Pani – a story we wish were true – part 60


Recap: Niti’s birthday. Parth surprises her at 12 am.

While getting ready for shoot, Niti was constantly checking for any calls or messages from her friends on set. None of them had wished her yet except for Parth with that wonderful surprise. She was so amazed as well as angry that none of them, not even Veebha remembered her birthday. She did not even feel like going for shoot but she knew she had to.

Niti reaches the shoot location to find the whole place empty. She wondered whether the shoot might have been cancelled which was really strange but then spotted the vanities parked right there which meant the shoot was on. She walked up to the girls vanity and as soon as she opened it, her eyes bulged out of the socket, her mouth wide open, and let go of Smurphy from her hands to use those hands to cover her big mouth falling wide open. The vanity was packed to the core, with everyone on the unit, present to wish her on her special day. She had been so upset at all her friends for not wishing her but the surprise, or rather the shock she had just received seemed to have helped erase all the anger from her heart. She was rejoiced on the wonderful welcome she had received from them all. 

Niti had always been the pleasant and kind hearted girl who was loved by each and every person of the unit. Everyone, be it the director, the spot boy, makeup artists, hairdresser, or even anyone from the technical team, all of them had a special attraction towards her. No wonder, all of them would definitely turn up for her special day, specially when she did not have her own family with her. 

She stood there with her mouth still open and covered with her hands, eyes barely blinking and Charlie and Veebha had to move forward to bring her back to life. Since the vanity seemed to be unable to hold the huge strength of the unit, they moved the party outside and soon everyone was on the dance floor, grooving at the beats along with the birthday girl herself after cutting the delicious cake.

Smurphy seemed to be excited for the party as well. He had been roaming around and showing his cute steps. Niti noticed that Parth had been missing and thought of calling him up but could not do so because of so many people surrounding her. So, she sent him a text asking about his absence from the party. He replied, “Missing me already ? Sorry got busy somewhere but don’t worry your birthday is not over yet. Lot more surprises coming your way today ! Happy birthday !”.

She blushed at that not realising she was amongst a huge crowd where she needed to be careful of her actions. She kept reading the text again and again and could exactly imagine Parth saying those words to her, his voice echoing in her head. Veebha noticed her and slowly moved towards her and snatched away her phone from her hands. She instantly read the message and ran away with it. Niti ran after her but could not reach up to grab her phone back. 

Niti: (running after Veebha) Veebha please give it back ! It’s my phone what do you want out of it ?

Veebha: Nothing just wanted to have a look at the new Iphone 6 you know ?!

Niti: So you could have at least asked me first. I would have given it to you.

Veebha: (stops running and faces Niti) Oh so now I need to take permission from my best friend before touching her phone ? (Sarcastically) Wow what friendship ?!

Niti: No Veebha it’s not like that but…

Veebha: (excited) But what ? C’mon now no hiding ! What is it ? Tell me !

Niti: (acting innocent) What ? I don’t know what you’re talking about !

Veebha: Oh yeah ? Madam, I have read your messages. Now you can’t be hiding things ! C’mon now speak up !

Niti: Veebha, it’s nothing like you’re thinking !

Veebha: Okay then tell me whatever the truth is ! Simple !

Niti: (blushing and trying to avoid eye contact) Actually Veebha…Umm….(nervously taking long pauses) The thing is…Actually….

Veebha: All the words are over now. Now please jump up to the conclusion. Speak up Niti !

Niti: (softly and nervously) We….we…ki-ssed…

Veebha: (shocked) What ? Are you serious ? No but wait ! That was for the show right ?

Niti: Yeah for the show once, but apart from that…

Veebha: you kissed again ? Oh my god Niti !! What is all of this ? Why didn’t you tell me ?

Niti: What would I tell you Veebha ? He…He’s not said anything yet !

Veebha: He kissed you girl ! Twice ! What else do you want him to say to prove it to you ?

Niti: I don’t want a proof. I just want to know…It’s just that…

Veebha: okay okay I get it ! Don’t worry I’m sure that’ll happen soon. Okay now I think we should get going..We’re on shoot ! let’s catch up soon and have lots of girl talk !

Niti: Yeah ! You go ahead. I left one of my bag in the car, I’ll just get it.

Veebha moves towards the vanity while Niti goes to her car to get her bag. She spots Parth’s car coming in and that makes her heart beats pump up. She suddenly starts feeling tensed, thinking about last night and the kiss. She had been waiting for him for a long time, but now that he was here, she did not have the courage to face him and therefore started walking fast towards the vanity without waiting for him. He saw her running away and parked his car and ran after her calling out her name, easily audible to the rest of the unit members. Niti felt nervous and angry at him for calling her name like that as she noticed several eyes on the two of them. She thought maybe he might have forgotten about their “professionalism pact” and therefore did not stop for him and he rushed faster to catch hold of her hand from behind to make her stop. She instantly let go of his hand and stood there with her head bent low. Parth stood beside her and held out his hand saying “Happy Birthday”. She did not wish to accept the wishes because of the staring eyes on the two of them but she believed it would seem rude and therefore slowly extended her trembling hand forward to accept his wishes. As their hands connected, his grip on her hand, prevented it from trembling further but the whole of her body went cold and started shaking. Path noticed her nervousness and faintly smiled at that and soon let go of her. She quickly moved to the vanity where she was all alone, got changed into Nandini Murthy’s dress and called for the makeup artists to get her ready for shot. 

