PaNi – a story we wish were true (Season 2) – Chapter 7


Recap: Parth feeling ashamed and guilty of being the reason for Niti’s condition. He is hiding away from her parents for breaking the promise given to them of taking care of their daughter.

Just as Parth moved out and informed the doctors about Niti’s full consciousness, her parents arrived and rushed to her room on being informed by the doctors.

After 3 days now, she had properly come to full consciousness and was able to interact. Her parents were feeling so rejoiced to finally see their daughter coming back. Everyone had been missing her and her bubbly and positive attitude and as soon as she started recovering better, the positivity came up automatically.

Ayaz and Niti’s father went up to meet the doctor while her mom and the others stayed back in the room with her.

Doctor: Things are much better now. You need not worry too much. She is recovering faster than we had imagined. You just need to make sure that she does not go through any emotional trauma as the wounds on the head might hurt because of that.

Ayaz: Sure doctor.

Niti’s dad: When can we take her home doctor?

Doctor: Day after tomorrow. We would observe her progress for another day and then you can take her home.

After leaving from the doctor’s cabin, Niti’s dad asked a question which got Ayaz nervous.

Niti’s dad: Ayaz, I’ve been observing for a few days, Parth hasn’t been visiting. I wanted to ask you earlier but thought maybe he must be busy somewhere. But now I feel like there’s something else.

Ayaz: No uncle it’s nothing of that sort. Come have a seat and I’ll tell you all about it.

They settled down on a bench in a corner when Ayaz told him all about Parth and his insecurities.

Niti’s dad: Can you ask him to come and meet me today itself?

Ayaz: Yes sure sir but I’m afraid he might not agree to.

Niti’s dad: He has to! And it’s your responsibility to get him to me ASAP.

Ayaz went up to the second floor where Parth had been sitting in the cafeteria to talk to him about it.

Parth: Why did you tell him about it Ayaz?

Ayaz: Parth he knew there was something wrong. If I wouldn’t have told him, he would have assumed something else which might have gone against you. Now just go and meet him. He would be waiting outside Niti’s room. I’ve promised him I would get you to him ASAP.

After a lot of convincing he finally agreed and moved towards the first floor where Niti’s room was situated. He saw her dad sitting on a bench outside the room from a distance, with his head bent low. His footsteps slowed down and heartbeats increased as he saw him there.

As he slowly approached him, Niti’s dad slowly lifted his head up, looked at him and gave him a smile. That reaction got Parth confused but he smiled back faintly to not seem too rude.

Niti’s dad: Hello Parth! How have you been son?

The word “son” made him die of guilt in his heart. His face clearly showed how ashamed he was and Niti’s dad wanting to make him comfortable, got up from the bench and moved forward.

Niti’s dad: Come let’s sit somewhere and have a little chat over a cup of coffee.

Parth: (confused) Sure. The canteen is upstairs.

They moved to the second floor towards the canteen in silence. Parth got two cups of hot coffee while Niti’s dad waited on a table for him.

When Parth arrived with the coffee, he took one long sip of the hot coffee and let out a sigh.

Niti’s dad: So my son, where have you been all these days? I haven’t seen you around.

Parth: (not looking up into his eyes) Sir please don’t call me that. I don’t deserve to be called that.

Niti’s dad: Why my son?

Parth: Well Ayaz did tell you about it right?

Niti’s dad: Yes but I wish to hear it from your mouth. Why do you find it so inappropriate?

Parth: Sir, Niti might not have told you about this but we’ve been into a fight for a long time now. Much before I completed my shoot for the first season, we started having differences because of me leaving the show. She wanted me to stay back and I wanted to move out for better opportunities. We had some opinion differences wherein I went out of my senses and said a few things which I shouldn’t have. Since then, we haven’t talked to each other and stayed away. Sir, I don’t deserve to be called your son because I hurt your daughter and also broke my promise. I promised you I would take care of her and never let anything cause her any harm but here we are in this situation where Niti is badly hurt and that is because of my ego and selfishness. I did not have the guts of facing you since I realised my mistake. I know it was too late to realise but since I did, I was ashamed of showing my face to you, Aunty or even Niti. I was around her all the time but only when she was unconscious and you were not around. I know this doesn’t mean anything now, but I’m really sorry for what trouble I have caused to Niti, you and Aunty. I promise I would never be around her anymore so that I don’t harm her again. I promise you that.

Niti’s dad let out a loud sigh as he finished talking and then replied.

Niti’s dad: You promise me that? Well do you realise you would be nullifying the earlier promise with this promise? You promised to always be around my daughter and keep her safe and happy.

Parth: But I already failed that promise sir.

Niti’s dad: So don’t you want another chance to rectify it?

Parth: You would give me another chance?

