Pani – a story we wish were true – Part 56

Recap: Parth’s gift to Niti, her cute little puppy Smurfy. Surprise success party for Niti and another surprise gift by all her friends on set, she got to meet her mother.

Later that night, Niti was lying in her bed, resting her head in her mother’s lap with Smurfy sleeping beside her. Her mother was caressing her forehead lovingly and they were both silently enjoying one another’s company after a long time. After a while of silence, her mother initiated a conversation with the question that had been revolving in her head since the beginning of the party earlier that evening.

Niti’s mom: Darling who is this old school friend who gifted you this sweet little puppy ?

Niti: (after thinking for a while) I lied. It’s no old school friend mom.

Niti’s mom: Then who is it ? And why did you have to lie about it to your friends ?

Niti: It’s a long story mom. But to tell you in short, he’s a very good friend, whom I’ve met quite recently but is really sweet and caring.

Niti’s mom: Well then when are you going to make your mom meet this special friend of yours ?

Niti: (rising from her lap and turning to face her) Mom ! It’s nothing like that ! It’s just that he’s a good friend. Nothing more than that.

Niti’s mom: Well I’m sure he is a really good friend. He definitely cares a lot. And just remember one thing, you can talk to your mom about anything at any time you need ! Okay ?

Niti: (again placing her head in her lap and hugging her waist) Thanks mom ! I love you !

Niti’s mom: I love you too darling.

The next sequence on the show was the Diwali segment for which the whole cast was excited as it was a favorite festival for most of them and they had got another opportunity to just hang out together and make beautiful memories on set.

Parth and Niti had more scenes to be shot than the others and therefore they had a call time earlier than everyone else. So, they had to arrive quite early and finish off with their sequences before the others arrived. Since they had been shooting at a farmhouse that day, instead of vanities, they had separate rooms allotted, one for girls and the other one for boys. Both the rooms were completely adjacent to one another. Niti was the first one to arrive and was soon done with her hair styling and make up. She now had to get changed into the traditional blue and white attire which would make her look like a little fairy descending from the heavens above.

Parth is as usual late to be arriving on set but by now, everyone had gotten used to his habit of getting late always. At times they used to give him a call time earlier than what it actually was so that he would arrive by the actual time. The set decorations had been going on when he arrived and he was taking a look at the massive set which was so beautifully decorated. Just then, the spot boy handed him the script and asked him to go to his room and get changed into being Manik Malhotra.

Spot Boy: Here’s your script and there’s the room where you’ll find your outfit (pointing upwards in the direction of the rooms). You can get dressed and then wait for the make up man. He has gone out for some work and would be back in a while.

He moves upwards towards the rooms while going through the script. Usually they used to get their scripts much before the time the scene was to be shot but this time it had been delayed. They were only aware that a Diwali sequence is to be shot but were not aware about the details of the sequence. He was hurriedly going through the script while climbing the stairs, mostly reading the Manan parts and suddenly he came across something that got him to lose his balance and trip off the stairs. He instantly got hold of the railing and saved himself from a major accident. He settled himself, climbed up all the stairs fast in order to avoid another fall and then read the part again.

“Manik and Nandini in a dark room…. Manik lying above Nandini…. Coming closer…. Leaving a soft peck on her neck..”

He was tensed about that. While it was hugs and dancing, drunk scene, kiss miss, all was good to him but this was one step ahead and he was not ready. He was a man but this one seemed difficult for him as well. Maybe because had it been someone other than Niti opposite him, it would have been plain and simple acting which he could have managed. But when it was Niti, he felt like he could not only act, things with them were different than any other couple on screen. Their story had been progressing along with their on screen pairing. And it had been a fact that whenever it came to doing some intense scenes, there appeared a magical spark in between them. He was nervous because he might not be able to keep his feelings while doing the scene to the character itself. He might get carried away with it and it did not seem like such a good idea considering the fact that he did not understand those feelings, or maybe he did not wish to understand, neither was he aware of Niti’s feelings about the same. Any which way, he knew he had no escape and just moved towards the room to get dressed.

He got into the room, lost in the thoughts of the neck kiss, closed the door with a bang which brought along a lady’s scream ! He turned around to find Niti in a blue blouse and white leggings, standing in front of him across the bed in a horrified state ! Niti quickly took the comforter lying on the bed and draped it around her body.

Parth: I’m sorry. Maybe I got into the wrong room. I’m really sorry.

Saying that he turned around and started opening the door but it had got jammed by then. He kept trying to open it, not daring to turn around or even initiate a conversation. He had been thinking about the neck kiss scene and he saw Niti right then, it was a really bad combination and it made him sweat even when the AC was switched on.

Niti: (shyly) It won’t open. You closed it with quite a bang ! It gets jammed that way. That’s a problem with it. Now it can be opened only when someone gives it a good push from the outside.

