PaNi – a story we wish were true – Part 67 Season Finale


Disclaimer: I would like to mention that the facts about Parth and Niti’s family mentioned in this part are completely out of my imagination and might not tally with the reality !


Recap: Parth’s burst of anger and emotions towards Niti. Niti realising her mistake and apologising to Parth. PaNi together after Niti expressed her feelings in front of the entire cast and crew ! Parth’s decision not to quit the show.

It was happy time not only for Parth and Niti but also for all others on set. Everyone on set, be it a member of the crew or any of their friends from the cast, had always secretly wished for the two of them to be together for real. Just like the PaNi fandom outside the industry, there was a secret PaNi fandom on sets as well. And, now that both of them were finally together, everyone was rejoiced.

The news was not yet revealed in the media as both Parth and Niti first wished to talk to their parents about it. They did not want their parents to find out about it from the media, rather they themselves wanted to be the ones to disclose it to both the families. Parth had therefore personally requested everyone on set to keep it a secret until they themselves had revealed it.

After a few more days of hectic shoot, both of them took a leave for a few days to visit their families. They were to first head towards Delhi to meet Niti’s parents after which they would visit Parth’s family in Pune. Niti hadn’t informed anyone at her place about her arrival as she wanted to surprise all of them. It was her dad’s birthday when they were to reach Delhi and therefore she believed there couldn’t be a better gift for her dad than her visiting him.

The day before they were to leave for Delhi, was a hectic day for both of them since they were to take a leave of around 3-4 days after that. It was 10.30 pm when they had finally wrapped up for the day. Both Parth and Niti were in their respective vanities getting changed.

—in the girls vanity—

Veebha: Okay then Niti, I’ll leave ! You’ll be back after 4 days right ?

Niti: Yeah ! I’ll see you !

Both of them give each other a tight hug and speak up together, “I’ll miss you !” After breaking the hug, Veebha gives her a wide smile and leaves.

A few minutes later, someone knocks on the door and before Niti could go up to open the door, she finds Parth coming in, smiling at her. She too gives him a blushed smile and then continues with removing her make up. He waits for her by then on the couch, observing every single movement of hers, engrossed in her work. This used to be their daily routine when Parth would simply sit and observe her while she would either be getting ready for shoot or freshening up after the shoot. He used to love to just watch her doing her work.

Once she was done removing the make up, she tied her hair in a bun, took her bag and moved towards him indicating him to get up and walk out along with her. She reached up to him and when he did not move, she said, “Come on ! Let’s leave !”. But, he still did not move. He raised his eyebrows at her indicating something she did not understand. When he realised she would not understand, he got up from the couch giving out a loud sigh, and moved closer towards her which made her go numb. She was still getting used to the closeness between the two of them. She did like it when he was around and close but would also feel nervous about it at times.

He moved too close to her, and just when she was about to step backwards, he placed his right hand in her hair, located the hair clip and swiftly removed it making her hair fall free on her shoulders. Just when he did that, she closed her eyes realising what he had been trying to say to her. A few seconds later, she opened her eyes and looked at him.

Parth: How many times do I have to say this to you ? I love your gorgeous hair let loose like this. Never tie them up ! They’re beautiful just like this !

Niti: Yeah but it’s okay if I forget ! You’re always there to correct me right ?!

Parth: I might not be there always !

Niti: (suddenly turning angry) Don’t say that Parth ! Please ! Never ever say something meaning that you and me would be separated ! Because I don’t want to be away from you ever !

Saying that she places her arms around his shoulders and moves closer to give a quick peck on his lips.

They pack and start moving towards the parking lot.

Parth: Okay listen ! The flight is of 5.15 am tomorrow. So let’s do one thing, let’s stay back at my place and then we can leave together tomorrow morning. As it is, the airport is much closer to my place.

Niti: But Parth, my bags are at my place. I would need my luggage !

Parth: Yeah so right now, let’s go to your place first and you can carry your luggage and move to my place.

They quickly reach Niti’s place and she collects her luggage which was already packed. She used to have a maid take care of Smurphy and her house while she was away for shoot and now that she was going away for so many days, she was to hand over Smurphy to Veebha as she was to take care of him. They stopped by at Veebha’s place on the way to drop Smurphy and then headed towards Parth’s place.

