Pani – a story we wish were true – Part 58


Recap: The magical first kiss between PaNi/ Manan !

Niti was not able to control her blush after that magical moment that had been created between her and Parth earlier that evening. It was definitely not a part of the shot, it was their moment and it had been captured for the show. She was roaming around her house, smiling and blushing like a lunatic.

Just then her phone rang and her heart beats increased expecting it to be Parth’s call. She did not dare to look up at her phone for a while and let it ring like that. After a while, when she could not resist anymore, she took it and picked it up without checking the caller id.

Niti: (shyly) Hello !

Veebha: Hello ! Niti are you alright ?

Niti: (shocked as well as confused) Veebha ? It’s you ?

Veebha: Yeah so what did you think ?

Niti: (disappointed) Nothing. Tell me what happened ?

Veebha: You tell me ! What happened ? I had to leave early today but believe me hadn’t it been an emergency I would have definitely stayed with you for that scene. I know you must have been so nervous ! How many takes did you have to give ? Oh my god I can’t even imagine what you must have had to face !

Niti: Veebha Veebha ! Relax ! I’m okay. It was nothing. Really. And it was over within 1 take.

Veebha: What ? 1 take ? Are you serious ? I can’t believe this ! And how come you’re so calm about it ? Aren’t you nervous or concerned about what just happened ?

Niti: Why would I be concerned about it ?

Veebha: Oh my god Niti, you’ve gone mad ! Seriously !

Niti: Veebha I’m fine. Okay ? So chill !

Although she was excited about the whole situation, as opposed to Veebha’s expectation of her behavior, but she was also a bit disappointed on not receiving a single call from Parth. She being the girl would not have to be the one to call first was what she made herself believe and therefore kept waiting for his call.

Parth wanted to talk to Niti as soon as they were done with the kiss scene, which was actually not a scene for him, and he hoped it wasn’t just a scene for Niti as well. But he was well aware of a girl’s nervousness after such situations and therefore wanted to give Niti her space. That was a reason he did not talk to her instantly on set. They had to come face to face for the other scenes after that as well, but apart from that they did not initiate any conversation. He even didn’t go up to her after pack up as he thought she might feel uncomfortable talking in front of the entire crew. But now that he was home, and could not get his thoughts back from wavering into the direction of the “Kiss”, he wanted to talk to her, or more so, he wanted to see her ! He was so excited about it all, he instantly got ready and left for her place.

He drove as fast as possible and on reaching her building, parked his car in the nearest parking spot instantly and rushed upstairs to her apartment through the stairs. But on finally reaching her apartment, he waited there, breathing heavily because of climbing the stairs, in a dilemma whether to go inside or not. He wanted to see her but was also still confused whether she would be in a situation to face him. He was waiting there thinking over whether to go in or not when the door opened and he looked up to find Niti standing there in a casual blue jeans and a tank top, her hair tied in a high pony tail and her bag in her hand. They kept looking into each other’s eyes for a long time reliving the kiss in their minds. After a long pause, Parth spoke up,

Parth: Umm sorry to disturb you. You seem to be going somewhere so I’ll just leave.

He turned around to leave but Niti held his hand instantly and he turned back to look at her. As their eyes met again, she let go of his hand with a blushed smile on her face and continued,

Niti: You can come in. Actually, I was coming to your place. And now that you’re here, come in.

As soon as he enters and is about to get seated on the couch, he notices the balcony ahead of him and recalls the time when they had had a fight in there and he had left Niti out there alone. He moved to the balcony while Niti went inside her room to leave her purse. She returned to find the couch empty which confused her at first but then she noticed the balcony door open and therefore moved in there to join him.

He was standing there gazing at the stars in the sky, with his hands resting on the railing. She quietly moved closer and joined him there with some distance between them and placed her hands on the railing as well. Everything was calm and soothing out there and he  realised her presence beside him through her soft breath that had been increasing because of her nervousness of being with him in such a situation. He slowly lifted his hand off the railing and placed it on her hand beside him which made her body turn cold and start shivering. She did not dare to look at him and therefore moved her gaze down towards their hands and kept staring at them for a while. While she had her gaze on their hands, he could not take his eyes off her serene beauty being reflected in the moonlight. He looked at her long eyelashes that had been flickering every now and then, looking at his hand on hers, her lips being bitten by her teeth in the confusion whether to let go of his hand or let it rest on her. Her lips reminded him again of their kiss and he moved closer to her which again increased her heart beat. On sensing him coming closer, she tried to step backwards but he stopped her by removing his hand from hers and grabbing her waist with that one hand. He pulled her closer and their bodies collided. He had his left hand on the railing and his right hand around her waist grabbing her tight to not let go. She was quite aware of his strength by now and therefore failed in her efforts to let go. She stayed there with her head bent low and her eyes gazing in all directions except towards his face.