Parth slightly bangs the door in disappointment and gives out a loud sigh.

Niti settled at the far corner of the bed with the comforter still draped around her and Parth was standing facing the door with his head bent low and his arm resting on the wall beside the door. Niti was feeling very uncomfortable in the comforter as it was too warm and it made her sweat. She was constantly trying to adjust it in a manner to be more comfortable as she could not just remove it and put on the skirt (ghagra). Parth noticed her discomfort from the sighs she had been giving out and that made him feel more guilty. Finally after some time, he could not take those sighs anymore and turned around and started moving towards her with his eyes closed.

Niti got up from the bed and started moving away nervously. Parth realized her footsteps going backwards but that did not stop him from moving forward. When Niti reached the wall behind her which was a dead end for her, Parth tried to keep some distance between them and stood there in front of her, with his eyes still closed tight. He took the skirt from her hands which he had noticed her holding when he entered the room. He carefully aligned it together properly and started slipping it through her head down onto her body. She was scared and confused at first but when she realized what he had been trying to do, she tried to co-operate with him. She helped him make her wear it and slowly removed the comforter away still with the awkwardness of facing him even though he had his eyes shut. She removed the comforter and he slipped down the skirt comfortably resting it at her waist, the back of his fingers touching her waist, increasing her heart beats.

When he assumed the skirt had been properly placed at her waist, he started tying the knot at the corner which seemed to be the toughest task for him with his eyes closed. While struggling to tie the knot, he slightly pulled her towards him unknowingly, making their bodies brush against each other. That made her breathing collide his chest through the thin fabric of his shirt. The moment suddenly made him grow intense and he could not control his feelings. He pulled her closer, started rubbing his left hand slowly on her waist moving behind towards her back, with the other hand holding the strings of the skirt tight on the right side. His eyes still forced to be kept close, he again pulled her towards him by pushing her back slightly with his hand. Niti had her heart beating at above the maximum rate while their bodies touched and she softly placed her hand on his chest feeling his muscled chest beneath her touch. He again moved his hand on her back towards the side where the knot was to be tied. This made her close her eyes and her forehead invite a few stress lines, her teeth biting her lower lip tasting the sweet pink lipstick she had just applied. With his left hand circling her waist and the right hand holding the strings, he took one string in each of his hands and slowly started tying the knot. It was now easier to tie it and he quickly finished it off dressing her completely well.

He then slowly opened his eyes to look down at her having her gaze sideways on the floor not able to face him. She was aware of his constant gaze at her but was freezed in that position, unable to move. He realised her discomfort and therefore moved a few steps backward, releasing his hold on her waist with his head bent low. She slowly moved out towards the door to try and open it.

Parth: wait I’ll call Ayaz and ask him to push it from the outside.

Niti: No ! People would find out we were in here alone.

Parth: So what ? We were locked !

Niti: No but ! They will think….

Parth: okay fine. I’ll ask Ayaz to come alone so that nobody would find us alone and then he’ll help us out.

15 minutes later, Niti had joined the crew downstairs and Parth was getting ready in the boys room along with Ayaz.

Parth: thank god you were nearby and came in quickly to help. You know it would have been such a difficult situation had it been someone else who would have spotted us.

Ayaz: yeah that’s true ! (Laughing) but how did you end up in that room and what was it that you were doing in there that when I saw you, you were both sweating badly !

Parth: oh shut up Ayaz ! We were doing nothing !

Ayaz: yeah right nothing but something hot ! (Winks)

While Parth was upstairs getting ready for the shot, Niti was going through the script and she went through the same feelings as Parth when he had read the script. She again started sweating thinking about the time they were together in that room alone, so close to one another and then again she had to be more closer to him for the scene. The moment in the room had been so difficult for her to pass, she was scared as to how was she going to do such a scene ?!

After some time, they were in the dark room, with all the cameras set and the crew ready for the scene. All this while Niti had been trying to avoid looking into the direction of Parth which was also a reason they had to retake a few scenes again and again. But she just couldn’t face him after what had happened between them and looking to what was to happen between them again for the scene. But she obviously had no escape when it came to the scene both of them had been dreading ! Soon, she was lying on top of him on the bed in the dark room with a few faint lights falling on their faces to let them look at each other.

She had her arms resting on either side of his body and was forced to look at him. Their eyes met and she saw a feeling of affection in his eyes for her. There was fear, there was nervousness and there was longing to be together. Their hearts were beating fast almost at the same pace. As per the scene, he first moved his hand to her face to remove the strands of hair aside and look at her lovingly. He then moved his hand to her waist and that got a tinge of nervousness on her face, as it reminded her of his touch on her waist a while ago. He noticed her condition and in order not to bother her more, he went against the scene and took hold of her hand after turning her around to be himself lying above her now. Even though he had been improvising by not holding her waist, the director did not interrupt the scene as it was going just fine.

