PaNi – a story we wish were true (Season 2) – Chapter 9


Friends I’m so so sorry ! I know I’ve been away for a while but the thing is I just could not write well ! I just returned from my holiday like a few days back and yes I had been writing earlier even when I was on my holiday but that was because in the beginning I had a lot of travelling so you know I would get time during the journey to complete the parts. But then later on, I just could not get enough time and I used to be damn tired! Sorry for blabbering so much but I had to let you all know. I know it’s been a while but I hope you still enjoy the story.

Recap: Niti discharged from the hospital. Parth decided to come back to the show to which the channel and show agreed. Niti has no clue of Parth’s come back and is nervous of joining back the shoot after her break as she badly misses Parth and is unable to hold back her feelings anymore. Parth on the other hand is really excited to meet niti after so long and work with her. He however, hopes she would be able to forgive him and accept him back to the show with her.

Veebha picked Niti from her place the next morning for shoot and both of them reached shoot at their scheduled time. By the time Veebha parked the car, Niti got down and started moving towards her vanity slowly.

She was probably a bit early and therefore her make up artist wasn’t present in the vanity. So, till the time Veebha arrived, she checked her phone and the social media she had been away from for a long time since her accident.

As soon as she opened Instagram, there were a thousand notifications awaiting her. She randomly opened one recent comment on her last picture which read, “So excited for the Manan comeback on the show di! Hope you’re fine now. Love you!”

Her brain freezed at the words, ‘Manan comeback’. What the hell was that supposed to mean?! She cleared her head and started browsing through the other notifications but was interrupted by Veebha and Karan.

Veebha: (opening the door) Hello and welcome back Miss. Nandini Murthy!

Both of them shared frightened glances sideways on finding her engrossed in her phone. Karan instantly snatched her phone from her hand that surprised her.

Niti: What are you doing Karan? Let me see what has been happening for the past few days. You know it’s really strange, people are commenting as if Manik is returning to the show. Is it so? Do you guys have any idea?

Karan: What? Are you crazy? How is that even possible?

Veebha: Yeah! What are you thinking Niti?! You might have misunderstood something. Come on now we need to get ready.

Niti: The make up artist isn’t here yet. So till then, you two need to answer a few questions for me. Let’s leave these comments aside for a while. But you tell me, did Parth pay me a visit in the hospital all these days? I’m sure he knows. But did he care to…

Before any of them could answer her question or rather try to fake an answer, the make up artist saved the day. Their conversation got disturbed and they had to leave all things aside and start getting dressed.

Veebha had a scene before Niti and so she got dressed early and left the vanity. She even sneaked Niti’s phone out with her so that she would not keep checking the social media that could give her a hint of Parth’s comeback.

Just as she stepped out of the vanity, she saw Parth parking his car in the parking and since she had 5 minutes before her shot, she moved towards him.

Veebha: Good morning.

Parth: Hey! Good morning. Oh you look great! Being a mom, this is an amazing avatar!

Veebha: Ha ha ! Thanks!

Parth: So, how’s she?

Veebha: Umm she is good but you might not like this.

Parth: What?

Veebha: She almost found out about your comeback to the show this morning.

Parth: What? How? I told you to take care of that didn’t I?

Veebha: Relax! I said she almost found out. She was checking out her social media while I was parking my car. But don’ta worry. I have stolen her phone now and she has no access to the news anymore. (Handing him the phone) Here. Keep this with you. I gotta go for the shot.

Niti was ready but her shot wasn’t and was therefore resting in the vanity. She suddenly realised her phone was missing but could not find it anywhere. She remembered Karan coming to her vanity earlier and believed he might have stolen it to tease her. She moved to the boys vanity to get her phone back from him.

She opened the door and was surprised! There was nobody in there which was quite strange as all of them could not be having a shot together and yet none of the boys were present in the vanity. She was about to leave when she found some papers lying on the couch. It was the script for the day and she thought to herself, ‘Finally! I’ve been wanting to see the script for so long! I wonder why didn’t they forward a copy to the girls vanity?! Any ways! I can now go through it.’

She carried the script to her vanity and started reading.

The first few pages were scenes of the others after which came up a dream sequence scene for Nandini. That made her curious to read further.

The scene read…..

Nandini is sitting in her room crying, thinking about Manik and wishing her were there with her.

Nandini: Where are you Manik? I need you!

She closes her eyes and opens them to a familiar voice. Her eyes open to the most beautiful view ever, Manik Malhotra.

She could not believe her eyes that Manik, her monster Manik was sitting in front of her.

Manik: (smiling) When in doubt, always listen to your heart.