It was around 11.45 by the time they reached his place and both of them were exhausted ! As soon as Niti took the keys from Parth and opened the door, he got in and instantly collapsed on the couch itself.

Niti: (laughing at his exhausted condition) So Mr. Samthaan, do you wish to cancel the trip since you’re so tired ?

She had been saying that, bending over him lying on the couch. He had his eyes closed but as soon as she said that, he took her by surprise by suddenly opening his eyes and pulling her over him and said,

Parth: Miss. Niti Taylor, I can do anything but not cancel an opportunity to spend a holiday with you ! *winks*

She could not respond to that and simply blushed. After a few minutes of shyness, she continued,

Niti: Okay now can I please freshen up ? I need to take a shower !

Parth: Sure ! (Seductively) Do you want me to lead you to the bathroom ?

Niti: (pushing him away and getting up) No thank you ! Fortunately, I’ve been to your house earlier and I do know the way to the bathroom.

Saying that she rushed towards his bedroom and locked the door so that he wouldn’t follow.

20 minutes later she walked out of the room dressed in her pajamas expecting Parth to have fallen fast asleep but was surprised to find him still sitting on the couch watching TV probably trying to kill time waiting for her. She was touched by that gesture because she was well aware how exhausted he had been but he still stayed up waiting for her. She walked up to him and cuddled beside him on the couch, resting her head on his chest. He too covered her with his arm around her shoulder and gave her a soft peck on her forehead.

None of them realised when they passed out on the couch itself and suddenly Niti woke up in the morning to find the time in the clock as 4.00 am. She suddenly panicked as they were getting late and was about to wake Parth up but when she took one look at him sleeping peacefully beside her, she decided to give him a few more minutes of rest. She quickly went into the bathroom to freshen up and was ready in the next 10 minutes, without her make up of course.

She then sat on the couch beside him, leaned over his chest, her wet hair dropping on his face. She moved closer and gave him a soft peck on his lips which instantly made him open his eyes. As soon as he woke up, her smiling face in front of him brightened his morning and he too gave her a wide smile and a soft peck on her forehead.

They reached Delhi and took a cab to Niti’s place. All the way, Parth had been enjoying watching Niti’s excitement to meet her parents. On top of it, she was extra happy since she was to meet her dad on his birthday. Like any other girl, she had always been the daddy’s princess and had always struggled staying away from her dad. This was probably the first time in 3 years that she was to visit him on his birthday.

It was 7.45 in the morning and Niti rang the door bell at her place waiting for the surprised expressions on everyone’s faces. Parth who was standing beside her was now a bit nervous since he was about to meet the family of the girl of his dreams. He wasn’t really sure of their judgements about him but he knew one thing for sure that he was going to be his true self in front of them and not try and pretend something he wasn’t really just to impress them.

Her mom opened the door and as soon as she found Niti standing in front of her, her eyes went huge and she immediately took her into a tight hug. As they broke the hug after some time, which seemed to be like a long time, both of them had tears in their eyes. She then welcomed both of them inside as she did recognise Parth from the show. As they settled on the couch, Niti immediately enquired about her dad to which her mom replied that he was in the shower. She instructed the servant to get water and some snacks for the both of them and herself settled beside Niti to have a mother daughter time.

A few minutes later, her dad came out, dressed in a simple yellow tee and a dark blue denims and was totally surprised to find Niti sitting there. She instantly got up from the couch and threw her arms around him to take him into a tight hug.

Niti: (without breaking the hug) Happy birthday daddy !!

Niti’s dad: Oh thank you so much darling !

After some more time of hugging and kissing, all of them settled down and Niti introduced Parth to her parents.

Niti: Mom, Dad, I’m hoping you might have recognised him from the show. He’s Parth Samthaan, my co-actor and friend. And Parth, as you know, they’re my lovely parents.

Parth: (extending his hand for a handshake towards her dad) Happy Birthday sir ! Hello mam !

Since they were parents, they obviously understood the meaning of the friendship between both of them. They therefore simply nodded in his direction nervously and decided to ask Niti about it later.

