PaNi – a story we wish were true (Season 2) – Chapter 3


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Recap: Parth and Niti’s fight due to Parth leaving the show. He called Niti in a drunk state and expressed his love.

It had been 45 minutes since Niti had received the call from Parth saying ‘I Love You’ to her. She was in grave shock on receiving such a call suddenly after so many days but did not dare call him back. She badly wanted an explanation, she wanted to talk to him, to ask him again if he still loved her, if he wanted to sort things out, but her guts did not support her in the task.

Since she heard Parth say those three magical words to her after so many days which seemed like ages, she had been constantly reliving the horrible memories she had had with him just before he left for Pune after wrapping up his shoot. Those, she believed were memories with him that were worse than the time they did not get along well when they first met.

She finally gathered the courage to dial his number. The first time, she disconnected the call just after the first ring out of anxiety, hoping he wouldn’t call back. 5 minutes later, she again dialed it and let it ring this time. Somewhere towards the end, she heard him speak up in a low dragged voice, “Hellooo..”

She stood there still, unable to answer, catching on to her breath. After a few seconds of silence over the phone, with Parth waiting for the person on the other end to speak up and Niti confused with what to say, she disconnected the call. While doing so, she released her breath she had been holding on to for a while and Parth heard through the silence that it was Niti. He was drunk and sleepy but that instance made him get up straight instantly. He checked the call log to confirm that it was Niti and yes it was true. She had called him. He did not remember due to the dizziness that it was him who first called her up and said ‘I Love You.’

He was about to call her back when his friend came in with another drink. He denied at first but all the others forced him into it and they went on for a couple of more rounds. The extra rounds again made him pass out.

Niti was constantly pacing up and down the room thinking about Parth and his call suddenly after so many days. She badly wanted to talk to him. All her patience she had kept for so long was slipping through her tiny little fingers. she could no longer hold on to it and therefore again dialed his number.

This time since Parth was asleep, one of his friends picked up the call.

Parth’s friend: (dragged voice) Helloooo…Who’s this?

Niti: (confused) Hello. Can I speak to Parth please?

Parth’s friend: Yeah one second. (to Parth) Hey Parth there’s some girl calling you at this hour. Hey buddy! Wake up.

But Parth was fast asleep. Niti on the other hand could hear everything and could now sense the alcohol. Before his friend could again talk to Niti, she disconnected the call and switched it off to not receive any further calls. She understood the reason behind his call and his expression of love as alcohol. She knew very well how sensitive was Parth to alcohol and could therefore make out the reason behind his call.


She remembered the time when they had been celebrating the 200 episodes completion on ‘Kaisi Yeh Yarriyan’ and there was of course a lot of alcohol in the party. Parth had not been able to control himself just after a couple of shots. Niti had to take him home to drop him safely. She took him upstairs to his apartment and took the keys from his pocket to open the door. Parth was leaning on her with his hand around her neck and his left body weighed onto her. She opened the door after enough struggle and dragged him in.

After laying him carefully on the  couch, she turned around to leave but Parth’s constant muttering of her name in his sleep, stopped her. She turned to face him and found him muttering her name “Niti…Niti…Niti…” with his eyes half closed, his lips barely moving and his voice cracking. She moved forward and bent over him. She kept looking at him lovingly while he kept muttering her name. She knew then just how much did he love her. She knew he did, but he was not someone who would often keep expressing his love. But him repeating her name under his breath even in his sleep, made her realise, there was probably no one in the entire world who loved her more than him.

She stayed there, bending over him, her eyes moving over his entire face, admiring him lovingly. But, she wanted him to have a good night sleep and for that he needed to stop muttering her name. She moved closer and sealed her lips against his to stop the muttering. As soon as her lips brushed his, he stopped muttering as if he got just what he needed. Due to the dizziness, he did not respond to the kiss but Niti continued to kiss him softly, pulling his lower lip towards the end and then moving away.

She got a blanket from the other room and covered him with it before leaving.


She looked outside the window and saw the sun rays peeping out of the clouds, spreading brightness all over. She had stayed up all night thinking about Parth and their beautiful time spent together. It was a rather eventful night for her after a long time. She took a look at her watch and found the time 5.45 am. She had to leave for the airport in half an hour as she was to head back to Mumbai for resuming the shoot for Season 2.

Her luggage was already packed from the earlier night and she just had to freshen up before leaving.

She landed in Mumbai at around 9.30 am and stepped out of the airport to find Karan (Karan Jotwani) waiting to receive her.

Karan: (smiling wide) Hello Beautiful! Good Morning!

