Pani – a story we wish were true – Part 55


(Sorry to inform you all but you’ll have to wait a bit more for the diwali sequence as I’m planning to do something special on 11th of March which is our Monster Manik aka Parth Samthaan’s birthday. And for that, I will have to delay things by one part. But I hope you enjoy today’s part as well even though it’s not Diwali sequence.)


Recap: Manan first dance and Nandini drunk scene off screen story.

Parth could not stop thinking about Niti that day. The way she had carried herself in the drunken act and the appreciation she had been receiving from everyone on set, made him feel so proud of her. He was sure the response from the audience would also be tremendous when the episodes would be released. He was so happy for her, he wished to reward her for the brave talent she possessed. He decided to present her with a gift of her choice and also to surprise her with a party.

He called up Ayaz and started planning the party with him. They only had to make sure that people won’t know it was Parth’s idea to throw the party. Ayaz was to take up the responsibility to inform the others. It was supposed to be a small party with all their co-actors from the show. After discussing with Ayaz about the party, Parth had to think about a gift to present to her which she would love. He thought he knew her very well by now but when he began thinking about the gift, he realized he might not be knowing her enough.

He sat down thinking about her behavior from sets, the type of clothes she would wear, her likes and dislikes he knew so far, but got nothing from it. After a lot of thinking over quite some hours, suddenly something popped up in his head that gave him the idea of just the perfect gift for her.

The party was to be held the next day after shoot at Veebha’s place and all the major arrangements were to be made by her as she was Niti’s best friend and was probably the only one on set who knew her inside out. Charlie and Krissan had volunteered to help Veebha with the arrangements and the boys had to collect the food on the way and the surprise they had for Niti. Parth had Niti’s gift ready but did not know how and when to present it to her. He therefore called up Veebha for some help,

Parth: Hey Veebha ! Listen I need your help.

Veebha: Yeah ? Tell me.

Parth: Actually I have a gift for Niti and I don’t know how should I give it to her without being specifically noticed by the others.

Veebha: What gift is it ?

Parth describes her the gift which leaves Veebha awestruck ! She felt so happy for her friend that she had such a person in her life who took care of every smallest thing of her life.

Veebha: You can do one thing, I’ll ask Ayaz to pick up Niti a bit later and by that time you can go up to her place and give it to her.

Parth: You sure about that ?

Veebha: Yes of course !

Parth: Okay great then ! Thanks yeah !

Parth rushes to Niti’s place carefully handling her gift, hoping she would like it.

Niti didn’t have a clue about the party and they had decided that Ayaz would ask her to join them all for a small dinner gathering at the last moment before picking her up from her place. So, when Parth arrived with her gift, she wasn’t aware of what had been happening behind the scenes.

She was lying on her bed in her pajamas, playing a few games on her iPad when she heard the door bell. She was feeling too lazy to get up but had to go and open the door. She forced herself out of the bed and moved towards the living room to open the door. She opened the door to find nobody out there but she heard a soft noise below and moved her gaze down to find a beautifully decorated basket with a small adorable pug puppy in it lying at her door step.

She was rejoiced on seeing the cute little creature at her door step and quickly picked it up in her arms and started caressing it lovingly. Just then Parth appeared in front of her.

Niti: Parth ! What is this ?

Parth: It’s your gift for the brilliant performance you gave yesterday !

Niti: Are you serious ? This…He’s mine ?

Parth: (nodding his head) Do you like him ?

Niti: I love him !! Oh my god he’s such a sweetheart !! Thank you !! Thank you so much !!!!

Parth: I’m glad you liked it. You know I was so nervous all this while wondering whether you would like it or not. It took me hours to decide a proper gift for you and then I remembered the dinner at Charlie’s place the other night when you were playing with Troy and Choti and you seemed to be happier than ever back then. I thought maybe you having your own pet would keep you that happy always !

Niti almost had tears in her eyes on finding out the efforts Parth had been putting in everyday to keep her happy and to support her in everything in her life. She kept staring at him and the tears started flowing out of her eyes. Parth quickly started wiping them away as he could bear everything in life except her tears.

Parth: Why these tears ?

Niti: How can you be so caring and loving towards someone you barely know ?

Parth: That’s not true ! We’ve been friends now for quite sometime and I do know you enough to care for you.

Niti: Thank you so much..

Parth: One more time you thank me and I’m gonna take away your pet.

Niti: Okay I won’t ! But he’s not my pet. He’s my baby, my little son. Oh I’m so sorry I didn’t even offer you to come inside. Please come in.

Parth: Umm no…Actually I have to rush somewhere. So, I’ll see you later.

