PaNi – a story we wish were true – Part 66

Recap: Veebha convinces Niti to stay back on the show but Parth has given his decision to quit. He is serving his notice period of 1 month.

Both their cars were parked one beside the other and since it was just the two of them on shoot that day, they could not help but think about the good old days they had spent with each other happily.

As Parth drove off, he kept looking into the rear view mirror to check whether Niti’s car was following. By the time he reached the main gate, he never found her car coming behind and that made him worried. He stopped and took his car reverse to find that her car was still parked at the same place and she was sitting inside probably struggling to start off. As soon as he realized she had been struggling to start her car, he wanted to go and help her out. But he was left in a dilemma whether to go or not, whether she would be comfortable taking his help. He was very well aware that there was nobody around who could help her except for him. The entire crew had left by that time and it was just the two of them in the premises.

He was sitting there in his car, wondering whether it would be appropriate of him to go up to her or not when he heard someone knock on his car window. He looked up to find Niti standing there asking him to lower his window so that she could talk. She did seem to be nervous on having to come and talk to him but he knew she was helpless and he did not want her to feel that embarrassment. He therefore, instead of lowering the window, opened the door and got down from the car to talk to her. Looking at her nervousness, simply talking through the window would have been rude on his part was what he thought.

Niti: (nervously, trying to avoid eye contact) I’m sorry for having to disturb you. Actually my car isn’t starting so if you don’t mind could you please help me out ?

He kept looking at her constantly looking here and there, avoiding eye contact with him. Her nervousness almost killed him. He then badly missed those days when there was so much comfort between the two of them. They could talk to each other about anything and everything and there was no nervousness or embarrassment about anything. He simply nodded and followed her to her car and tried to figure out the problem.

He wasn’t a mechanic but looking at the condition of the car he was immediately able to make out that it needed proper mechanical support without which it would not be able to function. He was about to declare that to her and offer to drop her home instead as the car was genuinely not in a state to get started, but he realized she might take him in the wrong sense. She might assume he is pretending such a thing so that he could get to spend time with her. He thought it to be a bit inappropriate and therefore, instead of offering her the drive, kept trying to fix the problem somehow even though he knew it wasn’t to be fixed ! After a while he moved aside and gave out a sigh.

Parth: Umm, I’m sorry actually this requires the mechanic’s support. I tried but I won’t be able to fix it.

He didn’t immediately offer to drive her home as he found it uncomfortable and inappropriate for her, looking at her nervousness. She kept staring at the car for a while, wondering whether she could ask him to drop her home as it was quite late and her home was far away. After enough of silence between the two of them, Parth finally spoke up,

Parth: Listen, I don’t mean to make you nervous or uncomfortable but if you don’t mind, I can drop you home. It’s quite late and trust me I did try my best to fix your car but since it’s not possible therefore I’m offering. Only if you don’t mind.

Niti: (nervously) Okay !

For the first 5 minutes of the drive, none of them spoke up anything. Both of them were lost in the old times when Parth used to pick her up and drop her home from shoot. In the earlier days of their friendship, when Niti’s car was in the garage and Parth had helped her out by offering her a drive daily to and from the shoot, those days had brought the two of them much closer. Their friendship had evolved over those drives and none of them realized as to when did the friendship turn into love.

Niti: (nervous, almost struggling to speak) So…you…you’re…leaving the show ?

Parth turned towards her at the question. He heard something more than the question she had asked. He saw through it, her nervousness, her longing to ask him not to leave. But his decision was firm and according to him, he had been doing so for her happiness.

Parth: Umm..yes !

Niti: Reason ? If I may ask ?

Parth: I’m getting a lot of other offers so I wanna try something new.

Niti: it’s okay if you don’t wanna tell me the real reason. No need to lie.

And again silence faded over and the next 20 minutes of the drive passed silently till he dropped her home.

The next day, Niti reached shoot in a cab and found someone near her car probably a mechanic repairing it. As soon as the mechanic saw her coming, he got up and greeted her cheerfully.

Mechanic: Good morning mam ! Your car is absolutely fine now ! All fixed ! And mam, here is my card. We are open 24/7 so you can give us a call anytime you need a mechanic for your car. As of now, I’ve fixed it to the best possible and it should not bother you anymore. But in case something happens in the future, we’re just a call away.

Niti: (confused) But I never called you to fix it ! Then how come ?

Mechanic: Yes mam ! Parth sir did ! He called me up this morning and I reached here immediately !

Niti was surprised as well as pissed off ! She was happy that Parth cared for her so much but was also angry since she did not want to feel happy about it. It was a situation of mixed emotions for her but the anger was taking over. She wasn’t able to digest too much care and attention from him even though she was being so indifferent towards him.

She immediately rushed towards the boys vanity and pushed open the door furiously. Parth and Ayaz had been sitting there dressed as their respective characters waiting for the shot. Both of them turned around and got scared on seeing the furious Niti. Parth had been expecting a smile and a sweet “thank you” from her but what he came across took him by surprise.

Ayaz: Hey Niti ! What happened ? Is everything alright ?

Niti: No !

She moved forward towards Parth and he got up to face her. He was literally scared of her mood at the time but had no escape but to face what was coming his way.