Niti’s dad: See Parth, we are all human beings and bound to make mistakes in this lifetime. Nobody is perfect, neither am I. If you were to be blamed for your differences with Niti, my daughter would have been equally responsible. It wasn’t just because of you but her as well. And this accident has nothing to do with you. It was destiny. But you know what the best and a very rare part is? That you realised your mistake and are apologetic of it. People making mistakes is very common but them accepting it and trying to rectify it is very rare. If you have realised your mistake, I don’t see any reason to not let you have another chance, son.

Parth: But Aunty? Would she be able to forgive me for this? And Niti? I don’t even know if she would be able to stand me in front of her.

Niti’s dad: See she might act as if she can’t stand you but you know better that the improvement she has shown today is because of you. You were in there with her when that happened right? So then I assume you are clever enough to catch the hint. And about her mother, she’s not that heartless my dear. I would talk to her about it. Don’t worry.

Parth: Thank you so much sir.

For the rest of the day, Parth stayed away from Niti’s room as her dad had asked him to while he would talk to Niti’s mom about it. He was sitting in the canteen all restless and nervous when he saw her parents walk up to him. He got up from the chair instantly and greeted them nervously. They settled down and Parth got coffee for the three of them.

Niti’s mom: You know Parth, I really trusted you with my daughter. I believed, with you around, my daughter would always be safe and happy. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not blaming you for the accident. It was not at all your fault. But I saw her condition when she came home after wrapping up the shoot for season 1. She never told me anything clearly about your differences but I could sense something. Being her mother, I could sense her pain through her silence as well. You shouldn’t have done that. She was just willing to be with you and wanted your happiness and success. If you could not agree to her, you could at least try and make her understand without such differences. Being rude never helps.

Parth sat there in silence even after she was done talking. He was so ashamed, he could not even lift his head up to look at her.

Niti’s mom: Nevertheless, Niti’s dad here tells me you’re apologetic of your mistakes. Well that is better than being rude and not even realising it. So, even I give you another chance but only if you promise me you’ll take care of her this time. See Parth don’t get me wrong. I don’t mean to be too strict or anything with you. It’s just that, she’s my daughter and I’m really concerned for her. She lives alone in Mumbai and that keeps troubling me a lot all the time, but since you came into her life, I felt much relieved. I could sleep peacefully at night. But then again these issues. I just hope it doesn’t happen again.

Parth: No mam it won’t. And I completely understand your concern. I even appreciate the fact that you are willing to give me another chance. I promise I won’t disappoint you this time. Thank you so much.

Parth had agreed to stay back at the hospital along with Ayaz that night with Niti. After her parents and the others left, Ayaz and Parth settled outside her room having tea. Niti wasn’t aware of Parth’s presence around her but she did have faint hints. She still wasn’t into complete consciousness all the time because of the medicines.

After a couple of hours, Ayaz dozed off on the bench outside the room and Parth got up to go and check on Niti. He looked through the glass door and found her sound asleep. That tempted him to go up to her and observe her. He slowly opened the door and entered, trying to make minimal noise. The monitors beeping around Niti’s bed got his heart pumping harder. He felt like his own life was stuck in those machines and he badly needed it to be freed off them.

He settled on a stool beside her bed and kept switching his gaze in between her and the machines surrounding.

After a while, he got up from the stool and started moving away but then stopped abruptly near the door. He turned around again to look at her, made sure that she was fast asleep and unable to hear him, and then started speaking up,

Parth: You know what Niti? It’s all your fault! How could you just let us break apart?! You know how I am. I’m just like a little kid always ready to fight. But why did you not stop me? Why did you join me into that silly fight? You know since the day you walked out on me after that fight, I’ve been restless every single day. I tried to not think of it, to lead my own life, to enjoy my break, but it all failed! You know what the problem is? You have made such a major impact on my life already that I feel incomplete without you. You won’t talk to be because of work, I won’t mind but as soon as you get mad at me, it becomes the worst thing ever! I can’t bear that! And now, when I’m here to sort things out, you’re just lying there asleep. I know you’ve had a hectic shoot schedule, but this is just not the way. How can you keep mum like this? Get up and talk to me damn it! I need you! I need you to forgive me and forget the past. I want to walk the future path with you. Please Niti, please get up!

Precap: Niti to be discharged from the hospital and resume shoot. Would she forgive Parth of all the mistakes and give their relationship another chance? What would Parth have to do to convince her into it?


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    1. Medhavi

      Hey dear…sorry won’t be able to reply kuch but I just had to clear your doUbt…actually Ayaz ke character ka end was already written by the writers when the show started…I had heard that news somewhere when the show ended so isliye I incorporated that…so Ayaz leaving the show was no option so Veebha has to understand…Parth on the other hand himself decided to quit…hope it’s clear now…

      1. Ohh….okk…..
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  2. Reena

    Awesome episode Medhavi dear! And are you having fun in the US??? I live in PA..

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