Pani – a story we wish were true – part 61


Recap: Niti’s birthday. One surprise from the whole cast and crew for Niti. Another surprise in the evening by Parth. He bent down on his knees in front of the entire cast and proposed to her.

Niti stood there surprised. She was not at all expecting what had just come her way. There was silence all around, all eyes stuck on her and she could not look into anyone’s eyes. She felt shy, surprised and embarrassed. Parth was still down on his knees with the white rose in his hand extended towards her, waiting for her answer. There was a tsunami of emotions flowing inside her heart full of happiness, excitement, nervousness, embarrassment and discomfort. For once she was so happy she wanted to go up to Parth, take the white rose from him and give him a tight hug, but on the other hand she was also nervous and uncomfortable with Ayaz, Veebha, Charlie, Utkarsh, Krissan and Abhishek’s presence in that moment of her life. She wanted Parth to say those words to her but maybe this was something she just did not want.

After a while, while she had been staring into Parth’s smiling eyes looking at him lovingly, Ayaz spoke up,

Ayaz: Niti C’mon say it girl ! It’s okay !

That statement brought her back to life, back to reality where she could not get into this no matter how much she wanted to. The 6 red roses which she had held tight in her hands, fell to the ground, her eyes started forming tears and she rushed out of the vanity without being able to say anything. Parth’s smiling face suddenly turned pale and he lowered his hand having the white rose. Veebha started moving after Niti to talk to her but Parth stopped her.

Parth: No ! Don’t ! Let her go. She wouldn’t want to talk to anyone right now.

Charlie: But Parth, we can at least talk to her and find out what the matter is.

Parth: I saw it in her eyes.

He gets up from the floor and turns around to face all of them.

Parth: I got my answer. Now I don’t want anyone disturbing her. Just let her be alone. And Veebha please call up the director tomorrow morning and inform him that Niti is unwell and therefore would have to miss shoot. Possibly for more than 1 day.

Saying that he leaves, leaving all the others stunned ! He said he understood her answer but none of them could understand his reaction at that. Seemed like Niti had rejected him, his proposal, even after he had been so confident about it, and he still cared for her before himself.

He walked out of the vanity towards the parking lot, wiping away his tears, when he found her standing near her car. He stood there, observing her from a distance. She was leaning on the car with the support of her back, her arms folding around her chest, her head bent low and tears flowing out of her eyes. She kept wiping them away but they would just not stop. Seeing her in pain, knowing that he was the reason for that pain, made his heart ache ! He so wished he could rewind life 15 minutes back and change that small incident that had brought the storm in their lives. 15 minutes back, they were friends, maybe more than friends, feeling love for each other and now there was only pain where there used to be immense love earlier, even without saying.

It was a restless and sleepless night for both of them. Niti’s perfect birthday had turned into the perfect mess. She had been put into a situation where she couldn’t even imagine she would deny even when her heart had been screaming out a big “YES !”. After a long time of pacing around the room, wiping the tears constantly flowing out her eyes and reliving the entire incident in her head, she took her phone and called Parth. He picked up at the 1st ring itself.

Parth: Hello !

His voice brought more tears into her eyes. She thought he would never talk to her for what she had done back in the evening, would never want to see her face ever again, but he seemed to have been eagerly waiting for her call which was quite evident from his voice. She did not say anything and her silence spoke a thousand words for him. When she couldn’t bear the silence anymore, she disconnected the call. A few minutes later, her phone rang and it was Parth. She straightened herself, wiped away the tears on her cheek, and then nervously picked up the call,

Niti: (nervously) Hello..

Parth: (controlling his tears and trying to talk in a cheerful voice)How are you ?

Niti: (trying to control the choking of her voice) I’m fine..How are you ?

Parth: I’m great as usual !

Niti: Liar !

Parth: Maybe ! But your eyes told me the truth !

Niti: Parth, why did you do this ?

Parth: Didn’t you like it ? It was your birthday surprise !

Niti: Of course I loved it but…

Parth: No But.. you liked it right ? Then that’s the end of the story ! I wanted you to like it and you did. Anything else does not matter.

Niti: It does ! It does matter.. I shouldn’t have…

Parth: Shh..Stop it now.. I told you, your eyes told me all ! You need not explain anything further..

Niti: But I’m not as smart as you. I did not understand !

Parth: What didn’t you understand ?

Niti: That why did you do this ?

Parth: Well I guess I gave an answer to that question right there !

Niti: But Parth, it’s about our careers. You yourself told me remember ? I was the one who used to ask you to be open about our friendship and that’s when you explained to me that we need to stay away because that’s good for our careers . I understood it then how come you forgot ?

Parth: I didn’t forget Niti. Maybe you don’t remember properly.

Niti: What ?

Parth: Do you remember you asked me once why wasn’t I ever open in the media about my relationship with Disha ? And I told you that I was never really sure about her. And I also told you that the day I find the girl about whom I would never have to think twice, who would be the one, my soulmate as I could call her, I wouldn’t hesitate in showing her off to the entire world ! You are the one Niti ! You really are ! You know this show means a lot to me because it brought us closer. It made me realise my true feelings for you. Had it not been for this show, I wonder whether I would have ever met my girl !

