PaNi – a story we wish were true (Season 2) – Chapter 10


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Recap: Niti found out about Parth rejoining the show. She got furious and the two of them ended into a fight again.

Niti: I would like to be alone for some time.

Parth kept looking at her but she had her face turned to the other side and would not look up at him. When he did not respond for some time, neither did he leave as demanded by her, she had to turn around and speak up,

Niti: (raising the pitch of her voice) I said, I wish to be alone!

Parth quietly left the vanity and closed the door behind watching her as he left. As soon as he got down from the vanity, all his friends surrounded him and started asking about Niti.

Veebha: Is she alright?

Parth: I don’t think so.

Charlie: What do you mean by that?

Parth: I mean that she hates me! She hates me so much she can’t stand me. I should have realised this was coming our way.

Karan: Should we talk to her?

Parth: No. Let her be by herself for sometime. I hope she decides in favor of us after that.

Niti sat there in the vanity thinking about what Parth had said to her. At once, her heart had been asking her to give him and their relationship another chance but then again she was also feeling the pain she had suffered all the while he was away and that did not allow her to forgive him.

‘I never want to lose you Niti.’

‘I’ll be here around you all the time making you realise that our love isn’t that weak to be broken apart so easily.’

‘One day, I believe you would definitely forgive me.’

She went through a lot of thought process and finally came to a conclusion.

The others had resumed shoot and it was a Dhrulya scene going on where Utkarsh and Krissan were busy while the others sat in a corner near the field area discussing about Niti. Although the shoot had resumed, nobody was really in a mood to work. Parth and Niti’s relationship had always affected the environment on set. Earlier, when the two of them hated each other, there would always be a tension on set because of the cold war between them. Later when they fell in love, every person on set started enjoying their work and that was the time when each and every person of the cast and crew worked efficiently.

The Dhrulya scene had been going on for a long time and yet they hadn’t given the perfect shot. The director was concerned about the show and the cast was scared for their friend Niti who had locked herself in the vanity for nearly an hour and a half now. Suddenly, Utkarsh and Krissan stopped the dialogues abruptly and stood their frozen. The others turned around to check what was wrong and everyone was shocked.

Niti stood there as herself and not as Nandini Murthy. She was dressed in her own clothes, her make up was gone and her eyes puffy. She had her bags in her hands and was walking forward.

Niti: (to the director) Sir, I quit!

She said it loud enough for each and every person around to hear it clearly. All of them were stunned at her decision. Parth wasn’t as surprised as the others as he had kind of seen it coming. He saw it in her eyes when she asked him to leave. She might have thought about it for hours but he very well knew her final decision was going to be that. He was standing in a corner, away from her reach but just as she gave her decision, he stepped forward and stood beside her.

Director: What the hell is this? Is this some kind of a joke? What do you two think this is? Is this some circus where nothing ever is serious? How can you be so immature and unprofessional to bring your personal issues into this? This is a serious business.

Niti: I’m sorry sir. But this is not unprofessionalism. You very well know how dedicated I have always been towards my work and towards this show. Even in the beginning, I never wanted to work with this man but as I agreed to do so, I did make sure there was no disruption in the show because of what I felt for him. But now, this time, it’s just not possible for me. I…I can’t work with him.

Director: No but Niti you can’t just quit like that. You at least need to serve the notice period. How am I supposed to find a new Nandini Murthy in one day and make the audience accept her in your place? Niti the audience wants a Manan comeback and not just a Manik comeback and Nandini’s exit. And I agree he had left the show long back but the audience is our god. You have no idea what happened when you were grounded in that hospital. People have tweeted more than a million times to get Parth back to the show. And that’s when he decided to fulfil the audience’s plea and so did we.

Niti: (to Parth) Are you going to tell them or should I do the honours? Never mind. Just let me…(to the director) Sir, had the audience tweeted a zillion times to get him back, he wouldn’t have done so without his selfish interest. Yes you heard me correct. This man is a selfish person. He quit the show for his own selfish reason and is now joining again for….Well, whatever it is. I just know that I wish to quit. You can charge me as much fine or penalty you wish to but this is something I am not going to agree to.