A few hours later, Niti’s sister and her husband arrived and Parth finally got company with her sister’s husband. That was the time when her parents dragged her into a room to talk to her separately while Parth was still in the living room.

Niti’s mom: Dear, we are really pleased to have you here today but why do we feel like there’s some specific reason for your visit ? Is there something you wish to tell us ?

Niti: (nervously) Yeah mom ! Actually you guessed it right. I came by to make you to meet Parth. He…he’s not just a friend. I mean…I ….we…we really like each other. And we’re kind of…together… And we wanted to share this with you personally before it would start spreading in the media.

Niti’s dad: But Niti, you’re too young for all of this my child. I know you’re quite mature for your age and that’s the only reason I let you stay there in Mumbai for your work. But at this age, don’t you think you should rather be focussing on your career ?

Niti: Dad I used to think the exact same way earlier ! But dad, my career isn’t going to get affected because of this ! In fact, it’ll be more easier with a companion around.

Niti’s mom: That’s right dear but you’re still very young.

Niti: Mom do you trust me ?

She nodded at her hesitatingly and then she asked the same question to her dad,

Niti: Dad do you trust your princess ?

Niti’s dad: Of course darling !

Niti: So then please believe me when I say that I’m on the right track ! Trust me ! It’s not wrong ! And I promise this will never affect my career !

Niti’s dad: That’s alright dear but we trust you and we know you ! But we don’t know him. We don’t know his family nor his background, nothing ! How do we know he’s the right man for our daughter ?

They hear a knock on the door which was already open and all 3 of them look up to find Parth standing there.

Parth: Sorry sir. Actually, Niti’s phone had been ringing constantly so I just came here to give it to her.

Niti gets up from the bed and moves towards him to collect the phone from him. She checks it and says,

Niti: Excuse me. It’s an important call. I’ll be right back.

Saying that she excuses herself out of the room.

Parth: (nervously) Sir, if you don’t mind, can I talk to you ?

They nod and he gets in and gets seated on the bed opposite them.

Parth: (nervously) Sir, Mam, first of all I’m really sorry I overheard your conversation a bit. I didn’t intend to but since I came to give her the phone I just heard your last sentence. Sir, if you don’t mind can I say something ?

Niti’s dad: (expressionless) Yes.

Parth: Sir, I can completely understand your situation. I have seen this in my house when my sister brought the boy she liked to make him meet my parents. My dad was in the same dilemma as you are today. Sir, I don’t wish to compliment myself and therefore I won’t try to impress you or anything. I leave that judgement up to you. All I would like to say is that the day my sister brought that boy home, my dad, after thinking over it a lot, put faith in him somehow and today my sister is happily married to him for 2 years. I don’t mean to say that since my dad trusted that man, so you should trust me. I told you about it just to let you know that I do truly understand your situation right now. But sir, all I want to say is that your daughter, she’s special. Not just for you two but for me as well. And I can never see her unhappy. Being a father, it is your responsibility to take care of your daughter which you carry very proudly. But sir, today I want to ask your permission to share this responsibility with me. Only if you allow sir, I want to share this responsibility and be equally liable for Niti’s happiness. And if you give me this opportunity sir, I promise you I won’t let you down.

None of them responded to that for a long time. Both of them looked into each other’s eyes after which they looked at the doorstep from where Niti had been witnessing the whole conversation. Her dad then indicated her to come in and she did. She stood there beside Parth looking at her parents longingly.

Niti’s dad: (looking at Niti) What is this Niti ? How did you do this ?

Both Parth and Niti’s heart started beating faster at that. They were tensed fearing her dad’s rejection to his plea.

Niti: I’m sorry dad. I was just…

Niti’s dad: (interrupting her with a wide smile on his face) How did you find such a nice and decent guy ?

Both of them look up at him in disbelief. They were surprised as well as shocked at that reaction.

Niti’s mom: Now please stop playing around. Don’t worry, he accepts your relationship.

Niti’s dad: Yes. But I am putting faith in you the way your father did on that man who is now married to your sister. I am hoping you would take care of my daughter and keep her happy always. When I’m not there in Mumbai with her, I hope you will be there for her always and I hope and wish to see you both together and happy always !

