PaNi – a story we wish were true (Season 2) – Chapter 5

Recap: Ayaz tried to convince Parth to sort things out with Niti but he denied. Parth missing Niti but trying not to. He called her up at 12 am and Yuvraj picked up the call which aggravated his anger.

Yuvraj: Hey Niti you had been getting a call since long so I finally picked it up. It was from some unknown number but as I picked it up, nobody answered. You might wanna call back and find out.

Niti: Yeah okay thanks!

Since the day she had started shooting for the second season, Niti had deleted Parth’s number off her phone to not tempt her to call him again and again. She checked the caller ID on true caller and was horrified to find it Parth.

She was stunned to know that Parth had been calling her for so long. This one definitely could not be due to alcohol. She was about to call him back but couldn’t as the shoot resumed. 

She had been trying not to think about him, but her surroundings constantly kept reminding of him. She still pictured him on the sets, in the vanity, near the parking area, and even at her place in the balcony. And then she had Smurphy who would keep reminding her of him. But, Smurphy was now an important part of her life and she would never want to let go of him.

Ayaz used to visit sets quit frequently as he had not taken up any new assignment as yet. He was a great friend and like a brother to Niti and therefore she liked to meet him but when he would come and surprise veebha, that instance would always depress Niti reminding her of Parth.

This was yet another day full of Parth in her surroundings. Ayaz had visited since evening and was there till pack up. She was happy for her friend veebha on one hand and was also upset for herself on the other.

They wrapped up shoot at around 1 am that night and since it was a long day for all of them, they were all exhausted. They decided to go hang out for a while after pack up to release some stress.

Niti could not stop thinking about Parth since the time she found out it was him who had called her up. She wanted to call him back ASAP but could not due to some or the other reason. She also did not wish to accompany the others for the hang out but nobody allowed her to skip. She finally had to surrender to their wishes and agreed to accompany them but wished to take her own car individually. Karan who understood her situation convinced the others to let her go separately in her own car.

Ayaz, Veebha, Charlie, and Abhishek took off in Ayaz’s car followed by Niti in her own car by herself and Karan and Yuvraj in Karan’s car.

Ayaz had a passion for driving cars and was therefore speeding up. Niti on the other hand who was lost in Parth’s thoughts was going too slow. She had lost track of Ayaz’s car but kept on driving as the venue was decided. Karan and Yuvraj kept driving behind Niti’s car to keep up with her.

Yuvraj: You think she would be able to come out of this zone ever?

Karan: She has to man! I wish they talk it out and patch up. You should have seen them together during the shoot for season 1. The two were perfect for each other. But then, this whole stupid thing that came up, ruined it all.

Yuvraj: Yeah let’s just hope things get sorted soon. Hey just stop here for a while. Let’s buy her favourite chocolates for her to cheer her up. I know they won’t be a substitute for anything but at less we could try.

Karan agreed and stopped the car to the side. Yuvraj got down and went into a store to buy the chocolates. In the mean while, Karan called Niti to inform her that they had stopped by to buy something and would meet her at the venue.

As Yuvraj finished buying the chocolates and joined Karan in the car, they drove off. However, they had to soon stop the car after some distance as there was a huge crowd of people in the middle of the road. They assumed it must have been an accident that had gathered the crowd. They hoped nobody would be hurt badly and started moving forward. Since there were a lot of people around, the car could hardly move forward. As they had been passing by, they heard niti’s name and instantly stopped the car. Both of them horrified, got down from the car and rushed towards the accident spot, cutting through the crowd.

What they saw there was nothing less than a shock. Both their bodies turned pale and numb on seeing Niti lying there on the road, which was coloured in red due to her blood constantly flowing out. She lay there lifeless beside her car and none of them could even react at it for some time. They soon gathered themselves together and started taking the emergency measures. They heard from the crowd that the ambulance had already been called. They got her into it and rushed to the hospital as soon as the ambulance arrived. They instantly called up the others to inform them of the incident. Ayaz and the others too immediately rushed towards the hospital.

Niti was half conscious when being carried to the hospital and was trying to say something which neither Karan nor Yuvraj could understand. After a lot of struggling, they finally understood what she had been trying to say, “Parth…”

They took her to the hospital and the doctors started off with the operation. Ayaz and the others soon arrived and all of them prayed and waited for a good news from the doctors. Karan informed them all that the doctors hadn’t given a good sign about her injuries before taking her into the operation theatre. That got them all more stressed.

Yuvraj: She had been asking for Parth.

Veebha: What?

Karan: Yeah actually when we were getting her to the hospital, she was half conscious and was constantly muttering Parth’s name.

Charlie: I think we should inform him.

Abhishek: I don’t think so. He won’t come. There’s nothing left between them now.

Veebha: Yes Abhishek you’re right. There’s nothing left between them except for love. That can never vanish fir their hearts. Parth’s love would get him here for Niti and I know Niti too wants that.

Karan: Yes you’re right. I think we should let him know.

Veebha took her phone and called Parth. It was 2.30 am and there was no answer at the first call. Veebha looked at the others and Charlie indicated her to call again. So Veebha again called him.

Parth was sitting on his bed, thinking about Niti and his phone rang. He was so angry since the time “some guy” had answered niti’s phone at midnight, he did not wish to talk to any of the others associated with Niti as well. He hated her more now since he thought she had moved on in life and had let him go so easily.

He had his phone in his hand while Veebha kept calling but he answered none of them.

Veebha and the others were getting stressed with the situation and did not understand what could be done further. At the 7th call, some strange feeling struck him that made him pick up the call.

Parth: (ungratefully) Hello.

Veebha: (trying to be calm) Hello. Parth. Where are you?

Parth: What do you mean by that Veebha? I’m at my home, in Pune.

Veebha: Yeah just…just verifying. Actually Parth, we have a problem here. And we believe you deserve to know.

Parth: Look Veebha in really not interested in anything from you all, especially if it’s related to Niti. I told Ayaz I do not wish to patch up because I am not at fault and do not need to apologize…so I don’t think…

Veebha: (interrupting him) Umm Parth. I know that. I know you don’t care. But actually, the thing is…Niti has met with an accident.

Parth’s body went stiff and his eyes stopped blinking. His face turned pale and his body started getting cold and numb. He started losing grip of the phone from his hand but Veebha’s voice brought him to life.

Veebha: Hello. Parth! Are you there?

Parth: (softly) Yeah. Is she… Is Niti…I mean…

Veebha: She’s in the operation theatre. We are all waiting outside. But the doctors said that the injuries were too critical.

Suddenly the phone fell off from his hand onto the floor and he immediately rushed to get a few important things before leaving for Mumbai.

It was 3.10 when he reached airport. He rushed to the ticket window and asked for the first flight to Mumbai.

Attendant: Sorry sir. The next flight to Mumbai is after an hour.

Hearing that he immediately left the airport without waiting and drove his car at the fastest speed possible towards Mumbai. After about 45 minutes of his drive, he again got a call from Veebha informing that the operation was still going on. His stress level increased at that and he increased his speed.

He reached the hospital at 5.30 when the operation was still going on.

Parth: How is she? Is the operation still going on?

Ayaz: Hi Parth! Yes the operation is still going on. Here comes the doctor.

Parth: (to the doctor) Doctor! How is Niti? Why is the operation still not over?

Doctor: She has lost a lot of blood. We are still trying our best but can’t say anything.

Parth: Listen doctor! Just do whatever you have to but I want her safe and sound. Please!

Doctor: We are trying our best.

Precap: Would Niti survive and come back hail and hearty? Would Parth let go of his ego and get back together with Niti?


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