Niti: (smiling) Hey! Good Morning. I told you I could come by a cab.

Karan: So you have the cab service mam. Karan cab driver at your service.

Niti: (laughing faintly) Thank You!

Niti and Karan had become great friends since the time they had been shooting for Season 1 and now that Karan was to be a part of Season 2 as well, they were to have each other by their side. Karan understood Niti pretty well and could make out that there was something that had been bothering her. After some time of silence, he finally asked,

Karan: Hey! What’s wrong? You look exhausted.

Niti: Nothing..It’s just…Couldn’t sleep well last night.

Karan: Why?

Niti looked up at him widening her eyes towards him.

Karan: What? I can ask can’t I?

Niti: You can..But…I don’t know. I’m just not in my right state of mind. I got a call from Parth last night.

Karan: See I told you so. I knew he would soon call you back and then…

Niti: (interrupting him) No. He called me accidentally. He was drunk and you know how bad he gets with alcohol. It was the alcohol that called me, not Parth.

Karan: But Niti, you know it very well that even while caught by the alcohol, he does and says just what he actually feels and means.

Niti: I know but…I don’t know…I’m just so stressed out Karan. I don’t understand what’s going on.

Karan: Okay okay..Calm down. Come let’s have some breakfast.

The next day, Niti reached the same old shoot location for resuming with the shoot for Season 2. Every bit, every corner, every place kept reminding her of Parth and their story. Their story had began at that location and even ended there itself. She missed him, wanted him to come back and hold her in his arms the way he would always do, first thing in the morning.

She parked her car in the parking area and got down to find the spot next to her car, empty. Parth used to park his car beside her and then both of them would walk together towards the vanities. She even remembered the time when her car had broken down and Parth gave her pick up and drop everyday for a whole week. That was the time when they came much closer and started becoming better friends.

She walked towards the vanities and stopped there between the two vanities, one for girls and the other one for boys. She took one look at the boys vanity and suddenly got a faint light of hope of seeing Parth in there. She knew it wasn’t possible, she knew he had given his decision to quit and therefore they had been coming up with the second season with Manik and Cabir’s characters played by Parth and Ayaz as dead. Still, she slowly started moving towards the boys vanity, opened the door nervously and entered. Parth obviously wasn’t there but ‘Yuvraj Thakur’ who had been sitting in there got up and passed a smile at her. She looked at him confused as she wasn’t quit aware of his entry into the show. She had been away for a week and did not have any clue about the changes in the storyline or the characters.

Yuvraj: Hello. I’m Yuvraj. I’ll be playing the role of Maddy in the show.

Niti: (giving a faded smile on being disappointed on not finding Parth in there) Hi. That’s good. Good luck. Sorry I entered by mistake.

She instantly got down and went to the girls vanity placed opposite. Before she could think over things, her hair and make up artist came in, greeted her and started off with her makeover.

After getting changed from Niti to Nandini, she got down from the vanity to move towards the building and came across Veebha and Charlie. They greeted one another and started having a little chat.

Veebha: Niti, I can understand how much would you be missing Parth. Because, even I miss Ayaz.

Niti gave her a faint smile on the outside, but thought to herself, “You can’t understand my pain Veebha. You can t least talk to Ayaz whenever you want and even go and see him. I can’t do any of it. So there’s definitely a lot of difference between our pain.”

Charlie: Hey, we’ve just completed our shot so I don’t think your scene would be ready yet. So, why don’t you come in and be with us for a while?

Niti: No. I need to take a look at the script as well. I’ll see you later.

Saying that she moved towards the building and Veebha and Charlie got into the vanity. 5 minutes later, the vanity door opened and Veebha’s eyes widened on seeing Ayaz get in. She jumped up from her chair and rushed towards him. She threw her arms around him and took him into a tight hug. Ayaz, the prankster who would never be too serious, emotional or romantic also could not control himself and completed the hug. The hug got extended so long, Charlie had to distract the two of them with a cough.

All 3 of them settled down and started talking about random topics.

Charlie: You know I’m not really liking this crazy fight between Parth and Niti. Why can’t the two of them just sort it out?

Veebha: They can, but they won’t.

Charlie: Yeah! So then, why don’t the two of you think of a plan? You’ve done that before as well right?

Ayaz: Yes we have. But I don’t think we can do anything about it. We failed last time as well.

Chatlie: Yeah but at least try.

Ayaz: Okay let me call him.

Precap: Ayaz to try to convince Parth. Would Parth agree to him and patch up with Niti? Niti’s growing friendship with karan and yuvraj.


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