Niti’s mom: And Niti, this applies to you as well. I hope even you will be there for him whenever he needs you. Now that both of you are entering into this new phase of your life, I want both of you to manage your relation maturely.

—on the sets—

Utkarsh angrily opened the door to the girls vanity. Krissan was sitting on the couch dressed as Aliya and was talking to someone on the phone.

Utkarsh: I need to talk to you.

Krissan: I don’t want to talk about anything.

Utkarsh: Not today Kriss. Today you have to talk to me. Please.

She let out a loud sigh and disconnected the call.

Krissan: What is it ?

Utkarsh: What’s going on ? Why are you avoiding me ? I’ve been observing since so many days you’re not talking to me at all ! Whenever I come to you to talk about something, you always leave without saying anything. What have I done ?

Krissan: Nothing ! Why do you think you might have done something wrong ? Have you really ? It’s all in your mind Utkarsh !

Utkarsh: See that’s it ! You’re calling me Utkarsh !

Krissan: Yes that’s because it’s your name.

Utkarsh: No, you used to call me “Uttu” ! And now, well now you don’t even talk to me ! What’s the matter Kriss ? Today you have to tell me everything !

Krissan: Okay fine ! I saw something in your phone a few days ago.

Utkarsh: (confused) What ?

Krissan: Think ! What is there in your phone that can piss me off ?

Utkarsh: I don’t know ! And please come to the point !

Krissan: Can I have your phone ?

He hands it to her and she opens the photo gallery and one of her pictures in there and passes it to him. He takes a look at the picture and instantly realises what she had been talking about and what was it that had been disturbing her since so many days.

He does not answer for sometime out of embarrassment at having been caught with her pictures. As it is he did not have the courage to tell her the truth about his feelings for her and on top of that he had found out that she was already committed to someone else. But now that she had herself discovered his truth, he knew he would have to face it.

Krissan: What ? Now you know why I don’t wanna talk to you ? And how could you click so many pictures of me without my permission ? What do I mean to you ? Why did you click those pictures ?

Utkarsh: (nervously) You mean the world to me Kriss ! I…I love you…

He said that without even looking at her. He was fearing her reaction which he expected to be a tight slap but to his surprise, she did not respond for quite some time. After some time she finally spoke up angrily,

Krissan: Do you realise what you just said ? How dare you ? Can you say the same thing looking into my eyes ? Do you have that courage ?

Utkarsh: (looking into her eyes nervously) I…I love you Krissan Barreto !

She kept staring at him with an expressionless face for a long time and he too did not leave her gaze. After some time her lips started moving apart forming a smile that kept widening. He was confused as this was probably the last reaction he had been expecting from her. Her lips formed a wide smile for him, her eyes shining sparkly and she suddenly threw her arms around him to take him into a hug.

Krissan: I love you too Uttu !!

He could not believe her reaction. He was still in a shock probably about to pass out when she shook him awake and brought him back to reality !

Utkarsh: Is this for real ? Or are you trying to trick me into a prank ? Listen Kriss it’s really bad to play around with someone’s feelings.

Krissan: So you think I’m playing around with your feelings ? You really think I’m that kind of a girl Uttu ?

Utkarsh: No I didn’t mean to say that ! But how come you ? I mean…I don’t understand…as far as I know you were committed to someone else and…

Krissan: Okay calm down and let me tell you all about it. Yes I was in a relationship but had broken up long back. But, I did not have the courage to speak about it in front of all of you. I won’t lie to you, I really loved him and was happy with him. But, he had been playing around. When I found out, I broke up with him. After that, I was really upset for so many days but that’s when our scenes started. And that kind of relieved me since you were always around trying to make me laugh and keep me happy. I started enjoying your company and having fun being with you. But, I never knew how you felt about me until I discovered those pictures in your phone. At first, I did not know how to react because I did like you but wasn’t really sure about loving you. So, since I was myself confused about my feelings, I did not want you to suffer and therefore I started keeping distance from you. But soon, I started falling for you. But I also  knew how shy you are towards expressing your feelings. So, I made a plan. I decided to completely ignore you until you yourself come up to me and express your feelings. You had to gather that courage and I wanted to help you with that ! And see, it worked !

