Pani – a story we wish were true – Part 54

Recap: Parth helps Niti prepare for her drunk scene. Ayaz break up with Priyanka, Veebha consoling him.

Parth and Niti had been rehearsing the dance sequence for a couple of days now but now was the time for the finale performance on camera. It was their first dance together and although they had practiced it several times, it still seemed like a fresh new excitement to be performing it properly.

While they had been rehearsing, they were their normal selves but when it came to the finale performance, both of them had to get dressed as Manik and Nandini. Niti came in front of him dressed as Nandini in her usual simple yet pretty dress. Her hair perfectly straightened and the makeup properly defining her features, elaborated eyes and rosy lips. Manik was in a black tee and pants along with an orange jacket on top. The atmosphere was perfect, and both of them were ready for their first dance.

Parth just could not take his eyes off Niti while he was swinging her around and her hair had been flowing with the flow. He had his constant gaze on her and she had her eyelashes dropped. This seemed to be one scene where the director did not need to guide any of them and what came to them naturally was flawless. During the dance while he lifted her up from the back holding her hands, her hair covered his entire face and he was lost in the scent she bore. He probably took more rounds than required while lifting her.

They realized it was not a real dance when it came to an end and everyone started clapping. Their performance had carried everyone along and the whole team was mesmerized. And the time when they came out of their own world, the last line being played from the song was “shayad yahi hai pyaar”. Parth’s mind stopped at that wondering whether the wordings of the song were applicable to him because he had been feeling different and that was for sure.

Suddenly “Baatein Kuch Ankahi si” had become the favorite song for both of them and after reaching home that day, both of them had been swinging to the music alone in their rooms. The magic when their eyes met, their bodies swayed together had literally made the unsaid things show.

The schedule for the next day was the drunk sequence. Although Parth had helped her with preparing for her part, Niti was still nervous when the big day came up for her to give her performance in the best possible manner. The set was ready and so was Parth, but Niti wasn’t ready to come out of the vanity. She was taking more time than required because of her nervousness. She realized she hadn’t been so nervous even during her first shoot ever. This was really driving her crazy. The crew and the director were now getting restless and Parth realized he had to take charge. He quietly slipped out of sight of the others and moved towards the girl’s vanity. He found Niti sitting on the couch with her head buried in her knees. She looked up as Parth approached her and he saw the fear and nervousness in her eyes and he knew right away what was he supposed to do.

He held her hands and made her stand in front of him. She stood there with her head bent low and body shivering. He did not say anything for a while and kept squeezing her hands softly to make her understand that she was not alone in this and that he was there with her. She slowly looked up at him and he spoke up,

Parth: Niti, I don’t know if you do or not, but I believe in you ! And trust me, I’m not saying this because you’re standing in front of me. I really mean it. You are an amazing actress and you should know that. I admire you for your immense talent and I know for a fact that this scene, or any damn scene in the acting industry cannot be impossible to be performed by Niti Taylor. You have it in you, but you just need to find your true self and believe in her. Would you do that for yourself ?

Niti finally felt relieved ! It felt like there was a heavy bucket of water in her hands which was blocking her way forward and it was now lifted and kept aside by Parth which cleared her vision. She was free from the burden of nervousness and ready to perform. She gave him a wide smile, let go of his hands, threw her hands around his shoulders, lifted herself on her toes to reach his height and hugged him tight.

Niti: (still holding him) Thank You.

This brought a smile on Parth’s face and he tightened his hold on her back and both of them stayed there for some time with their eyes shut tight.

Veebha had finally managed to bring Ayaz back on track and back to his normal self. He still had those thoughts in his mind, the memories from past and the heartbreak but he knew there was no point in roaming around sad.

When Niti came out of the vanity and reached the corridor where they had to start the shoot, Ayaz came up to her and said,

Ayaz: Niti, if you’re still nervous, I have an amazing idea. Why don’t you take some shots and then you’ll be good to go. You’ll be so high you’ll definitely be able to give the best drunk act ! You know a person can be the best when it’s natural so why not try it ?

Niti kept looking at Ayaz for a while and then from the corner of her eye, noticed Parth looking at her, waiting for her reaction, and said,

Niti: No thanks Ayaz. But I don’t need it now. I’m totally confident about this and I believe in myself that I can do this.

This brought a smile on Parth’s face and he was finally relieved that Niti was able to gather herself for this.

Director: Okay so Niti, you have to laugh. Just laugh out loud like a stupid girl out there with no brains.

Niti made a pout at that and the director clarified,

Director: A drunk and wasted person would obviously behave stupid ! C’mon now. Can you do this ?

Niti: Yeah I’ll try.

She tried but with all those people staring at her, she just couldn’t laugh. It was difficult without any reason to laugh.

Director: Start Niti. Try. Start laughing and keep it up for some time until you get into the character and then we start the scene so that it looks more natural. Okay ?

Niti nodded and tried to laugh but again with everyone staring and the cameras in front of her she could not laugh. Parth was standing beside her and he instantly got an idea to get her to laugh. He slowly moved his hand towards her waist and started tickling her. This made her jump off to the other side but he did not let go and she started laughing like a lunatic. The serious shoot soon turned into a fun zone where even Niti started tickling Parth back and both of them kept laughing. The others started laughing too, looking at the two of them. Finally, they brought an end to the tickling session and resumed shoot. But it did help because Niti got into the character and kept laughing along even when Parth was standing away.