Now came the part he had been fearing the most, the kiss on the neck and the bad part was that it had to be taken a couple of times as they needed to cover different angles. The first time, he slowly moved towards her, she tilted her head aside, unable to move because of his heavy body above her and his hand holding her back, he softly planted a soft peck on her neck and that made both of their knees tremble and their bodies sweat. She reflexively tightened her grip on his hand. During the second and third take, the nervousness had reduced a bit but not so much to make them really comfortable with the scene.

As soon as that part was completed, both of them felt quite relieved and Niti immediately got up from the bed and move outside.

Parth: (to the director) sorry I improvised a bit in the middle. I just thought maybe holding hands would seem more appropriate as Manik and Nandini are not yet so close and into a relationship to be so frank with each other.

The director understood the actual reason behind his improvisation as his concern for Niti’s nervousness but did not say anything and simply nodded his head in agreement.

Utkarsh: (calling out to Niti) Niti ! Wait !

Niti: (stopping and turning around) what happened utkarsh ?

Utkarsh: Niti, I’ve been trying to talk to you since yesterday, please listen to me once !

Niti: yeah ! Sorry uttu I could not hear you out. Come let’s talk.

They go to a corner to discuss about what utkarsh had to share with his friend. Parth had been searching for Niti and when he saw her talking to utkarsh individually, even though he knew utkarsh had a girlfriend, it did bother him. He was moving towards them but Ayaz and Abhishek spotted him and took him along with them aside.

Niti: yeah ! Tell me now ! I’m all ears to you !

Utkarsh: (nervously) actually Niti, I had to confess something to you. And I need to do this because I need your help.

Niti: what happened ? What confession ?

Utkarsh: Actually Niti, Rhea, she…

Niti: What happened to her ?

Utkarsh: Nothing has happened. But the thing is…she…she’s not my girlfriend.

Niti: (shocked) what ? Don’t be silly uttu ! What’s wrong with you ?

Utkarsh: I’m saying the truth ! I’m sorry I lied to all of you especially you being my best friend here on set but I had to ! Or else, Charlie might have figured out…

Niti: what ? What would she have figured out Utkarsh ? Now you’re bothering me ! Please speak up.

Utkarsh: I…like….Krissan !

Niti: oh my god uttu ! You are such a box full of secrets ! And you’re so stupid too ! You know that krissan…she’s committed !

Utkarsh: I know it Niti but I can’t help it ! I really like her ! And I was thinking of proposing to her tonight ! What say ?

Niti: What say ?! Are you mad ?! You know she’s committed, she knows that you know she’s committed, she thinks you’re committed to Rhea and suddenly you wanna go up to her and propose ?! What’s wrong with you uttu ?! You can’t do that ! You really can’t !

After the shoot had been wound up, it was now time for the Diwali celebration. The boys had got several different types of crackers and even all the girls were really excited except for one. Veebha had been making some or the other excuses to stay away from the site of crackers. She was really afraid of the crackers and also hated the noise and therefore wanted to leave and not be a part of the celebration but Ayaz just won’t let her leave.

She had her things packed and was ready to leave, waiting behind a pillar for a situation when nobody would be watching so that she could run away. Ayaz was already aware about her plan because he had been observing her since long and had decided to keep an eye on her so that she could not escape. She had been standing behind the pillar and looking at everyone from a distance when Ayaz came behind her and startled her.

Ayaz: (speaking in her ear from behind) Hi Veebha !

Veebha was startled and she suddenly turned around which made her lose her balance and was about to fall but Ayaz held her hands and saved her. She immediately straightened herself and spoke up,

Veebha: What are you doing here ?

Ayaz: I can ask you the same question.

Veebha: I…I’m….I have asked you first ! So you answer.

Ayaz: Okay making this really easy, I’m keeping an eye on you so that you would not escape.

Veebha: Me ? Escape ? What are you saying ?! I was just….

He held from the elbow and dragged her outside to join the others without listening to any of her arguments.

Utkarsh was observing Krissan from a distance continuously which was noticed by Niti and she went up to talk to him.

Niti: (dragging him aside) Uttu ! What are you doing ? She might notice you !

Utkarsh: I don’t care now Niti !

Saying that he leaves and Niti is left dumbstruck at the sudden change in his actions. She knows he does not love her, it’s only an infatuation but he won’t understand.

Precap: Special episode for our Hero’s birthday !! Musicana…First manan screen story !!

Tomorrow: Manan ff .. Dhruv angry on finding out that Nandini is with Manik.


Well friends, you know what ? I have enjoyed so much writing this one and that is the reason I did not even look at the length of it while writing…Yes it went a bit too long but I thoroughly enjoyed it ! Now please share your views about this part whether you enjoyed it or not !

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