Utkarsh kept staring at her in disbelief without any reaction. He was in a severely shocked state as it all seemed really complicated.

Krissan: I know it’s a really confusing story but you are no less than a confusing person. You know when I started enjoying your company and I saw you with Rhea, I used to feel like there’s something behind the scenes that’s hidden from all of us. I used to be so confused since one minute the two of you would behave all lovey dovey and the next minute I would sense something fishy with the relationship. But it wasn’t long by the time I figured out that it was all a fake relation. And when I saw my pictures on your phone I discovered the reason behind your fake relationship as well.

Utkarsh: (still shocked and confused) So the bottom line is ? You love me ? Really ?

Krissan: Yes my cute Uttu ! I love you !!


Both Parth and Niti stayed back at Niti’s place for the whole day and night. They were to leave for Pune the next evening. Niti’s parents were finally relieved after having spent ample amount of time with Parth that he was probably the most perfect person for their daughter. They had happily passed on Niti’s responsibility to Parth which he accepted readily.

Before leaving for the airport, Parth went up to Niti’s dad with a small gift pack and handed it to him. Her dad accepted it after a bit of resistance and opened it to find an exquisite watch.

Parth: Happy birthday uncle ! I’m sorry I didn’t give it to you yesterday on your birthday occasion. Actually I thought if I give it to you before, you might end up considering me trying to act smart to impress you with this gift. This gift is purely out of my affection and no reason to impress you. I hope you like it.

Niti almost had tears in her eyes. She was extremely happy to see the bond Parth had started sharing with her parents. She felt blessed to have him in her life and wished he would always be there with her.

They reached Pune and Parth’s mother lovingly welcomed both of them. She had always adored their pair and was delighted to see them together. She did not need any explanation as she herself immediately understood what must have been going on between the two of them.

Parth’s mom: You know I always used to wish that the story of your show would somehow come true and make you two fall in love. Since the day I saw the two of you together on screen, I wished Parth would get me a daughter in law just like you my dear.

Niti: (blushing) Thank you Aunty !

Parth: Umm mom, where’s dad ?

Parth’s mom: He’s in his study.

Parth: Okay. Please excuse me I’ll just be back.

He moved towards the study room and knocked on the door. On hearing a voice from inside saying “Come in !” he entered nervously.

His dad was sitting on a chair reading a book and did not realise who was the visitor.

Parth: Hi dad !

He looked up at him and his eyes turned full of anger.

Parth’s dad: Why are you here ?

Parth: I’ve come to meet you and mom.

Parth’s dad: Correct your sentence. You’re here to meet your mom and not me.

Parth: Dad you’re still upset with me ?

Parth’s dad: What else do you want me to do ? Have you left anything for me to say ? Do I have any say in your life ? Now please, go ahead and spend time with your mom. I don’t have time for this.

He very well knew his dad’s anger and did not ever dare force him to talk. He therefore, left with a sad look.

Niti had been standing outside the study room and witnessing the entire conversation. She saw Parth come out with that gloomy face which made her heart sink. Since the day she had realised how badly she had hurt him and how upset he had been, she had decided to never let him experience that phase ever again. She immediately took him into a tight hug to not let him sink into that phase.

They settled in his room and Parth started telling her the story behind his dad’s anger.

Parth: My dad has worked extremely hard to build up this business that he has today. He wanted me to join him in it too. He wanted me to pursue MBA from an international institution and then join him in the business. But, I had different plans. I wanted to do anything apart from joining his business. I never felt like being appropriate for such a business. So, I chose an alternative career option which was not really my passion but I decided I could do that instead of MBA. That’s how I joined architecture against his wish of course. But then, later on I finally discovered my passion into acting and that’s how I quit architecture and joined this industry via modelling. He is pissed off because he says I haven’t been taking my life seriously switching professions constantly and he thinks I won’t even last here for long.

Niti: Don’t worry I’m sure he’ll come around soon. Just try and talk to him calmly and explain to him how important this profession is for you. Make him believe that you are doing great and would keep doing so in the future as well.

