PaNi – a story we wish were true (Season 2) – Chapter 8


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Recap: Parth apologised to Niti’s parents for his behaviour. They forgive him and give him another chance to sort things out with Niti.

Niti was discharged from the hospital and taken back to her home. Her parents stayed back in Mumbai for a few more days as she wasn’t allowed to resume shoot. They accompanied her at home while the others had been shooting.

The day she got discharged, Ayaz took her along with her parents, home while Parth stayed back at the hospital with the others to talk to them. Niti was still not aware of Parth’s presence around. He would hide away in front of her.

Parth: Look friends, I know even you all might be angry with me for leaving like this, just like Niti.

Charlie: Correction Parth. We’re not angry for you leaving the show. We’re angry for you leaving Niti alone. Do you even know what she has been through all this time?

Parth: I know Charlie. But then even I was at the same spot. I wasn’t enjoying myself.

Karan: So then you shouldn’t have left at the first place.

Yuvraj: Or at least sort things out instead of dragging them to such an extent.

Parth: Who are you? How do you know about us? And who are you to guide me on this?

Yuvraj: I’m Yuvraj. Niti’s friend. And being her friend, I have all the right as all of these who are talking to you on this topic.

Parth: Wait a second. I recognise this voice. Have we talked before?

Yuvraj: I don’t think so.

Parth: But I remember. The night Niti met with the accident, I had called her up. And instead of her, a male voice came up on the receiver. That voice was quite similar to yours.

Yuvraj: So it was you? You were the one that called that night? That’s the reason Niti met with that accident.

Parth: What do you mean? I got her into this?

Yuvraj: She was really upset that day, probably missing you, because she had been doing scenes where Nandini had been mourning over Manik and that reminded her of you. I picked up the call because she was shooting and I was in the vanity when her phone rang. It was an unknown number so I asked her to check the caller ID if she wished to. She did so after I gave her the phone. Right after that, all of us were leaving after pack up and Niti said she wished to drive alone. I could see it in her eyes, something was disturbing her. Me and Karan even discussed about it. It was you. She had checked the caller ID and finding your number had disturbed her. That was why she was not in her senses while diving as well and that caused the accident.

Veebha: But Yuvraj, the accident was caused due to another car coming in between at the cross roads.

Yuvraj: Yes but if you remember, the only eye witness described it as Niti’s car out of control rather than the other car. She was clearly disturbed and therefore unable to drive properly.

Parth instantly picked his collar and stuck him to the wall behind. He looked him into the eye, his face full of disgust. “That’s it!”

Utkarsh: Parth, buddy, stop it. Leave him alone.

Parth: (still holding on to Yuvraj) Don’t you dare speak in between our matter. Don’t you dare! Ever!

He then let go of him harshly and moved away. Utkarsh, Krissan, and Charlie followed him while Karan and Veebha stayed with Yuvraj.

Veebha: Yuvraj, I know it’s not your fault but if you could just step aside of this matter. I know Niti’s your friend and what you said out there was out of the pure friendship you share with her but Parth might not be able to understand that, not now at least.

Karan: Yeah man. Well pointed out, but he won’t accept it as of now. And he does not understand your friendship with her like mine, Utkarsh’s or Ayaz’s so it’s better you just leave for now, please.

Yuvraj: It’s okay buddy. I’ll get going. And I’ll see you at shoot tomorrow. And just take care of Niti for now.

Charlie: Parth what’s wrong with you? He was just stating the facts.

Parth: Facts?! He was simply pointing a finger at me for all of this. As if I am the only one responsible for everything!

He shouted out those words so loud, nobody could dare to respond further. He too stood there staring at everyone with his ferocious eyes, not speaking further, waiting for an answer. As Yuvraj left, Karan and Veebha joined them all when Parth continued. His face suddenly turned shallow, his ferocious eyes letting out tears rolling down his cheeks, his forehead sweating. Suddenly his tight body loosened and he started weeping, settling on a bench on the side.

