Pani – a story we wish were true – part 6

Recap: parth enters the same room as niti for the audition and both of them shout together tum !!

Parth: listen, don’t even utter a single word ! Bahar bhi Maine kuch nahi bola. But tum to pata nai kya samajhti ho apne aap ko ?! Jo Mann me aata hai bolti jati ho.

Niti interrupts him..
Excuse me, main kuch bhi bolti Hun ya tum ?? Yad hai Na uss din party par it was ur fault Aur tum mujhpar chilla rahe the. And wo watchman kaka, unki kya galti thi ?? Vo khana khane Gaye they utne mein tum aa Gaye Aur unhe kya kya Suna Diya ?!

Parth: ohh just shut up !!

Niti: why should I shut up ? Aaj bhi what did u do ?? Mera phone tod Diya ..

Parth: haan to ?? Jaan k thodi Na kiya ?!

Niti: shayad main maan bhi
Leti k jaan k nahi kiya agar tumhari jagah koi Aur hota ! But since it’s u, I know tumne jaan k hi kiya !

Just when the two of them were fighting and shouting at each other, the director and assistant director enter the room and watch them fighting madly with each other. The director gives some instructions to the AD and leaves.

The AD then interrupts the fight and tells both of them,
“Congratulations! Both of u have just lost the dream chance of working under such a huge banner ! The show is about pure love and romance and since the 2 of u just can’t stop fighting, u do not fit into the roles and so u can both leave.”

Both parth and niti give a confused look to the director for a while and then realise what had just happened. They suddenly realised they were to be cast opposite each other and they spoiled it all. Niti starts talking to the AD to clarify the misunderstanding and parth just moves out !
Niti: sir, m sure koi confusion hoga. Sir please one more chance ?? I can act as if I.. I love him ! She says the last part with a disgust on her face .
AD: m sorry niti, but I don’t think we can do anything about this.
Niti is disappointed to hear this and leaves.
When she comes out, she sees parth standing there and again goes to talk to him.

Niti: tumhaari problem kya hai ?? Kyun meri life mein Sab kuch kharab karna chahte ho ?? Listen mr. Parth samthaan, tum shayad apne career ko lekar itne serious nahi hoge but main Hun ! Do u even realise ki kitne bade banner ka show we just lost ?!

Parth: listen ! Who r u to judge me whether my career matters to
Me or not ?? And it was not my fault ! Agar tumhe har choti baat par gussa nahi karna Hota toh today we would have got the show !

Niti: ohh so now u are blaming me for everything Na ? Mr. Parth let me tell u it was ur fault and not mine. Na tum mere sath aise behave karte, Na main gussa hoti Aur Na vo log humein dekhte !

Parth: ohh please ! It was definitely ur fault ! Na tum uss party vali, ya phone girne vali baat ka itna bada issue create karti Na ye Sab hota. Aur tum pagal ho kya ?? Ab itna Sab ho Gaya fir bhi u r still standing outside this studio only and fighting ! And dragging me also into this ! But u know what m no longer a part of this ! So, bye !

Parth leaves and after a while even niti leaves with an irritated look !

Thank you guys for your support…I hope you are enjoying it…just keep reading and will soon get more of pani scenes…and keep supporting and commenting with your valuable feedback !

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  1. Yeh dono fight kar na nahi chidega…. but i lije fights

  2. medhavi.. you are awesome yaarrrr!!! nice story.. now I am a big fan of yours……

  3. Awesome episode, keep it up buddyyy. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

  4. Superb!! PaNi fight! Hehe love to watch them fight! Wanna kno hw they’ll come back 2gthr!

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