He slowly lifted his hand off the railing and placed it on her chin making her raise her head towards him. She resisted at first but he succeeded and she looked up at him, her eyes flickering constantly, her heart beating fast. She instantly knew what was coming her way and even though she wanted it, she was still nervous, trying to resist but unable to do so. He then raised his hand towards her hair and swiftly let her hair lose from the pony tail and they flung open on her shoulders just the way he always liked it.

He moved closer and sealed her dry lips with his, moving his body closer to her. She again grabbed his tee firmly but did give in to the kiss. She moulded her lips on to his and pulled him closer. He was surprised as well as happy by her reaction and continued to caress her lips through his own and her waist with his hands.

He then let go of her lips, not leaving his hold on her waist, resting his forehead on hers. With their eyes closed, both of them kept sensing each other’s breathing and enjoying the moment, grasping it completely.

Precap: Niti’s birthday. What surprises does Parth have in store for her ?

Tomorrow: Manan ff. Has Nandini accepted dhruv’s proposal ? If yes, how would Manik react to it ?


Hope you all liked today’s part ! Please do share your views. I love to read all of your comments. It makes me feel more connected to all of you. Also I would like to apologise that I haven’t been able to reply to all of your comments on the past few parts. I’m sorry about it. But I would like to thank each and every one of you for appreciating and supporting me throughout. I have read all the comments and I’m overwhelmed to see the quantum of love and support I’ve been receiving from all of you ! So, thank you very much for that !

Also, I have an announcement to make. I am changing my schedule a bit again because of studies. So instead of Monday to Saturday, I would now be updating from Monday to Thursday. Monday and Wednesday would be “PaNi ff – a story we wish were true” and Tuesday and Thursday would be “Manan ff – Unconditional love”. Please bear with me friends as my CA final exam is coming in less than 2 months and I need to focus on that ! Hope you all understand !

Thank you !

Lots of love ❤️




Credit to: Medhavi

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  1. It’s getting interesting day by day….your are such a amazing writer truly?….the mañan scen is just amazing ?ed it??….just waiting for your update of ‘manan unconditional ?’…. and again this ‘pani’..keep it up Medhavi.
    Keep going ??

    1. Thank you so much sunisha ! ☺️ Yes manan ff coming up tomorrow !

  2. medhavi! u r updating the episode very late…early u gave so many episodes daily even though there r less comments….I am silent reader I am eagerly waiting to read ur ff but u r not giving daily plzzz update daily I like ur ff very much..

    1. Hey akhila thank you for appreciating my work. But dear as I have mentioned before as well as in this update, I have my ca final exam in less than 2 months and I need to study or else I might fail ! Therefore I end up in delayed updates ! Hope you understand ..

  3. Wowww both r in love

    1. Yup !

  4. Awesome.. Specially their kisssss…. Loved it????..

  5. Daily i check for ur ff bt vry rare v gt our precious ff…totally addicted…its difficult to write ff during exams bt u hv totally made us addicted to ur ff dat v cnt wait it fr long…u r an awesome writer….

    1. Thanks nee ! And thank you for waiting…. ?

  6. Scenes r Very nicely described by u…just love it

  7. u made me breathless… amazing

    1. Thank you ☺️

  8. …………………i can’t express what to say………waiting fr next…promise af exam update regularly..

    1. Thanks Nandini…pakka after exams I will update regularly ! I might also start another ff…hope to have your support ! ☺️

  9. Superb medhu…am OK with ur schedule… It’s OK concentrate on ur studies…

    1. Thank you so much Priya for understanding …
      #behappy ☺️

  10. It’s completely okk with new schedule dii…….even me too apse tips maagne wali Thi…..apne exam ke liye…..bcoz mere bhi may me exam h ipcc ke…..
    plz dii……
    Ek doo tips hi de Dena…..
    meri itne me hi help hoo jaiyegi…

    1. Hey kavya ! Main kya tips du dear tumhe ?! Bas itna karna ki past papers zaroor dekh Lena…and write lots of tests and exams for practice…that will really help ! And try ki exam se pehle atleast 1 revision full Ho Gaya Ho….
      All the very best dear ! I’m sure you’ll be able to pull it off !
      #behappy ?