Parth: He was right! So right! I am to be blamed for all of this! Had I not let go of this relationship, had I not fought with her for such a thing, had I agreed to her plea, had I tried to understand her point of view, today, she would have been the same old cheerful Niti and not in this horrible state she is today. It’s all my fault.

He hid his face in his hands and wept. Seeing him break down like that, even the others got tears in their eyes. Utkarsh placed a hand on his shoulder to console him.

Utkarsh: It’s not your fault buddy. It was just destiny.

Parth: (wiping his tears and standing up straight) No! It was my fault. And I am going to solve it now. But I need all of your help. Please friends. Please forgive me for everything and help me.

The conversation was disturbed by a call on Karan’s phone. He was going to avoid it since they were in the middle of an important conversation but then decided against it and picked it up.

Karan: Hello! What? Are you serious? That’s…yeah! Okay thanks. Yeah sure I’ll let him know. Thank you!

His reactions changing from that of “whatever” to surprise to that of excitement had caught the attention of everyone towards him and they had been waiting eagerly for him to put down the phone and tell them about it. He slid his phone into his pocket after disconnecting it and looked around at all the faces staring at him. After a few seconds of suspense pause,

Karan: The #MTVbringparthandayazback has crossed over 1 million tweets. People are going crazy over their comeback!

Everyone stood there stunned, unable to respond to such an exciting news. But then all of them realised, whatever the number of tweets might be, it was not going to come true anyhow. Ayaz’s exit had been planned by the writers in the beginning of the show itself so there was no question of getting him back. And Parth, well he had himself chosen the current situation and there seemed no way that could get him back.

Parth: Well then it’s time to bring the 1 million audience’s wish come true.

Everyone seemed to be dreaming at that point as none of them could actually believe their ears.

Utkarsh: What do you mean by that?

Parth: I mean what I said, what you understood. I will come back to the show. I need to win back Niti’s heart and for that my first step would be to return to the show.

Charlie: But Parth what about the writers and producers?

Parth: I’ll talk to them about it. Hopefully even they would not want to disappoint 1 million fans. It’s not about getting back to the show for fame, but it’s about giving mine and Niti’s relation another chance. Now that even her parents have granted me a second chance, I do not wish to leave any opportunity let lose.

Karan: Well we are with you then!

They then moved towards Niti’s place to meet her. Parth waited in the parking by his car as he wasn’t yet ready to face her. He was very well aware of her anger towards him and did not dare aggravate it. He still hadn’t been able to gather the confidence to face her.

Ayaz joined him in the parking lot while the others were with Niti upstairs.

Ayaz: Hey! So the others tell me you’ve decided to join the show again?

Parth: Yup that’s the plan, if circumstances permit. I mean if the show and the channel agrees.

Ayaz: They would! They know the importance of your character on the show.

The next few days went in meetings with the channel and the show on taking or not taking Parth back on the show. Finally after a number of meetings, the channel agreed to bring Manik back to the show and grant the audience’s wish.

Parth’s comeback had to be a surprise for Niti but given the fans’ overwhelming response, it seemed quite difficult to keep it a secret from her. Luckily, since her accident Niti had been away from social media for a long time as she had been spending time with her parents and friends. She still missed Parth and wished he were there with her, that would probably have helped her recover faster. Little did she know that her recovery already had a big role being played by him.

The night before Niti was to resume shoot after her accident, she lay on her bed, staring at the ceiling thinking about her life during the shoot for season 1. She had faced hardships back then as well but those seemed to be quite bearable.

Parth on the other hand was really excited and waiting for morning when he would finally resume shoot along with Niti and meet her. He wondered what would be her reaction to see him on sets, with her, shooting. He hoped she would accept him back soon enough and both of them would stay happy like earlier.

Precap: Parth joining the show. What would be Niti’s reaction? Would she accept him back into her life and would she be able to shoot with him properly?


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