Niti: (to Parth) What’s your problem ? Why can’t you let me be ?

Parth: Why ? What happened ?

Niti: What are you trying to prove by taking such extra care of me ? I can take care of myself ! I’m an adult and I don’t need you at every stage of my life ! What were you trying to prove by calling that mechanic ? Why can’t you just stay away from my life ?

Parth was taken aback ! He had never expected this reaction and now his calm side was turning furious. He was no longer able to hold back his emotions. He had always wished for her happiness and the way she had been blaming him and putting such allegations on him was making him lose his mind. He tried to control himself, explaining himself that he needed to be calm for her but it did not work this time.

Parth: (losing his patience and almost yelling at her) I don’t understand what your problem is ! I’m trying my level best to keep you happy in any way possible. But you have got a problem with anything I do !

Ayaz: (trying to calm him down) Parth relax. Talk properly.

Parth: (irritated as well as angry) No Ayaz ! It’s enough now ! First of all when I asked her to keep our friendship a secret, she wanted to reveal it. Then when I fell for her, her heart suddenly changed and she wanted to hide it. Till then I was fine because I understood her point as even I was at the same place at some point of time. But then when I propose to her, she simply walks away not even thinking for a single second as to what would I be going through ?! I still tried to understand her situation and give her the space. But then she comes up to me and says she loves me ! But it does not end there ! Even after saying that, she is not able to do scenes with me and decides to quit the show ! I thought why should she suffer and so I decided to quit. She’s still not happy ! She wants me to stay back but won’t say it herself ! And then for such a small thing as me calling a mechanic for her car, she comes and talks to me like this ?! I mean I don’t understand what should I do to make her happy ?! She has got problem with anything I do !

Niti keeps staring at him in disbelief. Tears start flowing out of her eyes instantly and that makes Parth realize what he had just done. He had gone too far with this and now he would not be able to help it even if he tried. She rushed out of the vanity crying and went into the girls vanity. Veebha, Charlie and Krissan were all sitting there who got worried on seeing her coming and crying like a little kid. She settled on the couch beside Veebha, threw her arms around her and kept weeping.

Veebha: Niti ! What happened dear ? What’s wrong ? Please tell me !

She did not respond, instead, simply kept crying. Veebha, Charlie and Krissan instantly understood it was something related to Parth but her constant crying was making them worried. Besides, she wasn’t even revealing to them what had actually happened that had got her to break down like that !

Ayaz: (to Parth) What was this Parth ? I thought you were quite sensible looking the way you had been handling the whole situation. But first your stupid decision to quit the show and now this. Talking to Niti like that, were you out of your mind ?

He felt guilty at his words but was also helpless. He had been holding back his emotions for a long time now and this was his last point beyond which it was becoming difficult for him. He was feeling bad for her tears but his anger was still coming in his way to go up to her and apologize.

Parth: I know it was too much ! But i can’t hep it man ! I’m not some perfect person who can take anything and everything sh*t coming his way ! You know, all this while, that I had been holding this in my heart was not me. If it would have been the old Parth, this reaction that came today would have come on the same day she walked away on my proposal. She has changed me and she has changed me for good ! But even I am a human who feels. It hurts me to see her in pain and it hurts even more to know that I am the reason behind her pain. I therefore, try to do some good to her but I don’t know why, whatever I do, she gets more upset and that makes me go mad.

Charlie was standing near the door during this conversation and she found out the reason behind Niti’s break down. She had come up to talk to the boys about it but she found out even without talking to them. That made her kind of mad at Niti. She was her friend but after listening to Parth’s story and feelings, she felt like Niti had not been fair with him all this while and none of them realized the pain he had been going through.

She went back to the girls vanity and tried to talk to Niti calmly about it even though she was pissed at the situation after hearing out Parth.

Charlie: Niti, I can understand what you might be going through. But you should have also thought about Parth at least once ! What was his fault if he fell in love with you ? The way you behaved in the entire situation was not correct !

Veebha: Charlie calm down. Look at her condition at least ! We can talk about this later.

Charlie: No Veebha we need to talk about it right now because this is the reason she has broken down. Actually it should be Parth breaking down like this but I don’t understand her reaction.

Krissan: Charlie please ! Stop it !

Niti: (wiping her tears) It’s okay girls. She is right ! I am at a major fault ! And I’m crying for being the way I have been. I’m not upset because I am hurt. I am upset because I hurt him. I don’t know how and when did I become so selfish to have thought of only me and no one else ! But today I realized how bad a scar have I left on him. And now, I don’t know how to fix this !

After some time, things settled down and all of them proceeded for the shoot. Both Parth and Niti were back to the professionals and today again both of them, especially Niti, completed the scene very well without many retakes just like old times. Of course there were problems between them personally, but they managed not to bring it in the professional area.

During lunch break, for the first time the girls and boys were having lunch separately in their respective vanities, unlike the old days when all of them used to have lunch together in any one vanity. Niti had suddenly turned silent and lost and was feeling quite out of place even when with her girls. Charlie realized her mistake of having scolded Niti earlier and did apologize to her.

