Pani – a story we wish were true – part 9


The schedule for the next day was to start the shoot of the 1st promo and to start with the rehearsal of promo 2 that would feature manik and nandini aka parth and niti.

The shoot was scheduled at 9 am and niti was given the script for her promo with parth which she needed to rehearse with him once. All the others were present except for parth. He arrived at 9.45 and niti was really angry with him. When he went into her vanity for the rehearsal, she again started scolding him. Parth tried to stay cool and said,
Parth: listen agar main chahoon to abhi tumhara mooh bandh kar sakta Hun. Agar tumhe pata Na ho kisi baat ka reason to zyada chillaya mat karo. Apne character mein raho Na, sidhi Aur shant nandu ! Main yahaan par scene create nahi karna chahta so let’s just rehearse.

Niti: main vaise hi sidhi Aur shant hu but jab saamne tumhaare jaisa rakshas ho to koi kaise shant reh sakta hai ?

Niti wanted to still shout but then decided against it and they start rehearsing. Post lunch was their 1st promo shoot. And after wrapping up with that, niti and the other girls had become quite good friends and so decided to go out for dinner directly from the shoot. When all of them were leaving together, ayaz spotted them and asked where were they going ?

Charlie: hum dinner k liye ja rahe hain. U guys wanna join ? Chalo Sab sath mein chalte hain.
Krissan, veebha and niti also joined in asking them to join. Ayaz agreed to
It and said he would get the other 2 boys and meet them at the venue. The girls left and ayaz went on to talk to parth and utkarsh who were still in the vanity.

Ayaz: chalo brothers, invitation hai for dinner from the girls. As in vo log ja rahe the and Maine pucha to unhone humein bhi invite kiya and I thought accha hai isi bahaane vl get to become better friends Aur it will be fun on set as well baad mein.
Utkarsh: haan yar baat to sahi hai. Chalo fir.

Parth thinks for a moment and asks, umm ayaz matlab kaun kaun jaa rahe hain ?
Ayaz: abey tune Suna nahi ? Maine kaha Na. All the girls Aur hum 3. Krissan, veebha, Charlie Aur niti.
As soon as parth heard “niti” he decided he did not want to be part of the gathering ! He just did not want to be around her because he knew they would fight again and that would not be such a good idea considering the fact that they still had to work together.
Parth: yar actually kya hai ki main bohot thak Gaya Hun Aur kal shoot nahin hai Na to early morning bahar ja raha Hun so I think u guys carry on main chalta Hun.
Ayaz: Arey chal Na yar it will be fun.

Parth: nahin yar ayaz. I mean yeah of course it will be fun but I will seriously have to miss it. Sorry yar ! Some other time. (He made a sad puppy to convince them into his story)
Ayaz: chal thik hai ab to aise chance bohot ayenge. Chal then vl see u. Chal utkarsh. Parth uncle ko bye Bol Aur hum chalte hain enjoy karne.


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Credit to: Medhavi Thakkar

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  1. U rock!!..Pani rockss!!!…plzzz..keep updating!!!

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  2. This story is really great.. I love it n thanks for Medhavi Thakkar for writting a beautiful story for us.. Love pani?

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  3. Oh god parth niti are like red chillis

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  5. Hahahaha… Parth uncle??!!! Ayaz and his sense of humour roxz!!! PaNi always roxz!!! So d girl gang is on!! Yayy!

  6. Osom osom osom!!!seems lk cmpltly true yaar. Love it . Manik was cool in d fight wd niti in d vanity van . Ofcorse he is cool and d bst. Love u parth. Plz continue- u r gng too too good.

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

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  7. Awesome story…..nd perfect love story…..

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  8. Hi, nice episode, keep it up buddyyy. Eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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