She wanted to say so many things at that but her voice didn’t support. She kept quiet, trying to absorb his words into her heart and he kept listening to her silence. He did not realise but tears started flowing out of his eyes as well. He was confused because he somehow knew he was himself responsible for her denial but still the tears won’t stop flowing.

Niti: (controlling her tears) Good night Parth !

She disconnected the call without waiting for an answer from him and burst out crying out loud ! She fell asleep while crying and in the morning the door bell made her wake up. She checked the time and it was 9 am. She knew she was late for shoot but she did not even feel like going. She opened the door to find her maid. But, since she wanted to be alone, she asked her maid to take a leave for the day and went back to the bed to lie down. Smurphy came up to her and started licking her face as if licking away her tears. He again reminded her of Parth because he was the one who gifted Smurphy to her. That brought more tears to her eyes, making her realise that a major part of her life had Parth involved in it and every small thing would keep reminding her of him.

Precap: Parth and Niti back to the professionalism phase. Manan jungle sequence, off screen story.

Tomorrow: Manan ff. Harshad befriending Nandini. Dhruv and Aliya coming closer.


I know many hearts are broken with this episode and trust me mine is too.. Even I wanted her to say yes but what to do ? She just couldn’t say it even though she wanted to. But please do share your views about today’s part with me through the comments section below.. And don’t worry, after every dark night comes a bright sunny morning. We just need to wait for that sunshine.

Thank You !

Lots of love <3



#spreadsmiles 🙂

Credit to: Medhavi

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  1. This was exactly what I was expecting…If it was a yes then the story wld have got boring and would have lost its charm..

    1. Yes dear and thanks for understanding… ?

  2. Love changes everything in u… I thought when niti rejected parth he would get angry but he acted so mature and was so calm.. And for niti ‘s sake parth will have to feel lonely coz after the show started he just couldn’t stop thinking about niti. But I guess niti was afraid and couldn’t speak up. I hope she gets strength to accept her love for parth

    1. Yes you’re right love changed him and hopefully it will change Niti as well and soon we’ll get our PaNi back together… ?

  3. All of sudden ye kya hoo gya……or kyu hoo gya…..but still it’s okk……
    I understand…’s important for the story….
    Nd mene story ke ise phase ko bhi enjoy hi kiya dii…..
    Bcoz I know….one day they will be together…….
    but aj ka update….thoda chota nhi tha….
    But still its okk….
    I know….meri trah apke bhi exam h….
    Nd haa dii….

    1. Thanks for understanding kavya dear….and yes exams hai bohot padhai baki hai so itna bhi manage karna mushkil hai but I have to do it just for all of you. ! ?
      Happy holi to you too ! ?

  4. why she reject him.not good yar dnt seperate them

    1. It’s just a phase dear…part of life…

  5. I just hate niti 4 what she did. She sacrifice her feelings n relationship just 4 some stupid excuse. On the other hand i m loving parth more. Inspite of being insulted n hurts he is trying to understand niti s point of view. But i think now parth act to avoiding niti then may be she gets some brain

    1. I can understand your feelings dear but think it that way ki when earlier Niti used to tell him to be open about their friendship at that time Parth was the one denying and now it’s Niti. Hopefully she would soon realise but it’s not good to bash her completely you know ! It’s emotions one does not have any control over !

      1. Yup may be u r rit. But still i feel if not yes,she should turn the topic at something different as parth got insulted by that. But its okay. I hope niti will realize soon n make everything mind i knew that it would be no, for the sake of story n it was oky bt her way of deny could be soft. But its oky. Yeh toh story hai na 😛 !! I m addicted with ur story soo much reacting like real. Tnx 4 the pani

  6. bhumika thakkar

    I love this story. hope to see pani in other project

    1. Thanks ! I hope so too.

  7. One of your great episode.. thank you

    1. Thanks preethi ?

  8. Nice move yar….i thought parth will be angry bezz of the way niti walked away….but the great is he understood her situation…this separations will not affect them bez of their closeness in onscreen and this make them to unite……… And…..since i, was busy in my work i read manan ff today….I’m really fed up of their separations…plzzz make fab5 unite together………plzzzzzzz one kind req….,..plzz..plzz …..make holi sequence in manan ff

    1. Thanks for understanding Nandini…I know it’s a sad phase but it will pass soon…and yes even I am planning a holi sequence soon…our thoughts match ! ?

  9. Honestly great job yaar,l’m in tears thinking what if it really happened in real!! being senti l know,,,whatever u r just awesome yaar,keep going like this u loads,,take care,,stay safe
    #stay blessed

    1. Thank you so much anu….?
      #behappy ?

    2. Hey anu are u the writer of kky: season 3& love on?? If its yes,then continue ur love on.. It was gud n i was thinking why u stopped writing?