1/2 hour after Parth leaves, Ayaz calls up Niti and asks her to be ready for the dinner. Niti denies at first as she wished to just stay home with her little baby and play with him. But on being insisted enough by Ayaz she agrees to join them and decides to take her baby along.

Ayaz picks her up in the next 15 minutes and takes her to Veebha’s place. Once they reach and ring the door bell, Veebha opens the door along with all the others waiting to welcome Niti at the door step ! As soon as she looks up at them, all of them shout together, “Surprise !!”

Niti: (astonished) Veebha, Charlie, Kriss, Uttu, Abhishek, Parth what are all of you doing here like this ? And what is all this ? It was supposed to be a simple dinner between me, Ayaz, Veebha and Krissan according to what Ayaz told me.

Charlie: So you really believed Ayaz ? Don’t you know him ? It’s your party baby doll ! Your success party !

Niti: Success party ? For me ? It has to be for the show and not just for me !

Krissan: Yeah but for now it’s only for you. For your amazing performance yesterday !

Veebha: Okay now c’mon in. Oh by the way Niti where did you find this cute little doggy ?

Niti: He’s smurfy ! My baby ! I got him today itself. An old friend gifted it to me.

Utkarsh: Oh really ? Old friend ? Who’s it ?

Niti: You guys don’t know him. He’s from my school, and had come to Mumbai for 1 day and got him for me.

Parth hideously smiles on hearing the brilliant story made up by Niti. He is too excited to find her so cheerful with her smurfy, he feels relieved on having made the right choice. He just hoped he would like the other surprise as well which was a joint effort by everyone.

Niti was sitting on the couch with all the others surrounding her when she heard a soft voice call out her name and she looked up to find her mother standing in front of her after a really long time.

Niti: (tears forming in her eyes) Mom !

She stands up handing over smurfy to Veebha and moving forward to take her mother into a bear hug. The hug continued for quite a long time with tears flowing out of both the mother and daughter’s eyes.

Niti: (breaking the hug and looking into her mother’s eyes) I missed you so much Mom !! Thank you for coming !!

Niti’s mom: Don’t thank me darling. Thank your friends who love you so much to take such efforts to make sure I reach here in time and take such good care of me and also to make sure your surprise turns out wonderful.

Niti turns around to face her friends and invites all of them into a group hug. Everyone except Parth join her into the hug which is noticed by Niti’s mom but she stays mum. Parth who was standing a bit far does not join in the hug and simply observes all of them, especially Niti.

Precap: Diwali sequence off screen story.

Tomorrow: Manan ff. Manik and Nandini’s nightout in college.


Once again sorry you all would have to wait for the Diwali sequence but do let me know how did you find this track ? Your feedbacks really help me to improve everyday so please do let me know whatever you feel on reading my parts.

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Credit to: Medhavi

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  1. Puppy!!!!!!!! Awesome ya………and her surprise really…….superb
    I have to appreciate u fr making special of parth’s birthday…. I thought only of niti but not parth. Sorry for that….. Actually while reading ur ff I often go to that year as like I was having a time machine to go back……..l am so excited fr that day until that u should post manan ff continuously …..plzzzzz

    1. I’m glad you liked the idea…I hope I can manage to make it special for our Mr. Samthaan !!
      Thank you so much πŸ™‚

  2. Nice episode yar….am reading anxiously whats the gift….puppy….wow superb surprise yar….her mom also didnt mention her to keep it as surprise… superb yar..its ok even diwali scene is delayed…. keep updating ….love u medhu…

    1. Thank you Priya πŸ™‚
      Love you too πŸ™‚
      #behappy πŸ™‚

  3. Today’s episode is awesome nd surprise it was loveable niti inte Dino bad apni ma se mili it was world’s best surprise…nd her baby smurfy so cute…parth is very good friend of niti who care so much ??
    Love u di##
    Be happy ?

    1. Yes Pulin you’re right Parth is a really good friend but maybe he’s doing this out of something more than friendship ? πŸ˜‰ Let’s wait and watch ! πŸ™‚
      Thank you for leaving your feedback ! πŸ™‚

  4. Awww so sweet of parth to gift niti a cute chhotu sa puppy…..really medhavi di its really awesome…update d next part soon

    1. Thank you Chhaya πŸ™‚ Yes I will update soon πŸ™‚

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    1. Thanks Lisa πŸ™‚ Yes you’re absolutely right he’s the dream boyfriend ! And yes I will show more closeness soon πŸ™‚

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    Love PaNi their friends and you lots!!!??????????

    1. Oh Plumpyyy you’re so lucky you have a sweet little pug around you… πŸ™‚ Wish your brother a happy birthday from my side on the 11th ! πŸ™‚

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