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Niti: Dad I love him and he loves me !
Niti’s dad: But dear how do we trust him ? We don’t even know him enough !

Parth: (to his dad) Dad ! Won’t you still talk to me ?
Parth’s dad: What do I talk about ? Have you even left anything for me ? Do I have any say in your life ? No right ?! So then what do you want me to talk about ?

Utkarsh: (to Krissan) Enough Kriss ! You can’t avoid me anymore ! You have to talk to me ! What have I done ?
Krissan: Check your phone and you’ll find out !


So yes friends that is the big news you had to wait for ! I know I’m so late for this update but that’s because as you must have read the topic, I’m working on the season finale part ! And believe me it’s a long long long part !! Hopefully it would be a treat for all of you as you always ask for longer parts and this would probably be the longest of the season ! Now whether it would be happy or sad, that I leave up to you to guess ! Or else you can wait for the actual part to find out ! But of course, whatever be the end, it’s not really the end ! I will be coming up again with our beloved couple “PaNi” !!

I know you all must be thinking that I had promised you all quite recently that I won’t ever stop writing this story since you all enjoy it so much ! But don’t worry friends I’m not going to stop writing ! It’s just the season end ! I’m soon coming up with a season 2 to this story and I hope you will all give it the same love and support as you did to this one !

Since I would have to take a break from writing for a few days till my exams, I wanted to give you all a closure so that there isn’t too much of a gap between 2 parts of the same story as that would have let to lack of connection and interest ! I won’t be able to do that in the manan ff because that still has a lot of storyline to be shown which I cannot complete so soon ! But I can definitely do that with this story and so I’m doing !

2nd May 2016, is the season finale so don’t miss out on that ! Also, today I’m uploading a manan ff part so look out for that ! I will mention the details of season 2 in the finale part so don’t miss out on that !

Hope you all accept my idea and hope to have your support for season 2 as well !

Thank you !

Lots of love ❤️




Credit to: Medhavi

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