    2. hey kavya…………just read with peace of mind and with full concentration …. then u wont forget and u will be able to perform well in ur xams…….. tension mat lene……. if u study in tension or hurry then it wont work well……take some 10 mins of time and meditate….. have some more water and have some fluids…….. finally revise ur content……… all the best for ur exams……..

      1. Thanx medhavi nd priya dii……
        Me ap dono ki tips jarure follow karogi…..
        Once again a big thanx too u both….
        Love u…..

  11. Exams are more important than any thing so ur first priority should be your exam
    Aap post karo ye hi bahut h so relax aur jb v time mile to Time table se alg v post kar dena?
    Love u
    All the best ? ?

    1. Thank you pulin ! Pakka I’ll try agar possible hua to ?

  12. Wow such a beautiful description medhu..there were butterflies floating in my tummy while reading the ff..thank u thank u sooo sooo much for this update dear… But without proposing each other they’re doing all this stuff haha…Day by day I only think that I really wish this story was true..

    1. Thank you Monika….I’m glad I could convey what was actually going on in my mind with the part…and yes without proposing they are doing because pyaar to hai hi dil mein… ? Proposal bhi jaldi ayega ! Wait for it ! ?

  13. Seriously medhu.. hats off to u!!??? it is CA that final year n d final exam n you’re writing these 2 ff’s to make us happy!! You’re really a wonderful person medhu.. love u for that!! I know how the evaluation is done n it had scared me to hell n u being a wonderful person u r.. u won’t disappoint us even if we ask u not to update!
    2 kisses back to back???????? OMG! This was unexpected okay! ??? Their restlessness n urge is what I love the most right now!!
    In love with Pani n your magical writing again???????
    Thanks for the early update ☺
    Love u n all the best!!???

    1. Hey plumpyyy thanks for understanding dear….yes things are tough but these ffs and you all are now an important part of my life so I just can’t let go of all of you….I can’t disappoint you in this….so I will keep trying and writing….btw how was your farewell ? You’re in 12tg standard ? When are your exams ?
      #behappy ?

      1. Pleasure is all mine medhu 🙂
        You’ve never disappointed me.. n its completely alright if u update late.. atleast u update na.. thats enough..
        Im in 10th right now.. really not in a mood to leave school.. boards start from march 30th.. and farewell was the best one!!!

  14. Awwww the kisss is just perfect ??????????

    1. I’m glad you liked it ☺️

  15. OMG !! Manan kiss was amazing but wow pani kiss was amazing serially your amazing ur update are amazing this is literally the best story ever I love it and I am always looking forward to it, the kiss was soo cute, superb, loved it.

    1. Aww thank you Muskan !! Even you are an amazing friend !
      #behappy ☺️

  16. yessss SOOO CUTE…FINALLY they “shared” their feelngsss and the kiss SOO adorableeeeee…cant WAIT for the next epi where they actually TALKKKK after thissss…AWESOMEEE JOBBB

    1. Yess next update when they finally talk after so much of awkwardness ! ☺️ I’m glad you liked it…thank you …
      #behappy ☺️


    magical is the word medhavi…….thanks a ton for such lovely updates…….you are truly gifted!! stay happy always!!

  18. Hey medhavi, i hv nvr read or cmmntd on ny story but this is the story which i m following from the strt nd in one word its PERFECT nd more than this u r perfect to write such a great one
    I hv jst readed last 3 parts continously and i can’t tell u what i m feeling right now… This is amazing the diwali sequence…the kisss..the excitement…everythng is so wht i wntd to be true wth these characters.
    This is the frst cmmnt of mine and i must say u r a great writer, thankyou so much for writing this nd pls nvr evr think to stop writing this bcz rhere are many silemt readers like me who lv ur work nd land up to a diffrnt world aftr fdng ur stories.
    So thnks a ton
    Lv u
    Always smile

  19. Awesome, marvellous, outstanding episode, my dearrryyyy medhavi….it’s really superbbbb n magical, Devine piece of art. ..I’m spellbound in pani pure n deep pretty, so lovely, so beautifully narrated.’s just dream come true….both restless n curious to know their feelings after the scene…n wanted to meet…n then then then it happens the same magical moment but now with all of their true feelings for each other…their hesitation, expressions, eyelock, devotion…. wowwww. nailed it my honeyyy once again…in few but precious words you captured the whole scene very precisely n perfectly….you’re an artist my dearrrrr…so creative n brilliant…be like this always. …love you soooooooo muchhhhhh my sweeeeeethearttttt. ..all the best for your exams. .n I’m totally OK with your new schedule….thx for giving us your precious time n energy for writing these amazing ff’s. you loads, muaaaaahhhhhh 😉

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