She slowly lifted her head up, her eyes full of tears as she had been actually imagining Parth in the scene as Manik. She could sense him in the role, in the scene and that made her miss him more. She was still hurt and angry that he didn’t even bother to reach up to the hospital to meet her, neither did he ever care about her feelings. But she missed him so much and on reading manik’s part in the script after so long, brought back all the past memories to her head.

She soon came out of the dream bubble and realised that Parth had quit the show which meant there should not be any new scenes for Manik. So then how was it possible that the script bore his part?! She rechecked the date on the first page and it indicated that it was the latest script. Then suddenly she remembered the comments on her Instagram from the fans talking about manan comeback. Soon all the pieces started joining together to form the complete picture.

She left the vanity and rushed towards the shoot location angrily with the script in her hand. Mukti and Navya’s scene was going on which she did not bother about at all and entered the field area to confront the director. Parth was standing in a corner and she did not notice him there.

She she came in front of the camera disrupting the scene, everyone on set was stunned. The director was about to shout at her for interrupting in between but on seeing her teary eyes coupled with anger and disgust, he calmed down.

Director: What’s the matter Niti? Why are you disrupting the shoot?

Niti: I just read the script for today. Is it true?

Director: What?

Niti: The dream sequence. Is it for real? How can manik’s part have a new scene altogether? Manik’s character was being played by Parth Samthaan and he has already left the show.

Director: Niti please calm down.

Niti: (angrily) No I won’t! Sir please! I need to know the truth.

Director: (sighs) Yes! It’s true.

Niti: (stunned) How?

Director: He has returned to the show. Parth has rejoined and is resuming shoot from today as Manik.

The script fell off to the ground from her hands and her body lost control on hearing that. Veebha and Charlie stepped forward to support her.

Niti: Where is he?

Parth stepped out from the far corner and stood in front of her. It had been so long since she had last seen him but he still seemed to be the same. The same magical eyes, cute little nose resting on the face above the juicy lips. His hair seemed shorter though. She stood there caressing his face from the distance through her eyes. Her feelings that of hatred and disgust mixed with love and longing.

After a while, when he believed she had had enough time to register his presence in her mind, he took one step forward but that made her take several steps away from him as she left the premises and moved to the vanity. Veebha and Charlie were about to follow her when Parth stopped them and himself followed her instead.

He kept calling her name all the while but she kept ignoring. Just as she was about to close the vanity door, he reached up to her and pushed open the door before she could shut it. He entered and then locked the door from inside.

Niti: How dare you lock me up here with you?

Parth: Niti what’s wrong with you? Why are you behaving so…

Niti: Oh! So now you wanna ask this question?! What about the time I asked you the same question when you said those cruel and harsh words to me?!

Parth: Look Niti, please give me one chance to explain.

Niti: What do you wish to explain? I’ve had enough of this talking and explanation. And tell me something, why do I have to understand all the time?

Parth: I don’t mean you would have to understand Niti. I just wish to….(bending his head low) apologise.

Niti: Apilogise? For what Parth?

Parth: For all my mistakes.

Niti: Mistakes?! I’m sorry to break your fantasy but what you did was not a mistake. You hurt me deep in my heart Parth. And a mistake cannot hurt so bad. It was a sin. You brought disgust and disrespect to me, to your friends and to our relationship. And then, you never even realised it in all these days and now suddenly you realise it and wish to apologise?! How’s that possible?

Parth: I know it’s too late Niti but I still want to make things work out.

Niti: Make things work out? Even I wanted to make things work out Parth. And that’s why I tried to convince you to stay back. I never meant you could not take up other opportunities but had you not decided to leave, the show was to come to an end in a few months as it is and then you could have taken up a different project. That’s all I was asking for, a few months. And what did you give me instead?! A feeling of shame and sorrow that I stand nowhere in front of you and your fame?! At first I couldn’t believe what you said but then when your fans started blaming me as well for your exit, I lost all my self respect. I’m not hungry of fame or power Parth but there are somethings as respect and stability in life which I long for.

Parth: Niti I was wrong I know. I said all those things out of my anger. You k ow how I am when angry. It was….

Niti: Had it been your anger, you would have realised it sooner or later and apologised to me. And I had faith in the Parth I knew that he would realise his mistake soon enough and then things would be just fine. But that day, I saw a different side of you. You never returned Parth. You never realised it till today?! And what happened today that made you realise your “mistake” ?!

Parth: I did take a lot of time but I have realised one thing for sure and that is that I never want to lose you Niti. Now it’s completely alright if you do not wish to forgive me right now. But I’m here now. I’ll be here around you all the time making you realise that our love isn’t that weak to be broken apart so easily. And one day, I believe you would definitely forgive me. And that’s a promise.

Precap: Niti deciding to quit the show. Would she really leave? Would Parth be able to convince her to stay back and work with him?


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