Makeup Artist: Mam, may I ask you something if you don’t mind ?

Niti: yeah !

Makeup Artist: Mam, it seems like Parth sir and you have finally become friends right ? It’s really good to see that the ice between the two of you is finally broken. 

Niti does not respond and starts getting tensed at the thought of people noticing their friendship. She remembered Parth’s predictions and that made her more concerned as there were now possibilities that if the rumor would spread around in the media, things might get worse for both of their careers. 

The rest of the day went by smoothly with Parth trying to be normal with Niti, Niti again avoiding eye contact with him, and fans visiting her to wish her a happy birthday with lots of cakes and gifts.

The last scene was Nandini Murthy’s solo sequence and all the others had either left after their pack up or had been sitting in the vanity. Niti finished off with the last scene and walked up to her vanity. It was quite late and she was really exhausted with the long eventful day that she had just spent. She was also disappointed that she could not get some time off with Parth but was also angry at him for trying to be normal with her on set which had been noticed by majority of the crew. 

She opened the vanity door, which was in dark as all the lights were switched off and she assumed everyone would have left because of which the lights were not switched on. She extended her hand towards the switch board and switched on the light to find Ayaz, Veebha, Charlie, Utkarsh, Krissan, and Abhishek standing in a semi circle form with one rose in each of their hands. There was also a small table kept in between which had a beautiful cake with Niti’s picture on it. She was confused on having receiving another surprise from the same people. All her friends had already given her a beautiful surprise in the morning itself, so what was the other surprise for ?

She stood there looking at all of their smiling faces questioningly and Ayaz walked up to her first and handed her the rose which she took in with a smile. He then went back to his position and stood there beside Veebha. Next, Veebha walked up to her gave her the rose with a smile and walked back to her place. Then, Charlie, Utkarsh, Krissan and Abhishek walked up to her one by one and did the same. She now had 6 red roses in her hand and all 6 of them were standing in front of her in the same semi circular form. Before she could ask anything further, the 6 of them split the semi circle in two parts from the middle making some space between Charlie and Utkarsh who had been standing beside one another. As soon as they moved away making space in between, Parth appeared from there with a white rose in his hand. He moved a bit forward towards Niti and bent down on his knees in front of her. He extended the rose towards her and said,

Parth: Niti, I know we didn’t start off really well with each other. Things were quite rough in the beginning. But now, everything has turned 360 degrees and it’s more than good between us. I won’t take much longer to tell you that, I LOVE YOU ! I really do ! And will always do… Happy birthday Niti.

Niti’s heart had been beating really fast as she could not believe what he had just said ! She kept staring at him for a long time without saying anything. He respected her feelings and gave her the time she needed to digest the whole thing before answering.

Precap: How would Niti react to Parth’s proposal ?


How was it friends ? I hope you all liked it ! Also, what do you think would be Niti’s answer ? Does she love him the same way he does ? Is she ready to take up such a big step as to moving into a relationship ? Looking to her past experience of relationship and knowing how Parth has been in his past relationship, would she be able to trust him and the relationship ? How would their story go forward ? Leave your guesses in the comments and share with me what you feel about the current track as well as the future parts.

Thank you !

Lots of love ❤️

Medhavi ?



Credit to: Medhavi

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  1. Hi first i couldnt believe my eyes that finally u updates. As at first u updated almost everyday,then it became 3 a week,then 2 and finally it came only 1 per week. I feared when u called it off. But truely speaking ur story is soo gud that its worth of waiting but plz dont keep us waited for such a long time as we r impatient to know whats nxt.. Love u..go ahead

    1. N about the story its very nice. Niti s answer should be definately yes with full trust on parth as trust is the foundation of each relationship n plz again give some alone time to manan where they could share their feelings without being surrounded so many people

    2. Hello Lisa first of all thank you very much…I’m glad you liked the part…and about the schedule, I think maybe you aren’t aware of the change..I have changed my schedule from 6 days a week to 4 days a week because of my studies…so it’s Monday and Wednesday for the PaNi story and Tuesday and Thursday the manan ff…I know you have to wait longer but dear I have my exams coming up and I have to study hard ! Sorry about it…

  2. Spell bound shock yaar

    1. Thank you Hayathi ?

  3. Omg…….. Omg …..omg…omg…. It was amazing medhavi……. Please please please please please please please please preety please update soon

    1. Thank you so much Chelsea….?

  4. I think niti will have some misunderstandings…..i know that parth will propose her but i didn’t thought thst he will propose in front of crew member…. as like fights in kyy it will also go on (i think)

    1. Hey Nandini well yes finally Parth has said it…now let’s see what Niti has to say on that !

  5. Awwwwww ddddiiiiii……such a cute and beautiful proposal…..

    Parth ne sach me niti ka birthday kitna special bana diya h……
    I think niti is not ready for the relationship……
    means I don’t know dii…..
    Eagerly waiting for next part….