Saying that, she left. Parth started following her but by the time he reached the parking lot, she got into her car and drove off. Karan and Yuvraj followed her in Karan’s car.

Veebha: Parth, I think you should just stay back. She is too angry.

Parth: No! I can’t let her go. Not this time.

He too got into his car and drove off.

Niti reached her place, parked her car in the parking lot and was moving towards her building when she was dragged to the society garden by a tight hold on her wrist and before she could defend herself, she was sitting on a park bench with Karan and Yuvraj on either side.

Niti: What are you two doing here? Let me go.

Karan: No. We need to talk.

Parth was very well aware how peaceful Niti felt being at her apartment, sitting in her balcony and so it was quit obvious she would go home. He reached her place, parked the car and started moving towards the elevator when he overheard a conversation from the garden beside the building.

Karan: No but how can you just quit like that? It’s not fair.

Niti: Fair to whom?

Karan: To everyone.

Niti: Karan, I can’t be leading my life trying to be fair and pleasing to each and every person. I need to have my say in my own life.

Karan: So who’s taking it away from you?

Yuvraj: Yeah and talking about being fair, you’re not even being fair to yourself by doing this.

Niti: Not at all. I feel so relieved to have finally gotten out of that monster’s company.

Yuvraj: But you love that monster.

And she had no answer to that. She sat there in between the two of them, staring at the ground and Parth blushed seeing her thinking about him.

Niti: I don’t! I hate him.

Karan: Okay now seriously Niti. This is just too much! It was not such a big deal to create such a big issue.

Niti: Wow! What a friend you are. There’s this guy who insults your friend, makes her cry for several days and nights and then one day suddenly shows up at her doorstep to apologise and asks for another chance and you want me to give it to him?

Yuvraj: Of course! Niti, if you were hurt then even he was, if you were sitting there crying all day long, he wasn’t having a peaceful time either, and maybe it’s too late but he hasn’t taken forever to realise his mistake. He’s apologising, he feels sorry for everything. And frankly, even you were at fault to some extent but you don’t even realise it. At least appreciate the fact that he does.

Parth’s head bent low feeling guilty of his harsh words to Yuvraj in the hospital. He realised he really needed to think before talking and also that he must not be too judgemental about people.

Niti: You’re my friends and you’re scolding me instead of him?

Karan: Yes because you need this scolding. Niti don’t you remember what you told Parth when he was leaving the show. You should stay for your fans, for this amazing show that brought you to such great heights. This show has seen the greatest achievements and it now needs your support to keep it to that level. So then, how can you be so selfish to leave for your benefits?

She quietly thought about it for a while and realised he was right. She had forgotten her own belief. The show had given her so much and now if she left, she would be selfish.

Niti: You’re right. How could I do this? Okay. I’ll stay. I won’t leave this amazing show and wonderful friends like you two. But, I won’t forgive Parth. And I cannot give him another chance with this. It’s all over between me and him. And I would rather the two of you let him know. So that, I won’t have to face him. I would see his face only for the scenes. I can’t bear him more than that.

Niti reached shoot the next day with a small bouquet of flowers and walked straight up to the director. Karan and Yuvraj had already informed the cast and crew about her decision to stay back but she believed she owed him an apology.

Niti: (knocking on the door) May I come in sir?

Director: Hey Niti! Why are you being so formal dear? Come on in. Good Morning.

Niti: Good morning. (handing him the flowers) Here. I got these for you. Umm sir..I…

Director: It’s alright Niti. It’s all in the past. By the way thanks for the flowers. They’re lovely.

Niti: No sir, I need to apologise. I was at my worst yesterday. I’m really sorry I dragged the whole show into my personal problems. I don’t know how did I forget my own belief of keeping the personal and professional lives separate. I really am sorry.

Director: Oh it’s alright. I told you. It’s all in the past. I’m glad you decided to stay back.

Niti: How can you forgive so easily? I mean I was so rude and such a pain so then, how can you just?

Director: Because for me, it’s just important that the person accepts their mistake.

Precap: Shoot resume. Niti avoiding Parth except for the scenes. Parth trying to convince Niti to forgive him.


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