At the dinner table, Parth’s dad met Niti and was surprised to find a girl with Parth. He never even expected him to be so serious for one girl that he would get her home to meet his parents. He hadn’t been following the show and therefore did not recognise her. Parth’s mom introduced Niti to him and he found her quite decent and sweet girl. It was probably the first thing after years that Parth had done that convinced his dad as well.

After dinner, his dad asked Niti to join him for a small walk in the garden area outside and she readily agreed.

Parth’s dad: So dear, you always wanted to be an actor ?

Niti: Kind of ! I started getting opportunities at a very young age and therefore, since then I wanted to be in this industry.

Parth’s dad: And what about your education ?

Niti: Sir, I’m in the second year of college so I am studying along with my career.

Parth’s dad: Oh that’s good ! So then why don’t you make Parth understand that ? He does not want to focus on studies at all !

Niti: Sir, can I say something if you don’t mind ?

Parth’s dad: Yes of course dear !

Niti: Sir, I know studies and academic performances are really important but trust me, what Parth has been doing out there is commendable. At this young age, he has reached great heights. And now, he has taken a drop because he wishes to focus on his acting career better. If he would try and balance both studies as well as acting, he might not be able to give his 100% in any of it. So isn’t it better that he give his best in what he loves to do ? And you know what ? There’s just one thing lacking for him to reach the peak and that is your support. If you would support him, he would be able to give his best for sure !

Parth’s dad: You really are very smart huh ?

Niti: So that means you’ll support him ?

Parth’s dad: (smiling) Yes ! And stop calling me sir ! For now, you can call me uncle, until some other relation gets established.

Finally Niti managed to bring the father and son back together and his parents were more than happy with the two of them being together. They stayed back in Pune for another day before getting back to Mumbai.

The day they resumed shoot after their missions in Delhi and Pune had been accomplished, they had decided to let out the news to the whole world as well. Both of them clicked a picture of them together and posted it on their Instagram accounts simultaneously with a caption letting out the news.

Caption: Till the stars shine, and the fireflies exist, Love you forever and hamesha !

Seconds after they had both posted the picture, the PaNi fandom started going crazy over it ! They started getting numerous comments congratulating the two of them for their new beginning.

A few days later, they also gave a joint interview for all the PaNi fans out there who had sent gifts for both of them from across the world ! They had to spend almost half a day for the interview and opening the gifts. Apart from the gifts, the fans had sent letters, flowers and cakes as well.

Both Parth and Niti were rejoiced to see such a great response and the amount of love they had been receiving from all their fans.


So, that is the end of season 1 friends !! I really hope you all enjoyed it ! And I’m really sorry for the too long update ! Actually I am one person who prefers short and sweet updates and would never read such long updates so if there’s anyone out there just like me, “same pinch” and sorry for the long update ! I thought of breaking it down into 2 parts but then I didn’t want to spoil the mood ! Hope you guys liked it !

I would like to thank each and every one of you for supporting me throughout ! The day I started writing this story, I had not even imagined such a response in my dreams ! Had it not been for all of your support, I don’t think I would have been able to reach this level ! So all thanks goes to each and every reader and friend out there !

Also, as all of you know from my previous update of the Promo, I am coming up with a season 2 ! Yes !! I’m not going to stop writing ! Not after seeing such a great response. So the season 2 of “PaNi – a story we wish were true” would be starting from 23rd May 2016 that is after my exams. My exams are starting from the 10th of May and ending on 16th may. So, I would need a week’s time to set the plot and start writing. Of course the whole story is already decided in my mind but I need to pen it down properly.

So don’t forget, I would be coming back on 23rd may and the schedule for that story would be every Monday and Friday ! The manan ff will continue as per it’s schedule or I might change it but that would be after my exams. I would be posting one last part of the manan ff in a day or two before I take a compete break. After that again I would resume manan ff from 19th may which is a Thursday and then again it would go according to the schedule. Hope it’s not too confusing to understand !

Oh my god I’ve been blabbering too much ! Sorry friends !! So now that’s it ! Hope you liked it !

Thank you !

Lots of love ❤️

Medhavi ☺️



Credit to: Medhavi

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