Niti: It’s okay Charlie. You weren’t wrong. And one should never apologize for something they were not wrong about.

She then excuses herself outside to stay alone and away from everyone. She stepped out of the vanity to find Parth standing with a few girls who seemed to be his fans. She hid herself in a corner to have a look at the scenario. The girls were taking pictures with him and taking his autographs. He had few gifts in his hand which were probably got to him from those fans.

Girl 1: We’ve heard you’re leaving the show ? Why Parth ? Please don’t do this to us.

Girl 2 & 3: (together) yes please don’t do this to your fans ! You must have observed how crazy your fans have been going since the time the news of you quitting has come up.

Parth: Yes I do understand but you know it’s a part of life and it’s not like I would vanish. You would soon see me in some other project.

Niti felt responsible for breaking those hearts and started walking away when one of those girls saw her and called out to her. Since she was spotted she could not escape and had to walk up to them near Parth. As she neared them, she looked into his eyes which had the same pain she had seen in the morning and that made her feel more guilty about the situation.

Girl 2: Oh my God Niti ! You know we are such crazy fans of both of you ! Could we have a picture with the both of you ?

They had to agree to their fans demand and after some more pictures and chats, the girls left. Both Parth and Niti were still standing at the same position wanting to say a lot to each other but unable to utter a single word. Finally, Niti broke the silence as she could not hold the guilt anymore.

Niti: I’m sorry for hurting you. I know it was too bad on my part and you can definitely choose not to forgive me since I haven’t even realized it myself. I’m apologizing after your anger came out. I should have realized what would be the implications of my actions. But trust me I did nothing on purpose. I never wanted you to be hurt. And you also know the reason for that. It’s just that I wasn’t ready to accept it and I probably should have handled the situation in a more mature manner but I simply goofed it all up ! So, all I wanna say is Sorry.

Saying that she starts leaving but Parth stops her by holding her hand. She tries to free herself as she was in no position to face him but his grip was too tight for her to let go. She finally gave up on struggling to leave and he pulled her towards him taking her into a tight hug. She was stunned at first but soon gave in to the hug as it made her feel safe, secure and happy.

Both of them stood there in that position, lost in each others’ arms with their eyes closed and relishing the beautiful moment without bothering about their surroundings. Slowly people from the crew started gathering around noticing the two of them together like that. Their friends seemed to be the happiest on seeing the two of them finally lost into each other without being bothered about the surroundings.

After a while Niti opened her eyes to find so many people gathered around and she started letting go of his hold. He too opened his eyes and found it strange that she was again going away. He did not wish to let her go but he did. However, she did not let go of his hands and simply looked him in the eye lovingly. She tightened her grip on his hands in hers, hypnotized him through her gaze on him and spoke up, well aware of the audience around.

Niti: Mr. Parth Samthaan ! I LOVE YOU ! I feel like I have loved you forever and want to love you till infinity and beyond ! I LOVE YOU more than you can imagine ! I know I’ve been stupid all this while but now finally I’m in my senses and expressing my feelings I have been hiding from you for a long time.

Both of them had tears forming in their eyes and so did their friends looking at the sweetest couple in front of them finally together. Parth was astonished and overwhelmed at her words. He did not have words to say and so simply took her back in his arms and hugged her tight.

Parth: (while hugging her) I LOVE YOU NITI !

All the people around started clapping out loud for the most loved couple finally together and happy ! Their friends seemed to be more happier than them and all of them joined them for a group hug.

After breaking the hug,

Niti: (still holding Parth’s hands) Please don’t leave the show ! Please don’t leave me alone.

Parth: (giving a blushed smile) I won’t !

That made the entire cast and crew give out a loud cheer to both of them ! Nobody wanted him to leave and Niti had finally granted the wish of all of them.

Precap: PaNi happy moments. They first talk to their families about their relationship and then reveal it in front of the media. The PaNi fandom goes crazy over the two of them and send in numerous gifts for them.


Finally, the dark clouds have paved way for the bright sun. The sun shines bright pouring it’s light over the purest love blessing them to be together forever and ever.

I hope I could live up to all of your expectations after such sad moments for this long time. And as I promised, the sun has risen high in the sky and there are no longer any dark clouds to be seen. This is probably my longest update. I had thought of breaking it down into two parts but then I did not want to keep you all in the pain any longer and therefore this long and happy update. I really hope you all enjoyed it. Since I’m not able to update regularly, I’m hoping this long update would have covered it up for the irregular updates.

Manan ff coming soon. Stay tuned !

Thank You !

Lots of love <3




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    2. Thank you so much dear….I’m relieved to know that you liked it…and yes my studies are going good…thank you ! 🙂

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    1. Aww kavya thank you so much dear…. I am overwhelmed at this response !! And yes even I wish ki kash ye Sab sach hota !! And don’t worry dear after looking at this response, I can’t even think of stopping this ff…don’t worry I will try to continue it as far as possible….
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    1. Aww Lisa thanks a ton for this love and support always !! I’m so glad that you enjoyed this part !! And don’t worry dear, as of now there are no plans of winding up the story…I will continue till the time I have some good storyline to depict….thank you once again ! ☺️

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