Pani – a story we wish were true – part 8


Few days later, parth gets a call for the promo shoot dance rehearsals and he reaches the venue. They were shooting in one of the colleges in Mumbai as the show was all about youth, friendship and a music college. Hence begins the journey of “Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan”.

He reaches the location and meets the choreographer. As the dance for the promo was to be performed by the group Fab 5 and the other members were not yet present, the choreographer asks parth to wait till the rest arrive.

Parth was really excited to meet the rest of the cast. He knew the story and was very excited to play the role of that protective friend that manik was towards fab 5. He just hoped he could make good bond with them off screen so that it would turn out well on screen as well. Just when this thought crossed his mind, he remembered niti. He knew he did not share a very good bond with her off screen and on screen, he is gonna have to romance her. He was suddenly tensed as to what would happen and how would he manage ? But he decided he could not get nervous and he had to do it for his career. He just had to be professional.

Just then he saw someone come in and the director introduced parth to ayaz Ahmed who was to play “cabir” in the show and who was supposed to be the drummer in the band fab 5.

After some time, all the others arrived as well and they were introduced to each other. Charlie chauhan was to play the role of “mukti” on the electric guitar in the band, krissan bareto was to play “aliya” and the pianist, and lastly utkarsh Gupta was to play “Dhruv” and the other guitarist in the band.

Director: so that’s your band fab 5 with the strongest friendship bond. The promo is basically focused on fab 5 and so today we have just the 5 of u. The other 2 girls navya and nandini to be played by veebha anand and niti Taylor would not be joining us today. They have a small part in the promo so they would be joining next time. So today you begin with the dance rehearsals.

After the director leaves, Ayaz asks, so has anybody personally met veebha and niti ??
Nobody replies as they haven’t. Even parth does not reply anything.
Ayaz: Arey parth u must have met niti Na ? Matlab tum dono ki casting is opposite each other to miley to hoge na tum log for some audition or something ?
Parth: haan vo… yeah miley they.
Ayaz: and ?? How is she ??
Parth whispered, “pathetic” but nobody clearly heard him.
Ayaz: what ?
Parth: nahi vo I mean, we just met for the scene and the discussion with the director so Aur kuch baat nai hui. So I don’t know how is she.
Ayaz: ohh okay. Chalo then let’s get going and let’s get dressed into our characters.
After some time all of them come out of the vanities as manik, cabir, Dhruv, mukti and aliya.
Charlie was all ready in her gothic look for being mukti, the pink too hot shorts, the crop top and the curly hair with all the dark make up.
Krissan was in a cute short dress, just too cool for any other girl around except for aliya .
Utkarsh with his plain tee paired with a pair of jeans and the hooded jacket, all ready to slip into dhruv’s shoes !
Ayaz being the drummer cabir had to be the coolest and so he was in the sea green shorts paired with a shirt and tie to go with it.
Finally, the heart of the band, the lead guitarist and the lead singer as well manik malhotra aka parth samthaan was just too hot to be handled by any other girl present on set, be it from the cast or the crew or even the college girls ! He was just irresistible in his shorts and a simple tee but with the best attitude on his face to go with !

All of them are really excited for their respective roles as it was a youth show and they were allall basically playing themselves.

Mukti: so let’s capture our first looks and the first fab 5 moment ? And they click few selfies together.
They then start rehearsing for the dance and it goes on till late night. Finally they call it a day and depart with their next scheduled meet the next day morning when they would start shooting the promo with niti and veebha joining them.


So friends here you go ! Hope you enjoyed remembering fab 5 in their first looks for the promo ! Now that the journey has begun, there would be a lot of scenes from the show which you’ll be able to see behind the scenes with this story ! So I would want you to please comment and let me know about your favourite scenes from the show. I would love to recreate them for you in the “pani” version.
And of course please keep commenting and sharing if you find the story interesting. Thank you for your support !

Credit to: Medhavi thakkar

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  1. Going pathetic…..

    1. Medhavi thakkar

      May I know why do u find it pathetic ?? I would love to improve !

    2. u shud not say like this…she has done sooo much of hardwork to rite tis ff….

  2. Awwww so cute yaarr story was too intresting

    1. Medhavi thakkar

      Thank you ! ☺️

  3. Superb it was!! U rock yaar! Yep remembered all their costumes… Love Fab 5, the epitome of friendship, forever!!
    Update soon!

    1. Medhavi thakkar

      Thank you so much dear !

  4. Awesome yaar

  5. Plz make niti accident

  6. i have read this ff till chapter 12 n it was awesome, i read on wattpad, n i think dat u r the best writer ever…keep it up 🙂

  7. Are these incidents really happened in Niti n parth’s life??? Or is this a imaginory story??? Plzz tell me…

    1. Medhavi thakkar

      Hey ! No dear these are completely out of my imagination…

  8. For me please concentrate on their offscreen chemistry on only Pani but also ayaz, utkarsh, charlie,krishan especially ayaz. We are missing him so bab. please concentrate on him too.

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      yes of course dear…all of us miss him…and yes i will definitely keep them in the picture !

  9. You r awesome yar……really too good…..

  10. Aww… After reading this feels really amazed… Hope so …it isn’t mean that they have to be good frnds n all… After seeing their on screen chemistry … We always want if aisa agar real life me hota to kinta accha hota … But OK… For me i’m satisfied….

  11. Very nice episode, keep it up buddyyy. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads, missed niti in todays epi…

  12. Hi….it’s awesome yar…I jus loved it…too good… Keep up the good job…

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