    1. I’m glad you liked it kavya….yes it was really special for Niti…lets see what she has to say about it… ?

  6. wow…amazingly superb…

    1. Thanks tanushree ☺️

  7. I think niti will reject tge proposal because she doesn’t want the outside world to knw abt their bond and relationship .Parth might get angry they might end up in an ungly fight…at least for a short time…

    1. Well let’s just wait till Friday to find out…fingers crossed ! ?

  8. Hey, it was a amazing episode. At first I was angry with u because you were not updating regupolarly for long time….but after reading your this particular episode I am so happy that finally parth proposed niti. It was one of the best episode of this ff. I was literally laughing when it was vebhav and niti’s sceen. I loved the way Parth proposed Niti. Just waiting for the next update and the sceen where ‘manik broke the heart of nandani’ and offscreen just loving it. Most important HAPPY HOLI Medhavi ??
    Greate job….??
    Keep going….??

    1. Hey sunisha thank you so much for the appreciation and sorry for keeping you waiting but dear I have already changed my schedule and therefore there are lesser updates…maybe you missed out on that information in my previous parts…sorry about it but I have my studies because of which I had to do that…hope you understand…

  9. Update soon

    1. Sure ?

  10. Hi medhavi! jab apne birthday par surprise milta hai toh achha lagta hai chahe woh friends se mille ya famliy se,it feels great,niti reaction on surprise so sweet,superb update with niti birthday,parth proposal it also surprising,lets see how niti will react on it,medhavi all the very best for exams….#behappy concentrate on studies.

    1. Yes tabassum you’re absolutely right about that ! Birthday pe surprise mile to kaun khush nahi hoga ?! ? Well let’s see what comes Niti’s reaction !
      Thank you ! ?

  11. I thing she is going to say yes because they have kissed already .So whats their to wait for give us good birthday present please

    1. Even I hope she says yes !! ?

  12. Hi dear. finally Pani story. since morning I was waiting Imlatiently for the update and here u go.. Amazing surprise year.. I agree with nandini that day mein kuch Kaala Hai as parth himself said to hide about their friendship from everyone. And now he is proposing to niti in front of their friends. Hope it is true. ??? Waiting for was gonna happen next. Does it turn out to be niti ‘s dream or they go out for official date.. The suspense is killing me already.

    1. Haha the suspense is killing me as well !! Hope it’s not a dream !! And hope Niti says yes ! Well we will have to wait till Wednesday ! Hope it comes soon ?

  13. Yaar this is just awesome. Medhavi ur ff is just superbbbbbbbb. Eager to knw Niti’s answer.pls update fast

    1. Thank you vrutika ☺️

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    I mean.. what did u actually write u say?!! I’m spellbound! I still dunno what to say..!!
    Niti’s reaction would be… as I’m fully confused about this.. The answer will surely be YES or NO or I DON’T KNOW.. probably only yes or idk!??
    It was so cute of niti to wait for everyone’s calls but humare group of pranksters ne toh dab kUch plan kiya hai? The whole cast n crew’s surprise was amazing☺☺
    Niti’s reaction.. oh my god.. Damn adorable?????
    Parth’s msg n niti’s uncontrolled hormones showing off their talents by rushing the blood into her chubby cheeks.. aye hayeee kitni cute hai parth ki doll☺☺☺☺???
    Niti-Veebha part was awesome!!!??? iPhone6 dekhna hai Veebhu ko..??
    Now comes the shocking part… I was open-mouthed!!!??????????????????? I really dunno how to react!!!
    I loved it so Damn much medhu!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I was checking the site daily for your updates like a fool and like always, your update was worth my wait☺
    Love u lots medhu ??

    1. Awwww plumpyyy you’re such a sweetheart !!!! ??? I love the way you feel so connected to the story by noticing and commenting on each and every part of it….thank you thank you so much for giving so much love to my work….and your confusion is going to have to wait for another day as it would be revealed only on Wednesday…we can just hope for the best ! ?

  15. Wow medhu that was such a beautiful surprise… I donno about niti but am really very much surprised?☺thanks for such a long and beautiful update …and I hope our baby doll accepts his proposal??..

    1. I’m glad Monika that you enjoyed it…well even i hope she says yes ?

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    1. I’m so glad that I could make you so happy:) all your questions would be answered in the upcoming parts…

  18. Uma Maheswari

    Proposed in front of everyone ???? How Niti will react….plz don’t make barrier by saying Niti reacted in professional way andParth got angry…..

  19. Omg i can’t believe parth said that. That too in front of everyone. This is d best update till now.

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