      1. Hi Lisa,,ur assume is incorrect ,l’m not that Anu who was writing those ff, Sry 4 disappointing u..take care,,stay happy
        #stay blessed

      2. Sorry to troubling u.. U take care too

  10. Again.. again I’m speechless.. just a smile stuck on my face.. but a sad one.. I knew she wouldn’t reply.. This was her frank reaction.. what she did was felt like it was involuntary… but I’m more on parth’s side… coz he is hurt.. he doesn’t open up.. doesn’t even cry n remove at least a % of pain from him.. he is suffering so much.. yeah I know niti’s hurt too.. but I never liked parth crying.. His single tear kills me thousand times.. so I become selfish here.. His this mature act na.. It just takes one’s heart away!! Just like mine??❤ Fabulous job medhu??
    That smurphy thing.. OMG.. that was awesome!!!?????? a dog can make u strong n weak too.. I’m experienced you see.. okay let it be.. I’m a dog lover so Im capable of writing an essay on it??
    One thing literally hurt me in the update.. The pre cap.. again professionals.. life is really not easy.. oh Lord! Help me to handle another emotional ride bravely??
    Fab update medhu.. I know this is just a phase n will pass out soon.. humare VeeYaz zinda hai abhi.. n now everyone’s there! Oh I’m waiting for the next one! Anyway I loved it a lot!!????

    1. Oh plumpyyy thanks a time for understanding….you know I have to say this to all of you who haven’t been bashing me for this sad phase because I had been expecting so many hate comments after this one….but it’s good to see that people do understand things….and yes it will pass soon….actually it’s not just about Parth, nobody should be in tears….tears are bad ! I myself am really emotional but even I don’t like when someone cries specially when it’s a part of love ! But it’s a part and parcel of life and we need to accept it….oh same pinch !! Even I love love loveeeeee dogs !!!!! I just love them !!!!! ???????

  11. I completely agree with Lisa..why does she reject him for such a stupid reason .and she’s crying like anything.. I did not understand her feelings in this episode.. But I just hope ke she will realise what she has done and confess her true feelings to parth soon.

    1. She rejected him 4 carrier. I mean how would it affect their carrier. She is just bothering abt others thinking not abt parth nor even hers. If that move was done by parth i m sure everyone commenting there would cursed him more. Sorry i may be carried out by emotion but i like pani very much n couldnt see parth in pain bcoz of niti. Stupid silly billy niti…

      1. Haha yes Lisa I too was bit carried away while reading the ff…But yes am also crazy lover of PaNi..they’re toooo good together……

    2. Hey Monika and Lisa, I totally understand your reactions but it’s a part of life and story….it will pass soon….that’s all I can say…. But frankly I don’t find Niti that silly or stupid….because it happens, she’s confused and it’s natural….don’t worry things will turn better soon….

      1. Hmm sorry medhu…when I read the whole update I just commented what came on mind… But seriously I love PaNi a Lott..just couldn’t see them like this…literally I was carried away at that time..but its ok…and yeah I understand its essential for the story…..So no offence…☺☺Keep updateing dear..waiting for next parts to see how our so called Professionals are going to behave..?

      2. I m sorry medhavi if u r hurt. I love parth a lot n couldnt see hom hurt…soo commenting like that abt niti

  12. hi medhavi!very emotional update i am feeling bad for pani,how can they hurt them self for others,parth handle situation maturely,he understood niti feelings,he is regarding himself for giving niti that pain,so understanding,medhavi i don’t like their professionalism,i don’t understand why they are doing like that,even they know their feelings for each other…#behappy study well all the best for exams

    1. Yes dear I know they’re hurting themselves but see it from their point of view, they are simply confused…earlier it was Parth and now it’s Niti…it’s such an age and such a point of time in life that you do not understand which step to take next ! Don’t worry it will pass soon….

  13. Ya superb this is the one of twist which make the story wonderful

    1. Thanks roshni ! ?

  14. Noooo OMG I feel so bad for parth and niti ??but then again if niti has said yes then the whole story would have has to end, but please make the rest of the episode more lively and fun today’s was so emotional and sad, STILL ?? waiting for utkarsh and krissane I mean I love pani but kaisi yeh yaariaan was just not about them so please so the others like ayaz and veeba and utkarsh and his fake girlfriend with krissane. I am still waiting and looking forward to all the pani scenes. ??

    1. Thanks for understanding Muskan…and yes others will have a role too…?

  15. Well u r right .I mean straight forward yes might have made the story boring. Excited for ur next update. Update soon

    1. Thanks ! ?

  16. Even though I wanted Niti to say a BIG YES to Parth I am not sad because as most of them said a straight yes will have dragged the story and may be made it a bit boring,but this no has brought back the excitement. I’m really really excited for the next update ?
    Yeah exams were great di.
    Looooooooove uuuuuuu
    Will always support you and will continue to be ur well-wisher ?
    Update soon.

    1. Thanks for understanding dear….?

  17. Niti point of view she was right

    1. Yes !!

  18. O my lovely friend medhavi, it’s lovely n emotional episode. ..I felt it soooooooo muchhhhhh. …the pain of pani….both talking through tears…ahhhh…amazingly written n narrated. …keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh

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