Pani – a story we wish were true – Part 59


Recap: The PaNi kiss at Niti’s place.

They kept standing there with their foreheads in contact of each other and their eyes closed. Parth still had his arms around her waist and Niti’s hands resting on his chest.

After a while, both of them slowly opened their eyes and pulled their foreheads away to be able to look at each other, not letting go of each other’s hold. After a few seconds of constant staring into each other’s eyes, Niti immediately pushed him aside, blushing, turned around and started moving away but he held her hand tight and pulled her closer.

Her heartbeats increased once again and she did not dare look up at those magical eyes once again. She stuck her gaze on the floor and he kept staring at her lovingly. The time, and the beauty of the moment finally gave him the courage to accept and speak up which seemed to be long pending.

Parth: Niti, I’ve already told you how crazy you make me go ! And that I become a completely different person with you, whose mind and heart aren’t in his control when around you.

He was extremely close to her while speaking and his breath brushed her cheeks when he spoke up. That made her shiver and he noticed her nervousness but continued.

Parth: But that’s not the end of the story. I think, and I know that there’s much more to it. And I believe even you know it. But we’ve never really accepted that and talked about it. So, today I’m just going to say this. Niti, I…

He was interrupted by Smurphy barking and coming towards them into the balcony. He reached up to Niti’s legs and she let go of Parth’s hold on her to bend down and take Smurphy in her arms. Now was the time that he was regretting his decision of gifting Smurphy to her as he had just spoiled the entire moment and the mood. Now it was going to be really difficult to gather the same courage to speak that up. Niti sensed his disappointment at the moment getting spoiled, but she kind of enjoyed it and giggled softly. Parth noticed her and let out a laugh himself at the situation. He then joined her in playing with Smurphy.

The evening went by and not again was he able to gather the courage to speak his heart out. As time passed by, even Niti felt disheartened as she really wanted him to say it and although she enjoyed the interruption from Smurphy at first, now she was regretting it too ! It was 11.45 and Smurphy had fallen asleep in Niti’s lap.

Parth: Okay then, I’ll leave. It’s quite late you know.

Niti: Are you sure ?

Parth: About ?

Niti: (nervously) That you wanna leave ?

Parth: I don’t want to but it’s getting quite late so..

Niti: So, you don’t stay out of your house till late ? Seriously ?

Parth: No it’s not like that. I do at times.

Niti: When ? I mean when do you stay out till late ?

Parth: Well it depends !

Niti: Do you stay out it it’s your friends birthday and you need to wish them at 12 am ?

Parth: Yeah I do . And… (He suddenly realised what she had been trying to say. But he had a plan and therefore decided to leave) So, I’ll take your leave then. It’s getting really late !

Niti: (disappointed) Yeah ! Okay !

Niti shuts the door as he leaves and after carefully placing Smurphy in his small bed, moves out into the balcony. It was to be her 21st birthday in the next 15 minutes and for the first time she was to celebrate her birthday all alone. She had been staying in Bombay for a few years now but every year she used to take a break during her birthday and visit her family in Delhi. This time, because of the tight shoot schedule she could not leave neither could any of her family members make it to Mumbai to see her.

Parth went downstairs and drove off in his car. Niti saw him leaving from her balcony and wished he could have stayed. She wanted to tell him that it was her birthday but could not speak up. Also, she was upset he did not know it already that it was her birthday.

Parth was actually aware of her birthday and he had a plan to surprise her at 12 am. He left her building and parked his car outside on the street. He blushed a little thinking about their kiss and the way she had been trying to stop him with her till 12. He quickly made all the arrangements, the material for which he had brought along and kept in his car.

Niti’s phone started ringing at 12 and she checked to see it was her mom calling. She picked it up and spoke up in a lifeless tone, “Hello !”.

Niti’s mom: Niti, my dear wish you a very happy birthday darling !

Niti: (forcing a smile and trying to control her tears) thank you mom !

Right then, she saw a bunch of balloons flying in front of her in the sky saying “Happy Birthday !” At first she could not believe her eyes, but then realised it was all true and bent down from the railing to check who might have released those balloons in the air but she found no one down there.

Niti’s mom: Hello ! Niti ! Are you there ?

Niti: Yes mom !

Niti’s mom: Why weren’t you responding dear ? Here talk to your dad.

Niti’s dad: Happy birthday my doll ! May god bless you and you achieve all the success in life.

Niti: Thanks Dad !

Just then her door bell rang and she rushed to open it.

Niti: Okay dad, I need to go to sleep as tomorrow I have shoot early morning so I’ll call you tomorrow.

Niti’s dad: Okay dear no problem good night.

She throws her phone on the couch and opens the door excitedly to find nobody but a bouquet and a cake packet lying at her door step. Confused, she picked it up and started checking for a note on it but there was none. She stepped out of the door and checked on the left to find no one and then as she turned right, Parth scared her with a screaming “Happy Birthday” coming in front of her instantly. That made Niti scream out louder and he held her mouth shut with his hand to avoid the neighbours from waking up. He dragged her inside and closed the door behind them, and then released her. As soon as he let her go, she turned around to face him, threw the cake and the bouquet on the couch and threw her arms around him to give him a tight bone crushing hug.

Parth: (smiling and hugging her back) Happy Birthday Niti !

Niti: (grasping him tighter) Thank you thank you thank you so much !!!

Niti then got busy on calls from her friends and Parth started opening the cake and getting it ready for her. She blew the candle and took one large piece and stuffed it in his mouth.

Niti was really touched by Parth’s sweet gesture and she just wanted to hold him tight and never let go.

The next morning Parth texted Ayaz, “Hey listen up ! As you know it’s Niti’s birthday and I have a big surprise for her. Will need your help.”

Precap: Parth’s big surprise for Niti’s birthday.

Tomorrow: Manan ff. Manik talking to Nandini about Nyonika. Aliya consoling Dhruv.


So it’s a happy birthday for our doll !! Yes I know it’s not for real but in our show and the story. How did you all like Parth’s surprise for her at 12 am ? And are you excited about his big surprise ? Do leave in your guesses about the big surprise in the comments and we’ll soon find out what it is !

Thank you !

Lots of love ❤️

Medhavi ?



Credit to: Medhavi

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    super excited medhavi!!!!!!!!!! desperately looking forward to it.

    1. Thank you !

  2. Awesome. I thought u forgot abt smurphy.. Poor manik he couldn’t express his feelings. Couldn’t sleep without reading. Thank u so much for the update.
    ?? LOVE PANI

    1. I’m glad you liked it…thank you ☺️

  3. Parth s surprise was just superrr. This is the character of every girls dream boy. N that puppy i just want to slap it for spoiling pani s propose

    1. Haha I agree he is the dream boy for every girl !! ?

  4. Lovely…. i think he will propose hr……..his surprise fr 12am superb but…i have doubt that how can he able to collect all things (flowers,balloon,cake,…) within 15mins. It doesn’t matter but the noted point is niti’s sudden shock and her reaction. I’m in eager to know about his big surprise fr her..

    1. Hey Nandini, as I mentioned, maybe it wasn’t clear, he already knew it was her birthday so he had all the things ready in his car…the plan was all set ! ?

  5. Yippeee he is awesome dr

  6. Superb medhu…parth u r such a superb boyfriend… Surprise is so nice…niti might had happy tears right…

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    1. sorry once again medhavi i hope you will understand my situation.

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  14. Aanchal Singh

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