

Niti: I tried a lot Parth. But I can’t fulfil your desires any more. Good bye!

She walked away towards the door and outside slamming it behind.


Precap: Start of shoot of season 2. Niti missing Parth a lot on sets. New entry of Yuvraaj Thakur as Maddy on season 2. Ayaz to visit sets to meet old friends.


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  1. hi dear! i love your ff so far! i was a silent reader.. but now i am starting to talk. i did add you on snapchat btw and my name is bhavreen.. but you all can call me reena

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