As the scenes progressed, Parth kept feeling so proud of Niti that she had been doing a commendable job. She was being praised after every scene by all the people present and experiencing her performance.

Each and every scene in the drunk sequence brought them closer step by step. They laughed, they played pranks, Parth carrying her in his arms, sleeping under the stars on the car top, Nandini’s kiss miss. All these things slowly broke all the barriers between them and they came closer. They had the best if their time on set while shooting that particular sequence.

Precap: Diwali sequence.

Tomorrow: Manan ff. Manik and Nandini coming closer.


Sorry for the delayed update friends and I hope you enjoyed this part as well.. Do leave in your feedbacks. I had got feedbacks to continue with what I have thought of and some of you wanted me to speed up towards the love confession. I’m not going to rush but I won’t make you wait too much so just have some patience as there are twists coming up..

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Credit to: Medhavi


  1. hi dear….
    thanks fr updating dear…. i really luvd it….
    parth was jusst so supportive for niti… it was really sweet of him..
    nd dear i read ur manan ff too…
    u r such an amazing writer….
    there r hardly any mistakes…
    thanks fr treating us by giving us two amazing nd adorable ffs at d same time….
    keep smiling… keep writing…
    take care.. nd stay blessed..

    • Medhavi

      Thanks Janvi….I’m happy you liked the track….and don’t worry I will keep on giving you more such treats…. πŸ™‚
      #behappy πŸ™‚

  2. Amazing today’s update was fab really liked it. OMG I cant wait for the Diwali scene it is going to be so cool. Pani was great they are becoming so close just like manan were. I’m so happy ayaz it back to himself. Well done it was a great update.

  3. Anu

    Thnx 4 d upd..awesome nd cute….yaar l want some more of these drunken part,,atleast 2 more ep ,,of course if it’s possible,,love ya
    #Stay blessed,,

    • Medhavi

      Hey Anu, I would have loved to give more but that’s really it for this part…sorry…. πŸ™ But you’ll get much more in the upcoming parts …maybe not drunken scene but whatever it be I’ll try and keep it good… πŸ™‚
      #behappy πŸ™‚

  4. pulin

    Everything is going perfect…..parth’s tackling idea is mind blowing it is too much fun really its ? you are really amazing di….ayaz is back nd soon both realize their feelings for each other
    Love u di??

  5. Zoey

    AWW I love how parth and niti have a tickle session!!! TOO CUTE!!!! They need to confess there feelings soonnn or it will KILL mee!! LOVED IT!!!! GREAT JOB MEDHAVI!!!

  6. nandini

    Tickling was awesome…I’m eager to read diwali shot….her dress…hers cute smile…manan romance…….

  7. its awesome i love the way parth helped her and the hug that part was awesome thanks a lot for updating ……….. and dude a small request can u plz make it a bit longer just a bit i mean i know u must b having shortage of time but what to do with this stupid heart and this nasty mind it keeps on asking for more
    and yeah also want u to add some more stuff, u get it right well just dying to read the next part plz update on time plzzz
    lovvvvvvvvveeeeeee uuuuuuuuu keep smiling and remember we are waiting<3<3<3

    • Medhavi

      Thanks Niri, yes it’s because of studies that they are shorter but I’ll try to keep them longer…. πŸ™‚
      #behappy πŸ™‚

  8. priya

    superb medhu……….. nice update……keep updating and love u ……………………….

  9. Monika

    Thanks dear for updating..I was desperatly waiting for the epi…as always u again made me smile with this lovely update…thank you medhuuu..waiting for more interesting stuff☺☺☺☺take care and study well dear…

    • Medhavi

      I’m so glad I could make you smile…. πŸ™‚ Thanks for appreciating…. πŸ™‚
      #behappy πŸ™‚

  10. Plumpyyy

    You know ur the best right?? first up, I’m really very sorry for not commenting from days medhu!! My 2nd pre boards starts tomorrow and I’m here using my time efficiently!! I say it again, u deserve my time medhu!!! 2-3 days ago I was reading your updates n it made me refreshed and I’m glad you’re improving daily.. today I say you r at your best the very next day I say you’ve improved!! Oh god medhu! U truly r d best!!!
    Pani r love!! If u could just come over here n flip the pages of my book then you’d find only Pani n manan written everywhere!! I so missed commenting here!!!
    Both the ff’s r going awesome!!!
    Loved it!!!!!!
    Diwali! !!!!The neck smooch!!!!!! ??????????????❀❀❀❀❀❀❀????????????????????

    • Medhavi

      Oh Plumpyyy dear I missed you so much…..I’m glad you could take some time to read my updates and today you took time to comment as well…..Both of us know you should actually be studying instead of commenting but I would be a bit selfish and say I’m very happy you commented….but yes you should as well concentrate on your studies…..and then after your exams you can be back with a bang !! All the very best for your exams dear !! Hope you do great ! πŸ™‚
      Lots of love <3
      #behappy always !!! πŸ™‚

  11. Roma

    Awesome, marvellous, outstanding episode, I’m speechless n overwhelmed. ..really out of words…it’s really superbbbb n dynamite episode. ..loved it very very muchhhh. ..niti’s nervousness n parth’s convo was really awesome n outstanding. ..their hug…wowwww. …mesmerizing…n the real scene…just awesome…tickling part was hilarious. .
    Precap very interesting n exciting. ..medhavi my sweeeeeetheart you’re beyond any any praising. …you’re n artist n best …eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. . Muaaaaahhhhhh

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